The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1978

The tradition of my Family

Sun Myung Moon
October 22, 1978
God's Will and the World
Address at the Eighth Anniversary of the 777 Couples Blessing

Sun Myung Moon testifies before US Congress circa 1985

God's will for you is to build the Kingdom of Heaven first in your home. What is the Kingdom of Heaven? It is the kind of place where a passing beggar feels welcome to take a rest, where birds like to make their nests, where village people like to visit. Such a place is the heavenly home or the Kingdom of Heaven on the family level. God will be attracted to such a home and want to make it His dwelling. You should be able to make your home like this.

When you have guests, don't hope they will leave soon because it costs money to feed them. Blessed families must take good care of their guests, even if they have to sell their own clothes to raise money to care for them. Those who do that will be blessed in the future. If you sell your clothes, far more will be given to you. This is one tradition which has been handed down from generation to generation in my family. We were raised to take good care of guests, even travelers passing through our village. When my grandfather was the master of our house, if a beggar showed up on a cold winter day, he would give the man all the food on his table. Then my grandmother would complain. Suppose you were a beggar. Would it be easy for you to beg door to door on a cold winter day? Therefore, if someone comes asking for food you must feed him.

You are the ones who are walking the path of God, developing a heavenly heart. You must understand that the beggars live day to day at the risk of their lives. If you understand their heart, you will let them eat as much as they want. My grandfather thought that beggars were more important than his own wife in a sense, and that he had to serve them for the sake of his descendants. My father also felt the same way. He, too, would give someone his whole meal. Because of that I often saw him quarreling with my mother, not because she did not want to help them, but because she was not serving them fast enough. But I am sure that God will never forget such a scene. Therefore, someone like me was born in this family. Do you understand what I am saying?

The head of the household is responsible for helping others. If the husband, the head of the household, doesn't help others, the family will suffer. So the center directors and the national leaders must take good care of their guests coming from abroad. Even when you don't have enough food for yourselves, you must give food to your visitors. If you do that, then one day when you are really starving, somebody will come and feed you. 

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