The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

To the Crusade

Sun Myung Moon
Lancaster Gate Church
London, England
May 27, 1978
Translator: Col. Sang Kil Han

Right after the 118 couple Blessing, Rev. Moon began to assemble a new International One World Crusade, an evangelical team made up of church members from all over Europe and the world. In addition to the 236 newly blessed members, others began to arrive. A week after the Blessing, over three hundred gathered late Sunday evening to receive their first briefing from Rev. Moon.
Here, he describes the 'formula course' of life in the Unification Church. Through this course of three to three-and-a-half years of fundraising, followed by a similar period of witnessing, every individual can symbolically restore the things that Adam lost in the Garden of Eden.

Who are you? What kind of people are you? What is the Unification Church? What do we do here? Our basic problem is how can we restore the world? As you know through the Divine Principle, since we have deviated from the original state, we're going to return to the original state. That's restoration.

In order for you to restore yourself back to the original state, you have to know the process of how you have deviated from the original state. Unless you know how you deviated from the original state, there's no way you can restore yourself back into that original state. But by knowing the fallen process you know what kind of tools or media you need to climb out of the hole. You might need a ladder. You might need some helper. You might need certain conditions, or whatever, in order to get out of the hole.

God still remains in the original position. He has not moved. We men fell down from him. There was a gap created. Separation occurred. In order for us to return back to God, what should we do? This is our study. This is the purpose we must pursue in our life. This is also God's problem, too. Do you know how we can get back to Him? Do you know how we can get back to Him?

You heard that men fell. But you do not know what the Fall is? Are we really fallen? If being in the fallen state meant you had one black eye and one cheek disfigured, these kind of things would be obvious. But the fallen state is not that obvious. This is a mental, spiritual state. We have to teach people about the fallen state so that they can understand.

The world is like a ditch. The world is like a trap right now. There are many billions of people who, without even realizing they are fallen, are trying to live happy and prosperous lives. That is what we call the kingdom of hell. The world is hell. Everywhere people are struggling to survive and trying to be prosperous in their own way. They bump into each other all the time.

God is looking down at this desperate, blind struggle. How much His heart must be broken! God is looking down at His own children, who don't even realize that their father, God, is above. They are trying to secure their greedy ambition. This miserable situation has grieved God's heart.

If God is looking down at the fallen world, which is hell, and He is still happy and comfortable, then He is no longer a good God. He would not be a God of mercy or a father at all. If God is really God, He must have some solution to the situation. The only possible solution comes from God. Nobody else can bring the solution to this black, dark world. No man can help. Only God can come down and help.

But the people cannot see God. They don't know God. It's just like people in darkness, they don't see anything. By the same token, people in the hellish world do not see God. You think your eyes are open but you don't see God. Actually you are blind. You are in darkness. You don't see the most important reality. You don't see God.

How God Reaches Us

So how can God communicate with men? How can men realize God is still there? All the five organs are controlled by Satan. All the powers of identification are under the control of Satan. God cannot communicate through Satan's channels. There is only one channel remaining to God. That is communicating with man through the mind, the deepest corner of the mind. Not the normal mind, but the deepest corner, most mysterious corner of the human mind. What is that deepest corner of the mind? That mind is fervently going after one ambition. 'I really don't care about this world. There is no hope. I do not see there is anywhere in this world I can be prosperous just competing with these people. There is nothing really attractive to me. I really want to live according to my conscience. I really want to see God.' That desire, that ambition, that one deepest corner of the human mind, that spirit is alive.

The physical eye is looking out, trying to perceive visible things. But our internal mind, our inner eye is looking back, looking down on the inner portion of the mind. That mind says, 'Well, I do not want to live like everybody, keeping up with the Joneses, just struggling every day. People are going after all these vain things. I'm just sick and tired of this. I just really want to turn around. I just want to find some kind of tranquillity, some kind of peace.' That desire, that's the only hope that God can work with.

God is looking for men and women who have that deepest corner of the mind actively working, the conscience actively working. He is trying to search after that kind of people, that kind of comfort, that kind of hope. He is looking at such men and women as the hope to be God's champions. Do you follow?

These people are working against the world. They gave up the world. They are looking for hope in some other direction. When these people are found, God speaks to them. Sometimes almost in a dream, in a dream or out of a dream, somewhere in between, God appears to them and communicates to them.

The work of salvation, the work of restoration of God, has started from such minds, those minds which are giving up the secular world, trying to look at the other direction, such as nature, sunrise, sunset. You become a prayerful mind. Sometimes tears run out, without even knowing why. Looking for something noble, something deepest and most meaningful, something valuable, something of eternal beauty. Those harboring that kind of ambition, that's where the work of God's restoration can start. Do you follow?

God is searching after these people here on earth and when God finds such people, God is coming down gradually, through the angels, getting closer to these people, to harness them. Those angels coming down, having contact with these people, conscience-enlightened people, bringing them slowly yet surely to the right direction for restoration. That's human history. Do you understand? It would be better spiritually and physically if all these phenomena started at once. But it doesn't work that way. It always has to start out from spirit.

