The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

Preparation for Blessing (I)

Sun Myung Moon
May 20, 1978
Lancaster Gate Church
London, England

This speech was delivered just before the Holy Wine Ceremony for the 118 couple Blessing. The Holy Wine ceremony is an extremely serious sacramental moment, in which the participants are separated from the old lineage of Satan and connected to God's new lineage. In a serious moment, this is a serious speech.
Rev. Moon describes in some detail the process by which he was able to expand the Blessing from the seed of his own family in 1960 to more than 3,000 couples by 1978. The new candidates stand ready to join that blessed number.

After the Blessing matrimony will follow. We must move in an orderly way from this tie on your free movement is all over, we move in a systematic organized structure now and for the Ceremony tomorrow. We have 118 chosen. I aimed at 120. But this 118 is good. I will give a demonstration of how the wedding march will continue. Watch me and imagine that Col. Pak is my bride! The bridegroom is in front, and the bride in rear. Walk seven steps and then take three bows. Bow together and move on. When you do this three times you are standing in front of True Parents. We will anoint you by sprinkling oil. When you are anointed turn right.

Every step has a meaning. We are walking through history, symbolically you are paying indemnity for the entire history. The first seven steps symbolize 2,000 years of walking the Old Testament, the second seven steps symbolize 2,000 years of walking the New Testament and the third seven steps symbolize the Completed Testament. Twenty-one steps represent 6,000 years of history. The final large step is important, symbolizing two people standing united into one, crossing beyond and transcending all possible barriers, moving into the heartistic era.

Go beyond the fallen era, fallen age. With the fallen condition still remaining you are not qualified for the blessing. Put yourself in the position to go beyond, transcend the fallen era! True Parents blessing you over your head signifies that you are above the fallen era. I can only bless those who are without sin. If once you are given such a blessing you fall again you will be treated as Satan, even Satan treats you as Satan. Because Satan took Adam and Eve in the growth stage. But if you go beyond into perfection and then you fall, you are worse than Satan.

By the imperfection of Jesus dispensation 2,000 years ago all previous work was nullified, had no value. This is the same. Do you follow? You don't know too well because you are living too close, but very significant gigantic things will happen when you take that final bow. Once you step into that door you have no right to talk about whether you like your wife or husband -- no question, you are one! This is the garden of Eden, and you and your wife are the only two existing. If you look at someone else and think that they are better than your wife or husband you are like the archangel minding other people's business. That caused the fall. Is that the principle, yes or no?

Protect Your Purity

So this is it, once and for all marriage. One happy marriage. Do you follow? You are the folk that conquered the fall because the fall has no meaning anymore to you. So after your marriage one of the greatest prizes is to keep your chastity pure and genuine. That is the greatest of all prizes. Husband and wife keep purity and chastity to one and other that is the greatest of all gifts.

Men by nature are not in danger to be raped but a woman is always exposed to Satan. Women are weaker, women are always in danger because they are exposed to attack from other men. Women are the ones who can be victimized. Men are the attacker. It is important not to expose yourself to danger. You must determine, 'Even if I give up my life I must not give up my chastity, my purity.' That is your virtue.

Sometimes women have certain protection devices, for example a razor blade, or medicine. You have to care that much to keep yourself a Holy temple and not to be exposed to danger. Sometimes you can be attacked and someone tries to rape you; even if you have to use razor blades you must protect yourself. This is quite contrary to the common concept of Western men and women. A permissive, promiscuous life make it impossible to be considerate of such things.

That's why a woman should always follow her husband. The men are a shield to their wife. Both are one body, work together, live together, always together, not separated. In the future there will be a great number of Blessed families. Blessed couples should welcome newcomers and protect the newcomers. If a blessed woman comes to a village without her husband for some reason, then the blessed families in that village should protect that woman.

Your battle is how to protect your purity. Actually Heavenly law is that once you are married, you are not even supposed to shake hands with someone, but in Western world you don't care, you kiss everyone. When a married woman kisses everyone that is not the heavenly standard. Particularly going out to social dances with other men this is impossible by the heavenly standard. If you want to dance and kiss go ahead with your husband!

From tomorrow that should be initiated immediately. You use your mind -- you know what is heavenly standard. Our society is a reality and we have to cope with society. We cannot be a separate group of 'Moonies', for we are the special group of people God assigned. Therefore use your mind! Shake hands with clear understanding of the Principle understanding.

It is best to carry holy salt all the time. When you do certain things that in God's sight are not holy use holy salt. When you shake hands with secular people pray to God, 'Father, I need to perform this duty to advance your Kingdom.' In the meantime cleanse yourself by holy salt. You can't use holy salt all the time. But I will show you another way to cleanse or sanctify yourself.

You read in the Bible that after the resurrection of Jesus he asks that the disciples receive the Holy Ghost, which appeared like a rushing wind. He blew air on them. Blowing air from your mouth represents the power of God's word that will bring recreation. You are going to restore stained matter by blowing air. You cannot do that as soon as you shake hands with somebody. Your mind is moving in that direction, so without being noticed you breathe like this, a little blow. Your state of mind is important. So when you get blessing you think you will have an easy heavenly way of life. It is true, but on the other hand life becomes so complicated you have no freedom anymore.

Actually therefore you have no freedom to spit anywhere. If you use other peoples' bathroom you have to purify it before you use it. After you used it you have to cleanse it. After you come out of the bathroom door you do it again. In a strict sense you have to cleanse yourself every minute of the day. Every time you pass water you do the same and every time you drink water you have to holy salt it, holy breath. So on the street on the way when you have to sit down you have to sanctify your place before you sit down, you have to purify it. Every moment everything you do, you must feel 'I am the holy temple of God,' and should be treated accordingly. Men or women who live in that fashion, could such people be immoral or impure? Not possible!

