The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1978


Sun Myung Moon
April 16, 1978

If we ask God whether He has experienced spring He will answer, "I made all four seasons. There is nothing new here." But if you say, "God, You must have had some experience of love with mankind," He will reply, "No, I never have." "Then, even though You made the universe and all four seasons, You have never experienced love in the spring?" "That is true."

Because of the Fall, God never had a time of spring. He made all things, but because of the Fall He has been living in the winter season, with everything white and still inactive.

How are we going to unfreeze Heavenly Father's love and heart? Only a powerful warmth will melt the ice and thaw God out. Who is going to defrost this freezer God is in? Because of the Fall, all creation is in the same situation.

All creation is waiting for the thaw. Can we do it with power or knowledge? No, only with love. Pure, unique, unchanging love is needed. This is the element that is inside God, so it is the only thing that can unfreeze His frozen heart.

Who is going to provide this love? God Himself cannot, so we have to actively give love. The power of all horizontal and vertical love, and of all universal and global love must be concentrated in order to liberate God. The love of all five races together must come to cover God, and the power of love from three generations must also be involved. All the races of the spirit world, the contemporary world, and the world to come must focus on one point, and then the accumulated ice of 6,000 years will begin to melt.

Even though you may be working hard, you cannot give up when you are upset. God's love is that sweet. Even though you feel pain when you get a shot, if God's love is inside the syringe you can keep receiving it. You in turn are giving an injection to Heavenly Father. He has always been receiving passive love, but now He is receiving an active element, and His frozen heart is going to be defrosted.

Bit by bit God is beginning to thaw. His eyes are blinking, His hands are flexing and His arteries and veins are becoming unfrozen. You can make Him dance. Even though God made all the seasons, including spring with all its fragrance, when He meets this new spring He will announce His first spring to the whole creation. Then the whole creation will enjoy spring and laugh together with Him.

You have to give a shot of love to God, each one of you. You will each be God's physician, but the shot you give should not contain any satanic elements. It must be pure.

Where do we get the contents of that shot? In an easy place or in the midst of hardship and rejection?

When you want to give the shot to God, Satan is always there, trying to nullify it and give his own instead. You cannot give the shot as long as Satan surrounds you. Instead, you have to find the place where Satan cannot come, and that is the place of hardship and persecution. The place where Satan cannot invade is the worst place, where even your family gives you a hard time. If you are willing to give up everything, however, and go on alone, then Satan cannot invade. That is the secret.

You also have to go to the whole world and give this shot to all people, immunizing them. You are the doctors and nurses who are going to give the injections of love to God and mankind. Do you have the necessary equipment? When babies go to a doctor and get inoculated, they cry and fight. Nevertheless, the doctor has to give the shot. People may not like your giving them this shot, but later they will appreciate it. You may have to divert people's attention, but you will do this to give them the shot. Because the people are ill, you have to inoculate them. At first, they will persecute you, but later, when they are healed and their sickness is over, they will show their appreciation. They will see that their rejection of you was unjust, and they will apologize.

Shall we have an enjoyable time since spring has come, or shall we work harder to give this kind of heavenly injection of love? You are concerned with the heart of God, and even when you sleep you dream of God. Because of you and the True Parents, God's heart is melting and the whole universe is finding the new spring. It is a glorious day. We are renovating everything, bringing the shot of love for mankind. 

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