The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

Washington Monument

Sun Myung Moon
September 18, 1978
London, England
Translator -- Bo Hi Pak

Today is the second anniversary of the Washington Monument victory. It was the culminating rally of all the campaigns in America, which started in 1972.

The providence of restoration cannot be accomplished without paying indemnity so our course follows God's formula of restitution by indemnity. Indemnity is necessary because mankind committed a crime and has a debt of sin to God. Each person has to pay indemnity to clear the debt and also to separate from Satan, who accuses mankind day and night. The formula applies to the individual, nation or world; no one is exempt.

You cannot think of yourself as an independent individual. You are the result of history and behind you is a full family tree which brought you forth at this particular time. You are the fruit of this tree and you represent the world. You are not an isolated individual in any sense. Neither do you stand still in one place. No matter where one may have started in the past, every individual is striving toward a common goal. In order to reach that final goal everyone has to go in a straight line toward the world.

There are many courses or passages in the world, but generally they all flow, like rivers, to one conclusion or destination. History and culture are moving up and down along one principal line, generally progressing toward the common goal. No matter how high you might have lifted yourself at one time, if you make a mistake you sink down and must make a big effort to make restitution. If you turn around to survey your past course, you will see that it is crooked and winding. In the sight of God there are many debts of sin and crime from history and unless they are straightened out you cannot be acknowledged by Him.

In looking at the present, every individual is surrounded by the world. No one stands alone. One Japanese is not just from his country but from the world today. All mankind is standing at this one particular junction of God's providence, confronting their destinies. Each person is situated somewhere in this wide world, with everyone competing with each other and struggling to better his situation.

You must go straight forward along the line of history and of dispensation and have pride in yourself. You are like a snowball that is rolling along, -- getting bigger and bigger, but it should be rolling in this one direction. The important thing to remember is that if you derail, it is not only you but the entire history supporting you which derails. The destinies -- of those present here involve Japan and all Europe. Though nations may be going in different directions, the world is still interrelated and we can definitely I say we are shouldering the world's destiny.

So far mankind has not seen the central rail of history. If there had been no fall, Adam and Eve would have been going along the rail of God's principle, becoming the full manifestation of God. Adam and Eve were supposed to become the rail for all men and women. God planned men and women in a certain way, and if Adam and Eve had not fallen their way would have become mankind's way. The fall of man meant the loss of that example. When they fell Adam and Eve did not have the blueprint; God had it. Because of the fall no one has ever seen an example of what true men and women should be like. A pitch-dark blackness surrounds men and God must re-establish the rail for all men and women to see.

Through all the religions in history God has been mobilizing workers to prepare to lay the rail by leading man in the general area of the track or by preparing the bridges or the roadbed. Much preparation is required and once it is done someone will come to actually lay the rail. This role as principal contractor was the responsibility of the central religions in the providence, Judaism and Christianity. Who is going to be the actual rail itself? The key religious leaders of Judaism and Christianity should make up each rail. God wanted that rail to be complete before the Messiah came, with Jesus coming to be a locomotive and God Himself as the engineer, steering the train to its goal. The final destination is the completed world terminal on the world level but along the way are many stations -- individual, family, clan, tribe and nation. At those stations all mankind can meet God on their way to the Kingdom of Heaven. This path is the historical destiny of which no one can avoid being a part.

If the Jews had accepted Jesus they would have completed the rail and driven to each station, and another Messiah would not have been needed. The Jews worked hard to lay the foundation for the rail, and if they had accepted Jesus they would have had a great success. However, Jesus could not accomplish his full mission and he left, saying that he would come again. That meant that the groundwork for the rail had to be started all over again and re-consummated. This has been history's destiny for the last 2,000 years.

Christianity was given the contract for the new rail and when the second Messiah comes Christians should be able to pass through each station with him and quickly reach the ultimate goal of world restoration. But if Christianity comes against the Messiah the failure 2,000 years ago will be repeated. In that case the Messiah himself must be the contractor and start out from scratch to lay the rail and only then finally become the locomotive. A lot of work will have to be done by the Messiah himself.