When we restore the entire earth for God, then we no longer need purification, but until then we have to move every moment of the day with purification procedures, purify everything before you use it. Also if you live in someone else's house your attitude must be the same: purify the house before you occupy it. When you are living in a rented place Satan is the owner, you must cleanse it before you use it. When you own the house holy salt it all over once, it will become a holy house then you don't have to repeat every day except for new items coming into the house.

Also when you go out to society you must purify yourself when you come in. However if your house stands in your own land, you don't have to salt every day. But when you go into a foreign place you purify before you go out and before you come into your house.

What are we working for? We are working for the world where holy salt ceremonies are unnecessary. That is the kind of world which we are fighting for. Once we have a base to restore then we holy salt a plane. We carry tons of holy salt and sprinkle it all over the country North and South, East and West, circle the whole country then the whole nation is restored, and we are free inside.

But we need a nation.

If you have to sell or give up property or merchandise you own you must think double time, triple time, quadruple time. You must not give up merchandise that was once owned by God. If you purchase land and then give it up into the hands of satanic world, then the land is in anguish, is crying in sadness. The land will feel sorrow when you give it up.

Establishing Holy Ground

In 1965 I visited 40 different nations creating holy grounds. I linked 40 nations with heavenly material. All you have to do is expand my 40 nation Holy Ground ceremony into every corner of the earth. All of these Holy lands should become our land; we must purchase them. We should always make a movement towards that Holy Ground. Our aim should be to live near the holy ground. We buy more land, more and more we buy up satanic world, change satanic world into heavenly world.

It is Unification Church philosophy every day, day in day out, to work to claim more land for God. We claim more property for God every day. We want to bring more territory for God, so God can say 'This is my land, my people.' Do you follow? That is the way, in which we can say that we are building a new nation, new family, new society. That is the way we are creating a new nation.

The EEC System is a very good one. It follows heavenly procedures. Let us say that we would have a membership in the entire European continent of 50 million that will grow to 100 million living all over Europe. Then one day we will move into one country.

The greatest blessing God gave us is the power to claim persons, you have to pay money to buy land but claiming a person you don't have to pay. You just have to teach Principle. We restore man more and more every day. Is it important to witness or not? No matter how rich you are, since you are given Divine Principle by somebody else you belong to that person's family line, spiritual son. You meet a man and witness to him, and he becomes your spiritual son and then that particular family will come under your lineage, you are becoming spiritual father or spiritual mother, you are on top of the situation, you are at the helm.

Three generations become one. God is the spiritual first generation, you are the spiritual second generation, and when you go and witness to someone that person becomes third generation. That is the way that the world will become united become one. That means you must not witness to anyone, yes or no? The amount by which you increase the Kingdom of God here on earth will be the criteria for how much heaven you own, whether you deserve reward and citation or punishment and scolding from God. It all depends upon how much you have done to increase God's Kingdom here on earth. Shall we do it, or not?

Blessing is merely a mandate for great accomplishments, so you two together must increase the work of God. The blessed couples shall be the leaders. You shall be the example: the single members may have a little time to rest but you don't. You must be single minded, devoted, the core members of God. You should have an austere way of life. There is no waste; you are economizing, it is a heavenly economy.

Once we follow this principle this way of life you are spiritually rich. We are heading towards an eternal life, we are not talking about a temporal thing. Divine Principle is eternal truth. Therefore when we apply that Principle our goal is eternal. The world will eventually become one world because this principle will be followed by millions of people, billions of people, so eventually we will unite everyone.

The chosen people have been given a talent to get money. Look at the Jewish people they are very clever people, also very good business people. Why? Because they are not gathering their fortune for themselves, they are gathering it for God. But as soon as they take their fortune for themselves they go down. As long as they think their fortune is for God and for the sake of the world they will prosper.

Do you think that our way of life is an exciting one? Yes or no? Actually knowing Divine Principle, it is enough to live as a bachelor for eternity? 'God, don't worry about me. with this Divine Principle I can live for eternity without my wife, without my husband.' But then God gave you a wife or husband, how lucky you are! You hit the jackpot!

Let Us Be Grateful

Everything should be a source of gratitude. In the morning when you see the sunrise, thank God. When you see the bright day or wind or rain or the beautiful moonlight, everything just becomes a source of gratitude, thanking God every moment of the day. 'God, thank you.' By the water, 'God thank you.' When you sleep, even if only for five minutes still you say, 'God thank you. Five minutes is good enough.' When you kiss your wife, thank God. Living with God, walking with God, that is our way of life. Do you feel the excitement? Do you feel the bubbling enthusiasm?

I have taught you everything, how to get into the Kingdom of God in Heaven, and also of course on earth. But it is up to you now. How you practice my teaching will determine your course. If you have a leader who neglects you, or is not punctual then you say 'I don't want to see that leader so much, I must get out at 4.30 a.m. so that I don't have much time to see my leader, and I come back at 10 or 11 or 12.00 p.m..' That is the best way to get rid of your leader.

Actually it does not matter whether you have a good leader or a bad leader. You are intoxicated by the love of God you are absolutely concentrated on your mission for God. You are so busy for God. Think of it, you raise so much money and send it to the church but the leader is so careless that he does not even record it. But don't worry, God has a better computer. Your leader may neglect you, but the computer in God's head will never neglect you, it records all the totals, all the subtotals.

The person who can truly take care of public funds, God's funds, is really a heavenly citizen. Those who are very serious about every penny are heavenly patriots. The person who cares for God's men and women, who cherishes, respects and loves God's men and women is God's citizen. Jesus Christ was God's man, God's property, but the people of Israel did not care about him. That is why they received punishment, including the genocide of many millions: they did not care for God s property.

