The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

To the Departing Seminarians

Sun Myung Moon
Lancaster Gate, London
September 7, 1978
Translator: Col. Sang Kil Han

After working in Britain throughout their summer break, it was time for the students at Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) to return to the United States. In this speech to the departing seminarians, Rev. Moon explains the meaning of the 70-day training program as a basic course for all members. This training teaches the real cause of the Fall and how to prevent it. The Messiah is a complete man who has overcome all temptations.
This training is to equip fallen man with enough knowledge to resist all Satan's temptations as Jesus did. Leaders must also complete 120-day training. They are in the position of chief priests, the Levites, who make the offerings to restore the world. The 360 homes in Home Church is a condensed world and altar for the chief priests to make the offering. Unification Theological Seminary must provide such leadership training.

Keep this in mind, this is our basic life, even more basic than theology studies. Even though you don't study theology so deeply, you still can become, and you must become, the best experts and ministers of our church organization. So in the future the basis of your evaluation will be not so much what you learn from theology, but with the help of that knowledge of theology, how many home churches you have made, how successful you were in completing your home church. It is not so much whether someone is a straight A student in theology, of course that is a small credit, but the larger credit is more in the basic area of activity. Do you understand?

Once you perfect your home church then you can pass that to somebody else, give it to somebody else who can maintain it and then you move along, perhaps pioneer, and organize. Once you become an expert you really can do it. It is like a branch and tree relationship, you make a branch and smaller branches. So we must understand that our future and our career very much depend upon, completely and solely depend upon successful home church. Through home church we succeed. So even while you are studying theology, you have to think that you must not only think about 360 homes but also you must actually carry out and maintain the 360 home church area. Imagine in your lifetime if you have pioneered 50 home churches, that means 360 home church areas, and then you get old and get all of them together and have one big revival meeting. If you live long enough there will be many generations who you witnessed to. If you pioneer now their own descendants will increase the numbers as you go through 50 areas. This is very realistic, because when you go up a straight road and go after me then that becomes complete credit.

The Advantages Of Seminarians

As for the theological seminary students, your advantage is unmistakable and great, because other people who have never gone through the theological school may satisfy themselves by making themselves successful in one home church area, but here with the knowledge of theology you can really make many home churches successful. The first one is difficult, but once you make it you can contact with ministers and they can really help you in establishing a second and third home church area. This is what I mentioned you can do as a champion and expert. I feel that you could perfect at least twelve home church areas, more than twelve in your lifetime. Then you will literally be in the same position as Jesus and True Parents. You will stand in the center of East and West and South and North, completely equipped with the four directions. Not only one direction, but all four directions.

Your home church can include the physical home church you are doing now, but centering on your own villages, get all your relatives around, 360 homes and make one home church area there too. And then you move to some other place. In America you will have to cover more than twelve states, and in the world standard you will go through more than twelve countries. So if you don't go through the twelve states in a nation you cannot advance to twelve countries.

From here we are ready to begin the mission of organization and system of the Unification Church. What we have now is only transient and only temporary, never permanent. So we have built a foundation, so to speak, to start actual working on the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, but our real basis for Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is home church, which we have just begun. When we say Kingdom on Earth that is an independent country on earth, and that country must have many perfect families, now 360 homes means 360 families which get together and form a nation, a country, on the world level. We are right in the midst of laying the cornerstone and tradition, so when you go back to the United States you can continue. Home church began to be perfected here, and you are taking part of the perfect home church and transplanting it into America and America will prosper after that. And I expect you to do the same pattern, in the exact detail as you have done in London as the perfect example, in America, with no modification, no deviation.

70 Days Training Course

You now understand you must go through the 70-day training, total training of 70 days including 40 days. Have you all gone through 70 days? You have jumped one course and therefore strictly speaking are not qualified to advance to theological seminary school. So once we go back to America and resume our study we still have to reorganize our training system, that means training understanding. We have 2-days training, 7-days, 21-days, 40-days and 120-days training. The 2-days training corresponds to the preparation of foundation for restoration period. So this one actually cannot in the strict sense be training, it is only preparation for training. The 7-days corresponds to the Old Testament, the formation stage of all training. The 21-days is comparable to the growth stage, corresponding to the New Testament. The 40-days corresponds to the perfection stage of training. If you add them up it is 70 days of training.

