The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1979

The First Day And Our Lifetime

Sun Myung Moon
February 2, 1979
World Mission Center
Translator ­ Bo Hi Pak

To you and all our members around the world and in spirit world, thank you for your greetings and congratulations on True Parents' birthday.

Human history has been one of chaos and upheaval. This has been particularly true since World War I. Through the Divine Principle we learn that this is not a random occurrence but is part of the providence of God, based on the principle of indemnity. History has now come to a point of drastic change. Where will it go from here?

Many people today think the present chaos will only deteriorate further. The decline of Western civilization has recently become very obvious. As you know, Christianity has been the backbone of Western civilization and that has been crumbling. As a result, unity in the Western families and nations has also been crumbling. It is easy for young people to be pessimistic about the future, but when we understand that God is almighty, then we recognize that God has a plan for turning this drastic decline around.

We can anticipate that there will be two basic paths- first, that of people who are headed toward destruction; and second, that of God, who is headed toward reconstruction and hope. God is working with people, so He must somehow be making a great effort to bring them to His side. There are two points of view opposing each other in the world- one atheistic or man­centered, and the other theistic or God­centered.

In the past, people thought that science could provide all the answers for the world, but that hope is diminishing today. Thinking people are realizing that a solution can only come through religion, or a God­centered ideology. Those who put human beings at the top of any solution are losing hope, but the alternative is to put God on top, above everything.

God reveals His will through religion, and then science is in a position to serve God's purpose. But religion and science have been like oil and water. It has not been easy for God and man to meet harmoniously in the mainstream of history; there has not been a medium for doing so. Ultimately, one type of civilization will prevail in the world. Will it be a man­centered or a God­centered civilization? If Almighty God does exist, then a God­centered civilization must prevail.

God must have been working diligently on some solution to man's problems today. After World War I, it became apparent that there were basically two opposing ideologies in the world. Now more and more people are realizing that they must choose one or the other; they cannot avoid making a choice. When God sees Western civilization crumbling, it is only natural that He would prepare some answer through the other part of the world-in other words, in the East. Just like our planet turns, so history is turning. Western civilization has passed through its golden age and now dusk and sundown are coming. Logically, then, the other side of the planet must be receiving sunshine now.

This is proven by the fact that many Westerners are looking to the East for answers to their spiritual questions. America today contains the essence of Western civilization,, it has attracted the best of the Western world. In its short time of 200 years America has experienced a golden age, yet how many of its young people really love America today? How many of them really honor their heritage or truly care for their families? Instead, many are trying to separate themselves from this country.

Young people have lost their world, their nation, their society and their families. It is as though they are trying to get out of a great fishing net which holds them fast. When I see disco dancers, this is what I see. American young people are lonely in their desperation because their family, nation and world cannot rescue them. Where do they try to go? Many go to the West Coast, to California, as close to the East as they can get. God knew such a trend would begin here in America, so He prepared some solution to come from the East. God is helping people to cut their net and find new power. He is also teaching them that they were caught because they were trying to find a selfish solution to their problems and to escape being linked to anyone else. He tells them that instead they must find the world, nation and a home with parents and become firmly anchored in those systems. God is teaching them an entirely new concept of family, nation and world.

God has been planning the re­education of America and its young people but the teacher must come from elsewhere. The usual American education will not do. In order to revolutionize life in this nation, God needs a champion but America is not qualified to provide one. God will look for a nation in the East which is linked to America and send a teacher from there. What Eastern nation has unbreakable ties to America? Korea does.

Korea's relationship with America is providential, not accidental. Any American policy makers who try to sever America's ties to Korea will not succeed; Carter has not been able to do it, for instance. Nixon was destroyed by Watergate but was Korea destroyed by "Koreagate"? Certain people are trying to victimize Korea and Reverend Moon at the same time, but have we been destroyed? Why not?

The people who plotted to destroy Korea and the Unification Church were themselves destroyed, while our movement is still spreading around the world. We fought a battle in the House of Representatives, and now in the last several days we have fought a battle in the Senate as well, meeting every senator. Senator Dole does not understand totally what he is doing, but he is being used in a role of historical villain. But this time, the Unification Church is not alone in our fight. Nine major Christian denominations as well as prominent Jews are joining us in this fight, totaling 10 elements fighting together. Even The Washington Post turned out to be our friend on this issue.