Earth, which is material is God's first problem; men and women here on earth are God's second problem. Is your husband precious, is he God's property? Yes or no? Your husband is not your private servant or a private man, he is God's man and God's public property. Your wife is not your private servant, no, she is a public wife, God's property, and your children also. Think of your mate as God, with the appearance of God. 'God appears in my husband, God appears in my wife.' You are looking at God. If you respect each other that much your family will become omnipotent.

Our ideology teaches that all men are God's property, God's own people. Also all nations and all earth shall belong to God. When you look at people like that, when you look at the material like that, then there is a common ground, common purpose where we can find unity and oneness. You should not criticize anyone such as your parents or your teacher. In the Western world you look at your own teachers and professors and you disrespect them and demonstrate against them which is wrong. In the same way you must respect your head of state.

Thirdly, you must become men and women of Principle. What is the fall of man? The fall of man brought four separate consequences: first of all you disregard God's property, the earth became Satan's property. Secondly, man who should be God's property became Satan's property. Thirdly, God's principle was disregarded. God said. 'You should not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil' and they violated the law which is to violate the principle. Fourth and finally they lost the love of God, love centered upon God. The worst thing of all is the loss of love -- this is worse than the loss of man, loss of earth, loss of principle. When you lose love, you lose everything.

When Eve lost love, she lost man, property, principle, everything. You must protect your love even if you give up your life. In that respect this blessing is going to be absolutely valuable, do you understand?

God Has Been Waiting For the Blessing

Before we go into our Blessing we should prepare for engagement. When do you think that God would like to have that engagement ceremony? Did Adam and Eve have an engagement before they fell? When do you think that God wanted to have an engagement ceremony with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? All failed in the Garden of Eden, so after the fall of Adam and Eve God wanted to have that engagement ceremony at the time of Jesus. Jesus came as a bridegroom to restore a bride. The first person who can have matrimony in the sight of God should become an ancestor, a forefather of mankind. Unless that qualification is available no one can come forward to be engaged in blessing in the sight of God.

Adam and Eve fell and God did not see an engagement, a holy wedding, so the purpose of God's dispensation became to send the Messiah. He is coming in the role of Heavenly Bridegroom to take a bride. Then there will be the first engagement, first heavenly matrimony, then the first family of God will be anointed or established on earth. That is God's whole dispensation.

When Jesus comes and has a wedding ceremony how will he do that? There should be three generations united, three families. Three generations must be united as a base. For example at the time of the Kingdom of Israel there was a king, there were twelve tribes under the King and there were 72 elders under them. The king, twelve tribes and 72 elders should be united as a base. Upon this foundation alone you can move the people and the whole nation.

Judaism has a tradition of three generations. Within the Jewish system there are not only twelve tribes but also twelve elders. The Israelites had a Cain-type system, so when Jesus came, he would organize his own Abel-type twelve tribes and 72 disciples. With Jesus at the center there would be twelve apostles totally united, 72 disciples totally united and they would be able to move the Israel nation. This is the reason that Jesus picked twelve apostles and 72 disciples when he came. If these people had really united and lived and died together with Jesus, really gave their life to Jesus, there should not be a failure. Then within such a unity Jesus would be able to restore his own bride.

If there was unity and there was a base and Jesus found his bride and was blessed in matrimony 2,000 years ago then the power of Jesus would have become indestructible. No satanic power could have infiltrated; the Kingdom of Heaven would have been born at that time. But was it established? The foundation of the Heavenly Kingdom collapsed. The 72 disciples were gone and the twelve apostles all divided. The three major apostles were not sure, they even went against Jesus. So the entire foundation laid over 4,000 years was destroyed.

When Jesus foundation was broken into pieces, God could not leave the nation of Israel intact. God also shattered the Israel nation into pieces and let them spread all over the world. The center was broken therefore, the whole foundation was broken into pieces. Because of that the Jewish people should suffer a greater penalty, greater sacrifice than the Christians. In the first century many Christians were martyred. They suffered great persecution, in the 400 years of the Roman Empire Christian suffering was incredible and their sacrifices innumerable. In order to exceed such suffering and such sacrifice in the last days of the history of man, God gave the chance to Israel to indemnify all the suffering of Christianity. That is the meaning of the slaughter of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany. This certainly had a meaning for the dispensation. Once you violate Heavenly Law, there is no way to undo that.

Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Upon resurrection he restored spiritually three disciples, twelve apostles, 72 and also 120 disciples all over the nation. Through the Holy Spirit, 120 disciples became inspired they received the Holy Ghost. That is Pentecost. You know that story in the Bible. Jesus himself in his own lifetime had 12 apostles and 72 disciples but he did not have 120 disciples in a physical way that was directed by the Holy Ghost at Pentecost.

The engagement was not fulfilled at the time of Jesus. How can we indemnify this? Only when the Messiah returns as the parent of mankind. That is the time that engagement will be restored and indemnified. In order to do that what shall we do? We must go through the same pattern at the time of the Second Advent. We must go through the same procedures.

The Blessing of Three Couples

That is why my first mission in the dispensation was to restore three major disciples, three disciples not the spirit alone but spirit and body together and give them the blessing. Why three disciples? Three disciples blessed as couples become six members of the family. Six members of the family plus Adam and Eve as the parents makes eight members of the family. This becomes restored Adam's family in the Garden of Eden and Noah's family as well. With three disciples at the center I expanded into twelve major disciples. However twelve disciples in the completed Testament Era is not enough because history has been moving from Old Testament to New Testament to Complete Testament, three stages already. So the world which is the fruit of history should have the fruit of three stages, historical fruit. What are those fruits?

