The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1978

To The Matching Candidates

Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1978
Lancaster Gate, London
Translator: Sang Kil Han

Those people who have been present, or participated in a 'Matching,' or ceremony of engagement, testify that at that time, a different aspect of Rev. Moon's character emerges. During the actual process of advising couples and making matches, he is usually very serious and intense; he has said 'I cannot afford to make a mistake at such a time.' After the matches have been made comes the Holy Wine Ceremony, which according to Unification theology, is the sacred moment of rebirth into the family of God.
The formal wedding, the Blessing, follows after a period of engagement. It has always been Rev. Moon's custom to speak very freely and frankly to the candidates for Blessing and to encourage them to create families of ideal love.

Don't you know what we are doing? Matching. Match-making. The overall conclusion of the Divine Principle is that the road of restoration will be completed through the family -- the completion of the family. Let's think about what the will of God is. What is it? Can you answer me? The consummation or completion of the ideal of creation. Then what is that ideal of creation? It is the completion of the four heavenly positions. And what is the completion of the four heavenly positions? Adam and Eve united into one centered upon God giving their children birth.

How can they be united, how can they become one? Yes, by love. What kind of love? True love. True love is the love of God. The completion of the heavenly four positions is only possible centering upon love. When you remove love from the four positions then they will be separated in four different positions. We must not forget that which is always the focal point of the heavenly four positions. Love is the glue bringing all four parts together.

Where does that love come from? How can the love of God be generated? Love develops through the encounter of the perfect subject and object, in other words, two love partners. No matter how great the love God has, that love will not be manifest unless God finds some objects to have give and take with.

Now let me ask you good men here; do you have love? Where do you have love? In your head, your stomach or your chest? Where? In your arm, your legs or what? Actually, although you say you do have love you do not know where it is from. You do not realize clearly that you have love because your love has never been activated. So far you have not had your object to have give and take with. God is love and God is the subject of love. However, even this love will not manifest without a partner to have give and take with. No matter how perfect God might be, unless God finds men and women as subjects and objects to have give and take with, love cannot be manifested.

Men and women grow up from childhood to adolescence and into their later teens. When you are in the later teens you feel that you possess the world. Don't you feel that? When you are growing up as young men and women you always feel that the entire world belongs to you. Are you in that stage or is that stage already over?

Where does love come from?

Who are you now, all you men who now have a woman sitting beside you. Who are you? Sitting together now side by side, do you feel great or miserable? Why do you feel great? Some electricity is passing through you, isn't it? And the women? Do you also feel some sensation? Yes? It is funny, isn't it? A very strange feeling, right? It's an entirely different world which you never experienced so far. This is the first time you met probably -- sitting like this -- the first time in your life. But gradually you feel like you are pulled toward your woman and your man. Your hand is going out trying to reach out to your neighbor's hand now! Your mind is walking in that direction, isn't it? Or do you feel, 'Well, what an impossible creature is sitting beside me! I don't want to even be near him or her!' No one feels like that.

Where are those feelings coming from? Who do we resemble? What is the origin of that feeling? Yes, the resemblance is to God. God feels that way -- that's why you feel that way. Think about the relationship God wanted with Adam and Eve, his beloved children. Don't you think God wanted to touch them? God just wants to pull them and be near to them. God certainly wanted to hug Adam and Eve, embrace them and even bite them a little bit, in love!

Often, when Mother was taking care of the baby, she just couldn't contain her joy and showed her love so strongly that the baby got hurt a little. But that is not punishment; it is the expression of love. Sometimes a father and mother kiss their children so much that a blue spot comes up on their cheeks. Then do you think the son will say, 'You, Daddy and Mummy, you hurt me! I'm going to bring you to the courtroom. Let's have a trial!'

Love has this kind of power. A husband and wife are sometimes in love to such an intense degree, that when they kiss each other, they might even bite each other! Sometimes they even bite through the lips. The passion of such an intense love that you have even been bitten might produce scars! However, that scar is a sign of glory, a sign of happiness, and a sign of tremendous love. Do you understand? Sometimes you might feel you want to carry wife around on your back all the time. You would have a rope tying you to her, because you just want to walk with your woman. Nobody will criticize you for that, and God will look at it and God will love it because that's the way His overflowing love works.

The origin of love is God. But the manifestation of love begins with us. You men and women are the starting point. When you joined the Unification Church, did you love True Parents? You had never seen them! You never even knew them. Do you still love them?

Here is a white man; here is a black man and here is a yellow man. Why are you so close to each other? Why don't you feel anymore the strangeness between races or between men and women? What is the true secret? What kind of disease are you suffering from? What would you call that disease; Moon-sickness, Moon-disease or Moon-fever? The point is you love me more than anybody else. We have all have Moon-fever, don't we?