Senator Dole thought that after the tragedy in Guyana he could become popular by whipping up public opinion against a minority religion or a "cult" But actually he is being manipulated by deprogrammers, becoming the central figure in creating a roadblock for the heavenly cause. Always there are Cain and Abel sides, including the religious world. Two thousand years ago, 900 Jewish zealots committed suicide when they were about to be massacred by their enemies, while on the heavenly side the leading event was the birth of Jesus. In the present time, this event in Guyana is the extreme expression of a satanic religion. On the other hand, the far extreme on the side of goodness is our emergence today.

Satan waged a broad attack on us through the incident in Guyana, working through Senator Dole to persecute us as a cult. But God is also using this as an opportunity to place the Unification Church among the major religions and separate it from the category of cult. Major denominations have called us heretics but now they are saying they can't afford to see us destroyed because they know that could happen to them, too.

I initially said that events in Guyana would not harm us in the long run, but that God can do good even through that tragedy. Now we see it happening in the unity of the major religions around the Unification Church. Through this hearing in the Senate we are being recognized as a significant religion in America.

When a ball hits a wall, it rebounds with equal force. Events surrounding us are not happening at random but according to the law of indemnity. God had things figured out in advance. Great events on earth always precede great events in God's dispensation. Three years after World War I, an important heavenly birth took place. Now you accept this explanation, but in those days, no one even thought about interpreting history in that way. At that time, Korea was occupied by Japan and in 1919 they stood up to declare independence. They failed and thousands of Koreans were killed in the uprisings. It was as though Korea was trying to turn itself around before the great event of 1920. The greatest sacrifice was made by Korean Christians, many of whom were martyred.

My home town was Chungju, in what is now North Korea; it was a very Christian town. As a result of the uprisings, the Japanese allowed the Christians to gather to worship in the largest church and then they set it on fire, trapping everyone inside and killing them. I was born one year after the independence uprising. Chungju was the town where the most Christians were martyred. The Second World War erupted as I reached 16 years of age, beginning with the war between Japan and China. In 1945, when I was 25, the war ended.

When I was 30, the Korean War broke out, lasting three years. That was a worldwide event with 16 nations sending troops to fight in Korea and combat communism. There is no parallel to this in all of history. That was one event which all the free world could rally around in the fight against the God denying ideology of communism. This was one truly, "holy war" because God mobilized all colors of skin to die side by side. This was a greater event than even the martyrdom of first century Christians, because America, in the position of the Roman Empire, took the initiative to invite all free people to participate in the defense of Korea. It was as though the Roman Empire had invited 16 nations to come defend Israel 2,000 years ago.

Colonialism before World War I was a struggle for land After World War I, the nationalistic movements fought a war focused on human beings. For instance, the Germans and Japanese declared they were superior races. One war remains and that is the war for God-to decide who will possess Him.

To win this war for God, you must be super-denominational, transcending national barriers and race. In this respect, the Unification Church has great dimension; we think of all races as one family, all nations as one nation of God and all religions as one under God. On the other hand, other religions claim God is only with them. This ultimate war for God has been declared, with the Unification Church on one side, and all other religions on the other.

Our battle in America is a religious one because all other religions have joined to try to discredit us in the past. But we are trying to awaken the conscience and righteousness of the people. Our method now is like guerrilla warfare, and we have only our brains and hard work to convey truth. Using our bodies as bullets, we are pushing forward in New York, on Capitol Hill, and throughout America, and finally we will have a collision with communism. Then things will turn around 180 degrees.

We represent the absolute goodness of heaven and we have been oppressed by evil, but the heavenly power will keep pounding and turn evil around. The turning point in history has to come, and it is now at hand. The Unification Church has been chosen for the part in turning evil to goodness. To reach this level, I have gone through all the misery of the world from the very bottom. Many people are amazed at what I am doing today because they thought I would be destroyed a long time ago; they never thought I would survive.

History is not run solely by people; God won't allow that. Noah Korea thought it could conquer South Korea easily, but it could not. The communists have tried to pressure America and make Korea another Vietnam, but some greater power prevented it. There is a tug of war going on now between the communist bloc on one side, and America, Korea and Japan on the other. There has to be a strong champion pulling on the side of righteousness.

The communists' goal is always clear-world domination-and they are united in that purpose. But the nations on God's side are divided and uncertain. God cannot allow this situation to continue, so He has raised up Reverend Moon and the Unification Church to regroup the forces in the free world and win against communism. The communists seem to be winning, gaining more territory and people every day, but we are winning spiritually. We are not alone, for the entire spirit world is with us. Which population is bigger- spirit world or the people alive today?