That is the system God is working through. God is speaking throughout history, as you can see, through dreams, through visions, through revelation. He has been whispering to people, gradually enlightening people into spiritual awakening and bringing them further down to deeper and deeper realization. That may have seemed superstitious sometimes, but actually it has materialized as religion. The world's religion has been that kind of tool of God.

Throughout history then all these kinds of basic and more advanced religions have come about, which will embrace or absorb a wide area into a larger religious sphere. As you know, there are now four major religious spheres in our world.

Today there are several major religions we all know of, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, and so forth. But in the end all religions are going to accomplish one and the same thing. All the religions of the world have been pursuing one common goal. So far all these religions have been the accomplishment of the spiritual foundation.

The Messiah

But finally God has to think of one more thing, a very important thing. How can He link this spiritual foundation with physical reality? How can God bring the two worlds together into one?

Why should God do that? Basically there are two kinds of people. After religion was born, there are two kinds of people here on earth. One is religious, spiritual people. The other is very secular, earthly people. God needs to have some prototype, model nation as an example. He cannot start to work all over the world at once. He must start from one place, one physical territory. For 4000 years, God has been working through Israel, known as the chosen people, chosen nation. That was God's prototype, where God would like to link the spiritual accomplishments with the physical reality, expand them into physical reality. The Messiah is the one who, as God's champion, is given to the chosen nation.

Now here is the difference. Before the Messiah, everybody has certain spiritual accomplishment. It's like one single rope coming down from God. You're hanging on that rope. Each individual is hanging onto that rope. However when the Messiah comes, it's almost like mass production. God didn't want to approve each individual himself. It's too tiring. His two arms get tired. So God thinks why not bring the nation as one lump into the net? Pull in the nation all at once! That is the role of the Messiah.

But those fish, in order to get into the net, they have to have a certain order to follow. Do all the fish automatically go into that net? No. They have to follow a certain pattern and orderly fashion, like the British people! Orderly fashion!

However, the important thing is this: the Messiah came with the net, heavenly net, to draw up the world. The chosen people of Israel and the Gentiles are all equal in front of the Messiah. That's what the Israelite people did not know. The qualification to get into that net is the same for all. Everybody has a fair chance. The Israelite people did not have any better chance. All had the same qualification. The nation of Israel was merely a prototype. The nation of Israel was the experiment of the Messiah. He throws the first net to Israel to bring that nation into restoration. Then the Messiah knows that the formula works. Then he throws another net to the Roman empire, Chinese empire, Japanese empire, whatever. Through the same formula he can bring the nations one by one to God. That was the purpose of the coming of the Messiah.

But then what happened? Messiah came with the net to save the nation. The Israelite nation, instead of going into that net in an orderly way, cut the net. Not only did they cut the net in the lower area, they also cut down the basic rope, the essential rope, which God can pull. The whole nation was cut down. The rope which can pull the nation was cut off. The net that can hold the chosen people was cut off. Four thousand years of God's work of preparation was in vain.

Even though the Israelite people failed the Messiah, the work of God to restore the world went on. Another 2000-year period of preparation started. Preparation to bring down a greater net. God has been preparing for the greater scale, the worldwide scale, at another opportunity. That preparation is the foundation of Christianity.

Spiritually everybody still hangs on to one rope to God. But there is no unity, no harmony. No matter how good a climber you are, you cannot bring the nation up to God. Furthermore, when you climb up to a certain level, you know you cannot go any further. You get tired. You have to release the rope. Therefore no matter how good you are spiritually speaking, all people in the world need a mediator, the Messiah, who can bring them ultimately to God. You cannot get there without a savior, in perfection, because no individual has that capacity. You hang on the rope, but you can only hang on at a certain level and for a certain time. You just simply cannot get to the destination.

The Second Coming

Therefore, God has to promise the people the second coming of the Messiah. Without the Messiah, without that mediator, there's no way the ultimate salvation of God can be fulfilled. Every man needs the Messiah. When the second Messiah comes, what will he bring? He'll bring the same thing, the same net that God provided before, except that this time the size of the net is a little bigger. This time it can hold a bigger nation, even a whole continent, the whole world. Same method, same principle, bringing spiritual people, secular people all together into that net, somehow holding the nation and pulling it up to God. That is the method. The only difference is now that at the time of Jesus, the prototype God was dealing with was one race, Israel. The Jews were the chosen people. But this time God is working with many races, all of them, regardless of black, white, or yellow.

Suppose the Messiah is here. He throws the net. It happens to be that the first one landing in that net is a Frenchman. Then say you have a German who says, 'Oh, oh! I don't like that Frenchman. I don't want to go into that net.' It doesn't work that way. All right, if you don't want to go into that net, get out of here! Only people who say, 'It doesn't make any difference. I don't care whether it's a Frenchman, a German or a British gentleman, whether it's a man or a woman; it doesn't make any difference. I just want to be inside. We want to get all the people inside. Bring them in. Let's go together.' That's the kind of spirit we need.