You never thought of meeting Reverend Moon even in your dreams, but then an amazing thing happened to you. You met me through the Divine Principle. Then a change came into your life and into your heart and all of a sudden you loved me and felt that I was more valuable than anything else under the sun. Why? What is the reason? Because the power of love or the current of love was flowing. When there is a perfect subject a perfect object has to appear. That is the power of Principle!

How close are we?

As you can see, I am not a handsome man. Do you agree? You think I am handsome? But I think I am ugly. Is it true? Thank you. But the most important thing is not really whether I am handsome or ugly. That doesn't matter. Some power is reaching out to you; some power wave is going out from me and you are caught in that wave. All of a sudden you've been activated so you feel like giving everything you've got to me including your love and your life. You just dedicated everything you've got for the sake of God proving that this power is the ultimate and eternal value.

In this way, you feel that you are spiritually close to me even though we seldom meet. But you feel so close spiritually, and get closer and closer every day as that fervent love develops. At a certain point the intensity of that love becomes so great that you feel the entire universe is one. At that point you saw spirit world. A new world opened up to you. That is what I call the explosion of love. When you reach that point, there is nothing you cannot see. You can reach the center, and the central truth of the whole cosmos. You suddenly realize that you are the son or daughter of the universe. When you act and move you know that the entire universe responds to you. Even God responds to you when you touch this tremendous power of love. You feel totally intoxicated, drunken in that love. Every cell in your body is drunk and trembles, jumping around and dancing!

Love creates, not destroys

There is an amazing thing about love. Everything else in this world shatters when it clashes. But when one intense love and another clash together there is such a great creativity and construction. This is truly the kingdom of mystery. A mysterious world has become open to you. You would never have imagined that this entirely, totally mysterious world would ever open to you, but it does.

We are bound to walk the road of truth to reach that ultimate power of love. Today you are beginning or initiating that joy so that you can become old together in that journey. The intensity of the realization of love gets greater and higher so that ultimately you can totally dissolve into it. You are just completely circled by that love. Finally your life ends, and you just totally disappear in love, and are swallowed by love. That's what the worldly people call death, but actually in love even death is part of the absolute beauty, mystery and fantasy of love.

How can we live that kind of life? We can only do it when we started out and based our life on true love. The Unification Church is based on that true love. We can develop ourselves by leaps and bounds into the ultimate height of success. A worldly couple -- there are many husbands and wives out there -- don't have that true foundation. When they unite they seem to love but there is no lasting power of love. They may lose the power. It is dissolved and washed away; there is no ultimate blossoming of their love.

You all have actually the choice to go this way based on true love or the other way based on false love. Your basic beginning point is where? How much you love True Parents! That is the beginning. That is the relationship where you begin. How much do you love True Parents? How much; a dime's worth or so much that it is impossible to even explain? In the Unification Church, once the members realize such a depth of love, then after that their life is no longer a problem. Nothing stops them. Somebody may beat you to death, but you will not surrender. Somebody will throw you in jail, but you will not give in. Somebody will push you down and jump on you, but you will not surrender because you found ultimate and priceless love in the Unification Church.

But what we are talking about here should not be empty words. It should be the actual way of life every day. Every day we should feel that sensation. Before you love your man or before you love your woman, you must have a basis of loving your parents first. From parents you learn the history of love. The husband becomes the representative of the father, and the wife becomes the representative of the mother. That's the way it is designed to be. Furthermore your husband is in the elder brother's role as well -- your elder brother. That was God's original scheme. Likewise, your wife is also in the role of your younger sister -- in a sister's role.

Think of it, when you feel your husband is your elder brother; when you feel your wife is your younger sister, how can you ever separate? You two are united in destiny. Nothing under the sun can separate you.

Men and women both have to walk this road. You women must realize the love of God, and with that love, love your father and elder brother who is your husband. Men receive the love of God -- love your wife as mother, and as a younger sister. Your wife is representative of both -- mother and younger sister. As long as this love is one, there is no separation, no jealousy. The mother will not become jealous when you love your wife more because that wife is also the mother's representative. Actually, loving your wife is loving your mother. It's the same thing!

What is the fall of man? The fall of man is the separation from the love of God; separation from the Father's love; separation from the elder brother's love. All three were disconnected by the fall. How would you restore that? We have to come back in a rebirth process. The first relationship to restore is the love of brothers and sisters. You have to love each other more than your own brother and sister because you are have been connected by God. Initially, men and women getting to know each other have to be in a brother and sister relationship. We met as brothers and sisters, didn't we? So far we have been living in that way.