God is watching this tug of war and eventually He will judge who has won. We are on good speaking terms with that judge! God is saying now that He wants us to prove how much we love mankind and show Him that our love is greater than the communists'; then He can give us the victory.

God is sending us out to home church, to the very family units the communists are trying to destroy. We are making the home the building block of the Kingdom of Heaven. The communists know they must destroy two targets-the church and the family-in order to conquer society. But God's side is the champion for both home and church in our system of home church. We are now approaching the terminal of God's dispensation.

Home church is your launching pad. If you are a powerful rocket, but you have a weak launching pad, you cannot take off. Receiving persecution will strengthen your foundation enough to withstand the millions of pounds of thrust you need for launching. This world must quickly turn 360 degrees but what will its axis be? Home church. Only Reverend Moon can make this kind of dramatic statement. Could anyone else give this dispensational message?

God has a great sense of humor. His most important message has been revealed through Reverend Moon, who has been accused by society of incredible things. Good news always begins from within enemy territory, however. World War II ended when good news came from enemy territory and Japan surrendered. Our good news will come when our critics in the government, the media and the established Christian churches say that they surrender to us. Then our territory can be guaranteed.

Senator Dole's campaign has been a blessing for us because it has brought good news from The Washington Post and from the denominations that have fought together with us. Public opinion has knocked so loudly on Senator Dole's door that he is backing down. Is this the first time such news has come or does it happen all the time to us? It happened that this campaign in Washington ended the day before the True Parents' birthday, so the outcome is a birthday present!

We have seen how important the external world is. In my entire life there has not been one truly good day when there was no torture, no plot or conspiracy against me, but I have overcome all the typhoons in my life and now the entire world has to recognize me as a giant spiritual power. I know you would agree that I could not do this all alone; was God or Satan assisting me? I fulfilled God's internal dispensation all by myself and the corresponding external dispensation has proceeded up through this recent battle with Congress. This is the time in which the internal and external victories must be united.

The year 1960 was a turning point in human history, when the True Parents were installed. If established Christianity had accepted them, the dispensation could have been completed in seven years, but instead it was prolonged to 21 years.

We are like a multi layered eruption, with the individual at the center, then the family, society, nation and so forth. The inner two layers must be united for the next layer to erupt; the love of God is our igniting power. When each layer is ignited by love, it in turn ignites the next layer. When the individual and family are united and ignited by love, they burst through the entire society. When the family and society are united and ignited in love, the entire nation can be ignited and reborn. Finally, the unity in love of all those levels, of all races and nations, can bring rebirth to the entire world.

I came to America because it is like a museum of the world, containing all races and all kinds of people. If it could be ignited by the love of God, then the impact would certainly reach throughout the world. Such a change of this world would be enough to change the entire spirit world.

When you move closer to the central point you eventually reach the very core. Those individuals who are absolutely one with God and whom God is working through have to suffer more and do more because they have to fulfill the highest possible position. If the earth's axis moves, then the entire world will move. Real energy must be added there to make that happen.

The people summoned by God will be asked to do more and show the greatest devotion. That has always been true in history. God's people have suffered most and made the greatest sacrifices. I started this process at the very core, ignited by the love of God, and pushed on to each stage, bringing rebirth to the nation, world, and eventually the entire universe.

Jesus had a showdown with Satan at the beginning of his ministry, during his forty day fast in the wilderness. Jesus was victorious over Satan's three temptations but it says in the Bible that Satan just withdrew temporarily, not permanently. Satan's plan was to attack Jesus when he started on the road to the family and tribal levels and finally Satan won on the national level through the crucifixion. Satan's power destroyed Jesus physically but God's power resurrected Jesus spiritually. That is how God works.

Simply speaking, am I teaching you to enjoy life and have the best of everything, or to do the hardest, most difficult work? The satanic world also wants to mobilize people, but they do it at gunpoint, forcing people to sacrifice themselves and their families. But God wants His people to work voluntarily, taking up the cup of sacrifice on their own.

Is there someone with a whip forcing you to fund raise and witness? You can run away any time and Satan is always trying to encourage you to do Just that, but even if deprogrammers come to take you, you try to run back to this way of life. Satan offers all kinds of bait to entice you, like the love of your parents or your friends or your children. We face temptations every day. This explains why the Bible says that those who have the burden of families will suffer more; it is because Satan has more bait to offer them.