In our society there are three different categories of people. First of all there are married people; these are equivalent to people before the Messiah, they represent the Old Testament era. Then there is another group of people young men and women who have been looking forward to marriage, looking forward to a divine love but they have not yet accomplished it. They are the second group. Those people are men and women who live physically as man and wife without having formal marriage. Those people belong to the New Testament era which was infiltrated by the satanic world. The body was given away but the spirit is restored. There are men and women out there who are still bachelors but they have lost their virginity, they have lost their chastity. Their body is given away but their spirit is alive. Free sex belongs to that kind of category: they are unmarried, they don't like talking about marriage but they do all manner of things. Finally there is another group of men and women who have preserved their virginity and their chastity, men and women teenagers who have not been stained.

If I came to this earth and only restored twelve disciples from these pure teenagers, then only one category would be represented. What can the other two categories do? They would be cut out like human trash, given up. I cannot do that so I restored twelve disciples in each of the three different groups. One represents teenagers, one represents stained bachelors, one represents married couples. So the twelve tribes have three vertical lines and this includes everybody here on earth. There is salvation for everyone. Therefore the twelve couples, twelve tribes or twelve apostles should be multiplied in three layers, which equals 36 couples.

This is the first group of people I blessed. These cover every facet of our society every group of society so for everyone who accepts the principle there is room to go to heaven. They have their own ladder to climb up. They have their own channel. Do you understand? I want you to understand that I opened 36 doors so that every person here on earth has one door to get into. No opportunity is lost, there is always a door open for everyone out there, once they accept and repent they can go through one door which is the mercy of God.

Expansion of the Blessing

The first group of blessing was given to 36 couples which is fulfilling this dispensational purpose. The second group of blessing was given to the 72 couples, which represent the 72 disciples of Jesus, 36 Abel and 36 Cain couples makes 72. History is the struggle between Cain and Abel. This struggle can be restored at one stroke. The 72 couples represent the Old Testament Era, divided into Cain and Abel type, which is 24 couples, twelve couples of each of Cain and Abel for the New Testament that makes another 24 and 24 for the Completed Testament, that makes up 72 couples in all. Since all of history has been a struggle between Cain and Abel, restoration always comes through a dispensation of Cain and Abel struggle and unity. When the 36 couples in the Cain camp and the 36 in the Abel camp united together in love, the 72 couples represented the entire world.

Jesus sent out 120 disciples so that the world could be restored. The third group of blessing came to 120 couples; actually 124 couples were blessed in that particular group. 124 represents practically everybody on earth, whatever level they are, including even people in prison, criminals. 124 indemnifies everybody and covers the total aspect of the world. Why did I include four extra couples? The four additional couples include the worst cases the worst problems criminals for example or people who are outcasts, people alienated from society. These four extra couples cover every conceivable situation. By giving 124 couples blessing I consummated Jesus' ideal. Jesus came 2000 years ago to do that here on earth but it was not fulfilled. Yet I fulfilled totally.

Until this time we are only talking about Unification Church. However, Father wants to knock down the barrier of religions, and the barrier between Unification Church and other sectors of society. I next invited everyone from all conceivable religions of the world to come to be blessed. Thus the next blessing came to 430 couples which represents the vertical history of Korea, which has a written history of 4300 years. Also the Jewish people stayed in Egypt for 430 years before they made the Exodus. There were 4300 years in Korean history and 4, 3 is a magic number, for 4 + 3 = 7 and 4 x 3 = 12. Both 7 and 12 symbolize perfection.

The 430 couple blessing was a very interesting one. I picked everyone, even one-day-old members because they represented Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam. Everybody was represented. That represented all nations, all kinds of family can come, they can follow a certain line.

After 430 years in Egypt the Israelites made an Exodus to Canaan. By the same token we are going to make a new Exodus into a new Canaan. Everybody should follow, you just pull everybody into Canaan. Therefore after the 430 couple blessing I was like a locomotive going out to the world. I visited 40 different nations establishing holy grounds.

It is almost like the Israelites heading towards a new Canaan. I went out of Korea and visited 40 different countries looking for a new Canaan. The Holy Ground ceremony was initiated at that time. At the same time as I blessed 430 couples in Korea and went out to the world to establish holy grounds in 40 nations I blessed 43 separate Western couples in order to live with the world. 43 Western couples and 430 Korean couples, can link the world and Korea. I am like a locomotive, pulling not only Korea but the whole world. Once that condition was established I was ready to bless the world.

The 777 couples blessing took place on July 7, 1970. Three 7's one 7 for formation, one 7 for growth, one 7 for perfection. I worked in such a way that none of the world family could be left out. I was picking everybody. When you lift up the net, everybody is lifted up, every family. On that foundation Father can come out to the world for physical dispensation. Satan cannot say anything. Satan has no power to prosecute me or condemn me.

After the 777 blessing I sent out all the families. Every blessed family is now bearing the cross. Are you ready to bear the cross? All blessed families went out for 3 years, wife going one way, husband going the other way, separated for 3 years. By then many blessed children had been born but they sent their child to relatives or even to the orphanage. They could not look after their own child but went their respective ways and bore their own crop for 3 years. These blessed couples paid such an extreme severe indemnity for the sake of the world.

The Worldwide Canaan

Now the worldwide Canaan movement can begin. Upon that indemnity my own family could move from Korea to America. The movement of the family took place. That was a great movement. I came to America at the end of 1971 and my primary job for the world dispensation began in 1972. 1973 was incredibly prosperous on a worldwide level. I was full of plans. I became a permanent resident in the United States on April 30th 1973. That laid one solid foundation in America for the worldwide dispensation. Then I declared war. I was in a tug of war with the Western Cain, an Oriental Abel face to face with the Western Cain.