Everything is holy in love

From this point on, a strange feeling is developing in your heart. What would you call it? It is the feeling of love. All of a sudden a woman becomes a mysterious creature that is even prettier than the beautiful flying birds, even prettier than the blossom of a flower! There is even such a fragrance -- the smell of women is just from heaven!. By meeting just one person you feel you met the entire universe, and you are on cloud nine, just flying up! You thought that only you feel that way but then you soon realize that also the woman feels the same thing towards the man. It's almost like electricity charges in two great batteries. All of a sudden the two batteries spark together and they melt into one. There is no separation anymore. Doesn't just thinking of it make you feel great?

When you look at each other, there is nothing dirty, nothing ungodly from the top of your hair down to your feet there is nothing that is undesirable. Everything is desirable. You must feel that! When you're in love, you can taste everywhere on the body of your loving one, even the normally dirty and the smelly places, without feeling it! When true love manifests in a relationship even that becomes sacred and divine.

What is the taste of love? The taste of love is the harmony of all tastes! Even if the woman limps or has a hunchback or whatever it doesn't make any difference. Whatever the manner you walk it doesn't matter; whatever you do, however you move it turns out to be heaven. That is how the power of love is supposed to be.

Love is mysterious. There is no end to describing love. But I have already described it so well that there is no more to say! Everything is mixed up in one arrow shooting for one heart, your eyes, nose, mouth, touch are all mixed up together with your love becomes one arrow shooting out of you. When you men and women shoot each other with arrows of love, instead of being painful and killing you, the love-arrow is so tasty you want to get hit more. You quickly digest that arrow, pushing it out from the back instead of the front because you want to taste more. When the arrow of love has hit you the power is so great. Through the momentum of that arrow of love you want to travel together all the up into the heart of God. The arrow will hit the bosom of the Heavenly Father, but it will not kill God, for he too loves it so much.

What would God do after that? There would be music; there would be dance; there would be a total harmony of the universe surrounding God. When God jumps and dances Great Britain is too small an island. Even one of God's feet cannot rest here. God will jump around the entire world, from one continent to another. The entire world is God's stage! You know, God has a definite purpose in creating man -- in order to enjoy that kind of dance and music some day. Otherwise why would God take so much trouble to create you, you troublesome children!

What is most valuable in this world? Money is the most important, right? How about knowledge? Power? For man the woman is most important, right? But what good would a woman be unless she has love? A woman with love, that's precious. A woman without love is a chunk of meat! A man with love is precious, but again a man without love is a just a big, ugly meatball!

What is the center of the family? Love! When love is dwelling in the family, that is precious, but if a family does not have this love, then that family is like a desert. Which nation is the most important? A nation with love. Men and women are supposed to be born in love, to grow up in love and taste and live in love. We consummate our life in love.

How do you feel now? Great. Today is the first day to discover this process. A strange and mysterious creature is sitting beside you which you never discovered before. I am sure many of you didn't have enough time to eat or anything, but although your stomach may be empty, you don't feel empty. You feel full. All of a sudden you feel full, happy and some exciting motion has come over your body. When the power of love is activated, there is no such sensation as hunger. Gone! The need for sleep -- gone! The activation of the power of love makes your life so exciting. Who is that sitting beside you? Some strange mysterious animal is sitting beside you who imparts a strange power. That strange animal is your husband, your wife! When you truly manifest the taste of love then that animal turns into a man or woman!

In the future when you make a home and live as husband and wife, how would you live? Would you live crying every day or would you love and smile every day? Your laughter and smiles should be a sound greater than the sound of sorrow, or the sound of crying. Your laughter your smile should be the strongest of all in your family, in your home, in your life. Think about the pigeon! Pigeons or doves communicate with each other. They go, 'Coo, coo, coo!' That's the sound of love! They are talking with each other. So when you live with each other later on, as husband and wife, your 'Coo, coo' will be so loud that all the neighbors have to run away! They will say, 'I cannot stand that couple! Their loving sound is so great I cannot be a neighbor to them!

No matter how intense you manifest your love as a man and woman, no matter who you bother, the police will not come, the fire engine will not come, because you are supposed to live intensely in the manifestation of love. Don't you want to live like this? Don't you want to create a home like that? Do you know how to laugh? Your mouth and your lips are rolled so that you are entirely different. When you laugh you just laugh out loud. Go ahead and don't hesitate to laugh. Even thinking of it you feel excitement. What about actually doing it? You are just standing upside down walking on your hands instead of your feet and still you feel joy and you feel good. Don't you want to live with that exciting and bubbling enthusiasm, that dazzling and frantic outflow of love?