Then what is the Unification Church? The Unification Church must recover the failure of Judaism and Christianity and of the whole world. From the alpha and omega of the dispensation we must make the rail complete so that God can go back and forth freely, bringing all mankind on board. This world is desperately seeking the Messiah's coming for he is the only hope for a solution for the world. If there is no rail or train running, what can the world do'? Mankind will have to walk the enormous distance.

The most ideal situation is for an express train to be in operation, not a local that makes stops at every little station. God wants a super express so that all mankind can zoom to the final destination in the shortest possible time and be reunited with God. When the Messiah comes will he find the preparations complete, with double tracks and great bridges and roadbeds'? No, when he comes all he will find is a desert. Though there is a sprinkling of religion here and there, mankind is essentially in ignorance, not even knowing that a train is necessary.

Throughout history the builders have always faced some extraordinary hurdle. There is no such thing as a flat, smooth roadbed, and not only that, at each successive station there are increasingly difficult obstacles. Since religion is hemmed in by one wall after another, how can anyone break through'? No man on earth could complete the track and start the train running. The Messiah alone has the power and wisdom to penetrate all those walls. All the prophets in history were to prepare for the day when God sent the Messiah.

In the Unification Church we are busy people because we have to do everything, with no preparation made ahead of time. The land must be graded, the bridges built, the tunnels blasted, the rails laid, and we even have to make the train ourselves. Our church is named Unification Church, therefore, because we have to do all the tasks which religions have failed to do in a united way.

Where should the Messiah start? After quickly completing the foundation for the individual and family, he should have started on the national foundation and then gone on to the world. Within seven years Jesus was to have finished the dispensation for himself, his family, his tribe and his nation. That was prolonged, however, because he received no cooperation. Thus, Christianity was destined to repeat the mission left undone by Judaism, but its position was far weaker. The Jews at least had their nation and homeland, but because of Jesus' crucifixion no physical base remained for Christianity. Only a spiritual base was left, leaving Christianity crippled from the start.

Even if Christians had totally united with the Messiah when he came again, the task could not have been easy because all physical territory is under Satan's control. There will be a great deal of struggle at the Second Advent because every step of the physical foundation has to be fought for. Reaching out to the national level always entails a great deal of effort, but it is absolutely essential. Whatever nation the Messiah comes to will always resist the messianic mission, fighting him until he reaches the critical national level. Externally the nation will be divided and inevitably there will be conflict, with either the church or ideology being divided in that nation. Korea today holds that position.

The mission of the Messiah is to lay the national foundation and expand it to worldwide victory, but he must win the internal, spiritual victory before he can win the actual physical victory. It is logical that when the Messiah comes he will endeavor to unite the Christian world first, and ultimately the whole world. If Christians in Korea and around the world were to unite with the Messiah then this mission could be accomplished in seven years, and in unity the believers would go out to win the unbelievers.

If Christians totally united with the Messiah there would be no room for communism.

Non-religious people always cling to their nation but true Christians cling to the world. Because Christianity has a worldwide awareness while other people think only of one nation, it would be easy for Christians to embrace or encompass one nation after another. Once Christianity fails to unite with the Messiah, however, what will happen'? Then the satanic world will unite on a worldwide scale to try and crush Christianity and the Messiah. That is happening through worldwide communism. That's why the messianic mission must aim at Moscow, the next place we will have a worldwide rally.

This is the explanation of our background and ideology. We have a definite philosophy and conviction and we are plunging into the ultimate mission, even at the risk of our lives. That is our position. We are at the point in history where we must try to restore the Christians who have rejected us. When Jesus came the Jews rebelled and he had to try to win them back before he could plan for the world mission. In the same way, we must win the Christian world before we can talk about defeating communism. Therefore, the messianic work in our day inevitably involves Christianity, particularly in Korea. The Christians of Korea are vitally important and we must embrace Christians in the rest of the world to help them understand the messianic vision.

