The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

How We Are Born Again

Sun Myung Moon
Lancaster Gate Church
London, England,
May 18, 1978

A few days after his arrival, Rev. Moon began to make preparations for a Blessing (Wedding) Ceremony for over a hundred members of the Unification Church in Europe. Shortly before midnight, he gathered together the candidates for marriage to offer the following instruction and counsel, including a theological discussion of the significance of marriage and the establishment of a new lineage.
Among all of the Reverend Moon's thousands of speeches, there are probably none more intimate than these meetings with Blessing candidates. Laughter and tears are common as he guides men and women to look deep inside themselves in preparation for holy matrimony.

When the unity of an individual's mind and body are accomplished then unity of the family, unity of the clan and unity of nations can be realized. Unless the axle, the very core, is established, then unity of the family and the unity of the country is not possible no matter how much we want it. It is something impossible. This is only reasonable and according to Principle, isn't it?

On that basis, have you achieved complete unity? We must say 'No' and it reminds us very strongly that we have to become one with the parent before we ever hope to attain unity among brothers and sisters. Isn't that the logical step? So likewise, when the brothers and sisters are not yet in a position to unite with each other, then unity in the family is not possible, then certainly unity in the clan is not possible, nor in the nation. Unity in the nation is certainly something we can only hope for, it can never be achieved unless the father-son relationship is established.

When the Messiah comes and a country is strongly tied to him, united with him, then instantly it is made possible for other countries to come into unity. This is God's intention. This is God's hope: to make restoration in the simplest possible form. Now you know for sure up to this point. So do you really understand that the Messiah is absolutely necessary? From that viewpoint, then even the Queen of the British Empire is not absolutely necessary, is she? Did you say no?

What happens if the Queen protests to you, 'Rev. Moon comes to this spiritual country to make disorder!' We must say that we simply can't help it. A religious man shows everybody that he must speak the truth, and say something righteous, so when we insist on something truthful, then the false person has no choice but to break away.

Is the Messiah only necessary for white people? Maybe he is not so necessary for black people? Is he necessary for everyone? Yes, and not only for the living, who are either black, yellow or white, but also for those spirit men living in the spirit world, the people who died thousands of years ago. Everyone who lives in spirit world also needs to be reborn. Therefore all of them need parents. That means all of them need the Messiah.

You learn through the Principle that you can be born again because you have a physical body, as does the Messiah. But what about the spiritual world, and spirit men? They come down to you and work through your body. When you are reborn and become one with the parents then they will work closely with you, and help you. They also want to be connected with the Messiah. In this way, past, present and future will be connected to you. When you are reborn, are you the ancestor or the youngest offspring? You are the ancestor! What about your grandmother and grandfather in the spirit world, are they the offspring or ancestor to you? They are offspring. In restoration, history becomes upside down. It is highly possible that the parents who gave physical birth to you become your sons and daughters spiritually. You are the mother or father to your own parents.

How much is the Messiah necessary, how badly do we need him? Do we need him as badly as we need a country, or more? The Messiah is absolutely necessary. We can do without anything else, but not this. But why is he so necessary? Because we stand in the position of his sons and daughters, by becoming completely one with the Messiah as True Parents, Heaven on earth begins for the first time. The door to Heaven on earth and the door to the spiritual heaven are both open at this moment, the time when the parents and the children become completely one. Then eternal happiness begins.

Without hearing about the Messiah, none of this is ever possible. History must wait, no matter how long it takes. Without this, there is absolutely no way to begin Heaven on earth and in spirit world. Since all of us desire to go to heaven, the Messiah is absolutely necessary. You can do without anything else, but not without the Messiah. When you say the words, 'True Parents,' have you ever stopped to think how important it is? It is impossible to describe how important, serious and precious it is.

When you are sleeping and you dream about True Parents, then you are happy and jubilant. When you are working, and all of a sudden you remember True Parents, or even if you went to prison and suffered incredibly, these words mean everything to you. We have to feel that. Do you think this is a matter of nature, a matter of Principle? Is it very reasonable, very logical to become this way or did somebody just think and reason it out and it is just conceptual, actually not very real for you? Which one is it? Is it very real? Now you know the most important thing in life. So if you really must follow and really become one with Parents, if you know the Parents are so precious, even if it costs you one arm do you still have to give up one arm and follow the parents?