Then what is the training course? What is the purpose of training? Of course to learn something. Mankind fell because of ignorance. If Adam and Eve knew enough they would never have fallen and suffered the consequence. It was due solely to lack of knowledge, ignorance that led to the Fall. Therefore the purpose of training is to learn enough, even beyond Adam and Eve's knowledge level, to know for sure, so that there is no room for the Fall. Instead of being ignorant we will go through training and become knowledgeable, not ignorant people, then there is no possibility to fall again. During the course of knowledge training we gain all knowledge about what fallen people are like, knowledgeable people are like, and about what the real cause and essence of the Fall was and how to prevent it, even who Satan is.

Through this course we become more and more clear, very clear, about the existence of Satan and the existence of actual people who Satan acts through give and take and who are Satan with a physical body. We know that possibility. We also know the world that is composed of that kind of individual whose mind is controlled by Satan. We can very clearly see that they fight each other. Satan is on top of them so they lie and deceive each other. It is either Satan or God. If God is the real master then they will not behave that way. So we can conclude it must be Satan who is on top of them because they behave that way.

Until now we knew about the satanic world but not that clearly. We knew there was something wrong but we did not know precisely that there is Satan, a real entity, like God, that straightforwardly works through man as an object. We now know that is Satan in action, and the society is largely a satanic world, and also that there is spirit world centered on Satan. We all know this so clearly, whereas people in the world don't know this. They are in it but don't know it. We have complete knowledge about how the Fall came about and how the world is now.

Our purpose for giving 70-day training is to provide that knowledge, and to implant it unmistakably in each individual, so that with that knowledge each individual will never make the same mistake again. Once we go over the training period in which we gain complete knowledge about Satan and about mankind, by rightfully exercising that knowledge then you can immediately tell if your friend is a good friend on God's side, or if another friend is more on the satanic side or God's side, or at only at that particular time on the satanic side. You can tell, can't you?

We have all kinds of Unification Church members. All members are not at the same level. There are very weak members and strong members. Where can we draw the line and say beyond this are Unification Church members, others are just intermediate members, temporary, transient members? Which are Unification Church members? Actually, to make a strict definition of Unification Church members, when a person has complete knowledge of Satan and the human Fall and restoration, so he has no chance to fall back into the Satanic world, then we can say for the first time he is a Unification Church member. This is a rather high criterion for today's reality but we have to maintain this criterion. This criterion can be achieved by 70-day training. Then he knows clearly about Satan and has no chance of committing the Fall again. So that is the purpose of this training, to provide knowledge to come to this level.

Then why do we not do 70 days in one stretch? Why do we do several steps? Why not in a condensed way in just 40 days? We have a good reason. We are the product of historical development, and our mistake is also historical. By indemnifying step by step, period by period over past history, we can be duly restored going through these orderly stages. Actually what the Old Testament intended to teach man and what the New Testament aimed to teach man and what Divine Principle aims to teach man is all consistent, they are not contradicting each other. In other words, they are all designed to teach man as a complete man.

The Messiah Defeats Temptation

And the Messiah is a quite typical example of that, a complete man, nothing else. If you simplify it, the Messiah is a perfect man, for the first time in history. Perfect man must have won over Satan completely. The worldly example of what the perfect man would be is if the most beautiful, tantalizing woman came next to that perfect man he wouldn't budge, not just conceptually, but also physically. Whereas any so-called best man in the world, if that situation arises he has no chance, he will just fall right in. Whereas the perfect man won't. And also if there are millions of dollars of bullion stacked up here, and there is a situation where he really needs money, he will not touch that money. He will not yield to temptation. And where there is a situation where he really wants to grab power, for some reason other than that of God, it is within his reach and no-one will question it, he will not fall for it.

And somewhere he is tested. The three tests of Jesus in the wilderness are a classical example of Satan's test. After so many days of fasting, Jesus was very hungry, and there was food, but not for Jesus. And Jesus did not fall for it. Jesus said, 'No, man does not live by bread alone.' He denied this utmost necessity for survival. When a person is hungry and enticement by beauty is right nearby, of course hunger comes earlier. That means that because Jesus has gone beyond the temptation of food that he has gone beyond other enticements. So through his success on this one test we can know that Jesus has gone beyond Satanic enticement.

