The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1978

Possessing the Love of God

Sun Myung Moon
February 12, 1978
The Will Of God And Thanksgiving
On Occasion of True Parents Birthday Celebration

Our common goal must be love, a love which must be eternal, absolute and unchanging in quality. If that kind of love is our goal and if there is a God, then it must be linked to Him. The question is whether we as men can obtain that kind of love. If that permanent and eternal love is an obtainable goal, then we must consider first that the prerequisite to that love is the existence of God. Why couldn't an almighty and eternal God make that love prevail with men? Why hasn't it been fulfilled already? That is the fundamental question which all religious men of history have struggled with. The Unification Church is no exception; however, we know that mankind could not possess this permanent and absolute love of God because of the fall of man.

Then what is the fall? In one word, the fall is departure -- not departure from power or position or a certain understanding, but departure from the very love of God that we have been talking about. The perfection of men hinges upon that special love, and is depending upon obtaining that love for all mankind.

If there is a God, then He must be almighty, eternal and omnipresent. Then, God's love must also be eternal and unchanging. Therefore, once we obtain that love then we possess everything, including God and the universe.

Possessing that love of God leads to perfection for everything. As you know, there are different parts in our physical bodies, but once that goal of love is reached, every part of the body will respond to that love and return thanks. If you have a spiritual body, how is your physical body connected to the spiritual body?

The spirit man and physical body are supposed to echo each other so that they can act as one in harmony. Actually, soundless, perfect harmony should be established between the two. True music is the love of God. When the love of God resounds through the spiritual body, both spiritual and physical bodies would respond to it in harmony. Striking one object will create sound waves, and when they hit another object it will respond and create the same sound. In the same way, when God's love hits something it will resound throughout the universe, the spiritual and physical worlds together. When God's love reaches man, his entire body should unanimously respond to that vibration of love. How would it feel to reverberate to the sound of love?

When the wave of love hits you, it will create absolute fullness in your spiritual and physical bodies, leaving no room available within yourself. That should be the feeling you get when the love of God hits you. It not only fills your entire body, but it will remain forever, never disappearing. As a result you will become a dynamo, a central energy source for everything surrounding you, and in that atmosphere the whole environment will echo you. 

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