Not only must the Messiah restore Christians, he must also restore the historical failure of Judaism and within that framework he must lay the foundation of the family. This is why the path of history is always the paramount problem. We cannot just disregard the mistakes of the past as though they were unrelated to us. We must take care of all the past failures of Judaism and Christianity by making restitution. Because history was a failure and no stations were built for the heavenly train, we must rebuild them one after another. We are going to take responsibility for the failures of Judaism and Christianity and bring them to the level where we can start to build anew. We are responsible for Christianity and the tree world as well as Judaism and Israel, both the internal and external.

When Judaism becomes united then Israel can become united, and when Christians of the world are totally united then the free world can become one. The internal element is spiritual, and when internal unity occurs, external unity automatically follows. When the Unification Church was born the world was in a shambles of division, needing someone to come forth and take responsibility. By following this person's example each individual must be able to relate to the world and feel he is a result of history with all its failures. People today must assume the responsibility for mankind's history.

How could they do it without the Messiah even if they wanted to? No one knows the beginning and end of each situation. This blind world needs a guide. When the Messiah comes he knows the way and he will assemble the people to give them direction. Without him they have no hope, but if the world doesn't know who he is it will come against him. Therefore, he is destined to start his mission in the worst possible position.

The Messiah doesn't come on a throne. Though he starts from the bottom of hell he will not falter; he will pay the debt for the dirtiest crimes of humanity and then consummate the foundation of the individual level, the family, tribe, nation and so forth, and at every place he will encounter Satan. Even though the world does not know who Satan is and will not give assistance, the Messiah must claim a victory at every encounter.

The American pioneers sealed first on the East Coast, and as they moved west and built that nation they met resistance. They could not settle anywhere until they fought and overcame all opposition and the Messiah's course is the same. The white people, however, just fought with guns and moved on after killing people. The Messiah cannot do that. He must melt the people's hearts with love and then move on. The westward movement in America cannot be compared with the difficulties of the Messiah's pioneering path.

In Eden Cain slew Abel, and in the same way Christianity, the brother of the Unification Church, has organized in order to crush the messianic mission. In Korea a fierce battle began between the two and I persevered, fighting every step of the way to reach the worldwide level. We are miserable people in a sense because the Messiah started out in misery; if you are to follow his pattern you will also start out in misery. We have no foothold but can we run away? There is no place to run to! Also, if we run away we are disregarding our historical responsibility. We have to stand and fight.

The Messiah cannot run away from any responsibility, but must confront it and overcome. In 1960 I won a major victory when the True Parents were installed. Jesus had a certain dispensation to fulfill in his family which he could not finish. John the Baptist also had an important dispensation to fulfill, and without that being completed Jesus could not have the holy wedding in his lifetime. Before 19601 completed that dispensation and could install True Parenthood. What was the foundation on which I did that? The Unification Church.

Our goal is the advent of the new individual and new family, new nation and world. That is the central theme of our ideology. Have you become a new person? What is the definition of a new man? He is the man over whom Satan has no power or accusation. No condition remains because the indemnity has been paid and Satan cannot touch him. How can you recognize whether you are such a person? If a new man will pledge to give his life to rebuild the world, no one can change his commitment. No one can change his commitment or destiny, even if nation after nation come to test him and if Satan himself comes to turn him around. No power under the sun can prevail against him.

Satan is always coming with a big cannon against a man of that commitment. Against a small man Satan brings only a rifle, but a new man will easily overcome that. Satan will then bring a cannon in the form of family persecution, but a new man will say, "No cannon can deter me." Then Satan will bring an atomic bomb in the form of world persecution but still this man will refuse to be defeated. If Satan runs out of weapons to use then he will give up and go away. Finally Satan will have to surrender and then God will bow down, smiling ear to ear for the man who prevailed over Satan.

Are you such men and women? If you are then nothing can stop you individually or as a family or nation because you will be so committed and determined. Satan will have no power over you because you will have cleared away the indemnity of the past. For the whole Unification Church to go that route would involve too much sacrifice, so one man took that route representing everyone. By following the path I have traveled, you make the condition of winning victory yourself.