Secondly, Jesus needed a church very much, and he was asked by Satan to jump down from the temple. That's what Jesus needed most badly, perhaps more than food, but Jesus said no. And also he was looking for the glory of the world for God, and Satan said I will give this to you if you worship me, but he did not do that. As much and as badly he needed the glory, which he can return right to God, he refused. So through the example of Jesus' trials we can imagine our own trials too. Since we are not yet completed, not yet gone beyond the boundary of the Satanic world, there is always temptation there. Someone may offer to provide you with a complete scholarship, at the best school in the United States, you can go to law school and go to the top of the ladder, and show you precisely the money. Or a beautiful woman may visit you, all naked, in your bed. That is the kind of temptation Satan will give you. Then Satan will offer what you need the most to fulfill your dispensation, if you do something for him. If you have desire to become the president of your country, which is not necessarily bad, and Satan knows this, Satan will come around and say, if you do this and that you will become the president of your country.

Then what is the answer to these temptations? What do we have to answer to them? Do we say no, or yes? Of course yes is not the right answer, but no is not the right answer either. The only right answer is, 'I don't care what I become, the only thing I want to become is a son of God, that's all I want. Then through God's love, I will become the president of United States. Without God's love and becoming a son of God, I don't care what I become, I don't care if I become the world president, a teacher of a primary school, I don't care what I become, the only thing I want to become is a son of God. And through being a son of God I will receive love, and then maybe He will make me president, then I will take it. I really want to take it, but not any other way.'

So the purpose of training here is to equip fallen man with enough knowledge to not only resist the temptations, but also to know inside and out, like all educated people, that when Satan comes around and tests you that you not only resist the temptation but you also scold Satan for testing you. Throw the book at him for testing you, he has no right to test you. So once you know that, how can you be more confident? You know the Satanic world, no matter what kind of temptation comes around, nothing bothers you. Then, once you have become absolutely confident, you know what Satan is like, you know the Satanic world, what it is composed of, how it originated, once you are completely knowledgeable about that, then you have confidence. Now I am trained right I will go out and cope with it. At the end of the 70-day period you must have this feeling.

Your mother, most beloved mother, and father will come around and say, 'Please stay with us, I will let you go to church and do anything, but please stay with us.' But you know that by staying at home you will never achieve meaningful advancement, so you just don't listen, but rather respond to the call of God. So you leave your home. The Satanic world everywhere, your relatives, your friends, churches, all kinds of affiliations of yours, will come upon you and make it impossible to go to God's world. Then you will feel, 'I wish I had more knowledge, more power to explain this.' Then you feel your personality is not perfect enough, you wish it were more perfected than it is.

Sometimes you see something and your heart is not easily moved and you feel desperately and pray desperately to have the heart of God, you miss these vital elements. When we meet persecution we persevere in the beginning, but after so much persecution we ask God to punish the persecutor. But punishment is not God's mind but the satanic world's mind, no matter what happens God does not have the idea to destroy someone, even the worst man. So that proves that we have never become the man of personality that resembles God.

We should assess ourselves once in a while, do I know the Word 100%, so perfectly that I have no doubt? Once in a while, we believe most of it, but we may have a doubt, sometimes in a critical point in Unification thought, in the ideal, then you should feel that you have not completed the 70-day training to the desired criteria. Sometimes we feel a lack in ourselves and wish we could feel it with God's personality. Ignorant men and knowledgeable men are alike, they all interpret God in their own way, but God never tries to retaliate, punish them. The only reason God punishes is so that they can understand, never for punishment's sake. No matter how God is treated, he perseveres and perseveres. Are we like that? When we say no, we have to fill that gap.

120 Day Training

So this is basic knowledge, and once we go through that we come here to 120-day training and we review knowledge, personality and heart. Actually the 120-day training is a grinding course, like a grinding machine, like when Noah built an ark for that long time. People mock you, cut off the supply of money to you, they do all sorts of things to you. They may raise you up and drop you down, sometimes with a bone or two broken. Then you have to crawl, to get across the borderline.