However, that life does not begin today. Don't misunderstand. That life will begin in three years. Those three years are preparation. You just prepare yourself for total conductivity of love, so that you become like a chunk of gold or chunk of iron, a circuit in which energy of love can flow. In other words you make yourself available 100% for the conductivity of your future love.

The diary of love

Right now you go and dream. You become a daydreamer -- you dream for the future. Right? Three years of daydreaming! You are going to write a long novel, exciting novel. Yes? Daydream and write a novel. Then three years later, live it -- do it! Your novel, your dream should be so fantastic that even God will come down and say: 'Let me see your fantasy. Let me read your novel!'

From this time on everybody will start to write a diary of love, a diary in form of letters addressed to 'My dear lover,' 'My dear husband' or 'My dear wife,' trying to mobilize every beautiful word you have learned so far. Describe your husband! Describe your wife! Your novel and diary is going be far more fantastic than Disney World. If words are not enough, then go ahead and draw your wife's eyes. Think, "My wife, she has very special eyes! She has this kind of shape, this kind of shade -- boy, this is like a small beautiful heavenly lake in her eyes!" You will become a great poet by writing a poem about your future wife and husband, longing for each year for three years and writing about the dreams and even about the tears! You can write "My tears dropping down, create a lake, evaporate and go up to heaven!" Your creativity, your capability must be really mobilized to describe, to praise your wife, to praise your husband.

Describing things romantically does not always mean gloriously. You can describe your most pitiful situation, like becoming a beggar. Even under that miserable life, you describe true love, even when the world was in the darkness. Here's an example:

My wife comes even as a beggar,
Comes to my bosom sleeping beside me;
For ordinary people she smells like devil,
But it becomes a fine fragrance to me.
I will embrace her and make her divine and holy.
I will lift her up into heaven.

Have no limitation to what you can dream. Love manifests everywhere. Love manifests especially beautifully in the bathroom! You are sitting on the toilet, giving energy to push out your waste. Even that moment and that smell you can describe in terms of love. Even in these circumstances you can be a poet! A great poem comes out of it.

When you go out and work for God and True Parents and the Unification Church, all the people will persecute you. They will say, 'You Moonie, you Sunny, you, you,' all kinds of names, but that does not bother you any more. You will think 'I have my husband, I have my wife. Nothing under the sun bothers me! Even if somebody pierces me in the side, and blood comes out, that will be the blood of love. I can sprinkle my blood of love all over the world. I can give my life.'

From this time on what will you write? What would you say? What are you going to do? Write down a diary, a diary of love. Write a beautiful novel, a beautiful poem, and forty days before the wedding you can exchange and read each other's novel. Then you will really appreciate and understand, 'Boy, what a wife I've got! What a husband I've got! Oh my dear!' When you come to the day of consummating your holy wedding, you will just embrace each other. You just lift her up and embrace so tight your arm will be moved out of joint. On that wedding day, if you get two arms out of joint you will become a disabled man! Heavenly Father will say, 'That's a sign of great love, immortal love. Look, the hero of love.' Don't worry about it! If you become a disabled man because of the sickness of love, God will take care of it!

How to appreciate a man

Everybody has big dreams. There are daydreamers, nighttime dreamers, 24-hours-a-day dreamers! Think big and look high! Suppose your husband is not so handsome. You might think, 'I wish my husband was a little more handsome!' Well then, there is a way. Don't look at him straight in the front. Look from the back first. Then there is some attraction! Man has a man's dignity and charm. You'll start to know the man's world from the back! That's alright! He is still a man. You should love your husband from the back! Yes, that's very important!

If you graduate from looking at him from the back then the next step is to look at him from the side. So then you will learn the beauty of the side of man. Gradually and slowly you come to the front and look at him straight from the front. Then you find gradually you like it, 'I didn't know it! There is some beauty in him!' No matter how ugly your man might be, you cannot compare that masterpiece of man to any sculpture in Great Britain's most famous museum.

Your man is a thousand, a million times greater than any of the world's masterpieces in that museum. Try it! Go to the museum find a sculpture of a man. Talk to him, bite him, slap him, embrace him! Did he react to you? No reaction! But no matter how ugly your husband might be, if you bite him he'll say 'Ouch!' There will be a reaction. That means that your husband is capable of reacting to love, too. Right? Anyone who can say 'ouch,' can say 'love!' The important thing is to get rid of the concept, the preprogrammed concept, 'Oh my man is short, my man is fat and my man is ugly.' Get rid of that concept!

When you look at the pictures drawn by the elementary school students there is a beauty even in an incredibly naive picture. Nobody else can describe that beauty like elementary school students. Adults cannot imitate the children's pictures. They just cannot do that. Only children can create the same thing. Just like the wedding clothes you are wearing -- you bought the material, and designed it to your own liking. However other people might look at it for you it is most precious.

