The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

What Shall We Do?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 11, 1979
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

One individual may seem to be very insignificant, but each one is the product of history. Therefore, he represents the history of the past, present and future. In the modern day we usually think of ancient nations as being isolated and separated, but today nations are united by one destiny. The societies and cultures of the world are becoming mixed together.

As you know, the world of nature is already one in perfect harmony. For example, the air we breathe can travel all over the world without limitation. A storm doesn't just move air from Belvedere to New York, but blows across whole continents and oceans. The birds that migrate each winter also travel great distances over continents and oceans. Canadian geese travel in formation over the whole continent of North America. When the spring comes and the birds return, it is a refreshing reminder that a new season has arrived.

These are all phenomena of nature, which is harmoniously intermingled, but what about men? Men put up tremendous barriers and obstacles between each other. In order to get into America, for example, a traveler needs a visa and each person coming into the country is checked at Customs. Does anyone like that procedure? Maybe you like it because your nation made it! There is a much simpler procedure in some nations in Asia and the EEC nations, which have treaties, and a traveler only has to show his passport. Some nations don't even want to see passports and the Customs officer is almost dozing. When you receive that kind of trusting treatment from a nation, you hope for God's blessing on that country.

Basically speaking, why does the human world have so many divisions and departments'! It is because men do not live in accordance with some principle or standard. In order to have harmony men must live in accordance with some basic principle. Always a principle or law is enacted for the benefit of a nation or all humanity, not just one individual. The inconvenience of regulations is unavoidable because some people disregard that particular principle.

Everyone collects certain habits in his life which become long lasting behavior. Families and societies also collect habits, which develop into what we call cultural behavior. Thinking people sometimes wonder how we can develop one simple, unified way of living for the whole world, eliminating the divisive effect of having separate ways of living. They wonder why laws can't be passed which will be liked by everyone here on earth and will guarantee everyone's profit and benefit. Such laws must provide continuity between past, present and future, and must not serve different purposes at different times.

The President of the United States is responsible for America, and a President of the world would think about the world. Those two presidents and God would all be thinking differently because their areas of responsibility are separate. We have to consider what would be of benefit to America, the world and the whole universe at the same time.

From the American point of view the most important thing is national sovereignty or power, and for that purpose knowledge and money are needed. For that purpose an intelligence network like the CIA is maintained. Recently various activities and plans of the CIA have been exposed, revealing that it has plotted to overthrow governments and assassinate certain leaders of small nations. Cruel things are going on in the name of national security. If a person serves as a double agent and then his purpose is finished, he is murdered, for instance. All this is done in the name of protecting national sovereignty.

Much dirty activity goes on in order to maintain superiority in knowledge. There is much competition between nations over computer technology, for instance. Also there are power struggles in the financial world. Are those the only important things? What else is needed? Love doesn't produce money, knowledge or power. You can't live on love, so why do you like it? What can love do for you when you're hungry? There must be some law that can be enacted which, from the point of view of God and religion, will protect and advance the benefit of all mankind. There must be a solution for the world.

America has power and sovereignty, plus lots of money and knowledge, so it seems to have everything. But is it declining or continuing to prosper? Will all America's wealth prevent its decline? Is today's Christianity declining or increasing? Are America's young people energetically moving forward, or are they morally corrupt? Not only are they declining, America's young people are becoming living corpses. Is New York thriving and prospering, or declining? What about the rest of America's big cities?

Ask God what it can do. White people have always thought they were an invincible power, but it doesn't look like that today. White supremacy is fast declining', and black and yellow people are fast gaining. The Japanese make high quality products that are less expensive than things the Western nations produce. America is losing its edge in technology. In the arena of sports black people are emerging as champions. On all sides white people are being pressed by other races. People in other nations who have no connection with America except through television have the impression that because the athletic champions are all black that America is a black nation. Other nations enjoy watching American sports, and because most sports champions are black it is easy for them to think this way. You black members probably fee l that finally your people are doing something, right?