I am magnifying this and point this out very precisely. Now you understand perfectly, you can say 'Yes' with confidence; but so far, until this afternoon, have you really felt the value of True Parents that seriously? Or did you feel something like this, 'Well, I heard Father came, in fact, I met him a couple of times, but he doesn't talk to us so much any more, he's usually somewhere else?' Have you ever complained inside in this way? Even if you suffer more than anyone else, are you a fortunate and happy bunch or an unhappy and miserable bunch? How do you know for sure? Actually, this is one test you can't afford to fail; you must pass this to go forward.

Change of Blood Lineage

Here is a question: If restoration is so important, why did the omnipotent God not take care of this matter long ago? Why did he wait until this time? Well, God first tried, as you know, right after Adam and Eve fell. Cain and Abel represented two lineages and God tried to switch their positions, but Cain did not respond. If that had been successful, God would have been in the position of Adam loving his son Abel, the second son. Then when God in position of Adam, loved his second son, Abel, according to the law of Father loving his own son, then every creation, everyone should applaud, congratulate and approve God's love. But Cain resisted. He said 'God, why did you receive my brother Abel's offering and refuse my offering?' He complained and rebelled against God, and went so far as to kill his own brother, whom God loved dearly. Cain actually wanted to receive love from God, but since he did not receive love, he rebelled. What did Cain have to do? Cain had to be loved by God. In order to achieve this, he had to love Abel just as God loved Abel. When Cain loved Abel as God loved Abel together they could be received by God. This was what Cain had to do. If that had happened, if Cain went along with Abel, enough foundation would have been laid within three generations for the Messiah to come and the perfected dispensation would have materialized. But this did not work out. Cain killed Abel and the foundation at that level came to naught.

After this, the dispensation became more complicated. Cain and Abel were two brothers born from one mother. To be reborn they must go back to the womb. Since they were born at different times, Cain and Abel were two quite different persons, and their emotions were not close. Thus when God came to attempt the dispensation for a second time, he used twins. The position of elder brother and younger brother among twins born an hour or two earlier can never be asserted like brothers who are one year or more apart.

Rebecca had twins and she prayed, 'God, within my womb there are two babies and they are fighting each other! What shall I do?' God answered, 'There are two countries in your womb, the bigger one will serve the smaller.' Why did God say that? It is a most crucial point in the Bible, but no theologians know the answer to this day. It was because God had to establish the correct heavenly order, to put it right side up. That is why God said the bigger would serve the smaller.

In the fall, Eve deceived two persons. One was God, and the other was the son of God, Adam. The father and the son. In order to restore this, Rebecca deceived both Isaac, the twins' father, and Esau. Jacob's mother played the crucial role, by deceiving both of them. Here is the cooperation between mother and son, established so that from this very point it is possible for a son to be restored through his mother. This is also the foundation where the lost parents can be restored, where the fallen Adam and Eve are restored to their original position.

Although Jacob and Esau were growing together as twins in the womb, it was not until forty years later, when they were fully grown, that Jacob was able to win the blessing. It was not enough: the two brothers have to be restored even in the womb, before they were born. Therefore the next step is that God changes the lineage right in the mother's womb. Thus we come to the incident of Tamar.


Tamar was Judah's daughter-in-law. When her husband died, according to the law of levirate marriage, his brother was supposed to inherit his brother's role and provide an heir. But the second son did not follow God's order, and so he also died. That left the third son. However, he was only a mere child. Tamar knew how important it was to inherit the lineage to receive God's blessings. She did not take it lightly. The original fall took place through Eve deceiving both God and his son. In restoration two generations are also involved: Tamar, in the position of Eve, this time from God's side, deceived both the son and the father. Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute and slept with her father-in-law, and through him she conceived and through him she was going to inherit the lineage.

Ordinarily a woman of normal standing just cannot do that. In the first place she would never put that much emphasis on the dispensation. Furthermore, being a woman living under a very strict moral code it took a lot of courage and faith to do that. The Bible says that when she disguised herself as a prostitute and went into the bosom of her own father-in-law she asked for some proof. Judah gave her a seal, a cane and a young kid. Later she was to present this proof.

A few months later the news got out that she was pregnant. Everybody knew that she did not have a husband and under the law, she should have been stoned to death and she had no right to protest. Yet Tamar was absolutely brave and consistent in connecting with the heavenly lineage, even at the risk of her life. She realized that there was absolutely no other way for her in order to fulfill the will of God.