In the end, if God is working in this fashion, there has to be a movement which will transcend the nationalities, transcend the races, transcend the languages. That kind of movement has to come about in order to fulfil God's wishes.

However there is one important warning we have to understand. Many people are so greedy. They know there is a net. They know they have to get into that net. But there are so many things, like ropes holding me down. How about my beautiful house, my beautiful farm out there? It's too big to pull into the net. How about my family? What about my children? What about my fortune? What about my club membership and honor and all kinds of things? And national pride? Trying to bring everything inside that net doesn't work, because the net has only so much room.

So what you need in order to get into that net of the messiah is one major operation: cut the ropes! You shall become completely free from everything. Then you can fly up, fly down, whichever direction. To respond to the instructions given to you, you must be flexible, you must be mobile, like an airplane. That kind of movement has to come about in order ultimately to fulfil God's will.

Think about what kind of opportunity for restoration comes. Do you want only yourself to be restored, or do you want everybody to be restored, together? So we must make an advertisement. We must make it known and recruit the people to go together into that net. You cannot say, 'I will only take a German with me, because I'm a German' or 'I'm only interested in British people, because I'm British.' That's not God's work. You are going to bring everybody, practically everybody here on earth. How do you do it? You have to go across seas and go beyond national boundaries. Go there, go here. You have no time to sit at home.

Already you are lucky, because you are inside the net. The Messiah is pulling the net and the whole nation is going up to heaven. You say, 'Where is my Daddy, my Mommy, my little boy? Where is my country? While you're in motion, being pulled up to heaven in the net, you say these things, but once you land in heaven, then you forget. All you're interested in is God. You want to get closer to God. Nothing will stop you. You just go right into God. Nothing is more important.

The Unification Church is this net. When you come into this net, you forget everything. You're so far away from your homes in your thinking, far away from your Daddy, from your Mommy. Even today in the newspapers, there is a story about this. It was not positive publicity. But what happened is that this person, known as the 'British nanny,' is telling the truth. She is 23 years old. She was travelling in San Francisco and she was approached by two of our members. She was so happy. She told the reporters that once she got to the workshop place, she forgot about her home, London, job, Daddy, Mommy, everything! Are you one of those? That's why the world will say that you're crazy.

The amazing thing is this. The people who say we are crazy are desperately fighting with each other, deceiving each other and killing each other. They are destroying themselves. Meanwhile we are going up into heaven. Our net is going up. Is this true?

Beyond National Boundaries

In the eyes of the world this is really a crazy people's gathering here. Look what's happening here. I am speaking in one language. It has to be interpreted into English. Then there is another interpretation into French and another interpretation into German, and Italian. It's a really crazy bunch. However, why do think it is happening? There are all kinds of people, beyond the boundaries of nation, beyond race. We are gathered together as a happy family for one common purpose. This is great.

We're all different. Our hair color is different; some black, some brown, some yellow; some blue eyes, some brown eyes, some dark eyes. Skin is different. Your dress is different. All different. Not even one is the same. Yet we are all in one common purpose and goal. We know we are in one net. We know we are going up. We know God's winch is needed and we know this net is going up. Think of the day you came into Unification Church, maybe a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, whatever. When you compare those days and now, you should realize how far you are already elevated. That does not mean you are rich. You may have no money in your pocket. Maybe you are not wearing too good a suit. Maybe your stomach is hungry. However, something has been elevated. You know you are in the net. You know you are moving up in real value. It's almost like you are trapped in the net. However, you know something of priceless value is going up and up. You know you are every day nobler, more divine, closer to God. That's the job the Unification Church is doing. That's the place called the Unification Church. So it's an exciting place, a very enthusiastic place. It's a most dramatic place, into which we have all come.

When we go up, God will open up the net. All of a sudden, you are in a new world. What will you do? Will men run after women and women after men? I'm sure you Westerners would do that! No, what you need over there in Heaven is that you have to organize your families. There must be parents at the center of the family. Therefore we have parents. Therefore we have True Parents. This is new terminology, which only the Unification Church has. This is the organization of families. We need a center; the center of a family is parents. We have True Parents.

What are we then? We are true children, true sons and daughters. We come under one family of God. By what can we testify to that? You are brothers and sisters. You look at each other as brothers and sisters, because you know you come under one parenthood. We are brothers and sisters, and have that kind of intimate feeling. If you do not have that feeling of brotherhood, you are not qualified to be a member of that family. Family members are those who harbor a desire for the benefit of all rather than just for themselves, public benefit rather than selfish benefit. Above me, there are my parents. Above them, there is God, the universal Parent. So I must protect His interests. I must protect True Parents' interests, God's interests, before mine. That should be the basic attitude of citizenship in that family.

What was the Fall? The Fall came about due to selfish motive. The desire to promote myself, that desire brought the fall of man.