The 120-day training is the whole spectrum of human activity. You go to the deepest mountain and do meditation, all by yourself, no friends, for days and days, even in the presence of wild animals. That is standard training in the Orient, little known to Westerners. And you can go fishing, walk on the street in the snow with bare feet. There should be nothing you don't try. This 120-day training should be a grueling experience, grueling training. And they will forge the iron here too. They don't work in a rational way. Like when lunchtime comes, they won't feed you lunch, saying there is no lunch today. How frustrated you will be! Then when you are so tired and ready to collapse at dinnertime, and they will say there is no dinner, you have miles to march all throughout the night! Nobody experienced that kind of training within the Unification Church, did they? Well, the world is already at the peak of opposition against me, and that is the only reason I didn't do that! But now we see that the opposition is receding, like the tide going out, so then we are at peace and this is the time we can begin to put this program into effect.

What does it do? It makes you a perfect man who will never fall into temptation when you go out into the world. This is the principled way. We simply fall into an incarnation of Father's words, and personality, and Father's heart. These three things are not clearly separated, they are intermingled, you cannot take one element from another. All three elements are all together, and form one individual.

We must always expect that the Satanic world will test you. If you are good in word, then how about your personality? They test you in that line. If you have good words but not good personality, you fail. How about good words and good personality, nobody can accuse that, not even Satan. But what about heart? He saw something but he didn't respond. Lack of heart, that means "He belongs to me, he is mine," Satan will claim. So we must become incarnations of God's words, personality and heart.

The trainer is making sure that you pass the rigid test. After 120-days training you can really become worthy of being a leader of the Unification Church. 70-days is enough for a basic member; after 120-days you can be a leader. What does a leader do, and what does a member do? A member survives in the Satanic world without being violated. A leader goes into the Satanic world and not only survives but also picks up the people and saves them. That's what a Unification Church leader is capable of doing. This is the absolute standard training course we must go through, the formula.

So this 190 days is a little over 6 months, 6 months and 10 more days. That means completing the realm of 6 and going into the realm of 7, which is the perfection number. In 7-days training we go over the number of 6 in days, here we go over 6 in terms of months. Then there is the 7-year course which deals in years. Creation was done in steps, and re-creation is also done in steps: formation, growth and perfection stages. In one general rule, in one simplification, within the 7-year course we should not complain. Once you know enough, if you complain it's Satan. Satan does nothing but complain. God never complains.

So far, have we known these things for sure as Unification Church members? Are we Unification Church members? We are Unification Church members, yet we have not gone through these courses. That means that, in a strict sense, we are not complete Unification Church members. We are like in a buffer zone, we can go this way or that way. God is watching over you and Satan is watching over you to see which way you will turn.

Today, I have given David Kim, President of the Seminary in Barrytown, this official instruction to make these courses the standard course, absolute standard course. That means with no exception, that Unification Church members must fulfill these courses. At the Seminary, during the 120-days of training a person will be brought forth, and all 50 members of the training will give all sorts of persecution and he will be expected to pass through it, resembling God's personality. At one point, when the environment is ideal, then the women members will be asked to streak, completely naked, to run and yet they do not feel shame or embarrassment because everyone is so sincere and desperate to go over that hill. That doesn't mean that I will actually instigate that! I have already gone through the indemnity for you. When I saw the streaking infection I predicted you came to the last straw, you came to the last extreme, the end of the Satanic world.

So if you know the real meaning of this training program you must go through it. Once you go through this training program successfully, you cannot help becoming a heavenly person, which is the same thing as God's son and God's daughter and no one can be opposed to that. If we maintain our rigid standard of training in this program, it will be absolutely necessary for real Unification Church members. If this is maintained and everyone goes through this training program, then for the first time in history, except for the Messiah himself, everyone can go out into the world and God does not have to worry about it.

Once we achieve that standard then the standard will widely prevail. Then if one sister and brother happen to stay in one room overnight no one will suspect that anything will happen. One will have to try very, very hard to fall, it is impossible to fall. This is not only talk but the way it must be. And we must train ourselves to become that way. Pushing this to the extreme, say we have one naked brother and one naked sister, face to face, and we put the rope around them all night and they couldn't care less! Only they will feel uncomfortable because they are tied up and can't move, but eventually they will be tired and sleep. Then in the morning everyone will congratulate them because they will say only they had a rather uncomfortable night but that is all.