Her father-in-law himself tried her because he was judge of all that area. She was about to be condemned, when she said: 'The father of my baby is the owner of these three things.' And the father-in-law saw that they were his own! The mother and child could not be put to death as the child was legally Judah's. So Judah decided for Tamar and waited for the baby to be born.

Tamar turned out to be pregnant with twins and they were constantly fighting each other. This was three generations after the twins, Jacob and Esau. Tamar prayed the same prayer as Rebecca, their great grandmother had prayed: 'My babies are fighting in me, what shall I do?' And God gave her the same answer, saying: 'Two nations are fighting each other, and the greater will serve the smaller nation.'

God needed to switch the order of lineage while the babies were still in the womb. The Bible recounts that when labor began, one baby stuck his hand out first! Since by looking at the hand one wouldn't know if it is the elder baby or the younger baby, the midwife put red string around the wrist and marked him as the first. However, when the babies were born the second baby pushed his way through and came out first, leaving the other behind! His name was Perez, meaning 'the one who fought his way out first.' Zerah, the second born was supposed to be first, but God changed to the right order in the womb. Since God had changed the order in the womb, Satan could no longer claim the first born as his. If they were born separately, like Cain and Abel, then Satan could have claimed the first born as his own. But since it was done in the mother's womb, Satan could not claim.

The condition for restoration by indemnity was made inside the womb. So the mother and the son and the rest of the children are in the correct order. Judah's tribe was thus the one who could carry the ark of treasure in the Jewish religion. Only Judah's tribe could carry that. They were privileged because of this foundation which was laid. Because Tamar was successful in connecting the lineage of Heaven and also successful in putting the birthright in the correct heavenly order, Judah's tribe was privileged and God worked the future dispensation through them.

Judah's tribe thus presented itself as a pure born people. They were the clan where older brother and younger brother were born in the correct order and all the tribes afterwards were centered on the right order. Satan has no claim on the blood lineage of Judah. It is very easy to assume, that since that foundation was laid, every offspring of that blood lineage had a tendency to unite with each other to obey each other. They grew and grew in numbers until they formed an entire race. They were protected by God because Satan no longer had a claim on them, and the Messiah will come through that lineage.

Here is another question: Will the Messiah be born as one son or a twin son? Now that Father has taught you the Principle, what is your answer? The Messiah is a father, can there be two fathers? No. The Messiah restores Adam's position. Can Adam be a twin? It is simple. The providence involving twins was the time of changing of the order of the two brothers.

When does the Messiah come? Does he come right after that victory? That was only the success of the family, but the Messiah comes to save a nation and to save the world. There are many satanic countries and many satanic people even in the country where the victorious tribe is living, yet the Messiah must come to that country. This is why God waited until almost 2,000 years later, when the tribe of Judah had grown into a country. To this country God sent the Messiah in Judah's lineage.


When the Messiah is born the formula of restoration must be the same. There must be a woman like Tamar who is willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of God. She must be very serious. Mary was the woman in that position. Mary is in Eve's position. Eve fell when she was in the engagement period. Adam and Eve were not married. In restoration, God had to snatch Mary away from Satan while she was engaged. Like Eve and Tamar, Mary must deceive her own father and son.

Who is Joseph? Joseph is her husband-to-be, isn't he? And what about Joseph's father? Mary had to deal with him too. When Mary was pregnant, Joseph knew that it was not his baby, didn't he? Did Joseph like that and welcome it? How about Joseph's father, did he welcome his daughter-in-law? No, because she was pregnant before marriage. She was about to be married and go to live with her husband's family, but even Joseph did not know when she had just conceived.

Joseph was deceived, his father was deceived. Mary deceived everyone around her, nobody knew. This is exactly the way it happened. It is in the Bible, so why did not many people know? Actually nobody on earth knew. People tried to figure it out but then they forgot about it and there is no explanation of it.

From Mary's position, no one should know because in the original fall, only God and Adam and Eve knew what had happened, Their sons and daughters did not know. Even up to today, only parents are supposed to know about the Fall, parents and God. We are not parents, we are only children. Therefore nobody knew. This was the way it was until today. Should we be thankful or complain? We should be thankful because we need not know, we are not parents. In no way was it the fault of the children, it was the parents' responsibility. So you don't know what your parents do, do you? You are not supposed to know. It is the same thing in God's dispensation, from God's point of view only God and Adam and Eve could know this. Now we know, so this is an age to be grateful. In this age we begin to know everything about God, so we must feel the renewed gratefulness toward this new day. Do you understand?