The most dynamic and gigantic and extraordinary of all confrontations between Oriental Abel and Western Cain came on the day of Washington Monument Rally, September 18, 1976. Persecution of our movement came to a high point in 1976 by the time of the rally, because the entire world realized my power. Their opposition became rampant. I was receiving worldwide persecution and I wanted to share this persecution on a world wide level. Therefore I sent 120 missionaries all over the world. The missionary is like an outpost who receives persecution as I do; they receive their share.

I sent three missionaries to each country, one American, one German, and one Japanese, three impossible people! Korea is always on top of the three. My invisible image is always there. All nations will have no excuse. For example an African nation may say 'Father why did you not let us know the message of God, we did not hear your Gospel!' Then I will say, 'You did hear my Gospel. I was there with you beside three of my disciples, one German, one Japanese, one American were all in your country. What are you talking about, you did not know?' If I did not do that the entire spirit world would complain. They would say 'Reverend Moon, did you neglect my people? Why did not you let my people know. We did not know about this worldwide Canaan movement. We did not know that this Heavenly Kingdom is established here on earth.'

There is no excuse available because I sent out missionaries. Spirit world cannot complain, Christians cannot complain, also the heads of state and the powers of government cannot complain and future generations cannot complain. I will say, 'Look, you have no excuse. How my people suffered in your country, how much I suffered in your country. There were four nationalities stationed in your country and they suffered.'

After three years, when a nation really persecuted our missionaries I had to withdraw some people. In that case when three missionaries come out of the country, they will take away all blessing of God. They can carry the blessing out of that country.

In any case, we shall not be the losers because we bring such a blessing even though we withdraw from some countries; we bring such a blessing that overall our movement will blossom many times over.

Before I sent out all the missionaries I blessed 1,800 couples. That was a gigantic historical blessing which took place in Korea. You know about that event don't you? Where did the number 18 come from? 18 is 6 x 3 that makes 18. 6 is Satan's number. The lost number 6 was taken away by Satan so in order to restore number 6 in 3 different categories makes up 1,800 couples which includes all the satanic families. In other words any kind of satanic family can come to God, can come to truth, can be saved. I laid the railroad in 1,800 directions so everybody finds a railroad, finds a direction. Any nation can find direction to come to God and the True Parents. We are now moving on those rails.

The 1,800 blessing is like a rail to every country and I put the three missionaries on that rail and pushed them to that country, 'Go out, go on!' We set such a condition that no matter what Satan would do, the Unification Church will never fall because such an invincible foundation was made.

In Korea, the World Rally for Korean Freedom was held where 60 nations were represented. Over 1.2 million people gathered together. That was a massive demonstration of how the worldwide Unification Movement can muster power.

With that power I came out of Korea. I translated that victory in Korea onto the worldwide level. That was the meaning of the Yankee Stadium Rally and Washington Monument Rally in 1976. America is the center of the free world, so victory must be secured in America. We consummated that battle and went over the hill of victory. All the indemnity for the past failures was paid by the victory of the Washington Monument.

The following year, 23rd February 1977 which is True Parents birthday, I declared 'Year One of the Kingdom of God' here on earth. Until now the indemnity was paid by Abel, always Abel suffering for the sake of Cain. That was part of history but after that declaration of the year one of the Kingdom of God here on earth Abel can attack Cain to save Abel. The direction is different.

So when we confront the opposition they shall become the sacrifice so that Abel can live, Abel can prosper. During 1977-1978 many events happened in America, deprogramming, kidnapping. One by one we won the court battles and one after another the opposition was demolished.

Three Years of Opposition

You are going through the three-day period during three years. It is a buffer zone. As you know Abraham offered his son after the three-day climb up Mount Moriah. Moses had a three day period before the Exodus. There was a dispensational three-day period which in our case is the three-year period 1977, 1978 and 1979. This is the second year, which is why the battle became so hectic, and the confrontation with the American congress reached is highest point. That confrontation was symbolically made in the US Congress between Congressman Donald Fraser and Col. Bo Hi Pak as the representative of our True Parents.

Historically the time has come when we attack and get victory. Mr. Pak represents the Heavenly Adam's family. I explained about the 36 couples, three groups of twelve. The Head Family represents Adam's Family and Mr. Pak was given the position of head of that family, elder brothers position. He is in the ideal position to be a champion for True Parents. I told him, 'Ok, Bo Hi, you go.' This hectic confrontation will last until Sept. 18, the anniversary of Washington Monument, a very important day. Until then it will be very hectic, but after that the enemy will not be in sight.

Before the great turning point comes to America, America is in Abel position, because it is the son of Europe. They are Abel and you are Cain because you are elder brother. In the war of Independence, Great Britain fought against America but God blessed the younger brother, America. That is why I paid more attention to America and only paid little attention to Europe. 'You Cain, shut up!' was my position.

The European members have had a grudge, 'What happened to my Father, he never pays attention to us, we are like trash!' You have been treated like this. However you are in the position to be neglected, but through this you can demonstrate your ardent love and absolute loyalty to True Parents and it becomes a greater glory to Europe. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your absolute love and loyalty because I came to the United Kingdom.

Now you have a one in a million opportunity, a golden opportunity because I am here, right now in Great Britain. Now you grasp the opportunity until you bring success you will be invincible you will become victorious because you are greater than the United States. They only have United States but you have a United Kingdom! The United Kingdom is a great name after all. God wanted to have a United Kingdom. You have a great name but you have not done that job.

We are here to create a United Kingdom on the world wide level. We are trying to make that United Kingdom physically possible, which will start from the blessing here in Great Britain. This is a test for Europe as well as a test for the United Kingdom. I mixed all Europe. You are from all Europe. I mixed German into British, British into French and made all kinds of mixtures here. You no longer see nationalities, do you? You see brothers and sisters and from now on, husband and wife transcending national boundaries. The United States of Europe is well into action.