No one trained me so I had to train myself. I went through that training within myself. As you can imagine all sorts of female members were ready to give up their life for me, and all sorts of situation came. But for the sake of God's love I forgot everything else, except God's love. Only after that you gain everything back, everything. Then after that, when I was preparing to marry the most ugly woman, heaven brought the most beautiful woman for me to marry. This is the result, how I came to marry such a beauty as Mother! Without this you can never go back to God.

Soon, we ought to, and I expect that we will, have a commonsense expectation, just like when you are drinking coffee, that people will ask if you have finished 21-day or where did you finish your 40-day course, just a normal topic of conversation among members. So far I have been too busy to attend to many other things but now I have made a minimum foundation, this basic standard training course must be established. Only through this heaven can be realized. Without this heaven cannot be realized in reality. So even with the appearance of many problems we can realize that the time is really near. Now that the Home Church era has arrived this standard training program is about to be launched, so you should be grateful for Home Church. So Mr. Kim is again reminded that this standard course should be established and everyone should go through it.

Offering and Tears

You among the Unification Church are the chief priests, the tribe of Levites. Do you see the similarity? So Home Church activity must be carried on. The chief priests make the offerings, the live offerings, and the kingdom of heaven is condensed into this 360 homes representing the entire world. Instead of shedding blood, you must shed a lot of tears and sweat. As chief priest you must find a lamb and offer it on the altar. That is your responsibility. Instead of killing yourself and shedding your blood, find the lesser being, the offering, and let that shed blood. But you must feel that it is your blood and your body, and feel pain and experience suffering. Be really grateful to the lamb that is doing it for your sake, and become completely one with the offering. There is no way for the chief priest to make the offering without tears and sweat. He ought to shed his own blood.

What were Old Testament Jewish people to do? Exactly this. They were to cry at the altar. A chief priest with no tears had absolutely no meaning. So when you do that many people have to join you, 360 homes must join you in your feeling. Hold hands and cry together. When you cry they cry together then all 360 homes are completely moved from the Satanic world and free themselves into heaven on earth. This is the ultimate objective. This is the reason for suffering.

Our activity is to offer the world in condensed form as a live offering on the altar of God, with everyone joining with the same repentance. Not only you repent, but also all the Home Church members repent at the same time as you. So, 360 homes is a condensed world and altar for the chief priests to make the offering. You have to shed blood and share it. You cannot die so you must find an offering to die in your place and kill it. Like the Israelites had to paint blood on every door before the Exodus, you have to paint your sweat on every door. This is the scene of Exodus. So, when you say everyone assemble, then there should be no one who does not come, everyone should come out. Now do you understand about Home Church?

During this time can you have luxuries, indulge in rich food? When Jesus underwent three years of public life he was desperate during that time. We must be really grateful that our life is guaranteed. We should be grateful Rev. Moon condensed into three years what he did in 40 years. We must regard ourselves as the Messiah, we are in place of Jesus himself, the result of all the saints who shed blood. We are the end result, the harvest of all that. We should really cry out at every door. We can easily imagine how many lambs were killed during the dispensation for us, how many Christians were literally killed, as the prey of lions, for us.

We must really remind ourselves of the passage in the Bible where Jesus lamented that the fox has a hole to rest in, the bird has a nest to return to, but I have no place to rest my head. But you all have a place to rest your head. This is the difference. All my life, I really felt the fox has a place, and the bird has a place, but I have no place to rest my head. As God can rest with His own son, likewise I can rest when you make the foundation. Father can rest with son. So in your name you make the offering of 360 homes to heaven, and heaven will be so grateful and give you a reward. When you give this offering to me, I will give this offering to God. This is the most serious situation we find ourselves in. Everywhere God has frustration, pain and agony. God's entangled heart will be untangled.