Handsome men are bait for our beautiful sisters, since so many of our brothers are thin and pale looking. As soon as you hear me talk about the Blessing you get excited, but then I tell you to expect to receive the most difficult, unattractive husbands. When you hear that, do you feel you want to leave?

I have not been walking this 21 year course alone, but all of spirit world has been behind me. Sometimes I try fiercely to drive them away and have privacy but they never leave me alone. They keep asking me to do things for them. The spirit world of America wanted me to do something about this nation and they were very persuasive, saying: they could offer representatives of the whole world in one nation. I told them I would go to America on the condition that they bring white people, yellow people and black people into unity with me and then I could move the world. They assured me it would happen and now we see that phenomenon occurring.

The spirit world has been helping the demand for minority rights in America. Spirit world is telling people that they are all equal and must unite as brothers and sisters. Minority rights are a popular issue in this country; spirit world cannot allow them to be swallowed up because of what they promised me. Besides, I am not a white man, you know!

A new phenomenon has started in America since I arrived, with parents kidnapping their own children. Parents are thinking on a horizontal level; they can't understand how they could give their children so much and then see them want to follow a yellow man. But you came to me without thinking about my color. You hear about an ideal for the world and you are ignited with a new purpose in life. Blue eyes are the color of clean water, but blue water is not very deep. When water is very deep, it looks dark; when you see my eyes, you see immeasurable depth. You want the message of depth. In summer my skin is so dark that it is almost black, but it still looks good to you.

The Western way of demonstrating love is often superficial, like a fly tapping the wall. Korean couples don't give each other a quick kiss when the husband leaves for work for instance, but there is a depth of communication as the look at each other before he leaves. The Western way is very open, with the wife chatting about the day and handing her husband his lunch. But a Korean wife is always a few step behind, as though she were shy, and her husband has to turn to look at her. As he walks away, she looks after him until he disappears and she might say a tearful prayer. Their relationship is almost mystical.

The time has come when you can understand the taste of such love and when you taste that kind of love in the Orient you don't want to come back to the tasteless Western way The Orient has some mysterious areas which cannot be expressed in words. I am a puzzle to Americans and thought they study and analyze me, they cannot measure me. You too are trying to size me up, but there is an infinite quality about me that you cannot digest.

I speak for hours at a time each Sunday and at leaders conferences, but I never run out of things to say. Do you feel some charm from me? But I am also very fierce. You Westerners have such big eyes that no one will be really afraid when you get mad, while my eyes are so small that you don't know what is happening inside and you tremble when I get mad.

But no matter how mysterious and deep I look, if there were no love in me I would be like the desert. The sweetness comes from love. In our church life, there is a bitter, difficult side but every one of you has tasted the sweet side of love here also. Do you feel drawn to me? Once you taste the sweetness of love, even if you are criticized or pushed out, you cannot separate yourself from me.

God is a master fisherman and He is very wise. The greatest bait God offers man is love and truth. You and I may both say "love,' but the quality of what we mean is very different. The love of Satan's world is self­centered, while God­centered love is always unselfish. That is the fundamental difference.

You know that today is True Parents' birthday, but I haven't even tasted breakfast yet!

The entire history of mankind since Adam and Eve had to be indemnified before restoration could be complete. Historians recognize the many great events that happened in history but they have never understood the reasons for them. Only in the Unification Church can you find the explanation. Western civilization is on a march of death today, with the older people in front, middle­aged people next, and the young people right behind them. God is chasing that crumbling civilization in order to turn the people around. Young people are at the back of that march, so God is able to reach them first to turn them in a different direction.

America's young people are rebellious and they mistrust older people, but God is also working through that. That attitude makes it easier for Him to turn them around. God is creating an environment in which young people are searching for ideals and can easily join religious movements. Young people in America have tried everything, even "streaking,' but they haven't found ultimate happiness. They realize they are behaving like animals and they long for some purpose and value. When people are longing for some ideal, God can more easily work in their lives.

Many people in the drug and free­sex culture are in despair, but then they hear about a stranger from across the ocean who is bringing new hope. I found people here entangled in a huge net and started ripping it apart to let them out. After meeting me, many people feel free and are able to sleep well at night for the first time. When I first came to America I knew the people here would feel that I didn't love them as much as the Korean and Japanese members. That was the first test I encountered. But then the Americans discovered that no one can work harder than I can and that I gave the hardest tasks to the Koreans and Japanese, demanding that they suffer the most for the sake of America.