The EEC is the forerunner. You have economic unity, and cultural unity, but now we are doing something else, we have married unity. What will make a united Europe is not money power. Today there is no ideology and love in the family. An ideology that unites everyone into one family will make one Europe. This marriage will symbolize one Europe. A new Europe is about to be born right now.

That is why we need the IOWC mobile team, 800 members.

If we are able to commit a Mobile Team of 5,000 to London then London will just blow up. When London is lifted up the entire American people will be lifted up. I came to test the United Kingdom whether we are able to create that. Do you think that I am giving you blessing? Yes or no?

Well, if you receive the blessing, what will you give me in return? What would you give me? I need one thing from you: Europe. Give me Europe. What would I do with Europe? I do not need Europe. But I will be very happy to receive Europe from you and turn around and hand it to God.

Once Europe demonstrates that kind of loyalty, that kind of offering to God, then Great Britain will once again become really great, the great British Empire. You will look down on the American people and say, 'Son, behave yourself.'

Our Campaign in Britain

There is a great probability of this happening. What is your nationality? Are you French, British, German or what? You are not only European, but also you are all British. You are here as a member of the United Kingdom because you are British people. When you all move to Germany then you will say: 'I am an European, plus we all are Germans.' When you go to France then, you are not only Europeans, but also French.'

Tomorrow you have your Blessing and from the day after tomorrow you are going to be a bullet going out into Europe. You feel that you are in the heavenly world now, but from the next day on you are going to go out into London and wear yourselves out! I will see who will restore three spiritual children first, husband or wife. When you restore three spiritual children here in London then you go back to your own country.

I am sure that you have not heard it yet, but I already decided the policy that one third of the entire Unification Church population in Europe will come to Great Britain as IOWC members. You should have a goodwill competition of Europe to see who can find three spiritual children first. Three spiritual children and then go back.

What would you do? If fifty percent find three spiritual children in London and go back to their own country, but fifty percent remain in Great Britain still struggling, how would you feel? Then you would have to work for 24 hours a day go out and grab somebody. Once we truly give ourselves and are really dedicated, do you think that there is hope for Europe?

800 people bringing in three spiritual children to the British Family will make up 4000 new members in one month, and if you work a little extra it will become 5000. I need 5000 in Great Britain. Shall we do it, yes or no? Even if your eyeballs pop out still we must fulfill. Shall we do it?

One thing I saw when I came to Europe was that everybody's eyes almost half pop out. It looks like you have been working pretty hard, I like that. So you are all looking like a new European, different to the rest of Europe, your eyes halfway out. Your eyes will swell because you have no time to sleep, your eyes keep working all night all day you keep pushing yourself all the time and your eyes just keep popping out. You don't mind if your eyes pop out do you? Those who say 'Yes, Father we will do it regardless of whether our eyes pop out or not,' raise your hands!

I have been living that way throughout my life for 58 years and particularly during the 30 years of the dispensation. Now I am asking you to follow this way of life for several months. Can you do it? Think, 'Alright Father, I will be Reverend Moon during the next six months and live the same way that you live. Alright, Father, you just wait and see!' If that determination happens in this room it will become an avalanche of success. You are the first group of people being blessed here in Europe. You are the native people. I came to your land and gave you the blessing so you could be True Father of Europe. What did you do so far?

You know history; now also you know the timetable of God. It is like jumping on a board. When I push one side all of Europe is jumping. I move to the European side and it is pushing down, then America is just about ready to jump up. No matter what people say, the US Congress, government, there is no shred of doubt there is nothing they can do. All we have to do is be bold and strong and push down the one end and the other end will jump up.

Some people may say 'Well Father, that is a great idea but why did you come to Great Britain, why did you not come to Germany?' Some will say that. Europe is practically ready to be a prey of Soviet Russia. Within 30 minutes the entire continent can be demolished. However, Great Britain is an island, isolated by water. The adversary of Soviet Russia is Rev. Moon. I am really fighting against Russia; I am the number one chance for God. Great Britain used to be very friendly with Soviet Russia but not anymore. Which country did Brezhnev visit? Germany. Germany is really trying win his favor but I think that Great Britain is rather firm. If anything ever happened, Great Britain is the last battle ground of Europe.

All Europeans are now United Kingdom citizens, since you have all come to Great Britain. This is like a staging area for combat. You must do more and greater things here than you have done in your own country.

Austrian members raise your hands please. You are an underground movement. I like your example and want to share it with the rest of the people. That is the reason that from Austria everyone without exception was blessed. Every single one of them was matched. I would like to see Austria really do well and really show great achievement in Britain. Will you do that? If you are like a real military person, then your 'Yes' should have a chopping, short impact.

This is your best training ground. You have not done enough open testifying. Here you can have everything open. Would you like to be defeated by German brothers sisters? Definitely not. How about by the French, or the Italians? How about the Italians? Would you get behind Germany? This is a relay of nations. This is like a dress rehearsal for the London Rally. I want to have you spread north and south and east and west. My plan is prepared; all you have to do is get determination, bubbling enthusiasm and go.

Who is your commander in chief of your campaigning in Europe? Yes, Rev. Moon. I am the Commander in Chief. However, I am a well known figure. If I come to the forefront, which I would like to do, I could become a target of the Communists and all those who are after me. For your sake it is much better that for the front line, God will assign a deputy Commander-in-Chief who will be in the front line. Dennis Orme will become the Deputy Commander-in-chief. Dennis you should be a very stern powerful deputy Commander-in-chief.

