The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

The Completion Period For the Dispensation

Sun Myung Moon
November 12, 1978
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

We all know the will of God. The perfection of the will of God is seen when the original purpose of creation is completed, but that does not happen somewhere in the air; the perfection of the purpose of creation depends upon man. Each person must create the heavenly four units, with men and women making up one family here on earth.

What is the completion of the heavenly four units? It is the perfection of love. Because of the fall of man, however, the basic purpose of the creation has not been realized. After the fall people forgot what God's will was and now no one knows anything about the perfection of the heavenly four units or the heavenly family. You know that the dispensation of restoration is to restore the things that were lost, and unless we go through the reverse process we cannot restore the heavenly kingdom.

Collaboration between the angel and man made the fall possible. After Satan created the fallen situation mankind became the children of Satan instead of God. Satan has been a destructive force and a destroyer of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Because of the fall we lost the angelic kingdom and we lost mankind. The heavenly ideal world has been lost and the Kingdom of God on earth has not been realized. In order to restore heaven here on earth we have to restore the angelic world and mankind which were lost, and in doing so we will move from the fallen world into the sphere of the heavenly nation and world.

As the first phase in restoration we must restore heavenly angelic people. For example, the archangel betrayed God and opposed Him by destroying His heavenly ideal. In restoration we must restore that position by becoming totally obedient and faithful to God and His ideal. In the historic process of restoring the angelic world the faithful and the rebellious angelic forces have been battling each other for a long time.

Ultimately the Kingdom of God is reserved for man, not angels. Man must deserve heaven while he is living on earth, however, and because he has never fulfilled his responsibility he has never occupied heaven. All men were supposed to be born as children of God but because of the fall became children of Satan instead. Because the fallen generation originated from Satan, restoration involves raising these fallen children back to God. They need a man sent by God to compel mankind to shift from a fallen state to the heavenly realm. Inevitably there will be a fierce confrontation between this man born of God and men born of Satan.

The Providence of Cain and Abel

According to the principle of restoration the firstborn occupies the position representing Satan because he was claimed first by Satan instead of by God. Abel, the second-born, is in the position representing heaven. God always works with Abel, whose first mission is to restore the angel, or Cain, back to his side. Once Abel is united with the angel and then united with Adam, who represents heaven and God, they can all come together into God's realm.

I have described the very basic concept of restoration from which all the patterns and formulae of restoration have been derived, forming the path which men must walk. In order to go through this formula each person needs Abel, plus an offering or sacrifice, and a condition of faith. History began at the formation level and proceeded through the growth and perfection levels, or in another manner of speaking, through the servant level, the adopted son's level and son's level, ultimately reaching the True Parents' position. This is the formula. Religions have pioneered the task of accomplishing each step toward perfection.

Who is Cain? Cain is a child of God, but he is restored into heaven by becoming totally obedient to God instead of being rebellious. If in the beginning there had been no rebellion there would have been no need for the providence of Cain and mankind could have gone directly to heaven, the angel entering together with man. What is your position? There are always two kinds of angels-one who is rebellious and the other who is obedient. If you are still the center of your world then Satan still has a string attached to you with which he can control and pull you. For instance, some people might insist they would be obedient to directions which appeared logical, but otherwise they would go their own way. That is the string with which Satan can pull them. You know what camp you belong in. This is the one criterion by which you can judge whether you belong to heaven or hell.

Who is Abel? You have no qualms about uniting 100% with God or True Parents, but who is Abel? Not all Abels are like God or True Parents. To begin with, Abel is your younger brother. Ask yourself if you could unconditionally obey your younger brother; that is the position of Abel, so obedience on that level is the starting point. This is why Jesus taught that unless a person has the heart of a child and could unconditionally serve even children he cannot enter heaven. This is the path mankind is destined to walk and this is why religion has historically taught unconditional service and obedience. Since God has imposed an almost impossible standard, the dispensation has been delayed over and over because no generation has been good enough to meet His criterion. Nevertheless, God will not deviate from His formula.

As you know, the individual is encircled by his family, tribe, nation and world. The pattern of the satanic world originated with the first individual who fell, so in restoration God follows the same course, starting from the individual and expanding to the circle of the family tribe, nation and world. When Abel was killed by Cain there was not even one foundation or footprint remaining which God could use and God had to start His restoration work in a world engulfed in darkness. Because the satanic world possesses the power of sovereignty, as soon as God has found an Abel in the darkness Satan's forces have always discovered him and struck him down. This is why the way of religion in history has always been the path of martyrdom. In trying to create God's footprints religious people have always been detected by Satan.

In such an impossible situation could God simply order His forces to confront and shatter the enemy'? No, there is virtually no way to frontally assault this world. God has had to create His own strategy of infiltration like guerrilla warfare, penetrating to the core by chipping away. The satanic world has a built-in weakness because of its rampant jealousy and greed, so God's tactic is to infiltrate with service and love. Satan is vulnerable to this kind of attack.