We are talking about a messianic net. It's a big enough net to hold one whole nation. Who's at the top of that net? The totally unselfish people are at the top of the net. The less unselfish people are in the middle of the net. The little bit unselfish people are at the bottom of the net, but still inside the net. We are still coming up together. There are ranks. Those are the ranks. Even in the net there are some squabbles, some brotherly squabbles. Sometimes there is a little jealousy or fighting among the brothers and sisters, 'I don't like that brother' or 'I don't like that sister.' Still, it's within the net, and entirely different from the satanic world.

What kind of people are you going to be? Would you say, 'I'm German, and Germans come first?' Or would you say, 'We French people, we should go on the top?' Or, 'We're British, and British should come first. We're gentlemen?' Or would you rather say, 'Let's go together. I don't care whether you're German, Italian, Austrian, it doesn't make any difference. Let's come together, totally live unselfishly and stay at the top of the net?' First way or second way? Why do you like the second way? Your inside says, 'I want to go first way,' but your mouth says, 'Yes, Father, I want to go the second way.' Right?

Do you really not care what nationality you are? You want to go together? That's the heavenly concept. You know what will be looked at favorably by God. Number two: 'Yes, Father, I'm going to go beyond nationality, beyond race, beyond language. We will unite under one concept to love God and love True Parents.' Those who want to live by that philosophy, raise your hands please! How much better it would be if you did it the first time, without being told. Since I told you what should be right, your score will go down from 100 percent to 50 percent. Have you decided, or not? Raise your hands then! This time you have pledged with your mouth. But from now on you do it in action. You live it, by deed.

We understand now. The organization of your own family, will that be good enough? No. When we go up in the net, we may be at different levels, but still we are all members of the Unification Church. This is the principle I gave you, the Principle of Restoration. More importantly, we must remember that restoration is recreation. We are recreating ourselves. How? How did we become different? I used to be thinking only about myself. Now I'm thinking about somebody else before me, about the public, about God and the well being of the world. That's the difference. That is the restored state. You can prove to yourself that you are restored because your way of thinking is totally different. It has been changed 180 degrees. 'I used to be a selfish person. Now I became an unselfish person.'

What is the center, particularly of love, your expression of love? 'I used to love in a selfish way, but now I love in an unselfish way.' The fall of man came about because of selfish love, self-centered love. Restoration can be brought about by unselfish love or, in other words, public love, love centered on others.

The Blessing

Do you know we had a Blessing? 118 couples were blessed last Sunday, one week ago. Those people gathered together and I matched them as public people. I didn't ask, 'Whom would you like? What is your selfish desire?' That kind of question I did not ask. I said, 'Can you go beyond nationality, beyond race? Can you really marry someone for the sake of God and for the sake of the world?' And people said strongly, 'Yes!' So Austrians went beyond Austria. Germans went beyond Germany. They all gathered together as Europeans. I understand Germans and French people are not particularly friendly to each other. They've been fighting each other. They've been arrogant towards each other. They've cursed each other. Even if the president or king or queen of your country said, 'You marry a German!' or 'You marry a Frenchman!' you would say, 'No, sir. It is impossible. Unto my neck it is impossible.' But for the sake of God and True Parents, when True Parents ask you to marry a German or a Frenchman, you say, 'Yes, Father. Thank you.'

I did not even deal with those people who said, 'I want to do it this way, my way.' 'My way' went out of the door. Those people were not included. I blessed those who said, 'Yes, your way, God's way. Yes, Father. I'll accept, whatever. To glorify God, I shall accept.' Those who were hesitant, those who could not quite have courage, no real faith to accept my recommendation, you go home and find your own mate. It is not that easy. You cannot find any better one on your own.

Unification Church members should know why we are married in mass weddings. By doing so, marriage itself is the best plan to glorify God. By doing this, we can multiply by thousands at once. One by one is too slow. With one labor pain, 118 new couples were born. New families were born. I gave birth to 118 sets of twins. Actually, that was not just a wedding that was a day of rebirth. All of a sudden they awakened into a new birth and then they saw that their spouse was there. It was a double birth. 118 couples born together in one day. Zoom! New birth! Heavenly blessing, mass blessing it should be. The larger the better.

A public person, a God-centered person thinks in this fashion: even my love should be used for the public purpose, not for my selfish purpose. By giving my love for the public purpose, God-centered purpose, I shall restore the selfish love of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. With that God-centered love, totally unselfish love, you simply cannot repeat the fallen action. There is no way you can fall again. Do you understand?

However, rebirth was not given in the worldwide Garden of Eden. There's a most dirty and wicked world out there. We only get rebirth within the society of the Unification Church. The organization of the family is not enough. The family must grow into the tribe. The tribe must grow into a race, a nation. That nation will grow to the worldwide level.

Those who are included in the blessing should never think that they are perfected, that's a mistake. You have seven more years to go to finish your period of perfection. We have still a long battle to fight. Those blessed couples are the ones who are given the chance to fight that remaining portion of the battle, but together as husband and wife, that is the privilege. The battle is not yet over.