On that foundation Satan had no claim on Jesus. Satan cannot say: 'That is mine.' When the twins were fighting each other, Satan was looking for the chance, to see if even one mistake was made. Then Satan would claim everything for himself. But they did not make a mistake. On that foundation when Jesus was conceived Satan had no claim. Jesus was born as a baby free from connection to Satan. This is why Jesus is called the only son of God. There is no blood lineage or any condition which Satan can claim him.

At this point it becomes perfectly clear that Jesus came as a True Father. Therefore the Bible says that nobody will ever go back to God except through Jesus himself, because he is the True Father. Mohammed was a great leader but God was not working directly in Islam to restore the blood lineage. Buddha was the same. Neither Confucius nor Mohammed nor Buddha are any part of a son of God. Jesus is the only son of God. For the first time in human history the righteous, True Father of mankind was born. The Spirit World came down in full force on everyone living at that time, because it was the end of the world. They did everything to make every single person's heart tied up with the heart of the True Father, Jesus.

But Jesus was not even married, So how can you go into Jesus, when you are fully grown, and Jesus is a single man? How can you go in? Only through love, a deeper love than you ever experienced with any other man or woman, mother, father, friends, whatever. If you have a feeling of love towards your parents, your love towards Jesus has to be stronger, higher. That means you are probing your way into and remain inside the body of Jesus. This is what is happening. Do you understand? Everyone is linked with the line of love deep inside of Jesus. This is exactly what Jesus meant when he said 'Whoever loves brother or sister, mother or father more than me is not worthy of me; will never go to heaven; can never become my disciple.' Do you understand?

This is the most crucial decision and the most crucial determination we must have, that every living soul must have, it is that it is more important than anything else. We can lose our physical life, but we don't want to lose this tie with our True Father. Jesus said; whoever is ready to die and willing to die, to maintain that link, will yet live; but whoever tries only to live and would deny the blood lineage because of difficulties, persecution and so forth, will yet die.

Now we know clearly what Jesus meant. Now we know, does the Bible becomes absolutely clear and new to you? This is why the Bible is important. When Rev. Moon reveals this, and tells you this, that proves one thing, that God has always been working in history, and God has shown this step by step in the Bible. We can see and understand this through Father's own experience. Do you understand?

The Process of Rebirth

The blood of Satan is still flowing in everybody, except Jesus, because until now none of the ancestors had been severed completely from the satanic blood lineage. Man has absolutely no way to cut off that relationship with Satan, but when parents come they can terminate the blood lineage. Blood is thicker than water, and when our blood lineage is completely at one with us, then there is no way to sever the tie with Satan. Only love can do that.

Therefore, when you meet Messiah or True Parents there is no more important thing in your life. The righteous man will drop everything and try to be connected, and never lose the tie with the Messiah. You don't care what you have to leave: individual friends, even your family. Families seem to be most important until True Parents appear. Every earthly thought, including dedicated communism will vanish from that time. Forget about it, because communism cannot do anything. The same phenomenon happens when the sun rises. All the plants turn towards the sun in order to receive its rays. The light is there and they want to receive it. When the light of the Messiah appears, all the souls will turn to it.

When the Messiah comes, will it be as a man or as a woman? Answer clearly! A man. What does he do when he comes as a man? What is his mission? What does he do? He gives rebirth. To whom? With whom does he give rebirth to everyone? He has to find a mother and only then can the Father and Mother together give rebirth. The Messiah will find a bride, but what will you do? You will have to crawl into him, crawl inside his body, ready to be reborn within six months.

You don't know who your mother is going to be, but you do know that you have to symbolically crawl inside the True Father as the seed of a baby. Do you understand? You must think constantly, I am now surrounded strongly by love, I am right inside the bone marrow of the True Father, surrounded by love. I am safe and I am right inside him waiting to be reborn by True Mother. We have to have that strong feeling of being inside Father by loving Mother as well, feeling, 'When Father makes love with Mother, then I, who am deeply inside Father as the seed of a baby, will be conceived and be reborn.'