Powerful people enjoy confrontation in order to demonstrate their strength, but God's people slip in with love and truth and service, not guns and power. Satan hasn't learned how to cope with these weapons. God doesn't place His people on the highest level but on the grass roots level, and there they absorb the attack of the satanic power. God's friends have always been the little people.

Many people are suffering and oppressed under Satan's power, feeling they have no hope in life and wanting with all their hearts to clutch at heaven. God's agent is at the very center, one solitary Abel. He cannot simply demand that the satanic world come to him but must infiltrate to the core of Satan's domain. He will have to give up his family and fortune and future, siding only with God and moving into the center of the satanic world. He will declare, "I have come here to save you." This world will respond in shock and suspicion because no one has ever seen such virtues. In this world everyone fights for his own survival and glory, but God's representative will have given up his own life and happiness to save them. He will demonstrate his love by serving and giving total dedication, creating a revolutionary effect on the satanic world.

Abel comes into the satanic world to awaken people from the darkness of sin and hopelessness and show them the world of hope and joy and love. God started His history on a small scale, but He planted His power deep within the satanic world. The satanic world is so big, however, that one movement alone would take too long to be effective, so God inspired many groups to infiltrate in many quarters. This explains why many religions came into being. They are all working for one common goal and must ultimately be linked into unity. However, they are not sure they are to be united into one in the end. Are we sure or not? We know the solution for uniting all religions into one, and this conviction is what sets us apart, qualifying us to be called the Unification Church.

At this stage God is peering down on earth. What will be the focus of His attention? Are you convinced by logic that He will concentrate on the Unification Church, or do you think so only because you are members? If you were knocked down would you run away, or stand firm on your convictions? We have no fear because we know that the greater the persecution that comes, the greater is our opportunity to leap and jump forward. Sometimes God will allow you to be greatly tested in order to judge you. God's people will remain close to Him while Satan's people will run away, and testing is the best way to find out the depth of someone's faith. Perhaps you would tolerate it for one day, but are you willing to sustain it for longer than that'? Is your conviction a lifelong one?

The most important virtue the Bible teaches is faith. Those who can persevere and go on to the end will see salvation. All religions are working for the same goal, even though they do not realize it. All they have to do is awaken to the vision of where they are in the whole picture. In comparing their own religion to another they may see only contradiction, with their Abels seeming to move in opposite directions. God's will cannot prevail under those conditions.

Through True Parents Restoration Can Be Quickly Concluded

We can classify religions according to their achievements. Certain religions are in the position of servant or of adopted son, while another is on the level of son or parent, and their levels of progress toward the final goal are entirely different. Even though each religion may feel it is the true one, if it cannot embrace the religion of the adopted son, true son, or parent then it won't have the capacity to embrace any other. A religion of parental caliber must ultimately emerge, one which can elevate all mankind to the level of parent. lt cannot emerge as the parent all at once, however. First it must go through the spheres of servant, adopted son, son and then parent.

This religion will be able ultimately to embrace all religions on every other level. The servant religion represents the Old Testament era, and it must be linked with the New Testament era, or the adopted son's religion. The age of the second messiah is that of true son and parent. He brings the religion of the true son which will mature into the parent's religion and bring the new age of ultimate perfection, the Completed Testament era.

Who is capable of linking all this into oneness? Only True Parents can do it. They are not parents of the fallen generation, but parents unstained by sin. They are born of God, matured in God and perfected in God. Once such perfected parents come the job of restoration is vastly simplified because then no one will have to go through each level of servant, adopted son, son and then parent. Everyone will be able to go directly from the position of fallen archangel to position of parent. When will the dispensation be concluded? It will end when the angelic world is restored into perfection and parenthood is installed in heaven and earth, when the True Parents shine forth throughout the earth.

We are engaged in that task. We have the True Parents and we are fighting the battle in their name. When we have proclaimed the truth throughout the world and everyone in the archangel or Cain position becomes humble and obedient to God's will, this will become the restored angelic world and the dispensation of God will be concluded. Most important, we are not only uniting this physical world but also the spirit world, where the realm of religions is also divided into many factions. This phenomenon on earth only reflects what has taken place in the spirit world, but once religions are united here on earth they will also be united there. Unification will take place first here on earth, with all religions, nations and races becoming one. Once religious and racial unity happens, earth and spirit world will become one. This is how the dispensation has progressed. The truth is actually very simple.

Who is given this task of creating the godly world? The Unification Church has been contracted by God to create this world. We start out from a central point but we move into every walk of life in the satanic world and work from within. You are not going in the capacity of servant or of adopted son but as a direct son or daughter of God, going as His ambassadors to work in the satanic world. You are given the right to stand as sons and daughters of God because you are completely united with True Parents. You love them and they love you and with this credential you can be recognized as children of God.