In many cases the white people who are the backbone of America don't care about the problems of their society, such as drug use or immorality. When black people and yellow people from other nations see America for what it is, however, they can clearly know that this nation is doomed. We learn from history that even the powerful Roman Empire collapsed from within because of its immorality. Ancient Pompeii was wiped out by a volcano, and when it was excavated centuries later it was clear why the city was destroyed-its people were focused on sex, drinking and sensual pleasure.

History shows us one important law-whenever a society becomes morally corrupt it faces a quick downfall. This is not my opinion, but the lesson of history. Whatever culture or race you belong to, this rule will apply consistently. Moral corruption is an incurable disease, and usually infects the nation which has much money, power and knowledge. America today is in the same position as the Roman Empire. It has money, power and knowledge and thinks it is the greatest country, but in reality it is suffering from the worst internal disease.

Any nation that has caught this disease has always declined; no nation has ever been cured. One of the symptoms is that the young people are given no discipline in their lives and they become promiscuous. Then the families and entire nation become undisciplined and permissive as well. Is this reality in America? When I see the proud American people I wonder how long their air of prosperity can last.

The greatest disease is not that of poverty. Poverty can be cured by hard work and applying some ingenuity to developing an economic capacity. Black people in America are suffering primarily from poverty, but that can easily be solved through their determination and industriousness. Knowledge can be gained by hard study. Power is gained through unity of effort. But the disease of illicit love cannot be cured as easily. The love disease is worse than drugs because it drains away all of one's motivation to be good and industrious. When a person has the love disease he doesn't care about money, knowledge or about his nation's wellbeing. That disease is terminal because it leads to destruction.

If Americans were looking for ideal love in their lives, would you say the nation is near to or far away from accomplishing it? Suppose your father enjoyed tremendous prosperity in his life, but he and your mother fought and fought and finally got divorced. No matter how much money your father has, he still looks like a miserable man. When children become involved in immoral practice their parents also become weakened. Why do we need love? How can love be so powerful in solving human problems? When love is used in the right way, it can be most constructive; God made love supremely powerful, and that has not changed all through the past or present, and will not change in the future.

America is a lawful country, with a Constitution and a code of law, but it is a desert in the area of love. There is no standard or regulation in this country to govern or guide the supreme power of love. People's way of thinking becomes extreme, and they see nothing wrong with a son living with his mother. Free sex makes humans look like animals, which have no rules about love. There is no destruction because of sex in the animal world because there is no spirituality there, but in the human world men are corrupted through the misuse of love.

Venereal disease is rampant in America, and most young people experience it at some time. The statistics show it is second only to the common cold. What kind of deformed children will such people have, no matter how much money they earn? Have you ever heard of a VD epidemic in the animal world?

Why then is it found in man's world? God gave it as a punishment, as proof that the law of love is one He cannot bend under any circumstances. America's problem is not a shortage of money or knowledge or power, but one of love. What shall we do? This is what Americans should be asking today.

In your life before the church many of you were promiscuous and probably had VD. Now you know that love is supremely powerful and unchanging from past, present and future. Love has been misused and has led man into ultimate destruction, so we must look for some discipline of love. We must bring men back to their original purpose and achieve unchanging prosperity through true love Where can we find such discipline? In trying to correct the human situation, God is not worried about money or power or knowledge; He will concentrate His effort on solving the problem of love. This is where the root of the problem lies.

God's concern is far more than the salvation of men; He plans for the salvation of love. What would God save you for, to abuse love again? If you keep repeating the fall, what good would it do? The main function of the religious mission is to solve this basic human problem, but most religious people have forgotten about it. Once we bring the solution of love and put love in its proper perspective, we have solved the problems of the past, present and future and we can bring mankind back to the original ideal God designed.

