The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1978

Seven-Year Formula Course

Sun Myung Moon
September 22, 1978
God's Will and the World
A Day When We Welcome the Blessing
Unofficial Translation

Jesus died without having established the clan-level family foundation. Therefore, we must restore it by paying indemnity at the risk of our lives. This is the way of the Unification movement, which is blazing the path of salvation for all people. The three-year-and-six-month course and another three-year-and-six-month course and altogether the seven-year course are the standard formula until the completion of the Heavenly Kingdom on the earth. You cannot ignore this destiny.

The formula of restoration that Rev. Moon established must be applied continuously so long as the satanic world exists.

Members of the Unification Church must follow the formula course. This principle should be applied to every member regardless of the fact that you are a part of the 36 Blessed Couples, Church pastor, or a simple follower. Unless you pass through this course, you are not worthy of following me as Rev. Moon is still going through the path of suffering.

"Restoration" is truly the key to everything. It is a really hard and difficult task. You are not allowed to skip any steps without the proper conditions. You must go one step at a time following a very strict formula, and must risk your life at each step as you progress up the steps. If you cling to the consciousness of self while going this way, neither can you stay at one step nor move up to the next; thus you will perish there.

According to Biblical history, there are 7,000 years from the creation to the completion of the restoration providence. These 7,000 years can be played out horizontally in each individual's life as seven-year courses. In order that this salvation formula could be established, the life of one man, namely the life of Rev. Moon, had to have been dedicated to repay these 7,000-year historical debts; his life of 40 years must be used totally for this purpose. If I publicly proclaimed this principle only by my mouth, neither God nor Satan would have acknowledged this principle as the Principle.

I must repay the debts substantially in accordance with the formula. Therefore, Rev. Moon must confront and face challenges one by one and gain victory in each of these battles. This was the only option I had. As I gained and proclaimed this Principle, Satan does not have any condition to speak out against it.

This principle has been applied in real life in a concrete manner and has been substantially proven. Thus, what you need to do now is to follow, step by step, this path of restoration that was found and substantiated by this man. In other words, you are like a lucky hitch hiker who was picked up by a car that is driven by the most expert driver -- me -- and is in perfect running condition, with a full tank of gas; and the car is running on this foundation of my victory. Today, when my personal goals have already been fulfilled, you may be rather a heavy burden for me. Realistically speaking, you are not qualified to call me as if I am your parent. I really want you to be qualified as my son or daughter, by growing up spiritually, before calling me your father.

As I had to indemnify all the failures of the 7,000-year history within my seven-year course, and show you the way through which you can personally indemnify 7,000 years within seven years of your life, it is like a super highway is built for anyone to follow the seven-year course -- within a short 7 years, you can achieve the position of going through 7,000 years of restoration history victoriously. The only thing that you have to do is run through this seven-year course. However, in a real sense what you need to do to accomplish the seven-year course is that you must be resolute to walk this path with the seriousness that Jesus had at the moment when he walked up to Mount Calvary, while carrying his cross.

This is necessary because you must overcome, within this seven years, every obstacle one by one: while you climb up from the period of servant of servants to servant, to adopted son, and true son and then to the period of husband and wife and that of parents, and finally to the position of a king of the cosmos. You should appreciate how important your life here on earth is because you can follow this path only when you have your physical body.

Rev. Moon went through this course, substantially, in the 40 years of my life. On this foundation, I am teaching you how to follow my path in seven years. I can allow you to gain the same victory within a mere 7 years. Even though you are given this grace, if you wane and beg for even an easier path, then I tell you that you have a mind of a thief. When you surrender your life completely for the sake of God's will and you forsake your own life, you will be able to follow me until the end.

Since you will complete the formula course, which I walked during 40 years, within seven years, the time will pass rapidly while trying to go through this compressed seven years. You must be resolute to go this path with an absolute standard, while paying attention not to make any mistakes. You should have many intense experiences that are filled with pain in your heart, and with this have tears you shed not only for your sake alone, but for your family, clan, nation and the world. In order to accumulate such experiences, you should not desire to go an easy path, but live your life with passion burning inside you, even forgetting sleeping.

You must start from the lowest position. You should experience spiritual growth each day so clearly -- noticing you are spiritually higher than the previous day. Not only should you feel such realizations within yourself, but you should receive pressure and vibrations from the spirit world that is waiting and hoping for your spiritual growth, moment by moment. From now on, you will be given greater opportunity to know the truth substantially, as my teaching can be explained in detail, analyzed and organized, and can be expressed directly and with clarity by the passage of time. Thus, how great time–a golden and precious time -- are you living. You are given an opportunity to earn a condition as if you gained the victory while walking the 7,000 year history. Moreover, you are guaranteed to stand in the position of a man of great contribution to God's history. Such a time is now. 

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