What kind of deputy would you like to have? For the sake of victory you don't mind getting spanked? Do you like to think like that or not? Will you say, 'Father, I don't care about the victory but I don't want to get spanked.' Do you want a victory or not? Do you feel, 'Even if my hip is broken down, we need the victory.' This is like Jacob at the ford of Jabbok. He wrestled against the angel and the angel hit his thigh bone out of joint. He was limping but he still struggled and he won. Jacob won. You must be Jacob's descendants with Jacob's spirit. Dennis will be your angel who you wrestle against. He will hit your thigh bone and you will limp but still you will prevail. You must win. Then eventually the angel will be defeated.

The angel will give up, he will say: 'Indeed behold you are the great people you are truly Israel. Israel means victorious chosen people. Would you like to do that or not? (Yes). Don't complain. Do it right now. No matter what kind of personality you have, a promise given the day before the marriage must be fulfilled. The person who cannot keep the promise that they make the day before the marriage is trash, not even in the ranks of human beings. You make a promise before me that if husband and wife cannot keep that promise I will allow you to mistreat him, mistreat her. 'You are not worthy to be my husband. Get to work! Get to work and come back to me. I'll still be your wife.'

Those who have that promise raise your hand. Did you raise your hand willingly and voluntarily or reluctantly because everybody raised their hand?

So we should have a joyful evening. Tomorrow's wedding will be a victorious and joyful occasion, so we should be joyful now, this is a happy time. Since you promised that to me, I am feeling so good. I will bless amply. God is really blessing you.

The Engagement Ceremony

This has been a bypass. Let us get back to the mainstream, the Engagement. The engagement is an important part of human history which was never fulfilled. You must think seriously, unless I had paid all the indemnity, laid all the foundation, paved every step in history you would not have this engagement tonight. You are international citizens German married British, British married French, French married Italians.

Jesus suffered his entire life. He was not blessed. He did not even have one proposal. Jesus could not even ask anyone, 'Can you be my wife.' He could not even ask that one simple question to his own Israelite people. Now here we have one brother who says: 'Father, I want to marry a Korean bride. Think of it, it is such a great change. An incredible thing has happened here.

Marrying for the sake of God among your own people is incredible enough; you are leaving your will totally to God. But you are not even talking about your own race, your own people and language, but you are saying 'How about a Korean girl, I want to have an international foundation with a Korean or Oriental girl.' An incredible uprooting is taking place in this country. It is not just equivalent to Jesus taking a bride having a holy Wedding Ceremony. It is not that small an event. It is actually equivalent to Jesus taking power over the entire Roman Empire. He is almost in Emperor position. It is that kind of event, far greater than that. What we are doing tomorrow will be even greater than that. Do you understand that point? Even if all the 50 million British people were offered in sacrifice, one couple, blessed in holy matrimony could not be bought. One couple is that precious. I have now bestowed upon your head and your shoulders a tremendous responsibility, tremendous power, privilege.

Since I am here you are like a little branch come out of my bark. You should be able to cut off your branch and plant it in a foreign land and still be able to grow, become independent, You are a branch of the bark so God will chop this branch and plant it in your own country. There you put down roots and grow up into a great trunk. After your blessing you shall be able to restore your own clan, your own tribe, your relatives. In your territory you should be able to have your own 12 disciples, your own tribe. You are going to your own country as the Messiah of the tribe, the tribal Messiah.

At the time of Jesus there was no foundation laid, no indemnity paid. So since then you had to suffer, you had to pay by blood and by sweat but now all the indemnity is paid. Everything you achieved has become a visible thing, a visible achievement. We have an incredibly easy task today compared to the time of Jesus, because Satan will not claim, because the price has been paid by God. You transcend all the indebtedness of the human system and everything you do shall become your own assets, shall be accumulated, can be seen.

I have done everything that had to be done as a Father, everything that was my responsibility has been fulfilled. All you have to do is fulfill the tribal Messiah's role in your own family own clan. You should be the Messiah to them. You shall welcome the Messiah to this country. You shall be part of him. You shall expand his territory and build the Kingdom here on earth. Do you follow? Everyone of you shall take Jacob's position. You shall marry and have 12 children of your own, the internal ones twelve sons and daughters and externally you shall have 12 spiritual children. External internal both, 12 spiritual children each. Eventually that will expand into 72 disciples, 12 and 72 makes 84.

The Tribal Messiah

During the next 7 years each one of you is responsible to restore 84 people. In order to do that you should be able to restore one a month for a 7 year stretch. 12 persons a year for 7 years that makes 84 persons. The number 84 is derived from 12 disciples and 72 disciples. A tribe is of that size. Jesus could not have this. They were not united around him. 12 Apostles and 72 disciples make up the tribe so each one of you should be standing on the foundation of the tribe, your own tribe. Your duty is to become a tribal Messiah. Then with that purpose you shall become a tribal true parent. Do you follow me? Yes. This responsibility has come to you, now. Jesus could not stand as a tribal Messiah because he did not have the 12 Apostles and 72 disciples united around him, so he was crucified. But you are now working to find your own 12 apostles your own 72 disciples. Then on this foundation you shall form the Kingdom of God here on earth as well as in heaven. You are that champion. The total unity of 84 was what Jesus needed. Do you follow me? As of right now you are undertaking a very important mission in history. When you are going out to work you are not walking as an individual person, you are a public person, God's person, an historical person with a public mission. If you do that, the foundation which I laid for so long shall become yours free. You must first perform tribal Messiahship for the tribe.

You must restore Jesus' position first then move on to the worldwide mission. Do you follow me? That I have come to Europe is a rare opportunity. It is a very precious opportunity. I am giving you total victory of the dispensation. You have really no idea of the work of God in European countries. Even if you have been a member for 9 years you have not heard it, you did not get a grip of it, you have not understood it.