Adam and Eve, because of the fall, lost the original world. They lost all things of creation. So in restoration we cannot just go to Heaven without any gift. We must bring gifts to God. We must restore two things: all things of the world, and the original world. In the Unification Church tradition, we divide the seven-year course into two paths. The first three and a half years are part one, and the second three and a half years are part two. Or, first three years and second three years. Three-three. In the first three years, you blessed couples are going to organize your family, your spiritual family, in order to restore Adam's family. Adam's family had three children. You must restore this.

For three years you, in the position of Abel, are restoring Cain. In the Garden of Eden, Cain slew Abel, his younger brother. This time that should not be repeated. Cain should love Abel. For three years you are going to demonstrate that kind of quality. Suppose you bring three spiritual children, and they get the blessing, with another three sisters or brothers, then there are six members of the family. You and your spouse are in the position of Adam and Eve, so it will be eight members of the family. In the Unification Church, after that blessing, you must restore Adam's family, which has eight members. You and your wife are effectively bringing six members into the family in the first three years. This is your job.

So for the first three years you do not engage in the physical relationship of married life. You live a spiritually married life and restore spiritual children, at least three each. After three years you unite as husband and wife, physically and spiritually, and have your own children, physical children. So by the time the seven-year course is over, you will have restored both. Spiritually, Adam's family will be restored, and yourself, with your own children, will have reached perfection. That is the formula.

The Tribal Messiah

You will have an Abel-type Adam family, which is yourself and your own children. Also you will have a spiritual family, which is your spiritual children. Cain family and Abel family should unite together. When you fulfill this, then you represent God and True Parents. In other words you are elevated to receive a new title. You shall become the messiah yourself, messiah for you own people, own clan, own tribe, tribal messiah. You become a tribal messiah at that point.

You become messiah for your clan, messiah for your tribe, then you go up to become messiah for your nation. Based on that principle, I already ordered the blessed couples below the age of 30 to go on without having physical married relationship together. They are to go out and restore three spiritual children. After three years, you have a home and a family, then you have your own children and go on again for another three years. After that you shall become elevated into messiahship.

When the fall of Adam and Eve took place, four things were lost. Number one, all things of creation. Number two, they lost each other. Husband and wife had nothing to do with each other. Thirdly, they lost perfected character. Heavenly character was lost. Finally, heavenly heart was lost. Therefore blessed couples should work to recreate each other. They should help each other in order to recreate the lost character. You must not consider yourself perfected. You should understand that. So husband and wife are actually like infant babies. You are recreating each other, helping each other, so that you can recreate more and more the original state of Adam and Eve. Three years is this period of recreation of heavenly character. While you are creating your own character, you are restoring spiritual children.

When you work that hard for three years, you know you are trusted by God. Under no circumstances can you go wrong. You will go right. Under those circumstances you will be united spiritually and physically and you create your own family. It is not easy. You might say, 'Well, we want to have a family very quickly.' You might think so. But that kind of attitude will destroy your home eventually. It will not last. You get tired of it. Unless we become like Adam before the fall, unless we perfect ourselves, we must not consider anything further. 'I'm not quite ready. I'm not quite eligible. I must recreate myself first before I go on to the next level.'

It is not easy. That re-creation takes place under adverse conditions. We live under adverse conditions. This is a world opposed to God. Under adverse conditions, you are going to be taught the heart of God very clearly. When you restore that lost Adam and Eve in yourself, you must restore all things of creation, you must restore yourself, you must restore the three archangels, and you must restore heavenly character and heart. All these qualities have to be restored. When do you do that? Over this seven-year period.

The entire Biblical history of 6,000 years has been lost. Therefore the restoration is a conditional restoration. 6,000 years is restored in 600 years, 60 years, and so forth. With the day of Sabbath that becomes 7000 years. Six days plus one makes seven. That's why it is three years and three years, plus one year added to it, makes seven years.

As you know, the sequence of God's creation was that first God created the angelic world. Then God created the physical world, our planet. Then God created Adam. Then God created Eve. Then God wanted them to develop heavenly character, then heavenly heart. After marriage, they would move into the world of heart. That's the way God designed and planned it.

When we look at 6,000 years of human history, the religious world out there is equivalent to the angelic world. It is a recreation of the angelic world. The angelic world was created before the earth. This is why the religious world has been denying the material, physical world. For the angelic world, there is no existence of a physical world; it is not even yet created. That's why, until now, it has been religious doctrine that you cannot worship God and money together. You cannot serve two gods. As long as there remains an angelic world, that principle stands true. The angels and God together next created all things and Adam, Eve, and so forth. Internally, the religious is angelic world, but externally they are going after the real world or physical world, the material world. Our world is getting closer and closer to becoming one.