Now in one stroke you can finish the goal of restoration. It has been a long, tedious, unending process, but now like a missile you can go directly to the end. You have natural parents but they are not responsible for your eternal life, so you have to find the True Parents who will be eternally responsible for you. No power can deny that your mother and father are your parents, and in the same way, if you are totally united with the True Parents then there is no power which can separate you from them and God will never leave you. Anything trying to sever your link with God and the True Parents will be subjugated.

You will never shrink from declaring that you are a son or daughter of God as long as you are linked to the True Parents. No power can defeat you. What about the rest of the world? They are coming one step behind you and when you are promoted to sons and daughters of God they will move up to the level of adopted sons. When you are elevated the whole world comes closer to God. The world atmosphere will change, and gradually the will to fight against us will melt away.

Some of you are sons and daughters of God on the level of the family, some in the tribe and others on the national and world levels. You must determine what ranks still remain before you. Even though you are in the son's position, do you want to remain in a narrow realm or broaden the area by elevating the adopted sons to the son's level? Now you know what work is still ahead of you. Just becoming sons and daughters does not mean your task is over; it is just beginning.

True Parents are in the center and they open the horizon of God's territory wider and wider. Mother and I have been busy in many places spearheading this work. In their lifetime the True Parents must accomplish not only the individual and family victory but the national and universal victory. Why do the True Parents pioneer this path themselves? By their opening the road, you as followers will face less suffering in going this way. You have to have firm conviction that the True Parents have pioneered the task for you and that you are victorious because of them. Then you are truly the children of God and entitled to the inheritance of heaven. Children are entitled to receive an inheritance from their parents.

I want you to know that the True Parents have suffered many tribulations, both physical and spiritual, for you. You should feel, "Father, I know you have suffered for me. Now let me suffer for all of mankind. Let me do the rest for you while you relax."

God sends only one Messiah to the world, but once he perfects the mission as the True Parents he can raise up literally millions of messiahs on earth. They in turn have the task and power to harvest many more messiahs on the earth. You must realize the importance of this subject.

The Providence Is Now Centered On Home Churches

You have heard about Home Churches, but do you know why we are doing this? Always God's dispensational formula Abel must always leave his home in order to save Cain. Unless Abel goes out to restore Cain, his elder brother, he cannot return to his true homeland. In the fallen world Cain is pulling the world, but in restoration the younger brother is pulling the world, becoming the elder brother whom Cain will follow. In the reverse process of restoration God recognizes the younger brother Abel as the true elder brother and he always goes before God together with Cain, saying, "God, this is my brother and I want you to love him." God will accept that proposal.

If there had been no fall then there would have been no Cain and Abel restoration; they both would have been sons of God. But because of the fall someone must become God's elder son. Because Cain failed, Abel must take that position. God must always give His inheritance to the elder son but because of the fall Abel must become qualified to take up that position. Receiving the inheritance of God would not be possible otherwise. If there is no true son, a son is adopted into that position. Following this pattern, Abel is adopted into the position of eldest, and then God will accept Cain and Abel together, not just one of them.

Jesus proclaimed himself as the only begotten son of God, so indeed he must have been the eldest, right? The fighting between Cain and Abel made God miserable, and more than any other time His heart was broken when Cain killed Abel. God will be most pleased when the brothers make up between one another and come to Him together. According to this principle it is essential for Abel to restore his brother. Unless you restore Cain God will not accept you.

This can be said on the worldwide level as well. The communist world is in the position of Cain, and the free world as Abel must restore it, going together to God to receive His forgiveness and acceptance. According to the Principle it is Abel who should infiltrate the fallen world to bring it back to God, but right now the situation is reversed. The communists are infiltrating the free world, undermining every facet of society and trying to destroy it. If this situation persists then the world will be destroyed. America is deeply responsible for this.

America is responsible for both the free world and communist world and for this reason I came to America. Before we can be concerned about restoring the communist world we must worry about changing the spirit of the free world. Unless America becomes bold and righteous it will never be able to turn the tide in the communist world. Americans must be superior to the communists in their determination and courage but are American young people burning with that determination? No, they are crumbling morally through drugs and promiscuity. You must be responsible to save them and lift their vision to the right perspective. Do you want to do it or shall 1?

The time has come for the American people to clearly know my true purpose and intention and why America must change. I am proud of you because I know you are superior in every respect to the communists. Our only hope is to move in this direction, expanding over the whole nation. The fate of the world rests with us because we are the Abel side. We live in the Abel world, but it is still following Cain instead of bringing him into the heavenly kingdom. We must turn the tide by pulling the communist world behind us into the heavenly kingdom. Then the world will be accepted by God. In the Divine Principle it is inevitable that this will happen.