If America's policy makers are really concerned about America's future for the next one hundred or thousand years, they should concentrate on this kind of thinking: What will the family be like? What will the relations of parents and children and brothers and sisters be like if things continue the way they are? Those who love the nation and humanity must concentrate on finding the solution of love, on finding the kind of discipline necessary for a happy home and family for generations to come.

Many people know that the Messiah will bring salvation to mankind, but he is not coming to bring salvation for the power or economic strength of this country. He is not needed in those areas, which are secondary; he is coming for primary salvation of love, to bring discipline and a standard of love which will enable it to blossom into the concept God envisioned for His original ideal. That love must be the power to create the ideal family and world. Unless he is coming for that purpose, he is not needed. The world doesn't need any other kind of messiah.

The Messiah will bring judgment to societies' corrupt morality, to clean up adultery, homosexuality and fornication. That is the worst disease man is suffering from, for which man has no hope. The Messiah must lift them up to a higher love. When people talk about the problems of the world today they are thinking of the economic and political turmoil, but the Messiah sees that the problem of love is the major problem. By solving that problem we can help other problems. God is looking for a leader or group here on earth which is dedicated to solving this basic moral problem. If He can find such a group, it will be the most precious to Him. Such a group would be found only in the religious world because these are problems for religion.

The relations between men and women are so strictly regulated in the Islamic world that a woman cannot even show her face on the street. That's going too far! But here in America women wear less and less clothing and people kiss and hug in the street. That's the other extreme. What is God's solution?

Would any man want to see his fiancée or wife embracing another man? A man is very generous minded compared to woman, but even so he cannot stand seeing his woman hugging another man. If a woman saw her man hugging another woman, her tiny mind just couldn't stand it! Is there any difference between Eastern and Western women in this respect? Has it changed over the centuries? How about one hundred years from now? How do you know-you won't be here in a hundred years! Even though you won't live that long, you know through logic that it must be so. Whether you are a child in kindergarten or a university professor, you know it is true.

Is it bad to have money? If it is nicer to have more money than less money, and more knowledge than less knowledge, then isn't it better to have more husbands and wives? Here in America children frequently have more than one mother and father because their parents marry several times. Your ten fingers are not enough to count how many parents you have. Maybe it's very handy because you have allowances coming from many sources. Wouldn't you enjoy having that many parents?

Is it a sign of happiness to have this kind of entanglement between husbands and wives? It is a sign of tragedy. Did that apply to people in the past? What about in the future? No one wants more then one mother and one father, but who will bring a solution to this marriage problem in America? Would a dictator be welcome who could put love in its proper perspective? How could a democratic society welcome a dictator? I would vote for such a man, and eventually other people would too because he is the one who could bring salvation. What about God?

If you ask what we can do because we don't have enough money, you aren't asking the right question. If you ask what we can do if we don't have enough power or knowledge, you still aren't asking the right question. But if you ask how we can bring a standard and discipline of love then you are on the right track. If a little nation has no power, money or knowledge but it does have a discipline of love and lives morally in the sight of God, that nation will not envy another nation. It already has everything it needs. Eventually other people will bring prosperity to that small nation and go there to live because nothing else can bring happiness.

People who have lost hope in love are like leaves fallen from the tree. Why is America, a supposedly Christian nation, suffering from the disease of love? The Bible teaches about God­centered love, but America has become degraded. Why do the ministers shy away from this question? God will not tolerate this in America. Christian leaders cannot avoid the clenched fist of God's judgment.

Decades ago I predicted that America would decline. What can we do here? We do fund raising because we are here to make lots of money, right? Are we here to get smart and be knowledgeable? Are we here to get political power? If you don't have those things then what is left? In the meantime you are persecuted and ridiculed for being Moonies. Why am I such a controversial person, accused of being so many evil things? I have a source of secret help-God is telling these people who are trying to get rid of me that they can't do it because they need me.