For each of you, the other is like an unstained cloth. So, you are going to determine how you love him, how you love her. It's not by the world's standard. It is going by your standard. You even feel a certain attachment to your clothes and your jacket and whatever you wear. How much more will you feel for a living man and woman, no matter how uneducated, no matter how ugly-looking!

The three beauties of women

Women generally have three beauties. The first beauty is their hips. You have never heard that before, have you? Many women have such beautiful hips! Don't just look at your wife straight in the face and think, 'Oh, my wife's face is just so-so.' No! Look at her body, first the hips, and then her bosom. It often happens that a face is not that special, but then the bosom is very spectacular!

When you say, 'Ugly woman!' what do you imagine? Is she a thin or a fat woman? Heavy. Her face looks like a potato so you say she's ugly! But in fact those women whom you generally call ugly often have the most gorgeous bosom. A beautiful face is important, but so too is a woman's body. The bosom is very important. When you touch a woman there should be some floppiness. Touching a woman's chest, you must not feel you are touching a dry wall where a little fly is stopping! That's no good!

Father admires western culture in one way. The western culture is a women's culture. Women want to be proud of their bodies. There are two main places: their bosom -- they expose the bosom right? And their hips. They are trying to make their waist tighter and tighter. Why do you make your waist tighter? In order to expose your beautiful hips well you need to make your waist tight!

When a man and woman walk together, the woman's hip is touching the man's side. It fits perfectly, there is no wasted room! That's the way God designed things. The hips are important for a women's good health. Unless you have strong hips, you should not bear too many children. But when a woman has a strong body with good hips and a lovely bosom, she could be a good mother because she'll have one child after the other and be a beautiful home-maker and manager, and take care of her husband very well. Grace in movement is another aspect of beauty. The hip is a sacred area, and you should keep it well! Too much moving the hip while walking is no good. Those who move the hip too much while walking -- that kind of woman always needs more than one husband. They are always changing husbands, wandering around the world to meet another man, man after man.

The third of women's beauties is in the face. When you look at the face the important part are the eyes, nose and ears. The important thing is not just in the front part the face, but the entire proportion of the face, side, back, and so on. There is an old saying in the Orient that the beautiful woman has a very poor fortune. A beautiful face has a poor fortune, somehow they go together. Why? When you see a abnormally beautifully woman, with a thin face, very classic looking, misty eyes and a very thin body, this kind of beauty will probably one time be extinguished and will not last.

Next, the appearance of hands and feet is very important. I can see from people's feet and the way they walk whether a person will have a hard time, a suffering life, or a fortunate life. Hands tell a lot, too. You normally look just at the front. You look at a man like looking at a doll-full face or good face, pretty or not pretty. You want to measure man or woman in simple fashion. But no matter how ugly the woman, how ugly the man, there is a beauty. There is beauty in the special features and special characteristics in every man and woman, going together, making perfect harmony.

Also, you should not look at man just from the appearance, but also from his body structure and build. You women, you have no way to really appreciate men, do you? You have not learned that art yet. Without knowing men, how could you say, 'Oh my husband is not that perfect; that man is so and so and not so and so...? You have no right to say it! Perhaps everybody feels, "Why did Father pick this woman as my wife? Why did Father pick this particular man as my husband?" I am sure you want to know, don't you! But I won't tell you! Three years later, I won't have to tell you, because you'll start to discover it yourself. After your third child is born, you will know it fully! 'Fully' means you will feel, 'My husband is just absolutely perfect,' or 'My wife is just wonderful! Father, how did you know it?'

You will not discover each other in one or two months. It takes about eight years. Three years later you begin to know each other intimately. Then you need four years to give birth to three children; until then you'll never really know each other fully. Sometimes I will allow husband and wife to fight. That's alright under one condition: in order to love more you fight. There is no other reason. You have to compete how much love can give each other -- for that reason you can fight. 'Well, I am not going to be defeated by my husband. I'm going to win my husband in loving him.' 'No, no, my wife will never beat me. I will love her more than she loves me!' That kind of fight you can fight 24 hours a day. That's a good fight.

The importance of spiritual children

Let's draw the conclusion. In order to realize the Kingdom of God on earth or fulfill the will of God here on earth what is the center? The true family. We must restore Adam's family, and Noah's family. How many people were there in Adam's family? Eight members. You are going to be another Adam's family. That means that after your wedding three years later, or even earlier, from that point on you are supposed to create eight members of your family. That is the minimum mandate. These three couples -- three sons and three daughters -- the three also represent the three major disciples of Jesus Christ. Winning and restoring them will become the restored Noah's family. That was Jesus' plan in his time.