In 1960 the first family of heaven was installed; that was the greatest of all God's victories because until that time God could not recognize any family. Since 1960 the world has been crumbling and history has been moving rapidly. In the last 18 years the world has changed dramatically. Even you have no idea how much the world has changed and how the Unification Church is the cause of it. Now God truly has His own family, His own base on earth, and God can say, "I have my own foundation now." The Unification Church must bear the cross for the sake of the world. Just as Jesus bore the cross on Calvary, each one of us must bear the cross for God and the world. Otherwise, we cannot dream of world salvation.

When you grasp this gigantic picture of dispensation, how can you ever complain or say you are tired? Many incredible things have already been accomplished in history and our job is a rosy one in comparison. For 6,000 years God has worked to see the mission of one Messiah fulfilled. The arrival of the Messiah is only the first step, for then he must restore one heavenly Eve and then move on to restore one family, tribe, nation and the world. Far more work needs to be done than God's 6,000 years of work so far. Can you imagine how difficult that is?

When the blessing is given the men represent the 6,000 years of history and the women represent the 20 years of Unification Church history, and by matching them I am grafting them into a new lineage to be given new life. Do you have any idea how precious that blessing is? lt represents the fulfillment of history, and therefore, breaking up those families becomes the worst crime possible.

In 1960 God finally found one portal open and now God is asking the Unification Church to make restitution for all of history in 21 years. The failure of the Jews and of Old Testament history must be restored. It is more difficult to pay a bill that is 2,000 or 4,000 years old than to start fresh. There were certain things Jesus was supposed to do to consummate the Old Testament era, and the new Messiah must start out by paying that debt.

If Jesus had been accepted by some of the people then there would have been no rejection when the Lord came again. However, Jesus suffered and the new Messiah must suffer in order to pay indemnity. He will also be rejected with his family, his tribe, and so on. From 1960 to 1967 I consummated the family level with Mother and our children. Those seven years formed an impenetrable core which no ungodly matters could disrupt. The most important factor was the total obedience of Mother and our children, even if I was persecuted and had to suffer in jail. Still Mother and the children were committed to following me. That unity had to be formed and tested during those seven years.

The next seven years were needed to lay the national foundation. In the meantime I created a heavenly tribe as preparation for the world level dispensation. That tribe represented the entire world. On January 1, 1968, I declared God's Day, after seven years of victorious accomplishment. God lost His family in the Garden of Eden and by restoring the heavenly family Parents Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and ultimately God's Day could be installed. God's Day came last because God's joy cannot be fulfilled unless there is a family installed and all things of creation have been restored. Hence, the other three days had to be installed before God's joy could be complete. That's how all four major holidays were established.

During this period I went around the world for the first time, in 1965, and set up holy grounds, planting spiritual roots in forty nations. The Korean nation was already in the position of having been restored so I brought pebbles and dirt from the Holy Land to six continents and forty nations, linking them with Korea. 120 holy grounds were established at that time. Most holy grounds were established in the United States because I anticipated the day when America would be a major base for the worldwide dispensation. Historically America is an assemblage of Abels who were persecuted by their own religion in Europe and fled to the new world.

The first seven years of the 21-year course were equivalent to the Old Testament era. Starting in 1968 the next seven years were restitution for the New Testament era. The first seven years were the era of the parents, and the next seven years were the children's era, in which they had to be tested under tribulation. All the blessed children had to withstand difficulties. The blessed couples were tested and hardened so that they could become absolute, unconditional followers of the True Parents, and even if their children became beggars or orphans they would go to fulfill True Parents' will. That tradition had to be laid in the second seven years. By then the 36, 72, 120, 430 and 777 couples were blessed. They thought that finally they could enjoy family life, but all of a sudden God said, "Leave this place," and tossed them out.