But you are not yet reborn, so what can you do? You must consider ourselves as True Parent's own children. You have to feel that I am the older brother and you are the younger brother and you will never let me go. Then when I have my own child, this could be regarded as you being born again by becoming one with that child. You already know that I took Mother, and all the children were born. Of course our children are younger than you in physical age but to you they are still elder ones, aren't they? This is why everybody calls them elder brother, elder sister, even if they are only two or three years old. They are the same as you, and you are twins. It so happens that they were born first and you are born later, but it does not make any difference because you are twins. You should become a really strongly connected twin. The fallen twins can be claimed by Satan, but not you, because you became one with the God-born child. Satan has no claim over you. You can walk as reborn sons and daughters of God.

Now let me ask you again, are you reborn? If not, now you know. Then why did God do this for us? So that we could make a foundation to be born again. God did not do that for the sake of me, but God worked through me for the world's sake, to give rebirth to everyone on earth. Isn't that right? Isn't that what God did for us?

When you hear the perfect explanation you still have some thinking to do to catch up; but I have had to fight constantly against Satan and try to discover things from Satan; otherwise the 4 billion people of the world would be ruled by Satan. But because of one individual, True Father, Satan's dominion of the world is absolutely at an end.

So far nobody knew this, but now more and more people will know and soon everyone in the world will know, that Satan has no business here and will have to pack up and leave! The Bible promised that you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Do you understand?

Suppose I were to say, 'I am going to kick all of you out of the Unification Church, I don't need you!' What would you say? What right do you have to say no? You have a very good lead. You just say to me, 'Father, you just told us that we are your sons and daughters, what is wrong with sons and daughters staying in the same house as their Father. It is my right to receive all the inheritance from my Father!' You can also say, 'Father, even if you kick me out of the front door, I have a right to enter the rear door!' Do you understand? Now I am telling you everything, aren't I?

If I chase you out of here, will you go? No! Then when I say 'Here is your husband,' what are you going to say? Then you will say, 'Father, that is too much!' Will you say that? No? You must know that your husband, elder and younger brothers and sisters are the same sons and daughters just like everyone else. You must say, 'Father, I will take good care of him, because you have taken such good care of him.' Do you follow me? Yes? That is the normal way that the filial son and daughter should be.

Those who are candidates and want to be blessed, raise your hands. Have you ever thought that way? You never thought so much about marital principles but you looked with hawks' eyes, 'Where is my good husband? I'll snatch him now before other people do!' or 'Where is my good wife, I want the prettiest one!' That kind of person is a thief! Or can you describe him as something else? It does not make any difference whether you are white, black, yellow, Indian, or anything. It is exactly the same, the way everyone feels.

Today I walked in town, just for a spell, and I saw many Indians. Have you ever invited them because they look so miserable and unhappy, 'Come in, I'll just buy you a dinner!' Have you ever done that? Has anyone done that? Maybe you thought instead, 'Well I am a lady, why do they come so close to me!' You did not even want to touch their outer garment. Now you know that you cannot do that. Heaven is not just where you go, or a handful of people go, or only those people you care for go. Heaven is for everyone. Everyone must go to Heaven, otherwise it is not Heaven. Until it is filled with people it is not going to be Heaven.

Without having this clear unchanging idea, we could never hope to achieve unity in the world. Since man fell God worked so hard. I did impossible things, absolutely impossible things that you will not understand in our lifetime. What did God work for, what did I work for? To bring every lost person into this Kingdom of Heaven. That was the purpose, to restore the love between Father and Son, between brothers and sisters, the whole of mankind.

The Order of Love

I prayed deeply, and asked God deeply, for a long time, 'What is the essence, the secret of the universe?' Then one day God answered saying, 'The Father-Son Relationship is the core, the essence of the universe.' That does not just mean whoever gave birth to us, but the True Father, God, and that original relationship. Through all the complicated, difficult and painful history there is one simple thing to restore: this relationship of heart between Father and Son.

You already learned this, in a different way. The purpose of creation is explained in the Divine Principle as the forming of the four-position foundation. You know that God, True Mother and myself are the basis of Heaven and God can dwell right there. Now all of you, let me ask you another question. Do all of you love me? Yes? Do you really mean it? The ones here at the front, do you really love me? Yes. Why does this happen? Why do you love him? Yes, as a parent. You will come right into my body as a seed of a baby, and through Mother be born again, isn't that right? When I come, you are all happy in spite of yourselves. We don't know why we are just happy.