At one time, I was persecuted and tortured by Japanese people, but now I don't feel they are my enemies; I truly feel a father­son relationship with them. When I ask for something to be done, they absolutely follow my instructions, without adding their own interpretation. They are absolutely loyal and trusting.

You know now that I truly love America. You have been liberated from the Western march toward death and now you are going back to save your family and nation. The parents have been going on in their old direction, but all of a sudden they see that their children aren't behind them anymore and instead have become Moonies! Then they turn to deprogrammers to kidnap their children. Some people have tried to draw a parallel between the Guyana tragedy and the Unification Church, but they are totally confused. Many of them say they would rather have their children taking drugs and having promiscuous sex than see them in the Unification Church. What kind of parents are they?

You can always make up your own mind about whether to stay or go with your parents; it is truly up to you. Unless you can be victorious over yourself, how can you imagine being victorious over the world? I need people of discipline. We are marching toward life, not death, and we will save all those who are on the march of death. God thinks young people must come first so they can be the prime movers for His morality. Is that the right way of thinking or the evil way?

When you join the Unification Church, your concepts of life, family, society and nation, the world and God all become different. Sometimes you may wish you had never heard of the Divine Principle. But even if you wish you could deny this understanding, you have to conclude that the world has no other hope than this. America is suffering and going the way of death, and without the Divine Principle it has no way to survive. Every year for 20 years I have been paying indemnity for the sake of all mankind, and I can tell you it is all done. There is no more debt to be paid; therefore, no one can stop me. I can succeed here in America, no matter what.

Americans will realize that they definitely need me; when that time comes, I will leave America. I have much more territory to cover for the sake of the world. We have missionaries in 120 nations and I will meet them on their battlefields. I know when I visit them that I will find them being persecuted and enduring suffering. I will go and vindicate them and they will be victorious. Americans will want me back and The New York Times will say that America's young people need me. When Africans read that this very man who is in so much demand in America is actually in Africa helping their countries, how will they feel?

Today I want to tell you that you should plan your entire life. There are three stages in our adult life: the years of 15­30 are the formation stage; 30­45 are the growth years; and 45 and beyond are perfection. This is why since 1965 I have been completing my foundation in Korea, Japan and America. My 15 years from 45­60 have been my era of consummation, when I have been finishing my responsibility. I gave every ounce of energy for that purpose.

I made up my mind that I would be number one in every challenge: in eating less food, sleeping less than anyone, working harder and criticizing myself the harshest. In these respects, I set world records. Not only God's world welcomes me, but the satanic world has to welcome me and surrender to me.

After the Washington Monument victory, I declared plans for the Moscow rally. Because I have said it, you know I will do it; even without your being aware, preparations are going forward. The worst enemy of communism today is Reverend Moon, not America or even Ronald Reagan. The communists know that my victory means their defeat, so they are trying to stop me now by influencing the American government. This is the internal reason behind all these confrontations with government authorities.

No one in America can outdo me in terms of religion, for no other religion has come this far. If American young people are really thinking deeply and with strong conviction, would they choose the Unification Church, or some established denomination? Do you like being Moonies even though people persecute you?

When we do normal things like everyone else, such as sing and dance, people are surprised. But soon people will realize that the Moonies are outdoing them in every area. Then they will start imitating what we do. When people meet Reverend Moon's disciples, they realize that they are the brightest American young people and that someday they will be in the national leadership. The world will know soon that the American government is making a grave mistake by persecuting Reverend Moon and his disciples; the nation should have supported us instead.

World opinion will turn to support me before America supports me. Soon ambassadors will be sent to invite me to their native countries. America is the slowest to awaken to the new truth; other nations-and even the communists have already realized my significance. One after another, God will remove from office the unrighteous legislators; the makeup of the legislature will change. In time, Congress will take the position of supporting and welcoming me. That pattern has been seen in Korea.

I was viciously opposed in Korea but during that time I laid the foundation so that eventually I had to be welcomed. This also happened in Japan and it will happen in America. When America opposes me, it gives the rest of the world the opportunity to rally around me quickly. Minorities in America are already starting to support me. When one side attacks us, God always prepares another side to give us support.

In another year I will be 60; this year coming up is like the grand finale of God's dispensation unfolding on earth What kind of world would we have today if I had never been born or had never taught this Principle? Could you have united East and West into one culture? Could you have seen God's precise plan without me?