Why is the world divided into two parts, communism and democracy? The answer is simple-God wants us to unite them. By our bringing the solution to this problem we can prove the power of God. There are two main political parties in America, Republicans and Democrats, which alternate between being Cain and Abel. The prevailing spirit of America should be that of Christianity, but instead of tending in that direction it is declining and pulling the rest of I the world with it. God wanted America to be pulled by the Christian spirit and the rest of the people to be pulled into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Always the problem begins with the individual man and woman, with the separation of mind and body. Who is the boss between the two? The body, dominated by carnal desire, is pulling the mind. The mind should be Abel, but it has been dominated by the body instead. If the body will follow the mind then God will receive that individual. That original order was upset by Satan and every individual should do an about-face, having his body follow his mind.

Is the son or daughter-in-law in the Abel position in the sight of God and the parents? American women want to be Abel instead of Cain, right? Can you women love your in-laws more than you love your own husband? This is not just my prejudice; it is heavenly truth which no one can bend. Who is Abel in a corporation? The president of the company. From this perspective should the employees strike and demonstrate against the company? How about Moonies demonstrating against Reverend Moon? Why not?

Abel is not elected by Cain. Parents are Abel in the family; in the nation the head of state is Abel, in the world the saints are Abel and in the entire universe God is Abel because they all love selflessly. Saints selflessly love the world and God selflessly loves mankind. At home each one should be a son or daughter of filial piety, and in his nation become a patriot, obediently following and loving the saints while on earth, and in the universe becoming a son or daughter of God who loves Abel. That is our duty.

Always two go together -- Cain and Abel, husband and wife, father and mother. In Oriental philosophy two is significant, and important things are done with two hands. You serve with two hands, present a gift with two hands, offer a bouquet with two hands together. When you worship or show your respect, your two hands come together. Two eyes both focus, two lips, two holes in the nose, two ears-all go together. I don't know who first taught this, but this is important in Oriental philosophy. Mind and body come together, and when two of you come together God is with you.

Do you like to see men and women walking side by side or the woman walking ten feet behind? Which is more beautiful? Normally men walk faster, right? Here in America women want to run faster than men, so to make themselves taller they invented high heels. Secularly speaking, the greatest problem here in America is women's domination. What the men need is to be allied with Reverend Moon, and that won't harm the women because they won't lose anything. Each person has to keep his position. Nuts and bolts go together, but nuts are nuts and bolts are bolts. They fit perfectly together because God made them that way, but trying to reverse their position won't work. Do you have any complaint?

The order of Cain and Abel, subject and object prevails in every aspect of society. In school, for instance, there is a principal and students, and only if they unite will God's blessing embrace them. When subject and object become one through harmonious give and take, God's dwelling will be with them. When you look at American society, do you think it needs Reverend Moon or not? The world needs the Unification Church. God and heaven need the Unification Church. It is essential. Until now no one has expounded history from God's point of view, only from man's points of view; no one has been able to explain the true purpose of religion.

Unity Of Races And Religions

Can the dispensation be completed by oneself? Is the single life constructive or destructive in the sight of God? Today's gay rights movement is demonstrating in support of laws to sanction the marriage of men with men and women with women. Is that parallel with God's principle'? In our way of life do men and women freely mingle, having casual fun'? No, we live in the awareness of always being in the presence of God and True Parents, and we act after thinking of whether we would be ashamed of our deeds in front of God. We never forget that wherever we are God and Parents are with us. Adam and Eve forgot that they lived in God's presence. If they had wanted to act only in such a way that they could always be proud in front of God, they never would have fallen.

Adam and Eve's blessing was to have been given by God and they in turn would have blessed their own children. Now the True Parents are here to bless you in marriage. Is that principled or not'? Even if someone threatens your life unless you recant this belief, you will lose nothing by refusing to yield, because by denying this belief you are denying the principle of creation. That would mean denying the heavenly four positions, denying the completion of love between husband and wife and between parents and children. The basic building block of heaven is the family, and if you deny that then there shall be no Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.

I engaged thousands of couples in this last month, and among them some must have thought, "Father, couldn't you give me a prettier wife," or "Couldn't you give me a more handsome husband?" But think of the Garden of Eden -- there was only one man and one woman and so there was no choice! It is the same with you-there is only one man and woman and none other to look at. You realize that there is only one possible choice. When you realize that the blessing of the True Parents is more important than which mate you get, the problem is solved.

Why should we marry at all? It is to build the Kingdom of God here on earth. Is that kingdom yours or God's'? When you build a heavenly family then you can be happy that you are God's instrument to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Your duty is to be obedient and grateful for the blessing. Whenever I started matching in Europe, Japan and Korea I assured the members of two things: first, that a man would get a woman and a woman would get a man, and second, if they would accept their match they would have a happy heavenly home. Do you want anything else?

Why do we need Home Churches? You should start Home Churches because you need to go out to the secular world to restore Cain. Abel needs to bring Cain to God in order for both to be forgiven and accepted. In that position you are going to restore the mission of Jesus, which he was not given a chance to fulfill. You will bring that mission to perfection, and that is another meaning behind your Home Church mission.