This was originally to be done in America. I tried and tried. But I will begin in England. But it is all right because if it is accepted in England then America will accept it as well. They are connected. The dispensation that was not perfected in America is being perfected in 120 days. It does not make a difference on which side it is perfected because they are the same. Soon our problems in America, Korea and Japan will be solved in this month of September. England went beyond the other nations a few months ago, so on this basis I have launched this work of dispensation.

Do you now know better about Home Church? Do you know the meaning of the Messiah having sacrificed himself? When somebody comes and beats you up with no reason, you should not complain because you are offering yourself. When you kill a lamb he will not resist you, not complain to you, so you should not resist whoever comes to you. This is not only what we should do but the way I have been throughout my life, never complaining. I never even prayed a prayer for God to punish someone. What it took me all my life, you are allowed to do in three years. We will sacrifice and never complain, centering on the 360 homes we will do everything.

During this time going to a movie on your own is out of the question. The only way you can go is you find one who has never gone to the theatre in their lifetime, or has never gone to a restaurant and really wants to taste the food, then you can go with them. You must make the best offering, and usually the offering is the one who has the single mind, not a double mind. Like the calf or lamb that gave birth, their offering cannot qualify. Like Adam and Eve they must be unspoiled, virgin. And we ought to be really grateful, especially when we are not virgin, we must regret that to God. In such a situation it is absolutely out of the question if a glimpse of a thought comes in our mind: she's the type I like, or he is the kind of boy I would like to marry. If we do that we are no longer an offering.

Our Courses Are the Same

My path is exactly the same. The fact that I stayed single until I was 40 years of age without marrying is exactly that. I resisted all the temptations and made sure all the conditions were met. Even the thought, that woman is beautiful, or I would like to live with such a man, is not permissible in our situation. When I touch the sisters here, sisters who are usually sensitive, they are not when I do it, because there is no such meaning in it.

I really have many things I would like to tell you but I won't tell you, because once I do you are required to live up to that standard. So I won't even tell you. God wanted to tell mankind through Jesus many things about the dispensation of restoration. But God and Jesus found it impossible to tell the people because it would be impossible for the people to live up to that standard, so it would become sin. The reason I can give so many details is because I already built the foundation so that there is no longer the possibility of violations.

For the first three years of my mission I did not eat on my birthday. Fasting was the way to spend my birthday. Imagine did Jesus celebrate his own birthday? If Jesus didn't, what is the ground, the justification, for celebrating our birthday? It is really the reverse of the Western way of thinking. Nevertheless I did it this way. Where do we start in restoration? At the rock bottom, the most miserable place, then we gradually go up and up. So is Home Church that kind of ground for you? I pointed out that your situation is so good compared to Jesus because you have ground to work on.

I am saying this for the first time: when I made the IOWC in America I brought members from Germany, France, all the leaders except one, Dennis Orme from England. I did not call him because I thought if America did not complete this England would have to do it. So he was exempt from the IOWC activity in America which was very difficult for European members.

We know from the Bible and Principle about mother-son cooperation. The relationship between England and America is a mother-son relation. This is very much an Eve nation, the Queen is reigning and now a woman, Margaret Thatcher, is a hopeful candidate for Prime Minister in this country! If a nation works very faithfully, and comes very close to the dispensation, if an entire nation supports Unification Church activity, the women in that nation will prosper. Then I will meet the Prime Minister. If a woman becomes Prime Minister it is proof that the country is fulfilling the dispensation.

The dispensation is so subtle, delicate, and exact that we must know that heaven is really trying to save this evil world. This is the meaning of Home Church, but have we realized that and have we kept that standard so far? Or have we failed to do so? Now we know the criteria so there is little chance of failure. Do it here and then go back to America. Seminary graduates will all go to a church. Every moment you must go and pray, pray ceaselessly. Do you understand?

Actually you are the chief priests on the national level, not just the local level. But you were kicked out. If you were a real chief priest is there any possibility to return? Of course you came because I called you back. But even if you died there you shouldn't come back. This time I called you so you have no responsibility in that. Strictly speaking you should go back because you didn't fulfill your responsibility there. I never had any example in each country, but now we will really train ourselves, standardizing our conduct here, and establish the same thing in our mission country. Regard the country you are going to as an extension of your own country. You must really regret that you could not achieve in three years. If you get a second chance you must make full use of it, achieve everything without regret. That is this three months.