The time will come when the world has become one, but there is no master, no owner, no host or hostess. Still in the angelic world the master has not been created yet. The Messiah is coming on that foundation, the religious foundation, spiritual foundation, and the physical foundation, which is the material world. Upon this base the Messiah is coming in the role of Adam, as the master, for the first time as a host to the world. He will appear in that capacity.

Restoring that angelic world, restoring all things of creation, the Messiah is moving towards forming a family, finding an Eve. Heavenly organization will take place. That was God's concept. In the Garden of Eden, Adam lost everything. The Messiah is coming as Adam to restore everything: angels, all things, Eve. Everything that Adam lost in the Garden of Eden the new Adam, who is the Messiah, has the right to restore.

Today our world is like a hopeless world, with no master. There is the communist world. There is the free world. No real master. Unification Church is born in this particular era as the master of the world. We are born as host and hostess to the world. With our sweat and labor we will unite the world into one and we shall build the Kingdom of God. Kingdom of God is one nation, beyond national boundaries, beyond races. That is the Unification Church, creating one nation. In order to create one nation, what do we need? We need territory. We need people. We need sovereignty. We are gathering one by one as God-centered people, moving toward the ultimate realization of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Restoring What Adam Lost

You individually must have this as a goal. It should be fulfilled by you as an individual, because you are Adam. You are going to be restored into Adam. Adam needs everything. In order for you to become perfected Adam, you need angels around you. You need all things, materials around you. Then after that you need your babies, your wife.

When you join the Unification Church you start immediately to restore those things that Adam lost. First of all, we do fundraising, but not because of the money. We need the money, but that's not the primary goal of fundraising. The primary goal is the restoration of one condition that Adam lost, all things. We must restore all things first. We go out and raise funds from all kinds of people. Poor people, rich people. By letting them pay a small portion of their material for the sake of God, that will create a channel for them to receive the blessing, a national blessing. In order to restore that capacity, you, as Adam, have been given a great deal of trial. People are nasty and scornful towards you. They spit at you and laugh at you. You have borne these things for the sake of God. You have persevered, with patience, and have gone on for the public purpose. You should have pride. Under any circumstances you must not lose your pride. 'Yes, I'm Adam. No matter what you say, I'm asking you to donate a pound to our cause. Actually you need this. I am the one who is going to restore you. I'm not begging you.'

We must set the record. Our record should be good enough to beat the satanic record. It should be a heavenly record. You are Adam, heavenly restored Adam and Eve. How can you allow yourself to get behind and say, 'Satan does 100 percent, but I will do 60 percent?' Impossible. This is our MFT, our fundraising movement, which will really demonstrate that quality. Under those adverse conditions, we will really win. We go out to the satanic angelic world and take the material from that world into the heavenly world.

After that, what condition remains? We must go into the society, which is spiritually the satanic angelic world and restore them into heavenly angels. Then we transform those heavenly angels into heavenly sons. You make them into spiritual sons. They started out from satanic angels and were restored into heavenly angels. Then they become adopted sons. When they meet the True Father, they will be made into direct sons of God in front of True Parents.

Originally, if there was no fall, they were supposed to be the direct sons of God from the very beginning. Because of the fall, they became satanic angels. They will be restored to heavenly angels, adopted sons, and ultimately direct sons and daughters of God.

Actually in the Garden of Eden, angels brought the fall, and brought Adam and Eve down. They worked against Adam and Eve's perfection. This time restored angels, instead of destroying Adam's family, will support it. They will be obedient to it and serve it. When they become restored angels, they should obey you and come under you. They should follow you. That's what you need, three families as spiritual sons and daughters. You need spiritual children, three of them. Even Jesus needed three spiritual children, who were his three major disciples. You need your three disciples.

After MFT, the fundraising movement, we move into restoration of the children. You must restore man. That is the second level of clear criteria or formula that we follow as Unification Church members. You go out therefore witnessing. No matter what, you must go out and restore three spiritual children. It's like restoring three satanic angels. They were rebellious too, at first. But somehow, under whatever adverse conditions, you must have somehow tamed them, trained them, led them and made them obedient to you. That is the first job to do.

In order to do that, what should you do? You must love them, serve them, be like a servant to them. That's your job. That's the only way you can win them. When you are serving them so humbly, you are automatically separating them from Satan, because Satan cannot follow you. Why? Because Satan is arrogant. Satan's method is jealousy, arrogance. You go the opposite direction: meekness, humility. Satan cannot take you.

They love you so much and appreciate you. They've never seen such unselfish love, pure love. Their mind is so moved by you. They will say, 'You are like my Mommy, you are like my Daddy. You are like my new father, my new mother. I never imagined my father is this good, my mother is this good.' Your spiritual children will literally become your children. In that moment they will come into heavenly children's level. They are linked with True Parents.

When three Cains are restored by you, instead of killing you, they will love you. The Cain and Abel relationship is restored fully. Cain actually slew Abel. This time Cain loves Abel.