What have I done in this country? I broke down the barriers between East and West, between white, black and yellow. Furthermore, I am setting up an unprecedented discipline of love. The world must conclude that anyone who is interested in genuine, pure love has to study me and my methods. Every national leader must study what I am about; the FBI and CIA must also study me. I have a very real power which no other leader has: young people want my permission to love. That's real power, isn't it?

The time is here for all five races to gather and ask the question, "What can we do, God, in order to find the right love so we can be saved and we can prosper? We need only true love!" When you seriously plead with God to know what you can do about true love, would you stand and ask, or be on your knees fervently praying? Would you be smiling, or have tears running down your face, and your nose and mouth dripping? Would you kneel on a plush carpet, or on a concrete floor" On the green grass or on ice and snow? Are you that serious?

As Moonies you are ready to receive any kind of curse from people. Let them go ahead. We don't worry because inevitably the time will come when people will be climbing over fences to come to our centers and learn the solution for love. We must feel that we will be responsible for the historical problem of love and ask Him for permission to take care of it for Him. If we asked Him if it was the most serious problem He had faced in all history, He would reply, "Yes, that problem has pierced my heart over and over all these years." That is God's primary problem and work.

In the Unification Church we have many older sisters. They have every reason to go out and get married, but they have this discipline of love. I never told them they shouldn't marry outside the Church. They are free to go. Why do they stay? It is because they know they have touched the truth and they don't want to make any mistake with love, even if it takes fifty years of their lives.

The last time I was in Japan, I matched 1600 couples in 24 hours. When the Japanese media heard that I was in the country they knew something was about to happen, and when they started asking questions they found out I had finished the matching and already left for Korea. The media knew that if they publicized what I had really done that people would think I was a superman, so they kept the news quiet instead. The communist papers are always trying to spread evil news about me, but they too kept the news quiet, realizing that people would think I was greater than any other man.

Never in history has one man done this kind of thing. Even if people accuse me of being a dictator, it doesn't matter. Over 3200 young people gathered to trust me, leaving their ultimate question of love to my solution and recommendation. They followed in such a disciplined manner that it in itself is an extraordinary event. You can't find any other such champion in history. If this champion is bringing salvation to the world then it should welcome him, but instead the whole world has tried to kick him out. Is this comparable to a boxing championship of Mohammed Ali? To a marathon championship?

Would God be interested in any other champion when he sees what I am about? Even God is left speechless and smiling ear to ear, and He exclaims, "I always wanted a son like this!" If God has only one daughter, would He want a son­in­law like Reverend Moon or Mohammed Ali? If I were still available, would you women gather your courage and propose" Sometimes I try to think from God's point of view and evaluate what kind of man God would like to have as His son. I concluded that the best kind of son would have to be like Reverend Moon.

What are we here for in the Unification Church" We are here to pose a solution to the worst questions facing the world and mankind. That is the love problem we are solving. We are bringing hope and life to that love. On any and every level we are bringing one solution. No leader in history has ever been concerned about the fundamental problem of love, and in this respect I am alpha and omega-there is no one before or after. I am an historical individual. Once we solve the problem of love in the present, the problem of love in the past will be solved, and the future problems will be prevented Would Cod like to have this problem solved as quickly as possible?

Why is it happening in this particular time then" It is because the world has shrunk to such a degree that everyone works as one unit; in the past it took years or months to communicate between East and West, but now it only takes hours. A trip to London takes three hours. Once I traveled to London on the Concorde, and after takeoff it took one hour and fifteen minutes to reach Mach 2, or twice the speed of sound. It cruised at full speed only one hour, then started to slow down. At full speed the Concorde could cover the entire distance in 11/2 hours. That plane will be most advantageous over long distances. The route from Tokyo to New York will be the golden, route for the Concorde because it would take only three hours at full speed. A New York company could send an official to a meeting in Tokyo and have him return the same day.