This November I completed two very important ceremonies. One was conducted to unite all religions centering upon the central religion, not only here on earth, but most importantly in spirit world. The other ceremony was to unite all races centering upon the central race or representative of God. These two ceremonies were for one purpose -- to create one total unified world in spirit world as well as unity here on earth. The road is open now because the spiritual condition has been set to clear away all racial and religious barriers. When you are flying you can go in any direction, and now in the same way you can go in any direction here on earth and gain the victory. Whether people believe in a certain religion or no religion at all doesn't make any difference now; once they discover the truth they can come directly to the central point because spirit world has already demonstrated that oneness.

The spirit world is subject and whatever happens there will be reflected here as the influence of that realm helps to break up the barriers. When we are elevated to the true sonship of God, the rest of the world will be elevated to the status of adopted sons. Since even adopted sons are obedient to God, this is equivalent to restoring the angelic world. Therefore, descending spiritually from heaven will be much easier and the work on earth of those in spirit world is completely possible. In spirit world national boundaries are not recognized any more, and therefore, it will be the same here on earth. In the Unification Church we no longer recognize national or racial barriers because the world is one nation of God and we act on a worldwide level. Adam had three sons, of whom the white race is represented by the third son, the black race by the second son, and the yellow race by the elder son, but altogether they are one family.

A Home Church represents the whole world in one family. When we talk about one world we are actually referring to the universe and the cosmos, and a Home Church extracts the very essence of the cosmos into its small world. This is the unified world of physical and spiritual, of the central religions and all other regions, of races and nations. Spiritual and physical unity all come into being in our Home Churches, representing an extract of the whole world.

The ancestors of all races were united with the central race by the ceremony performed in Korea. There have been many religions on earth, but the conditions have now been made to bring them into unity surrounding this central Unification Church religion. All the races have become one centering on the heavenly tribe. The internal unity of religions and I external unity of races together make up one total unity. The key word to remember is that all spiritual barriers have been broken down and everyone will be able to go around the world freely. Now more Asians and Europeans can come to America and Americans can go abroad. A great deal of movement will take place in this unified world.

Many movements to make external unity are coming into being, like the European Economic Community, and no power trying to block this trend of unity can succeed. America persists in being very nationalistic and the communists are increasingly protectionist, but that is not God's will. I come from Asia, but do I proclaim Asians as a superior race and discourage other races? No, we are colorblind and the True Parents are parents of all races in one family. There are no barriers in the Unification Church. No one can halt this because spirit world already has its barriers broken down and the physical world is destined to reflect that.

Which race has more numbers in spirit world? Asians outnumber everyone else. If the present barriers persist then naturally the yellow race would prevail by virtue of numbers, but I don't want that to happen. I would like you to create Home Churches which are beyond national, racial and economic boundaries. There is one God, one family and one church. If white Americans go to Africa and create Home Churches then there is no way Africans can oppose that and send them away; if they do then Africa shall decline. The angelic world and Adam's world have become one already and that is the trend of the future. No one can prevail against the trend of the future and even Satan must surrender. You can go out with full conviction and confidence that ultimately you shall prevail. Trust me and you will be victorious.

The Homes Of Jesus and John the Baptist

Our goal is to make the entire planet one Home Church. Jesus was crucified because two homes failed to unite -- the home of John the Baptist and the home of Jesus. If John's family had welcomed Jesus then the will of history would have been for John the Baptist's sister to become Jesus' bride. Why? Adam has the dual responsibility of restoring both the angelic world and his own bride. The Messiah must come to restore a family of three generations-grandfather, father and son-before he can restore the world. John the Baptist was in the position of elder son, or Cain, but he failed to be totally obedient to God's son, who was in the Abel position. John the Baptist, in the archangel position, should have been totally restored to God through obedience to Jesus, but that did not happen. If Jesus had been successful in that dispensation then he would have undertaken to restore his bride. Jesus' bride had to be restored through the archangel's family, which was John the Baptist's home in Jesus' time.

Why do you as Abel have to go out into the satanic world? It is to restore the archangel, and secondly, to restore Eve, or your mate. You women go out to restore the archangel and then restore Adam. Because the Messiah had not yet come and filled Adam's position and installed the heavenly formula, religions down through history discouraged marriage in favor of celibacy, preparing people to be able to welcome the Messiah wholeheartedly, free of a burden of their sexual desires. Until the Messiah comes no one is really entitled to marriage. Marriage is very important, but even after marrying we are under a certain discipline because we must demonstrate that we can overcome physical desires in order to serve True Parents and the world.