Furthermore, your spiritual children among themselves are Cain and Abel as well. Instead of fighting among Cain and Abel, they love each other and really become united into one. Then in that moment you take the position of parent above them. In the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel fought and killed each other, and this led to the destruction of all of Adam's family. This time restored children love each other. You are in the parents' position and your spiritual children are in Cain and Abel position, so automatically you are elevated into the level of parenthood. In parents' position, you are in father's position and mother's position, so how can you fight among yourselves? Impossible.

The Formula Course

This is the formula of the way of life of the Unification Church. When you come into the movement, you go out to MFT, fundraising movement, by which you discipline yourself under hardship, and under adverse conditions you restore the things of creation for a period of two to three years. Then you move on to witnessing. Witnessing is another level. Adam was lost; you are going to restore that by finding spiritual children.

You are mapping out your course to heaven. First you go through restoring all things of creation through fundraising. You must restore your spiritual children through witnessing. You must win the Cain and Abel struggle by serving them, so that you elevate yourself to the parents' position. By doing so, you will form your own family, heavenly character, heavenly heart, and ultimately heavenly citizenship. That's the way it goes. That's our way of life.

Everybody goes through that formula or pattern. Some can go very slowly, some can go very fast. That all depends on you. There is one kind of person who will give his very life to it, without any reservation. Total commitment! That person will go very fast. Those whose effort is half-hearted and mediocre will take many, many years. Even then they may never get there. As Jesus said in the Bible, the one who wants to secure his life will lose it. The person who wants to give his life for my sake will find it. Amazing! It's a contradictory teaching, but amazingly it works in our life.

All religions have a tendency to disregard the material. Why should Unification Church go out and get the material in? The answer is this: we are not a religion of the angelic world; we are a religion of Adam's world. This is an Adamic religion. Before Adam was created, all things were already created. So we must restore this. God gave all things to Adam. God created all things for you.

Therefore I have many kinds of reputation. Some people say, 'I thought Rev. Moon was a religious leader, but he has many, many businesses. He is known as a millionaire and a billionaire.' All kinds of rumors are going around. There is a certain truth in it, as I am engaged in all areas of human activity, not just spiritual work.

The Value Of Fundraising

So, shall we make money, yes or no? Shall we bring satanic people in and restore them to heavenly world, yes or no? In the satanic world, the families are being destroyed. The family system is going down the drain. Shall we restore Adam's family into the heavenly world, yes or no? Will Satan take a delight in this or will God take delight? That's restoration. We go the reverse way, the opposite. This is recreation.

If I said, 'We don't need you. Don't go out for fundraising,' what would you say? You would say, 'No, Father. You taught me the truth. I want to go out and restore all things of creation!' Without all things, how can we find Adam? Adam should be created after all things. All things should be created first. Even at midnight you would sneak out and fundraise, and bring in the result. Even a little thing like that, just one or two things, and you would consider that they represent the restoration of all things. You would think, 'These are more precious than I am, because without these things being restored, I cannot be born as Adam, or Eve. I cannot be recreated.'

I don't know what you are selling. Sometimes you are selling peanuts or chocolate bars. You may say, 'How can I sell this chocolate bar and these peanuts?' You must think, 'Well, these things are like God. Without them, I cannot be recreated. Mr. Peanut, thank you! You are the re-Creator.' What the papers say, what the world will say, it doesn't make any difference. As long as God recognizes it, as long as God gives it dignity, God will give me power. I will fundraise anywhere. I will go to the bar, the street where there is prostitution, Buckingham Palace, it doesn't make any difference.'

You will ask the Queen, 'We are going to restore this world. Will you help us?' It's certain that the Buckingham Palace people know who you are. You are Moonies. They should know what we are doing.

While you are going around from door to door and street to street, you meet all kinds of people. Beggars and noblemen and kings and queens, you bump into all kinds of people every day. At least 12 months, at least two years, you have to go through this ordeal, this way of life. You have to go around this small country of England at least three times -- walking not riding. Have you done it?

So far you might have been thinking, 'Well, I've been given a fundraising mission. I think Dennis Orme is making the money to operate this Church so he's sending me out. I don't like it too much, but I have to do it.' I'm sure many of you go out in this frame of mind, but it's no good! You're going out there to restore yourself or recreate yourself. It's a sacred job. It's divine work.

When you go out fundraising on MFT, maybe you have two pockets. One is the Church pocket and one is your own pocket. Some money goes in the top pocket and some goes in the bottom pocket. Yes or no? I'm sure some people may not do that but they think, 'I'm earning much money today. I deserve some, because I worked very hard.' That's a logical, Western way of thinking. I'm sure some people think like that. Those who did think that way in your heart, repent right now, today!

You should say, 'So far I didn't know the truth. But Father, I know the truth now, and I repent.' Then you will be forgiven. Don't think that way anymore. Instead think, 'Every penny is a savior. It is going to restore me and it is going to restore Adam and Eve. This money is like God. God created the world. I am restoring that world. Then after the world, I shall be created.' The material in your hands should be like your own self, own life, spiritual life, spiritual children, True Parents, and God. Looking at it as that precious, it's divine. Because out of that material, those things can be born. It is true. Out of your earnings, that particular restored material, those realities will be developed and come true.