The three years and six months from 1970 to 1973 were a period of absolute tribulation for the couples. In 1970 I told the blessed couples, who of course had children by then, to pack up and leave their families for the mission. There was no room for flexibility. Many of the children went to orphanages because there was no one else to take care of them and the husband and wife went their separate ways. You can imagine the accusations I received at that time for blessing those families and then splitting them up; people couldn't believe this would be the work of God. Even those who obeyed me received accusation for following such a crazy man. But unless they faced utmost adversity, how could they show their absolute loyalty to God?

If I did that here I would probably be mobbed, but Koreans have been trained through 5,000 years of hardship and they know how to swallow bitter tribulation. At that time the menace of attack from the North was increasing every day, and at the end of that three-year period the Korean people said that they were indebted to the Unification Church. "If all Koreans work like the Unification Church," they said, "we will have no problem stopping invasion from the North." They began to praise me as a real patriot. How can you be a real patriot without sacrificing yourself? The Unification Church is the only group of people doing it, and after those years were over only the Christians opposed us; the average Koreans praised us.

This was how the second seven-year course ended. As a result I could leave for the worldwide mission in the middle of those seven years, and in 1971 1 arrived in America. I could say to those couples in Korea, "You have overcome the utmost hard ship for three years and six months and still you are loyal. I can trust you to take care of Korea. Now I can leave to take care of the world." I left Korea in the hands of those blessed couples.

I had to complete restitution of the New Testament era on the worldwide level before 1974. Our goal will never be less than the worldwide level so I had until 1974 to set the condition of America and worldwide Christianity welcoming me. In 1972, 1973 and 1974 I went city to city in all fifty states, and on the initial trips people welcomed me with proclamations and letters of appreciation. By being welcomed in that way 1 linked Korean Christianity to worldwide Christianity. Even though Korean Christians opposed me on the national level, American Christians welcomed me initially. Their welcome offered one more chance for Christianity since America represented the worldwide foundation.

The Korean origin had to be linked with the worldwide base. In 1974 the initial worldwide foundation in America was successfully accomplished and I could link it with Korea so I initiated the crusades in Asia. I left at the end of 1974 and sent the IOWC ahead to Japan and Korea. Unification Church members from all over the world came to Korea trying to give that nation a holy baptism. At that time the Korean government and Christians were fierce enemies, like a cat and mouse, with myself in the center as a mediator.

In order to consummate the New Testament era the government and Christianity must be united, not in conflict. When the Unification Church stepped in to mediate, the Christian churches initiated a major confrontation. In every city of my speaking tour in Korea the Christian churches staged demonstrations to keep people away.

Two thousand years ago the political power of Rome and Israel united together crucified Jesus, but in restitution America welcomed me and Korea accepted me. Events in Korea fulfilled this completely and a spiritual victory was won in America and translated into a physical victory in Korea. Upon that victorious foundation I came back to the West and began the key campaigns for Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument. On April 30, 1973 1 was given the right of permanent residency in America. This was a great contribution from America to the Unification Church because on this foundation we were able to launch these key campaigns.

America is in the position of Rome and 2,000 years ago in Rome many occult sects flourished, but in America God-centered religion had a base. Two thousand years ago Rome was trying to oppress Israel, but today's America has tried to help Korea, making restitution. Being given permanent residency by America was comparable to the Roman Empire welcoming Jesus 2,000 years ago. From April 30, 1973 until September 18, 1976 the main chapter of the dispensation in the United States unfolded. I never made public speeches in Korea, but started in America. When I pushed hard I expected opposition. From April 30, 1973 until the end of February, 1974 which was the end of the second seven-year course, I made preparations to launch the big campaigns in the third seven-year course, the full-scale worldwide dispensation.

I wanted to win the utmost victory in the first three years of the third seven-year course, but I shortened the schedule by one year. I originally scheduled the Washington Monument Rally for 1977, but I wanted to do better, so right after the Yankee Stadium crusade I initiated the Washington Monument campaign. At Yankee Stadium we had heavy rain, almost like crucifixion and then resurrection. From that point the real third seven-year course started and I determined to have the Washington Monument Rally on September 18 that year.