The world has shrunk so much that news can travel to every part of the world in fifteen or twenty minutes. One hundred years ago travel from England to America took months and was full of risks, but through technology God shrank the world. At the same time the love problem has come down to the bottom and it cannot get any worse. God sees that this is the time for the solution to come, and that's why He sent me to America at this time.

I came to America bringing a completely different way of life. America has been enjoying its carnal pleasures so naturally it rejects me. At Christmas time American young people go to parties and discos, but Unification Church members only use their two legs to go fund raising. You don't even go home for Christmas. Have you ever read of parents kidnapping their children at any other time of history? If they did so when their children became prey of prostitution or drugs and brought them to a religious organization then it would be a very good thing. But instead they come to kidnap you from a religious organization. It's crazy. They are trying to find out what power Reverend Moon has to influence their child to change so drastically. Now you are clean cut and your thinking is clear, and you have a goal in life, so the only explanation they can think of is "brainwashing".

Would you be brainwashed if you took an undergraduate course three hours a week for four years and were taught that you should marry someone outside your own race? In the Unification Church you don't have any obligation to come to a lecture, but after hearing me once or twice your attitude completely changes. Americans can't believe that you could change so much without being treated with some mechanical gadget.

Recently I celebrated with some of the 1800 couples their fourth anniversary. One by one I told each couple why they were a good match, what the strengths and weaknesses of each one were and why they needed each other. Everyone was amazed. Your eyes are big, but my eyes are so narrow that you can hardly see them and you wonder how I can see so clearly. Each person has some desire about the person he would like to marry, and if a person really begs and pleads then sometimes I match him with the person of his choice. I tell them that l cannot guarantee the outcome, and those couples usually have not been happy. But the couples I put together and said they would be good couples have all turned out to be happy. After seeing this happen many times most members have decided it is best to leave the decision to me.

From God's point of view, what I am doing has more historical impact than World Wars I and II. I am straightening out history by putting the future in proper perspective. How could any other event be as great? The world does not know, however. Are you happy? Do you have money or power? I may not have the most knowledge or power or money in the world, but my pride is that I have something better and longer lasting than all these -- that is the power of love. Everything else will serve the purpose of love.

I have the authority to straighten out the young people of America and I can give then something that even the most well educated and wealthy parents cannot give. When they change, then they can change their parents. Eventually those parents will kneel in respect and acknowledge that their children's way is true. With the power of God the world can be influenced.

Rabbi Davis says that I am worse than Hitler and Stalin, that I am making you an army worse than the Red Army. "Even Stalin and Hitler paid their people to work," he says, "but Reverend Moon makes the people work without money. They even have to raise the money and bring it to the Church. Therefore, Reverend Moon is the worst dictator in all history, depriving young people of everything they have." How do you feel about that? If you raise $10,000 a day and give it all, you still feel that it is not much compared to what you have received from God and the True Parents, and you want to do more. When you see a Rolls Royce or a big house you wish you could get it for me. When you see a lovely landscape you wish you could bring the True Parents there. You don't wish you could have a mansion there all for yourself.

I think the same way you do. When I see beautiful houses I think that some day I will buy them to give to you. When I see some beautiful scene, I wish I could bring all our members there. When you enter the World Mission Center, or Belvedere or the Tiffany Building, do you feel you are entering Reverend Moon's building, or that you are walking into your own house? Do you think I hide the Church money in my own pockets? What's mine is yours. The world is truly like a desert and we are going to replenish it with water and make it blossom with love.

The flowers the MFT sells are the representative of the beauty and fragrance of love. Chocolate is symbolic of the sweetness of love. When you fund raise you are symbolically sprinkling the love of God on the people. Therefore, the more you give, the better it is for the people. The job of MFT is actually to spread the love of God in the world. While fund raising you meet all kinds of people and you are educated about human nature. Now when you see a person you can immediately understand what kind of person he is. In my lifetime I have met thousands of people and now I can almost see through people! Since I can quickly analyze people and situations, I can predict the future of America and the future of Asia.