For the woman, the four position foundation contains the Father's love, the husband's love, and the brother's love. As fallen men we must first experience the mother's and the father's love. Without receiving that love, we have no way of passing on that love to anybody else. And as for a woman, the first love she must receive is also the parent's love; the husband's love is only secondary, isn't it? Until the Messiah, the True Parents, come on earth, and through them all men receive the direct love of parents, certainly the woman has no qualification to love her husband. It would be a false love, only secondary love.

This is why until the day that the Messiah comes again, everyone should live in celibacy. All the major religions teach: 'Don't marry.' This is an oversimplified argument, of course. But strictly speaking, religiously, they were not supposed to marry when there were no Parents. You love me, don't you? That means that you can marry to receive the secondary love, which is the love of husband. Nobody knew. But now, the problem is solved. Hereafter every little problem is solved. There is no inconsistency, nothing at all that you cannot understand.

Suppose I do not give the Blessing this time. If I do not bless for ten or twenty years, years, then what are you going to do? Are you going to get married somehow, or stay single? Which one is it? Single! At least you know the right answer! Can you be really confident that the baby you bear will be a good baby, without believing in Christ? Then those ones who believe in Christ, can they marry at will?

Now let me ask you another question, can you marry now? Are you qualified to marry by yourself? If not, then how can I give you blessing if you are not qualified? Then is it going to be a true marriage, or not? Well, suppose you have a baby eventually, maybe four or five years later, and Satan says, 'You are not qualified, that baby is not worthy of going to heaven.' What are you going to say to that baby? If Satan questions you, you have to be very confident and say, 'Since we are the True Sons and Daughters of the True Parents, you, Satan, do not have anything to do with any baby born of our marriage.'

The situation has changed very much since the Fall took place, and it has changed for eternity. Are you confident that you are going to give birth to babies that will go to the eternal heaven? There must be no uncertainty about this. We have to be so absolutely sure that even if somebody took one eye or even two eyes out of us, or took one arm from us, this will conviction will never change.

What if somebody came to you and said, 'If you continue to believe in the Unification Church, then I will just clobber you!' What would you say? Would you say, 'I give up?' Or still believe? If someone asks you the question, 'Do you know the Unification Church?' or 'Do you believe in the Unification Church?' which would you say? Do you know or believe? Know is a stronger word. When you know, then you are absolutely sure. 'Believe' is not so certain. If I say 'I believe,' it implies that some day I will know, whereas if I say, 'I know,' then as of today, I am qualified: I know. So do you know the Unification Church or do you believe in Unification Church?

There is no way to deny that the human fall took place through love. It took just one Fall with Adam and Eve that resulted in all the misery, all the fundraising, all the witnessing, all the persecutions of and by Christians, all the war, all the conflicts. The western world is just becoming junk, thinking of nothing but falling. Are you going to fall again? After you know this? How about just once? Unless you straighten this out now, there is absolutely no way for you to go to God and live with God. Not everybody is thinking so seriously about this.

But I myself, thinking of all the billions of mankind, have sleepless nights working this problem out. Do you think I am a pitiful Father or the happiest, most authoritative Father? Pitiful is closer to the truth. So too is God. For this reason alone, we shall never fall again, and we should take this seriously. Today, people don't think anything about it, to fall one night, to fall one month. But once you are restored, you will never ever fall again. You should be somewhat better than a rabbit or a dog, you know. You are a man, a woman. A human being must learn something. Once he learns a lesson, he must put it into practice. Even if you have a husband like a dog, no matter how ugly he is, he is still better than a dog, isn't he?

Indemnity goes by degrees. There is small, medium and big indemnity. If the most handsome person marries the most ugly person and they live harmoniously together, that is the largest indemnity. If the prince of a first-rate country marries a laborer, and gives the greatest love imaginable, then this will indemnify all the faults of man and all the faults of women put together. Love is great enough to indemnify all those things. If this is true, then what are you going to do? Are you going to do that? Do you have to think twice, or is it a completely clear choice. Which is it? If you all promise that to me, I will wait and see! Now you have a clear idea how you can be born again. As soon as you have such a clear idea, then you have to have absolute confidence, that you can and will be born again.