In many cases, the events I am predicting sound like a dream but they will be fulfilled eventually. Is there a foundation of logic to them? If it were not so, then you would not follow me; you are people of logic and conscience. American scholars will want to study me; already many are writing about me. Are you fortunate or unfortunate to have met me?

The weather today is very cold; when you came here yesterday for first­of­the­month service and also today, you had to walk some distance from your vehicles in the dark. I'm sure you were shivering from the cold. It is human nature to ask why I bring you out on a morning like this, but somehow you don't want to criticize me or complain. Instead you thank me for giving you something to overcome. Did I instruct you to thank me? Who mad' you think that way? Only the power of God could do it.

This is unprecedented in history and anyone trying to stop it will work in vain. It is an amazing thing, but those who tried to kill me in prison in the past have all died while I am still alive and going strong. Congressman Fraser is another example. He was a powerful committee chairman in the House and tried to use his power to destroy me, but he was defeated in his bid for re­election However, when he was trying to incriminate us, even our own members doubted we could win.

The battle on the front line is always neck­and­neck For you to be victorious soldiers of Heaven, I must send you out on the front line. This is why in 1978 I declared that New York was the front line and when the victor, comes, the front line soldiers will get the honors. The victory doesn't come in an office or in the headquarters, but on the battlefield. Our front line is home church. In the last 45 years, the entire course of the dispensation has been set, and now I am giving it to you, asking you to finish in seven years.

I shed a huge quantity of tears and went through tremendous ordeals, but that is how I met God. That is why I have to be very precious in God's sight and why I cannot be destroyed. God always knew the final goal and knew there was a great possibility of human beings failing. Many prophets in history received special dispensation from God, yet they failed; so God put me in the same position to see what I could do. If I had failed, then Satan would have laughed and scoffed at me; then God would have had to be silent and would have had no way to vindicate me. He would have had to agree that His champion had failed. That's why I never wanted to be defeated, for my defeat would be God's defeat.

One after another, I received severe tests and yet I always won the victory. When I first came to America, I could not reveal my plans to my closest disciples, or even to Mother. I was very serious. I always thought about how we could indemnify the sins of America in the shortest possible time and clear away its debts. The real dispensation here in America began when I was granted permanent residency; that happened April 30, 1973. The consummation of my victory came on September 18, 1976. I shook the entire country in 3 1/2 years, and it would never have happened unless the power of God was working.

Everyone, even Congress, has to recognize that I am victorious and successful here. The next 2 1/2 years, until June 1981, will be your final battlefield, your final opportunity to really help my work. The era of "guerrilla warfare" is over; now an all out offensive is being waged. It is up to you whether America will be the hope for the Kingdom of God on earth. Otherwise, it will be the kingdom of hell. I want you to understand that your most important qualification is to become trusted by me, as much as I have become trusted by God and you. You know you can trust me.

All this inheritance can be completed in seven years --3 1/2 years as a single person and 3 1/2 years as a couple. That is your responsibility. When you restore your family, together you shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven. You come to me and I chase you out to the world, just as Jacob had to go to Haran. In 21 years, he restored his family and acquired wealth and then returned to Canaan. In the same way, you go to restore Cain­type home church and the Abel­type home church and then return to Heaven. That is your destiny.

Jesus' mission was the same. God sent His son to the satanic world to create a Cain­type and Abel­type tribe, and enter the Kingdom with his family. If Rome had united with Israel at that time, the whole world would have become one. This is why Christianity moved from Israel to Rome, going to Western civilization first, then moving around the world and returning to the Orient where it originated.

There are profound parallels today between Israel and Korea. Israel is surrounded by hostile Arab nations, and Korea is one anti-Communist nation surrounded by overpowering communist nations. The two countries must be united. Who shall play the major role in building this unity? It is America. Judaism is the foundation stage, Christianity is the growth stage, and the Unification Church is the completion stage. America is the representative Christian nation. If Christianity dies in America, however, there would be no foundation upon which Israel and Korea could be united, so God sent me from Korea to awaken American Christianity.

The fact that the Senate hearing lasted three days was providential. I anticipated that such an event would occur; according to the Divine Principle this is how we can move to a higher level. The time has come for congressmen and senators to know the will of God. You can help open their eyes.