Because we are doing things for the distant future, it is difficult for you to follow and to succeed. But with every year that passes you have new understanding of the value of what we do. For decades the Koreans struck and persecuted me, but the future that I was working for has now arrived, and the Koreans have changed their attitude. Now they have to admit that I am the greatest hero of the nation. Have I changed? Why then are the people who rejected me thirty years ago welcoming me now? Because in those days they were ignorant and needed education. We have to knock on doors and bring education to every home. That's why we do home church.

Sometimes you should look back and think about what you would be today if you had not joined the Unification Church. There are many members who would not be alive today if they had not found this Church, who would have killed themselves out of despair. But here you are disciplined in love and you are flourishing. Are you grateful" Do you love the word Moonie, or do you hate the sound? Do you still like it when people scoff at you on the street? From this time on only Moonies are going to flourish.

In Korean "Moonie" means discussion, and also means "pattern or design". Now that you are Moonies you are here discussing and consulting about the power of love; that is the center of reconciliation. What kind of pattern will we create? The design of love. Without Moonies this world would be very lonely because there would be no one to discuss true love or to make everything beautiful with the rich design of love.

We have the great privilege of being Moonies who have the solution of love. Not only does it solve love but it brings salvation to the world. Once you know the solution for love, everything else looks insignificant, even influence and wealth. You would never swap the treasure of love for anything else. Even under incredible persecution I never lost the pride of having love. This is a good time to be a member in America because the time of persecution is nearly over. Recently we had a fierce fight in Congress with Senator Dole. When we brought our protest to the other Senators, however, they all listened and gave their support. They discovered that Moonies are serious, dignified people, and above all Moonies are disciplined, unlike any other American young people they have met.

Do the State Department people dislike me because they think I will explode bombs and disrupt the government? They know I will never do that. They know I have greater power than violence; that is the power of love. Once young people come into contact with me they are melted and want to follow me. Eventually all America might follow me and that's what the government is afraid of. They say Moonies are glassy eyed. We definitely do have different eyes, but that is because we look for different things. You used to look for money, power or knowledge, but today your eyes are looking for true love and finding ways to be of service to God and the world.

You grew up in the habit of trying to gather things so you could become rich or influential, but now you think about how to sacrifice yourself and give love for the benefit of others. You used to try to pull things to your side, but now you are trying to give. Why is the Immigration Department so strict about who can enter this country? Because they know that most people come to take something from America. But suppose people came to America because they wanted to help; then the Immigration regulations wouldn't be as tight.

I am not taking one penny away from America, but have poured millions of dollars back into America for the benefit of those people. Yet not one newspaper has written a single line about it. Wherever I go, I want to help that country. When l was in Great Britain, l had brought in $1.5 million after only four months. At first people misunderstand, but when the truth is revealed people apologize. Eventually the government of Britain apologized.

The budget for the Defense Department is about $150 billion, while the illegal drug traffic takes $48 billion out of this country each year. Drugs take out the equivalent of one­third the Defense Department budget. My teaching and example emphasizes serving others, and aims at a revolution from selfishness to unselfishness. I practice this in my own life. How can people reject it? In time the truth will be known to the world, and then many nations will try to kidnap me for their own country.

Once this fundamental problem is solved, the rest is easy. When the benefit of this way of life is revealed, would people like to import that system for their own country? Once the world's financiers know my way of doing business, will they want to do business with us? Will many professors want to teach in our school? Will politicians want to learn my methods in organization, employment, management? If the President joined the Unification Church would he try to bring righteousness to the United States? Is that unlikely, or within the realm of probability?

No matter how young you are in Unification Church, your thinking is far more mature than that of the politicians and businessmen in this country. You have a different concept of the world. Are you superior in practicing true love? Then there is no problem. Is sitting on a concrete floor a problem? We would rather use the money we would spend on chairs for some other purpose. The money we earn fund raising is used to fulfill that love so that other people can learn about it.