So you have inherited from what was established for you, and you should never be outdone by what your predecessor did. Then your face can be saved in front of God and True Parents. Then you will qualify to return to your home country. So you have to work with all your might, reserve nothing for the future, but dedicate everything. Not only fit your situation into this training standard course, but also you, as a potential leader, have to think how to improve and perfect it for every new member coming into the Church. Then out of that we will find good chief priests to send out as missionaries to the entire world.

Directions to UTS

The Unification Theological Seminary is also in a perfect position to do meaningful work for the United States and that means for the world. Through Mr. Kim, I will instruct some specific projects. When he is instructed that way you must give wholehearted support, just like you and he are inseparable. It is significant that you are the candidates are for the third class. The number three is always more precious than the previous two numbers. We called people leaders in early times, but in a rigid sense there are not so many worthy to be called leaders. So third should never be outdone by second in its meaning of the number.

I instructed Mr. Kim to go back and make a heavenly environment at UTS. Beautify your environment, not only internally but also outside. So on the day we go back to the United States not only resolve to do all these things, but also to physically improve the Barrytown atmosphere. I will consider Barrytown the altar to save the United States, and the altar should be clean and unspoiled. I want to think that Barrytown is a beautiful altar and offering. So the pond should be finished up, touched up, and beautified and landscaped. Everything in the grounds should be made spotless.

The theological seminary schools in America are all devastated, nothing remains there. But Unification Theological Seminary retains its original beauty, flowers blooming, life in it. I should find that difference in Barrytown then God will give great blessing to Barrytown. So we must maintain and even beautify Barrytown so that God, who has no regret in wiping out America, will retain America because of Barrytown. He will feel like forgiving America because He cannot forget Barrytown. Don't think of Barrytown with a 'B' but with a 'V' like 'Very Town.' Very town, there is no other town except that town. Our own seminary too. Barrytown is like 'Bad Town' so we have to be the Best Town, so with a 'V' 'Very Town.' So we must be resolved to make Barrytown that town. When these things are done up to standard I will go there often. But if I see these things are not done I will not go again. I will start another theological seminary from scratch. I told you everything, if you don't do it there is no cure. There is much possibility in England too. If that happens England will get all the blessing, that's the way it goes.

Physical tiredness is really nothing. If you think you are physically tired and you think of complaining, it is out of the question. You know how I worked making nets, throughout the night for three or four days continuously. That's the tradition you have to catch up to. I never complained although I was just as tired as you. You know for sure now. So we will never complain and heaven simply must fall in love with us.

Especially you women, don't be outdone by men, you can outdo men. If women do that the men certainly won't like to be beaten like that, to observe your subject position. I will be on the women's side because they are weaker, smaller and they have suffered more since the Fall! The age of women's persecution is not quite gone yet, but when I see Barrytown sisters working so incredibly hard I will pray that women be lifted up and then you will see the day of the end of women's persecution on earth. So run together, and even though you are smaller and weaker, you will get to the goal at the same time.

This is the last of my instruction and teaching to you this summer in England. Bear in mind what I told you and through this process you will be at the perfection stage, since you are the third class at Barrytown. When you return, establish Barrytown to my standard and through that establish the tradition of the United States. If the third class don't do it then nobody can do it. The first class didn't do it, the second certainly cannot do it. Other classes left a lot of headache for Mr. Kim. If Mr. Kim foresees any real trouble ahead I told him to send them out to another assignment. So when students graduate they graduate beautifully in unity. Have hope, have confidence, and have love. Now today you got unexpected treasure. You must try harder.

This morning, Mr. Orme and I made all the itinerary programs how to supervise activities, how to re-organize, supervise what each member does. Mr. Orme now has these directions from me. So even when you are doing a good job, try your best, and if he pushes you, you have to feel grateful, not complaining and wondering why he bothers you!

I have used the word 'charge.' We are also the igniter in the English activity. We have to build up a fire and keep that fire going on and on. Especially centering on the activity in London, which is divided into North and South to make their standards higher, and IW's will make sure this happens. I have already taken care of your expenses with money from the World Mission Center in New York, so don't reserve anything, just dedicate yourselves!

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