You will go through all kinds of twists and turns in your life, but ultimately where will you go? Use your life to liberate the world. You must create a new tradition for American young people and nurture them in it. You are the moving force to reveal the new culture for America. If American youth won't do it, no one else will. God created America for one purpose and this is the time when it must be fulfilled.

Is it difficult or easy to bring this nation to salvation? Of course it is difficult but we must give an extraordinary degree of effort. Are you the central hope for America's salvation, or are you heretics? If you are to be America's salvation then you must follow my path. Since our cause is right, do not retreat until God seals our victory. God will let Satan sign that paper of surrender first, however, approving you as a victorious son and then God will sign.

Satan has attacked me in many different ways, but each time he had to surrender. Satan did his absolute best to defeat me but he recognizes that he cannot win over me and says that I am indeed a champion. In order to inherit my victory, you must be spiritually one with me, not a son or daughter in name only. My own children are the same; unless they go spiritually parallel with me, they will not inherit the Kingdom, in spite of their blood relationship with me.

The split between parents and children never comes all at once, but accumulates bit by bit through one word of complaint, one word of asking too much, one word of disobedience. The worst sins are uttered by your mouth. Even though you might feel uncomfortable or have a complaint, overcome it and the feeling will go away. But if you announce your complaint, it becomes a serious thing.

If I filled out your test paper from Heaven for you, everyone would say it was unfair, including not only Satan but also God and spirit world. You have to pass the test on your own. You must love your country more than I do. When God sent me here, He clearly told me to love America more than my own country and to make Americans love America more than I do. That is the mandate I am fulfilling step by step.

Do you know why I didn't answer my accusers point for point? It was because I had no time; I was too busy fulfilling the overall plan. There is a time limit for finishing a test and you can't fool around. Once the time is up, not one more minute is granted. I have a 21 year course, not one year or one day more. There was not even time for me to die. I had to overcome a crushing amount of suffering and never yield to death. I plunged myself into the place of death many times, knowing that God could not afford to lose me. I let God worry about me and just plunged ahead.

You have the mission of saving your country and liberating the world; to do that you must fight harder than I did. It is not easy, I know. Your mouth might be ready to complain, but bite your tongue until it bleeds if necessary to keep your mouth from speaking. Sometimes you must experience that. Of course you will encounter obstacles, and I understand that you yearn for the good times from your past. Your body will become sexually excited; even 2,000 years ago, Jesus taught that such temptation was inescapable. But we are so seriously committed that we will never let ourselves succumb to any of Satan's temptations.

You must think that though everyone else may be exhausted, you will still continue, that you will not be the one to give up. Today is a Joyful celebration, not only for you and me, but for the world and spirit world, because I have won over history. Now posterity shall reap my victory. This foundation shall remain forever.

I just heard that in Korea the central figures of the various denominations are arranging a welcoming rally for me this summer. If that happens, the world will be turned around very quickly. If the established churches open their doors, the Divine Principle can easily unite them. The three seven-year courses are almost done, and this is your final opportunity to give your loyalty, service and love for God and True Parents in completing the victory. If you can do that before 1981, it will be most precious for you.

Particularly if you succeed in home church and become a tribal messiah, your name will be known throughout history. Once the third seven year course is over and the door of the Kingdom of Heaven is open wide, all future posterity can meet the qualifications easily because of you. They will have you as their ancestors. That is the authority God wants to bestow on you. In three generations of 20 years each, the work will be finished; that means my generation, your generation and your children's generation.

The greatest virtue my own children can demonstrate is loyalty, absolute love and obedience. In that case, they will go freely with me. But if they don't demonstrate obedience, they will have to go through 21 years themselves, as well as their children. Always three generations are needed for fulfillment. You are joining me in the third seven year course and if you fulfill in this victory you can indeed become the ancestors of the world race.

The qualification to become such ancestors is available only once in history. This is your extraordinary privilege; do not lose it but seize it and fulfill it, leaving no regret behind. Are you willing to participate in my ultimate victory? I actually started the home church program in 1978, so by June 1981 it will be 3 1/2 years old. When you first heard about it, it may not have been clear, but every day you are understanding its meaning more deeply.

I was born for this mission and have lived it and fulfilled it. In the same way, you were born for your victorious work in home church. Through that victory, your victory can go everywhere. It will continue until all heaven and earth become the Kingdom of Heaven.

Those who pledge that for the rest of the 3 1/2 years, until the end of the 21 year course, they will go forward in obedience to victory, raise your hands. God bless you.

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