The Washington Monument victory demonstrated that our power and influence were growing and the American government, which welcomed me at first, now felt threatened and several departments started to pressure our Church. Always in the background were the communists. This was very good in the sense that they declared war against me and the Unification Church even before we won the victory of unity in the free world. It came earlier than we expected, which meant that God's dispensation could be shortened.

The Washington Monument Rally was the largest religious rally ever held in the nation's capital and over 300,000 people came. The world felt threatened after they saw that huge gathering and governments tried to use their power to suppress us. I knew that worldwide opposition would come so I prepared ahead of time for us to receive it head-on. In 1975 I had sent missionaries to 127 nations to act as lightning rods and receive that persecution in my position. In the midst of these adverse conditions the Washington Monument Rally took place.

The Washington Monument Rally was the final accounting of God's dispensation. The individual, family, tribe, nation and world -- everything at one time was offered to God and restitution could be made for all of history. That was the meaning of Washington Monument. It was the final showdown between the satanic world and heavenly world and because the Unification Church represented the heavenly world Satan mobilized all his power to crush it at Washington Monument. I had information about what was happening behind the scenes, and I knew that if Washington Monument had been a failure then the government would have moved immediately to crush the Unification Church. The Washington Monument Rally was the culminating showdown of my entire life; no matter how much I had accomplished up until that time, if I had failed then, everything would have crumbled. You can imagine my seriousness.

The Washington Monument Rally was a miracle. In a climate of hostile public opinion I planned the rally to take place in only 78 days. Yankee Stadium was real indemnity and our members' morale was low because they felt we had failed. Lifting them up and moving them toward September 18 was an impossible job. This kind of national rally usually takes one or two years preparation, but I started only 78 days ahead of time. The most important hurdle was getting permission from the U.S. Parks Service to use the Washington Monument grounds, and it was granted only forty days before September 18.

After permission was granted we had to print brochures and organize the whole campaign. I had a meeting three weeks before September 18 and asked the leaders how many people would come. After all our hard work they could only be confident of 8,000 people coming. Talking about 300,000 people coming seemed absolutely crazy at that time. The Park Service people laughed and waited expectantly to see Reverend Moon flop. Everyone thought I was digging my own grave and that after Washington Monument all they had to do was shovel the dirt over.

I was fishing for tuna at that time, but just catching fish was not my purpose. My mind was totally concentrated on Washington Monument and I thought of nothing else. Many times I intended to go to the bathroom but found myself in my own bedroom instead. I had no concept of time or space at that time because the outcome represented life or death for the world.

When the day came and I went out on the platform, I felt that being a criminal on his way to his execution would be far easier. However, God brought the miracle and an impossible, visionary thing became possible. Resurrection came from the bottom of hell. Government people couldn't believe their eyes because they confidently expected failure, but 300,000 people came from all over the country and even other nations. Disturbance and riots were expected, but everything was orderly. At that time Americans really saw what I could do. Instead of digging my own grave I built a towering accomplishment, and the government reacted by thinking that before I got any bigger I should be crushed. The main result of that was the Fraser committee hearings. Four major parties participated in our persecution; the government, Christianity, Judaism and the communists all had the same goal.

The New Age has dawned. On February 23, 1977 I declared the year one of the Kingdom of God on the foundation of the victory of Washington Monument. Always in history Cain was in the position to attack and Abel received a beating, but from February 23 on, that relationship was turned upside down. After that day I knew victory was ours and I gave the direction to go on the offensive against the Fraser committee. I never said that we should only defend ourselves, but that we should counterattack. Then Congressman Fraser was on the defensive. He thought he was going to judge us as criminals, but I told our members that we were the judges, not him.

Courtroom trials have always been an arena utilized by Satan, but the time had come for it to be the place where heaven judged Satan. We took the offensive against the New York Times and Congressman Fraser by suing them and in Japan we sued the major newspaper. In Korea and Britain also we filed suits and each decision so far has been a victory.