Father wants you to know you are supposed to be the Adam of the modern days, the Noah of the modern days. You have to surpass them. In order to do that after your wedding is conducted you create at least eight members of family and more.

When Jesus was born three wise men came from the East, praised the birth of Jesus and presented their gifts. By the same token when you're giving birth to your own children, there must be spiritual children who are in the position of the wise men from the East. You must win three spiritual children at least and they come with their wives together. Two thousand years ago the wise men should have come with their wives, too! In other words I am stressing that you must have at least three spiritual children.

There were three archangels in heaven. They were supposed to bow down to Adam and they failed, because Lucifer failed. When Adam and Eve give birth to a child that's the moment the whole angelic world, starting with the three archangels, are supposed to be dancing around and rejoicing over the birth of the child. It was to have been a day of joy of the entire universe. When the angelic world is happy, God will be happy and of course, Adam's family is happy too. But they failed.

You are the central figure now. So you have to walk that path. I want you to know that when you make up your family and when you give birth to a child that will bring the universe joy. Therefore, this three year period from this time on to the wedding is the time to prepare your archangels, your wise men from the East. That means spiritual children.

Without having spiritual children you have no right to get together. If you get together and give birth to a child, you must be ashamed. You are not privileged to have your child at your bosom and love him. You have no right to do that! If you have your own children without having spiritual children, Satan will always accuse you, 'You are not entitled to have a child. That's not a heavenly child, and I will take it!' Satan always invades. Your spiritual children are like a shield always surrounding you and protecting you. Satan is outside of the spiritual children because they represent the angelic world united with you.

When you have three spiritual children surrounding your three physical children, you are like Jacob's tribe. With your spiritual children and your own family you are making up your own tribe. There will be 12 members of your family as well as spiritual children, becoming united into one and moving on to seventy members, which represents the national level.

When Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt, the 72 tribal elders surrounding him were like the commanders of 600,000 people. When you become a tribe of 70 which is the national level, then you can move on to 120, which is the worldwide level. I want you to know that Jesus was supposed to have 70 disciples, then 120 disciples and move on to the worldwide level of dispensation. But the crucifixion stopped him. Therefore after the crucifixion and resurrection Jesus again organized spiritually the 70 and 120 disciples.

There are different levels of heaven. When you come to the church it's the brother's heaven, for brother and sister relationships are there. Then it is elevated into the family level; you are now going onto that level. And then the tribal, national and worldwide level of heaven follows. You are going to succeed to each level. But the building block is the family.

Anyone under the sun who tries to destroy the family is the enemy of all levels in heaven because he is actually destroying the building blocks of the Heavenly Kingdom. When you destroy or separate the family this is the worst crime under the sun; because that is actually destroying heaven, destroying the world, nation, tribe and family. It is destroying everything. The family is the center of everything. When Adam and Eve fell, the family broke down. There is no more nation and no more tribe. You are now in the same position. Your position is one of formidable responsibility.

History of Blessing

What kind of road am I walking? The same one! I am walking the same road of Principle, starting all by myself. I installed the Holy Wedding in 1960. Then I blessed three disciples immediately afterward, following the pattern I have just described. After that the 36 couples were given the blessing. That actually represented 12 for formation, 12 for growth, and 12 for perfection. If there had been no fall, everything was supposed to have been perfected at once. There would have been no Old Testament era, New Testament era or Completed Testament era. This is why three groups of 12 families made up the 36-couple blessing.

After that came the 72 couples and then 120, and then the 430 couples blessing which represented and restored 430 years of Israel's struggle in Egypt, and also Korea's history of 4300 years. We have already gone out of the worldwide Egypt. We are going through the wilderness, and we will reach the era of consummation.

When you read Exodus, you see there was manna and quail coming down from heaven, and all the 600,000 people were fed. By the same token, our fundraising is the equivalent to that activity. We all together represent the Third Israel walking through the wilderness. Through the MFT, or fundraising activities, God is giving us quail and manna in abundance, so we will not suffer. We are not going to be hungry. We will not be tired out until we reach our Canaan. Then the people will come and see that the Unification Church is booming in every way, not only spiritually but also physically. Our industries are booming, our businesses are booming. Many people want to take advantage of Father. But God will never allow it. When people come to the Unification Church hoping for materialistic success, it never works.

The white race must sacrifice now

Here is a very serious analogy: Let's say we are coming out of Egypt. We are hungry, and everybody is starving to death. In order to survive, we may have to kill each other and eat each other! What would you do? Would you kill the black man first to feed the white people? Or do you kill the white person first to feed the black people, and let them survive? What would you do? Who shall become a sacrifice first?