The Messiah first needs tribal restoration. John the Baptist's family was related to Jesus' family, and if true family unity had been made at the time of Jesus then the tribe would have been restored, and afterwards the national and worldwide victory would have been finished. But it was in the family level mission that John the Baptist failed. The two key families involved were the family of John the Baptist, whose father was Zechariah, and the family of Joseph. Joseph's home represented the bridegroom and the adopted son, while Zechariah's home represented the archangel and the bride.

Joseph's family should have been supportive of Zechariah's family and then John the Baptist would have stood in the position of restored archangel and provided Jesus with his bride. The two homes would have been united by the marriage of the Lamb and the installation of true parenthood at the time of Jesus. The Abel and Cain homes united together would have brought forth a new race.

The world today is divided in two parts, with one being subject and the other object, or up and down, heaven and earth. The home of the bridegroom represents the plus world and the bride the minus home. Religion is plus or upper, while race is the corresponding negative, and all of these can be united into one by the central concept of Home Church. You will extract the best essence of this earth and create Home Churches, our own pure world. The men restore Eve, the bride, and the women go out to restore Adam. Of course, before we do that we have to restore the archangel world, the external family, and then internally restore Adam and Eve. That is the concept of Home Church.

This ideal was not fulfilled at the time of Jesus, but now in our time we shall bring the messianic mission into reality through Home Churches. Home churches are of two types-Jesus' home and John the Baptist's home. Of the two, Jesus is subject and wherever he moves there should always be obedience. The two kinds of Home Churches always unite around the concept of the Messiah; upon the foundation of unity you can accept the Messiah and fulfill the ideal of God.

The True Parents come to this world in the messianic mission and in three different seven-year courses they lay the foundation of the Home Church. Now that mission comes to you and you reap the suffering of the True Parents on the foundation they have laid for you. The highway has been built on which you will run and gather the essence of the world in the name of Home Church. This is your present duty.

In the sight of God the work of the Fraser committee does not represent one individual alone. It represents the entire secular world, not only the power of the United States but the power of the whole world that opposes God. It is the symbolic enemy of God, a symbolic focal point. In America's history there is no equivalent example of a united government effort to suppress one religious movement. My position is that of one small David going against Goliath on the world level, and by knocking him down in the name of our Heavenly Father his power has been brought down to the ground.

On the foundation of that symbolic victory I am now planting the seeds of Home Churches wherever I go, in England, Japan, Korea. The root of those Home Churches is Belvedere. You belong to that root and I would like to connect those Home Churches of the world to this Belvedere. This is the Home Church of Home Churches and you are really in the central current of this age. Once again, why should you start Home Churches? This is the restoration of the position of Jesus, who could not accomplish the ideal of a home in his own lifetime. By going out to restore Jesus' position you are laying the foundation to be blessed and to install parenthood, which is the completion of the ultimate purpose of religion.

Jesus was not able to gather certain things in his lifetime. For example, Jesus did not have three major disciples in his lifetime. Why three? Adam's family had three sons. There were eight members all together -- father, mother, three sons and three daughters-in-law. Since that ideal family has been broken down into pieces in the fallen world we have to gather them together. The three wise men of the East were symbolic of the three disciples and were representative of angels. They bowed down to the holy baby and brought him gifts from far away. Their act symbolized other nations bowing down to Jesus, the son of God. Disciples are spiritual children in your terminology, and they are in the position of adopted sons who would have obeyed Jesus. This formula is never set up arbitrarily; it has spiritual significance which must be fulfilled. The foundation of three should be expanded into twelve disciples, representing the family and tribe. Next it would expand to 72 disciples representing an entire people or nation.

Three is included in the number twelve, meaning that the tribe is an expansion of the family Seventy-two is inclusive of twelve and represents the nation, while 120 represents world restoration. Those were the key numbers Jesus had to obtain. Jesus had gathered twelve apostles and 72 disciples, which together totals 84, but that foundation was not completely established in unity and harmony in Jesus' time. Therefore, 84 is a key number for us and in our lifetimes we must each restore it. Eighty-four includes all the necessary ingredients to build the Kingdom of God on earth. Whoever fulfills the 84 will have done what Jesus could not do. If you restore one spiritual child per month you will fulfill the number 84 in seven years; that's how the standard 1-1-1 came into being. You have not yet fulfilled that criterion.

It is America's Job To Unite the Races

My achievements can be described in mathematical terms. I gave three blessings in 1960, after the installation of the True Parents; the first was given to the three couples in the position of three archangels and the chief disciples in Jesus' time. Then the 36 couples were blessed, representing three stages of twelve; formation, growth, perfection; and Adam, Jesus and Lord of the Second Advent. Those 36 couples include all races in history. The 72 couples represent the nation and the 124 couples represent the world. I added four extra couples in that blessing, representing room for all the criminals in the world to be forgiven and receive salvation. The 430 couples represent Korea's history of 4,300 years, as well as the suffering of the Israelites for 430 years in Egypt. After I blessed the 430 couples we started our Exodus out of Egypt for Canaan, and then I could bless 43 couples around the world in Japan, Europe and America.

