The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1978

Spiritual Fortitude

Sun Myung Moon
September 21, 1978
God's Will and the World
The Inheritance of Love
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon -- May 18, 2012

Thirty years ago in Korea, Reverend Moon of the Unification Church wasn't even considered human. I was treated in a wretched way, indeed. But there is no difference between how I am today and at that time. I was rather more gorgeous back in those times. Then, I was young, full of courage and vitality and very dependable. But I was treated like I had no value and the scum of the earth. Why? I know the answer. That had to happen, because there is Satan.

The realm of Satan and of Cain is never satisfied until they beat the realm of Abel to death. After that, they never want Abel to appear again. This is the heart of Satan. Knowing this, I've been accepting and digesting all the persecution without a word until today. Facing all the persecution head on, I have been fighting with perseverance and spiritual fortitude in order to overcome it. I'm a man who has very strong spiritual fortitude. Once I determine to do something, I go forward, even at the risk of my life. There isn't much difference between my body and yours. Any difference between us lies in the realm of ideology, thought and mental toughness. I am strong because I have a way of thinking which is not only for the moment, but which extends to all of past, present, and future history and to the whole human race. In addition to that, I structure my thinking according to the pattern of God's dispensation.

Thinking about that point, if I fail, it is not only I who fails. In that event, the whole human race would have no future and the ideal of the restoration of the cosmos would be destroyed, and God Himself would be profaned. I know these consequences very well. Therefore, even if I receive tremendous persecution, persecution in thousands of ways and by millions of people, I stand up shouldering any burden for the sake of the human race, and in order not to dishonor God's name. This is the way I think. 

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