Reverend Moon was part of that hungry, starved army. What would I do? Don't you want to know that? I am from the yellow race. So I would sacrifice the yellow race to feed the white people and the black people so that white and black can both survive. That's what I would do. That is what I am actually doing in the Unification Church. Who is becoming the greatest sacrifice in our movement? Yellow people. Japanese and Koreans are really being squeezed. They are giving their utmost sacrifice for the sake of Africa and for the sake of Europe and America. Did you know that?

Let's say that I now turn over the commanding post to you, and white people have hegemony. What would you do? Would you still sacrifice the Japanese and the Asian people for the sake of the survival of the white people and the black people? No? What would you do then? Yes, you sacrifice the white people in order to let the yellow race and the black people survive. And black people should sacrifice their own race in order to have Asian people and white people survive. That is the way of the justice of God.

Many white people are asking me, 'Father, could you come and give me my ideal husband and wife, an Asian man and woman?' Why? Because your heart knows! Asian people have given far more sacrifice than anybody else for our movement. Your conscience knows that and your heart is moving towards those people the Asian people.

This is the kind of movement I am leading. When I come to England, I do not think, 'Dennis, what are you doing? Doris, what are you doing? Why can't you make more money, why can't you raise more funds? I want to take some more money out of you when I go back to Asia or America! I need your money!' That's not the way I work. When I came to England, I was trying to bring every benefit from other parts of the world for the sake of England. Instead of taking something away from England I am giving and giving and giving to this country, leaving everything behind here and leaving with empty hands.

In the same way, French prosperity should not be for the French people alone, but for the sake of Asia and Africa. Take Germany as an example. If, beyond your national interest you really serve all Europe, then Germany will become the central point of all the European nations. That's the way it works. That's God's principle. This is the way to survive in the sight of God: Service! Sacrifice! Giving yourself for the sake of others! That's the only way you can survive in God's world. Do you follow me?

Serve each other in your marriage

After you create a home, try to serve your husband. Your husband might have a headache because of giving a lot of Divine Principle lectures; then in the bathroom you can wash his back. Give some head massage too! Of course, the men should do the same. A wife must be like a servant in the home. Men should be like the king of the home, actually! But that means that all the bigger responsibilities are man's. Don't shy away from the responsibility!

Which one is easier: to become a good king or a good servant? Which one is more difficult? Which way would you choose? Which one is easier to become? True, it is easier to become a servant. Being a king means taking responsibility to take up the fight, to face ultimate destiny.

In the western culture all these things are upside down. It's a woman's world here! Every woman is like a queen. She just sits down while the man is working away like a beaver, like a servant. That's upside down! That family will not last. Its tradition must be changed. Do you women know this clearly? Then you have a peaceful home.

Japanese women are ideal for the role of heavenly wife. They are the God-given heavenly wives, for they really serve as a servant. Probably that's why men like Japanese women! Do you? You greedy men! However, men's role is even more severe and difficult. Every man should be a man who takes up responsibility. That's the man's job. Wives should try to make their husbands kings, not servants! When he comes home really tired, knocked out, then cheer him up! Encourage him! Make him feel like a king, so that he can go and fight again. That's the wife's role.

In many cases however, the man is going out, working hard to earn money and fighting all kinds of battles and shouldering many responsibilities. But when he comes home, needing some comfort, he finds instead a woman who has been waiting all day to receive love from him. She says, 'Come in, come in! I need your love! Rub my back! Do the washing, do the laundry! Do the cooking! Many women are doing that right now! But you women make your husband a king! Let him be like a king and feel like a king. Let him feel responsibility, and then with every cell charged with energy at home, send him out! Then he will do a greater job outside. Let him really fulfill a heroic task!

When you make your husband a king you as his wife are automatically a queen! By making him king you become a queen! Do you see? But if you chop your husband's neck off, or trample him as a servant and then try to be a queen, can you truly be a queen? That's not a queen, that's a rascal!

Well, apparently the men feel pretty good now! But do you women feel bad? Did you lose? Rev. Moon has matched you, bringing men and women together as husband and wife. I really want you to become successful and build a heavenly home. Will you do it? Would you live up to my expectation? Those who say, 'Father, trust us, we shall not let you down! We will live up to your expectation! We'll create the heavenly home and the heavenly kingdom here earth,' will you pledge and swear that now?

Then men lift your right arm. Women lift up your left arm. Sit close to each other, reach out to each other. Don't reach at somebody else's wife! Hold tight, tight, tight! Whose hand is tight? Notice that naturally the woman's hand is inside, with the man's hand on top. That's the automatic truth because man is the subject, and woman the object. Man is outside. Woman is inside. That's the natural way. Keep on going! Sit down and do it! Stay like that the whole night!