The second stage of a providential course is always the most difficult, and in the three years after Washington Monument the second year brought both the full strength of Congressman Fraser's confrontation and his defeat. It was 120 days after I arrived here in Europe that he was defeated when he made a bid for re-election. I knew that if I could stay here for 120 days that everything would be fulfilled. We won a victory over immigration here and I had the chance to stay. We also won a legal victory against a Member of Parliament, Mr. Rose, and he apologized to the Unification Church after I arrived.

The whole world knew about the confrontation between Congressman Fraser and Reverend Moon. The Minneapolis Star tried to help Mr. Fraser's campaign and it ran a four-page article criticizing Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. The Washington papers also supported Mr. Fraser wholeheartedly. Again, everyone felt that Reverend Moon and the Unification Church were finished, that even though we had won the Washington Monument victory we were now defeated. It was a very close race and on election night Mr. Fraser declared his victory. The situation resembled the angel and Jacob wrestling at the ford of Jabbok. It was a tense battle because Jacob was wounded, but still he struggled and in the final moment he defeated the angel. In the final minute Mr. Fraser was defeated. After that victory people became more cautious; after all, Mr. Fraser had brought all kinds of accusations against me, but ultimately he was defeated.

All the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament conditions are fulfilled and now my order is for you to trust me and boldly go out and fight for God and the True Parents. Even when I told Bo Hi Pak to be a David and go fight Goliath, I realized it was not an easy job for that Korean country boy with a flat nose and yellow skin to speak up against the U.S. Congress. But he obeyed and won and Goliath fell. You are Davids, and no matter how big the Goliath, he will fail if you listen to me.

Congressman Fraser came against us in the name of the U.S. Congress and democracy, but I told Mr. Pak to go out in the name of God. That was David's power as well. When you speak in the name of God the entire universe and spirit world come together with you and you are no longer small. The satanic side has exerted all its pressure against us and hit harder and harder, but now they are surrendering. All these things had their roots in the Washington Monument victory, and without it none of these victories could have been won.

By our winning these victories the communists realized how big a giant they are opposing and now the free world is wary as well. Political people want to make friends with me instead of being my enemy. We have turned out to be a heavenly roaring lion. Everyone recognizes the lion as the king after they hear him roar and now whenever I take a step everyone is watching. When I go to Japan or Korea the governments are watching closely and the people welcome me.

Koreans used to oppose me fiercely, but now if someone criticizes me people ask him, "Are you a traitor?" Even those who are not Moonies say, "How can you speak of a patriot like Reverend Moon that way?" I not only fulfilled the heavenly dispensation but brought the feeble nation of Korea up from the dust to an honorable position. You cannot see it here in England, but behind the scenes very constructive things are happening to Korea. I came to Europe for 120 days before returning to Asia and brought blessing here, and upon the victorious foundation I lay here I will go on to greater dispensation. I have been eager to have an environment where there was no opposition and I could be free to do only constructive things instead of always defending our work, and the time for that has come now.

England has been very kind to me, unlike America. I am now on my way home to Korea, but England has been very gentlemanly. That's why a double blessing came to Europe. One blessing was given already, and before leaving I gave another in the form of engagement. Truly we are moving into the New Age. You stand on the foundation of the third seven-year course having been successfully completed, and after these seven years are finished our worldwide focus will be Moscow.

The communist problem is everywhere -- Europe, America, South America, Africa. No one has brought a solution except Reverend Moon and with that knowledge you can be courageous and bold. The communists have been united but we must divide them and win them sector by sector. I have been doing Victory over Communism activities all this time, and now is the time for that work to be very great. The communists started out with a noble global concept of international brotherhood but they have fragmented into national camps, and recently become divided even further, down to the tribal level. This division means that they are shrinking while the Unification Church is uniting. We have passed the crossing point, and as we move toward the worldwide level they are sinking down to the tribal level. Fundamental unity of the world is made through the blessing and with love we are mixing all races into oneness, breaking down barriers of language, culture and nation.

These blessings here in England represent the "United States of Europe". I asked Dennis Orme how many British brothers and sisters were matched with other British members and he said all of them were matched to members from other nations. Do you get upset at having a mate from another nation and say, "How could you give me an arrogant man from another nation'?" No, instead you thank me. If you could see into spirit world you would find banquets and festivities taking place, with ancestors of all five skin colors rejoicing.