Your eyes, ears, mouth, and all your senses, and even your skin must first like me! If you love another man first, for example, then that is a violation of principle; it just doesn't work. Do you understand? As a result of the fall, women especially lost three kinds of love, a brother's love, a husband's love and parent's love. All these three loves were lost all at once. Therefore, in restoring these three kinds of love, God makes it possible for these three to be restored all together at one time. All Spirit World works upon you so that you will have intense feeling of love to me as your own brother, your own husband, and your own Father.

In your dreams or a vision, according to your degree of spirituality, I will give you, in person, a wedding ring, just like a bridegroom giving the bride a wedding ring. Then you really feel spiritually enhanced. At that time, you really feel like that and you will be thinking of nothing else than 'I wish Father was my real brother, my real husband, and my real Father, and I wish this dream would never finish!' You never want to forget this feeling for the rest of your life. When this is happening to you then this is a sure sign of your maturity, then you are mature enough to be called anything, even wife and mother. That is the point where you can seek after the ideal husband. This is completely principled.

The man actually has a simpler problem and process. All men have to do is to follow women! Perhaps for this reason, in the western world and especially in America, women have supremacy! You know all men open the door for you, open the door of the car for you and bring breakfast to you in bed. Well do they, or don't they? Sometimes the woman strikes the man, and he endures it.

In front of women and the Messiah, men are in the archangel position. To be precise, women's liberation will last for 70 years from the end of the World War I and the Second Advent. Thus this tendency will be dominant up to about 1988. But here is a very important thing: women must not think that this state of affairs will continue eternally. During these 70 years woman have to turn around, and after knowing the truth that they have to go back to the original position.

The problem today is that American women find it very difficult to change their course. They have been doing it for such a long time that they don't know how to correct it and they don't know the truth. If they don't change, they would be without a husband forever. Nobody would marry. That's when the true English gentleman would come to the rescue! Are you English gentlemen going to do that?

The rules that history is developing by at this time are fantastic, and nobody knows how history develops. Because Father is now on earth, the Spirit World and the flesh which so far have been divided are coming into one for the first time in history. You don't know in detail but do you feel that, do you sense that? Tonight you have heard the most important topic, Rebirth.

Well, it is now 3:00 am. What do you say if I send you to bed now? No? Well, let's have some songs. I am skilled at musical critique. When I visit the New York City Symphony orchestra or the Go World Brass Band, I often gives suggestions of how to improve, and the performers agree that I have hit right on the point. That is interesting, isn't it? By giving you such excitement, I make it hard for you to fall asleep!

How can you say that this is anything more than a dream? Only it is not a dream. How in the world did I find out all of this truth, the Principle, which no one knew? You are given this hard-won knowledge free, and for that reason you are the happiest bunch in the world. If I had the time, I would speak more about it. The people of the highest state have go to the lowest. You should not mind that. Even a prince and princess may go down and fund raise like a beggar. Do you mind that at all? Then why do you go? You go in order to judge people. When you go out and fund raise you will notice that not so many rich people support you, but poor people, who also have nearly nothing, who are almost like beggars themselves, they support you. The trend that the white people's day is over and the black and minority people's day is beginning is because they are the ones who contribute to you most liberally.

You must take the indemnity for white people, who are much closer to you than anybody else. Wherever you go you must repent on behalf of all the white people, and constantly seek forgiveness from God, saying, 'Please forgive the white people and, instead, I will work harder than I am supposed to!' You are asking God's pardon and you're working harder than black people and other minorities. This makes a condition for God to forgive the rest of the white people. Have you ever thought that way? Have that thought.

At one time the white people were superior in many ways, for example in sports. At the Olympics, it used to be the white people who were in superior position. Now the white people are less and black athletes are going up into that position. They are winning more prizes than white people. It will be the tendency in marriages that white family's number of children will get smaller and smaller, whereas the marriages of black and colored races will be blessed with more children. Isn't that right?

Eventually, what does that mean? This is the reason for repentance. As white families decline, it becomes normal for the white person to bring in a new woman or a different man almost every night. They would live more like an animal, and they would hate to have a baby, because they think it is a nuisance. That is the way the sons and daughters of God are falling down to the level of the archangel. They will sell everything, even love, for the sake of their own desire. That love they casually sacrifice is the center of the heavenly law and heavenly morals. But they don't understand.

Rev. Moon then began the matching of the candidates.

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