The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1978

What the Jordan River Represents in Your Life

Sun Myung Moon
October 22, 1978
Unofficial Translation

Excerpt from Japanese language God's Will and the World - Address at the Eighth Anniversary of the 777 Couples Blessing

Like Moses stood as the leader representing the 600,000 Israelites, I also stand with a mission similar to Moses while representing the Unification Church. My mission is centering on the blessed families of the Unification Church. The blessed families should not live centering on only your own families. If you are asked to go abroad, you should not be murmuring about it because of the situation of your children and your spouses.

You must remind yourself of Moses' course. When the time comes, you must cross the river. You must abandon your possession to go across the river. Sometimes, you have to swim across the river. You must swim across to the other side of the river while pulling your children with a rope in order to keep them from drowning. To save your children, you must do this. You must try everything. You must go to the other side of the river no matter what.

The Israelites who left Egypt perished and could not cross the Jordan River. The Jordan River represents the boundary between the satanic world and heavenly world. After swimming across the Jordan River, the husband must pull his wife with the rope to bring her to his side. Even though she may be half-drowned, becoming unconscious, while being pulled and having to be revived through artificial respiration for a second life, without this resolve and heart, the family will not be saved.

Both father and mother must risk their lives in order to bring their children to the other side of the river. You must bring your children even if you pull them with the rope tied around their waists. Otherwise, no one can survive. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.) As I described, your family must be one with God's will; and your wife must be one with God's will. This is so that all of your families can be world-level examples for a family unit mutually living God's will. Only then will you be engrafted to True Parents. Your family must be engrafted to the True Parents.

You must know it is imminent that Heaven will give you this final order -- your couple must cross the river even if risking your entire family -- you will do this by uniting with God and True Parents in heart. There will surely be a time when you are ordered to cross over the Jordan River. Just as crossing the Red Sea, you must step forward at the very moment when God divides the water and opens up the dry ground. If you miss the moment, you will drown. You may not be aware of the fact that the Unification Church members are walking the historical path with such suffocating intensity.

Where are we standing now in terms of the providential course to restore Canaan? We are living at the time of the family-level course to restore the worldwide Canaan. You are facing the Jordan River now. On the other side of the river you see the Kingdom of Heaven. You must know that it is your responsibility that you expand the victorious family foundation to the Heavenly Kingdom. If you do not do this now, the providence will be postponed for thousands or tens of thousands of years.

Moses died looking across the Jordan River from the top of a mountain. The first generation Israelites became prey of the eagles in the wilderness. History shows that such a fate awaits us all if we do not fulfill our responsibility, now. I know this fact all too clearly that I am walking this path at the risk of my life. I have no time even to get sick; I have no time to take rest, even if I want to. If you do not fulfill your responsibility while on earth, you will have no excuse in the spirit world. You must be clearly aware of that.

Because you were blessed as representatives of the world, you have to undertake suffering and hardships in your life. Therefore, if you endure suffering now, you will receive heaven's blessings on behalf of the world. Such a precious grace does not come to you in a high and glorious place, but will be bequeathed to you at the very moment when your life is passing away at the most miserable place--on the family-level cross where you are shedding your blood. You must know this. 

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