You are not rich at all but in due course people will come to respect you, so there is nothing to worry about. If you give yourself totally for the ten years of your young adulthood in service of God and Unification Church without receiving any honor or money then you may think you are not advancing. But you are wrong. In ten years many people with worldly credentials will be coming and asking to marry a Moonie. In Florida there are many senior citizens who are trying to enjoy their last days, but they are lonely people. We can bring good news to them and hope for eternal life. If they were to die as Moonies would it be a glorious thing for them?

Many of our blessed couples are suffering because they have no money. But they should continually serve the people, particularly senior citizens. If they keep going in this way of life then eventually their problem shall be solved in a great way. I would like to create a big center where lonely senior citizens can come. Where will they want to leave their money? For the service of the Kingdom of Heaven. The time will come when I will tell people not to give their money because it is not needed. Even when they insist I will still refuse. Finally, they will set up a cannon outside East Garden and load it with their bag of money and shoot it onto the grounds! I don't need any money. If I need to do certain things there is always money available. Would you like to receive some of my money?

What shall we do? People ask us how they can solve their love problem, and we can take care of it. What should our question be then? Our problem is how to share this love and increase it in the world. The more you give love, the more you want to keep giving. When you have sown seeds of love in every nation then you want to give that love even to the animals and plants. Our problem is learning how to give in the best way.

If you need to travel hundreds of miles a day to give that love then God will agree you need a car and will provide it. If you need a school, God will provide one. If you need money, God will provide it. If God can't assist you, then He is not really doing his duty! God knows very well that I need money for building His Kingdom. He knows clearly that I need young people, so He guides them here. Does God know I need rebellious, complaining young people, or obedient young people?

If you unite with me then you feel good, but if you disobey and violate my principle of unselfishness, you feel uncomfortable. If you don't unite then spirit world will spank you. Have you felt it? This is what the everyday world doesn't know, and they can't discover it by looking at us! Sometimes spirit world yanks on your necktie. Do you vaguely know this 4r vividly know it? Sometimes your legs don't want to move but some power pushes you. How many of you have had this kind of mysterious experience? That's why no matter how the nation may criticize, or how your parents rage, it won't change you.

Do I have a good or bad brain? Am I mediocre or meticulous? I have so much stamina that no one can compete with me. In my younger days I was always a winner in sports. If an education was my goal, I would have gotten many Ph.D.s. In any area I worked in I would be the best. Would I receive acclaim or curses for my accomplishments? Have I been praised or persecuted for leading the Unification Church? Why would any sensible man choose such a route then?

Here in America all the major papers printed false accusations about me, but was I shattered into pieces? When the press attacked President Nixon during Watergate he was totally demoralized after 1 1/2 years, but I have been hit by the American press for seven years and still I am going strong. Even the attitude of the Washington Post toward me has changed.

There are many CARP members in America, sponsoring student festivals on campuses. They are finding many students who want to know about me, and many students are even collecting my picture. Many researchers are investigating me and writing their Ph.D. theses on me, in every area from my sociology to theology to personality. Those people are sneaking in the back door because they want to be connected with me. But you come here every Sunday to receive my instruction directly yet you don't appreciate it.

If you mispronounce "happy" it sounds like "heavy." Are you dwelling on your heavy burden or on the happy side? You don't mind the heavy burden? The greater the heavy responsibility you bear in the Unification Church, the greater will be your blessing and glory. Your problem should always be finding more to do because I didn't give you enough. Is it true? Is it good news to hear you are responsible for all America? Are you saying "great" or "gray hair"?