In 1970 I blessed 777 couples, representing three stages of seven. That blessing encompassed all races and territory of the world, meaning that the family covered every facet and part of the world. Then 1800 couples were blessed in 1975. Next is your turn, and perhaps there will be 3,000 couples. Through the blessing I have opened every door to allow the family to enter. We enter heaven as families and it is most important that there not be fighting between husband and wife and brothers and sisters when we enter that kingdom. Why did the Jews falter when they were in the wilderness? It was because during their journey to Canaan there was much fighting and dividing into cliques among them. On the way to heaven you must not create cliques of white or black or yellow, but you must go beyond color. This is very important on the way to heaven.

I am very grateful to the American family for one thing. When I was in Korea many American members were petitioning me to give them Korean brides. What about American women then, where will they go? As American men are going toward Korean brides, American women should want to go toward black husbands. That means America will encompass the world in all directions. How could there be fighting if America embraces the yellow and black races? That's the way God thinks. You might say, "We accept that completely, but let's turn it around and have the women take Korean husbands and the men take black brides." No, the women have to undertake the more difficult task because women initiated the fall. God wants them to take the greater responsibility in restoration. That is a statement of principle, not just my point of view.

America has the wonderful responsibility of uniting the races. It has committed much historical sin by enslaving black people and by persecuting Indians, the first citizens of this land and also descendants of the Oriental race. The time has come to restore all those historical sins by loving those races and becoming one family with them. A women's movement might want to send me back to Korea, but I am willing to declare this to America, no matter how angry white people might feel.

I have a vivid memory of one German girl in Europe who insisted that she didn't want a white husband or even a yellow husband. She definitely wanted a black husband. Will you women fall behind the German girls? That doesn't mean I would insist on American women marrying black men, but in the sight of God that would be a beautiful thing. So far America has dominated the rest of the world by force, but it is by love that America can truly conquer the rest of the world. Instead of Great Britain I would like to see America doing that job first. If you feel that America is a godly nation and that God is here then it has to fulfill something unique.

Now you know the meaning of Home Churches, right? The best of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras are all contained in the Home Church. Unless we are successful in that mission we are destined to repeat the era of Jesus, but after you win a victory in Home Church work you can restore Jesus' position and ultimately go on to the parent's position. The time has come when the persecution from America and the world will end. Already the atmosphere is different. There is much opposition still, but now many people are starting to support us, saying, "I'm not a Moonie but I like Reverend Moon." Black people and other minority groups in particular were the first to give expressions of welcome, seeing me as their champion.

When you move deeply and strongly America will feel the impact. In Home Churches God can have direct control and spirit world can pass freely. In the past spirit world could only descend for a time, but now they can stay and work continuously. There are no barriers to the movement of spirit world on earth now and everywhere is our home. The declaration of this new concept of Home Churches is in itself great proof of the victory of God's dispensation.

By winning victory in the Home Church mission you are winning the position of parent and messiah, becoming first a tribal messiah, then a national messiah. The Unification Church is spearheading the messianic movement, proclaiming it everywhere in the world. At this time messiahs are going everywhere in the world. Now the time has come when I don't have to remain here in America but can go to any country in the world. No matter how small, if any country will welcome me I will go there and on that foundation world restoration will be entirely possible. Wherever the messianic concept is accepted will be the realm and dwelling of God. Even if I were to die now I would be remembered in history as having victoriously established true parenthood. No one can detract one iota from that success.

I have fulfilled my responsibilities toward you. I was a shield against worldwide persecution for you, and ultimately the time will come when you no longer face as much persecution. In three seven-year courses I have endured tremendous tribulation in the satanic world to set conditions for world restoration. Now you are asked to build one small world of your own in the form of a Home Church. How can you say you cannot do it'?

The Old Testament era involves offering material things that can be accepted in the sight of God. The New Testament era means becoming adopted sons. The Completed Testament era means becoming parents and giving birth to the true children of God. I have laid the foundation for the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras and installed parenthood and finally completed the foundation for world restoration. Now you are in the position to be welcomed by the world. Your remaining duty is to finish the task by establishing Home Churches. You are responsible for 360 homes and there you will set the conditions for the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras. You will fulfill those ideals in that small world of your own and I want you to be a true messiah to those homes.

How can you become a messiah to those homes? You must be a parent first and then have sons and restore the material world. Because of the fall Adam lost all three elements, but now you are given the opportunity to restore what he lost and offer it to the True Parents, who in turn will offer it to God. When God receives it He will offer it back to the True Parents, who in turn will offer it back to you.