Meantime, you are creating yourself. You become financially independent. You know you have the capacity to sustain yourself under any circumstances. In the future, you will win spiritual children and have your own physical children. 'Yes, I am going to be an autonomous person. I am going to create the means to support them.' That kind of feeling, as well as training, is what you are given.

You, as a parent, as a tribal messiah, you are going to be the standard for many children, many people. You will marry them and let them live, let them support themselves. You should be a giving person. You should be a dynamo. You are not the recipient of somebody's favor. You are going to give favors.

As you know, there is nothing that I have not done. All the jobs I have experienced! There is no trade to which I am a stranger. For the sake of witnessing, I have had all kinds of experiences. I have been mistreated. I have been laughed at and scorned. However, I never lost my dignity. I have never really had time to fight against it, because I had such an important mission to fulfil. I had to deal with this mission, instead of dealing with those nasty people. I had no time for that.

Where We Are Now?

My struggle culminated at the Washington Monument rally in 1976. So far the history of man has been dominated by Cain, but I want to make history be dominated by Abel. That struggle was completed in the victory at the Washington Monument rally.

After the Washington Monument victory, I knew that the following three years, 1976, 1977 and 1978, would be a most difficult period, an adverse period. As you know in the Divine Principle, there is a three-day period. Before Moses' exodus, there was a three-day period. Jacob had a three-day period. Abraham had a three-day period. In all these cases it needed a three-day period of suffering as preparation to take a new leap in history. That is what we are passing through right now, over the course of three years.

From the very moment that President Carter became President, in a way a weak President, the government harassment of our movement in the United States became most critical, most rampant. President Carter is the 39th President of the United States. The number 40 is very significant. 40 days, 400 years, that's the way history moves. Everything is now coming up to a climax.

Right now almost nobody has hope. The free world does not seem to have hope. The Communist world has a lot of problems. Even the Unification Church doesn't seem to have hope, because we have a lot of problems. It's that kind of age. But we're going over the hill together. The important thing is we're driving through it. We're going over the hill, all three: the free world, the Communist world, the Unification Church. When these three go over the hill, two of them will go down, but the Unification Church will take off! Do you want to take off? Right now we're on the runway at the top of the hill. Europe is high on the top of the hill right now. You're on the runway. You're in the Cain position, do you know that? America is in the Abel position. They are the younger brother. You are the elder brother. When the elder brother takes off, then America, the younger brother, will follow you and take off, too. That's why I came to Europe. That's why I asked us to gather together in London.

Do you know what is the meaning of 'Lon-don?' 'Lon' is borrowing money, a loan. 'Don' in Korean means money. In sound, Lon-don means the bottom of bankruptcy! You took a loan out on everything and you have nothing. All wiped out. Lon-don means the bottom of the world. You're all bankrupt and have come to the bottom now! We have to solve the problem by beginning with the members. So we have to work from the bottom up. That's why we start out from London.

We're going to restore this bankrupted world. We're going to bring them a new spirit, new hope, new morals, everything. Can you do it? Did you come to London just for sightseeing and observing things as a spectator? Or are you actors and actresses? Not ordinary ones, but leading actors and actresses? You are going to take off. Are you ready to lift everything in London from the very bottom up? Are you ready to pick up London? That's why I came here.

In America they didn't know that I was taking off for Europe. All of a sudden, they learned I am in Europe, in London. Everybody asked, 'Why is Father in Europe? We were just about ready to take off, but Father is gone already.' Here in London, you will take off first, and America will get so mad, they will take off even more strongly.

You are elder brothers to America. You should have the dignity of elder brothers and sisters. Teach them a lesson. Show them what to do. You show the example, that's what I want. As soon as Europe shows the example, America will follow. Europe and America will be restored together and take off together. You're going to do it. What a beautiful secret you have.

England is a small country. Also, England is an island country. You have water around you. If you want to run away, you have to jump into the water. Germany, France and Italy, they have some land borders, so if they want to leave they have the freedom to go by land. In England, there is no way to run away. There is water around you. You have to stand and fight! No other way.

If you have an ultimate battle with the Communists here in England, then the Communists have water behind them and will have no way to run away either. They must be defeated by us. Would you win or would you be destroyed? British citizens: are you stronger or are the Communists stronger? How about the English people out there? Are they or the Communists stronger? Which one is larger in numbers, the Communists in this country or the English people? Are the English people afraid of Communism? In a way they are pretty scared about Communism.

Let's say the Communists win over half of the people of Britain. What would happen? Do you think that the Englishmen would still say, 'No problem. They're no internal threat?' Actually some Englishmen became Marxists. But the important thing is, between English Unification Church members and English Communists, which one is stronger? Are you really stronger? We will see. We want to prove which one is stronger.

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