I have always been asking God to let me bear His impossible burden and worst worry that other people cannot bear. God answered that His greatest burden was the love question, and I told Him that I could solve it if He would give me a little time. God told me to go to America to establish my headquarters and undertake the revolution of selfishness to unselfishness. I obeyed and came, clearing the field like a bulldozer. All the trees and grass of the proud American culture are being uprooted. Everyone is raging at me for doing that, like barking dogs, but the bulldozer keeps on coming. No matter how much they attack me, there is no sign that I am losing strength or getting ready to quit. I have an iron will to go on and they will decide they might as well give up.

Now Moonies have become the curiosity of America, and people want to know what you have that is so tasty. When they finally taste Divine Principle they will find it is good and will ask. how you came to find this place much earlier than they did. Parents will praise their children for restoring the honor and history of their family.

The parents of the first 36 couples insisted that I could not conduct their children's marriages because I was not their parent. The opposition was fierce. Reverend Kwak's situation is a good example. His wife is the daughter of a well known educator in one province. This prestigious family never knew that both their daughters were Moonies, but one day they received an invitation from Reverend Moon, saying that their daughter would marry such and such a person on a certain day, and if they wanted to attend, please come. They were completely outraged and demanded to know when their daughter had become a Moonie and who was going to marry her.

Her father was determined to take his daughter away and came on the day of the ceremony. The receptionist greeted him warmly and told him that if he wanted to attend the ceremony he had to wear a robe. He was completely upset, saying in effect, "What are you talking about, wear a robe! I came to take my daughter!" The member insisted he couldn't get in without a robe. He had to get in, so somehow he obtained a robe to wear and lined up in the procession. The wedding march began and the couples came forward. He is an educated man so he didn't want to shout or do anything violent, but he just wanted so badly to curse me! I saw his face moving with rage and frustration, and I understood every word he wanted to say!

The parents of the couples never spent one nickel for their wedding; I prepared and paid for all, the robes and rings. What was I gaining by that if people cursed and criticized me? But I know that the discipline and tradition of heavenly love had to be set, even though people opposed me. I also knew that within ten years they would all surrender. Now that father has discovered that he has a very smart, very faithful and handsome son­in­law of filial piety who serves his parents very well. His heart was melted and now he testifies that he has the best son­in­law. If he is going to advertise his son­in­law he has to advertise Reverend Moon at the same time!

I never argued once with them, but over ten years the parents naturally came to surrender on their own. Now when that father­in­law comes to meet me, he will bow down to me, even though he is much older than I am. He knows he cannot repay the things I have done for his family.

Our life is really a great adventure. Don't you think so? You are the modern saints. The world thinks you look dumb, but on the heavenly side whole new horizons are opening up to you. What you gain is up to you now. Your prayer must be like mine-"God, give me your burden and I shall not falter." There are 130 nationalities in our movement. Do you think unifying them into one is an easy task? Will money glue them together? Power? It has to be genuine sincerity. The job of melting the hearts of men with genuine qualities is a heavy load. You should live in genuine service and genuine love, and even thousands of years after you die your tomb will never be bare of beautiful flowers.

When you serve with pure love you are going to solve the historical problem and liberate history, the present and the future. Your question is, "What can I do to give love to the world? What more can I do for you?" There is nothing greater and more glorious than this question. There is no limit or end to it; you can go deeper and deeper, and wider and wider without end. In Jove all five colors of skin can embrace and all cultures be united into one; all nations can rejoice together over love.

Why do you fund raise? To liberate God and mankind, and to fulfill love. Why do we witness? To liberate God and mankind, and to fulfill love. Many young people are dying and being corrupted and it doesn't matter that people say about us. People are crying to receive love for themselves, but we labor and sweat to give love. How much more precious that is. There are not many who are crying tears in order to give love. Many cry out to receive love for themselves, however. One is heaven and the other hell.

The greater the burden you bear, the greater the blessing that will come to you. That principle will never fail. Therefore, the Moonies lead a life of asking God what more they can do to liberate Him and mankind and fulfill love. Those who pledge that they will do just that and nothing else, raise your hands.

God bless you.

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