The name of your world is "Home Church" and it is the altar on which you offer God your three greatest gifts. In ancient times the altar was always covered with blood because the animal sacrifice had to be cut, but now we ourselves are the sacrifice and we have to shed our tears, blood and sweat. When you go to your Home Church and restore all three of these offerings, you will find a true home when you return from your mission. Once you have that foundation, you are a son of God and the rest of the world is in the position of adopted sons. It will be easy to influence them, therefore, because they will already be in a mood to be obedient. Then there will be no more persecution. You will be free to go back to your hometown to restore your own tribe; your Home Church will be your Abel tribe and your own physical family will be your Cain tribe, and when you head both of them you will truly be king of that world. Upon that foundation you can restore the position of parents. That is the principle.

I went to Korea to restore all tribes, united around the one central tribe. Go to your Home Church and undertake the role of messiah, restore the Cain and Abel tribes, and then when you come back to the home ground with True Parents you will be installed as parent of your tribe. I am in the position to restore the free world as the Abel tribe and the communist world as the Cain tribe and on that foundation I will ascend to God's dwelling. I am always working for both of these and the same principle that works for me works for you.

In the truest sense my Abel world is the spirit world and my Cain world is the physical world. True parenthood was installed upon the victory in the Abel world, spirit world, and the Cain world or physical world, which is you. Because of this victory the communist world will gradually crumble; there is no possible way it can endure. The angelic world, which is spirit world, and physical world are restored into one now and the satanic world finally will have to diminish and surrender, no matter how desperately it struggles.

The communist world is troubled internally and the free world is troubled by the prevalence of drug usage and free sex. We will liberate ourselves from all of this and export our cure to the communist world. We have a prescription to cure drug usage and moral decay and social corruption. The communists don't have a solution, however, and until they find our solution they will decline. Externally the communist world looks strong, but internally it is weak. The important factor is how united and strong we are. Are you stronger than the communists?

The completion of the Home Church mission will really be your liberation and you will be free to enjoy your own home, elevated in the heavenly kingdom. Religious people usually talk about individual salvation, but we are talking about salvation for the tribe, nation and world. No one can bypass this. Everyone has to squarely face the mission of Home Churches. We know the concept of the Kingdom of God and we have precise instructions about how to achieve that kingdom. It will be done through Home Churches and this is the completion period of the dispensation.

It is most important that we can talk about the conclusion of God's dispensation. Today, on November 12, 1978, I am commissioning you to be messiahs, to go to your world of Home Churches and fulfill that mission. Will you do it? Those who will do it, raise your hands. Go out to your Home Churches and don't return until you finish the mission. Even if you die there you will be victorious. I am going the same way and doing the same mission but on the worldwide and universal levels. You will live, eat and sleep there and have activities there, and when you are victorious there you will return to heaven.

I started talking about Home Churches last year and now you know according to Principle why l emphasize this concept so much. Do you want to go or do you want to be pushed'? Where would you begin'? You will start out as a servant, without sleeping or eating, caring for the people. Then the people will love you and spirit world will come down. If you start out as a servant of servants then soon people will want to help and spirit world will participate. Then you will be elevated to the servant position and soon to the adopted son's 3D/: Your people will all want you to come to their home. You would like me to come to your home, wouldn't you'' Then why wouldn't the rest of the world want to have you come stay with them?

This is the way you will truly become sons of God. You will start out as a servant of servants, but spirit world will come together around you and they will never leave you alone down there. You will be elevated stage by stage to receive the blessing and then become a parent, a tribal messiah, then national messiah. It may take 3 1/2 years or it may take 7 years, and if you cannot do it in 7 years it will be expanded to three courses of 7 years, but you have to go through it on some level.

The easiest way to fulfill the Home Church mission is to go to Africa, to a primitive tribe. It won't take three years; in three or seven months you will have a beautiful Home Church. This is why a great movement will begin, from the highest peak to the lowest valley and from the valley to the peak. Establishing a Home Church would probably be most difficult here in settled, established America.

We must begin on this home ground because God needs America, but the era for movement has come and you must be ready for a great migration.

The completion period of the dispensation is at hand. This is my declaration today. This means the beginning of God's liberation, the time when He can say to Satan, 'you have been a great opponent of the Kingdom of God, but you will not prevail because my sons and daughters are everywhere. They have been installed as messiahs." When there are millions of messiahs here on earth Satan will not prevail.

I wanted to make this declaration a long time ago, but I could not because the time was not ready. How do you think I feel making this declaration today? The time has come now. I am liberated and I can travel anywhere, enjoying the people and nature in any land. Now I can really appreciate what God has given mankind. You will go to your Home Church mission because first you must fulfill that mission, but then you will come and join my traveling group. We will have breakfast in New York, lunch in Florida and dinner in Tokyo and our journey will continue until we liberate Moscow.

Everyone stand up. We are going to have a most victorious three cheers for the victory and the completion of the dispensation of God.

For the victory of Home Churches, in the name of Heavenly Father and the True Parents -- Mansei! Mansei! Mansei!

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