Today is a joyful day. For you it is an infinitely joyful day. In the Oriental tradition of weddings, we normally kill a chicken, kill the hog, kill the cow, kill everything. Sometimes you may feel like killing the wife, killing the husband, and eating it all up! But tonight there are so many happy couples, so many infinitely happy people, that there is no time to kill the chicken, no time to kill the hog or the cow. So instead, I will give you invisible food, spiritual food. You have been having a banquet of the word of God. That's the banquet food. Did you have it?

You know that you will start your family, and must then go on and move on to the nation and world. You have a clear concept of your family role. I want you to be emperor, king and queen and become a Messiah in your own area. What is the Messiah? The Messiah is the one who represents the Parents.

The Engagement Ceremony

From now, we have to move on to the Engagement Ceremony. Engagement is a promise. It is not just a promise between man and woman, for that kind of promise can break. It's a promise between God, True Parents and you! Then God will allow and approve your engagement. True Parents in love approve your engagement. You men and women approve each other's engagement. Love is the key word of the Engagement Ceremony.

When you finish the engagement ceremony, you actually you open the door to the Kingdom of God. You have not entered yet. But you have opened the door. What if, when you are trying to get into the Kingdom of Heaven, you suddenly feel that your feet are chained, and you cannot move, because you did not make a good base? There will still be fortune behind you, holding you up. All history will say, 'Now look you represent, my tradition, so go forward!'

But if you have not received the engagement, you cannot move to a new level. Satan would say: 'Wait, you cannot enter heaven, because your blood is mine. You haven't come out of Parents' blood yet.' Satan will accuse you right there. His illicit and evil blood comes through every illicit love relationship between men and women, united together with Satan. They received Satan's blood.

Therefore, in restoration men and women are to be united together for the first time with the blessings of God and True Parents. At this engagement time you receive the True Parents' blood, so that in the eyes of God and Satan you shall become True Parents' generation. This involves going through one more ceremony, the Holy Wine Ceremony. It's almost like a spiritual blood transfusion! Your own blood is symbolically moved out of your body, and then True Parents' blood is transfused into your body, again symbolically.

After that ceremony has been done, then you men and women stand on the side of God Then you will become capable of receiving the true love of God, the true love of True Parents and all of a sudden, your chains are gone.

This ceremony must be conducted at the perfection stage of the growth level where Adam and Eve fell. At that particular position, the 'Change of Blood' Ceremony must take place. In other words you will be born again both spiritually as well as physically, externally and internally. Then move on from the family to the tribe nation and the world, all the way up into Heaven! After that you can actually exercise the love of God and love of True Parents. Only united with True Parents can you go through this wedding.

So before your wedding two conditions must be met; your blood must be changed from the satanic lineage to the heavenly lineage; and you must resurrect yourself. You must become a resurrected body. You must become a living person before you can marry, don't you think? A dead person cannot marry. So from the sight of God you must come to life again, then go through the wedding, then form a family.

Then the most important qualification is this: you must demonstrate your absolute commitment and loyalty to God and True Parents. So that even if Satan chops your head off, you would not surrender! You must demonstrate your steadfastness; that is the key. By doing so you are restoring the failure of Adam, you are restoring the failure of Jesus and subjugating Satan. Then you'll become the victorious sons and daughters of God.

As you are going through the wedding march, you are walking through the 6,000 years of history. You are walking into the temple of God. Then everything becomes yours, because you become totally God's sons and daughters. Then everything that belongs to God will belong to you. The Engagement Ceremony is a promise and the opening of the door. Then the Change of Lineage or Holy Wine Ceremony is held.

However, even though you go through these conditions your body is still stained, remaining in the satanic world. Therefore you need three years to live and to demonstrate that you have to become a born-again child. Starting all over again from the position of a child, you have to go through Adam's position and Jesus' position. Who shall give you rebirth? Women always give birth, don't they? That is why women in the initial three years will have a leading role. The woman is more like a mother, symbolically giving birth to the husband. She is representing three elements, mother, elder sister and wife. The wife's position comes later, but first of all she has to fulfill the mother's role and elder sister's role.

Tonight, the three ceremonies you are going through will give you the condition that Satan has no right to prevail over you unless you surrender to him. All the needed ceremonies will be carried out tonight. Only the formality of the wedding remains. Realistically speaking, internally speaking, tonight's ceremony is most important. At the wedding, you will conditionally walk through the Old Testament era, the New Testament era and the Completed Testament era. At the Wedding Ceremony you will be given the True Parents' love. You will be given their blessing. At that point you shall become the branches of the True Parents, the Tree of Life. 

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