I was so serious for the Washington Monument Rally, deadly serious. You must become deadly serious for the London Rally. Do you understand me? [Yes.] Unless you know this historical background you are not worthy to partake in the engagement ceremony. Adam and Eve did not have the engagement ceremony so you are one step ahead of them. However, you have stained blood and you must change the blood lineage. The ceremony to change blood lineage must take place. But what can you do? You received your blood from satanic lineage so how can you change your blood to heaven's lineage? Drain out all the blood?

It now l0:00 o'clock. I have already given you the speech on the principle of resurrection and rebirth. Some members asked me the meaning of rebirth so I spoke about the meaning of Rebirth for 3 hours. Make a transcript of it so that all members can see it and know the true meaning of rebirth and resurrection, please.

The entire history of the Cain and Abel struggle is to be seen in the Bible. That is the history of the younger becoming the elder and the elder becoming younger. This struggle goes even down to the case of twins struggling in the mother's womb and the victorious position was given to the younger. The second son is always in God's position and the elder son is in the satanic position. The younger must overcome the elder. In so doing, he lays the condition that the new lineage is born, in other words, that the lineage of God shall be restored.

In order to give birth to Jesus 2,000 years ago, there was preparation of thousands of years. The lineage was changed so that the perfect lineage could appear. Through that lineage Jesus was born. Actually we have to go back to the origins of life to the mother's womb and further down, inside the body of your own father, and we can come out again as a new person, but it is virtually impossible to do that, so all of you have to do this by heart.

Go back to True Father and True Mother and loving their own children going after them and following their pattern. By doing so you shall be given that new position. Even though you are older than our own children, they are older spiritually. You receive new birth, sinless birth through perfection.

As far as sinless birth is concerned, they are much older than you are, so you call them elder brother, elder sister. As you are in archangel position, you have a duty to protect the true sons and daughters until they become truly mature, until they become independent. As they succeed and they grow up beautifully to the point where they can marry and make a family, as you watch them succeed and grow to perfection and live happily then you are achieving the same level. Do you follow?

The Holy Wine Ceremony

We do need the condition for a new lineage, that is the ceremony of Holy Wine. In it are represented True Father's and True Mother's blood. Their blood is represented in that particular cup. Within that Holy Wine is another special particular substance that is representing the entire creation, the essence of creation the entire essence of the natural world is incorporated in that particular Holy Wine.

Order of Ceremony

The ceremony goes like this. Husband and wife face each other but I initially take the husband's position and I give the Holy Wine to the wife. By taking this Holy Wine from me you are supposed to be restored first. Women are supposed to be restored first, then you restore your own husband, that's the way it goes.

Husbands, until that moment you are not a husband you are an archangel, a fallen archangel. But through the Messiah restoring Eve who was the first one to fall, you can go beyond the level of the fall into great maturity. You then turn and go to Adam, who has fallen into the archangel position and restore him back to unfallen Adam's position.

In other words, the Holy Wine Ceremony is critically important. By participating in it you are directly connecting yourself to the blood lineage of True Parents. You are becoming the True Parents' children. You can say 'I am the True Parents' sons and daughters.' As far as restoration of Eve is concerned, I am standing in the perfected husband position to restore fallen Eve, and Eve in turn restores fallen Adam who is the archangel. Do you follow?

After the ceremony you are no longer your old self. You are new creatures spiritually and physically. Then you can march down the 6000 years of history to be anointed with oil by True Parents as husband and wife. You are entering into Holy Parenthood. You are moving into Holy Ground. After that Wedding therefore you become a Holy Temple so you cannot handle your body in an evil way, you must handle your body in the Divine Way. After that blessing all the purification procedure which I described already is truly necessary. Do you follow? Then you are ready to be blessed. You are ready to go now. I gave you historical reason and principle value for everything in love and dreams. After that blessing is given you can go anywhere.

In fact, it does not matter if you go to Africa or to Asia, wherever you go you can turn that place into Heaven. The world has become smaller and smaller. In one day you can travel to anywhere in the four corners of this earth. You, the British and the French really made a contribution to world transportation through the Concorde so it is only a couple of hours journey from Britain to America. All these scientific achievements shall be for all of us. God provided them for all of us. So we shall be masters of the world. God wants you to be masters of the world. Do you follow? Your primary duty is to be faithful to your family, create a heavenly family here on earth so that you can become a root of God.

If something is wrong between you and your wife or between you and your husband it is your responsibility. I will not become responsible. I have given you all that I have. When Adam and Eve fell, at least God remembered them. God called them: 'Adam where are you?' But, in your case God will not call your name because you now know as plainly as I. This is the restoration. It is a fearful thing to be entrusted with the great truth. You know the truth and you have no excuse. If once you fall there is no restoration. You are gone for all eternity. For all eternity you fail. Your ancestors will accuse you for your action even up till 70 generations after.

You women: woe to you because women always bring the danger. Even this time all the shame and embarrassment came from whom? Women. Women are always troublesome. That is the pattern of history. How about you, will you promise me that you will not cause embarrassment to him? Do you promise? Even at the cost of your life?

It took God 6000 years to restore just one Adam. It took this one Adam of God his whole lifetime to restore everything. Eve, tribe, nation, world, the whole universe and cosmos. Normally, this total event would take a Millennium but I am doing it in my own lifetime. How incredible! You personally have no qualification to come to this room and look at me, not even to mention your engagement and your blessing. You have no right to come here; you have not earned that right yet. But I invited you. No one is qualified to be blessed, so you must know the value of the particular position you are sitting in, and you must know the value of the blessing. Do you understand me? You are going to be in ultimate infinite faith to God to True Parents, grateful to them and obedient to their will.

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