Until this time spirit world has been divided according to race, but since they have seen me breaking down the barriers and mixing things up they decided they also need to break down the barriers. Heaven and earth always act together, so something that happens in spirit world is mirrored in the physical world. I am the one taking the initiative, however, and whatever I do in the physical world will happen in spirit world as well.

Unless we can unite the spirit world there will be no unity here on earth, and unless there is unity on earth there will be none in spirit world. Many of our members want to marry someone from the other side of the globe and by doing so East and West will be turned around. That's a good sign. This ambition is not just your idea; you feel that way because the cosmic spring is coming. I am a mediator and a herald of the cosmic spring. I put ''explosives" from Germany and England together and light them with a match of love. Powder mixed up from different nations make a bigger explosion!

Our weapon against the satanic world is going to be love and the family. The free world has many animal-like families and we have to cleanse their attitude and lift them up. Will they feel animosity when you bring judgment to them? No, because your judgment will be saving them. The time has come for resurrection and home churches are important work. We are going to work in the fundamental unit of the home, bringing the gospel and the cosmic spring there. Now you know that we can bring down the Kingdom of God on earth and it is no longer vague to you. Since we have won spiritually we have declared victory physically and now persecution will decrease.

Those who oppose you will pay a great penalty. Do you believe it? Americans are very pragmatic, even after they accept the Principle and become loyal followers. The leaders there thought I didn't get too much cooperation in that respect from the American family and inside they were dubious. I had a lonesome battle and pushed them until we won the victory and now even those pragmatic Americans think they have to trust me.

Here you have too many messiahs for such a small country. You could finish everything in one stroke and then you would be qualified to say you are children of the True Parents, different from ordinary Westerners. Believe unconditionally and act like a bear. The Bible says we must be fools for Christ so don't try to be too smart. Bears are foolish sometimes, climbing up trees even when branches break and tumble them down. Do not try to be too clever and opportunistic. Everything I predicted came about, didn't it? Today I gave you a quick, concise overview of the dispensation, but its accomplishment was an incredible feat. No historian or politician could have imagined it, but they cannot deny what has happened or deny me. It is logical and they cannot deny logic.

In the next two or three days I will leave and you will again come under Dennis Orme and I want you to continue working hard. Whenever I hear the name Dennis I think of tennis. A tennis player has a racket and smashes the ball across the court. I want you to have that kind of give and take with him.

I want you to be courageous based on the foundation of these 120 days. I am giving you the order to attack and you have nothing to fear. March forward in this small nation of Britain. The Washington Monument campaign was done in three weeks, so you can do your campaign here in one week. A speaking campaign is starting here, north and south, which will sweep the country.

In the next three months you will create a volcanic spiritual explosion and if you do I will come back in three months. Inside make a hard commitment to back up your pledge to me. Everything is already done. I have described all the preparation to be made, the rails and stations and bridges. I have done it and the train is ready; you are the moving train and all you have to do is run. Would you run with excitement or groan, "There is the station. Why don't you stop the train?" Will you run faster and faster toward the future'?

Today we are commemorating the victory of September 18 and the purpose of this is to make a new dedication. Will you rededicate yourselves today'? London is the place. "Lon" sounds like "longing"; God has been longing for this city and we have to claim it. Are you going to go out from today on and do it? We will nickname London "Livingdon." Can you pledge, "Father, even though my back breaks I won't stop. I will devise a method for half my body to sleep while the other is busy, so I can go on 24 hours a day. No matter what, I will conquer London."

Everyone will say you are crazy. All right, we are crazy. We have a gigantic spiritual diamond that no one else has so we act crazy. Those who want to do it raise your hands. Don't look for me until I come back again. I will leave, but you just go out now for the work.

We need triple membership in London. I wanted to finish this campaign in 120 days, but it is being extended for three months because I want to triple our membership. Once again, raise your hands if you want to do it.

Thank you very much.

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