The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

Where Do We Go?

Sun Myung Moon
September 17, 1978
London, England
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Man was supposed to have been born in love, grow up in love, live in love and pass on to eternal life in love. That was the original pattern of the ideal world and life in the love of God. Man was meant to live in that ideal world but because of the fall no one has ever accomplished it. Since the fall the whole history of mankind has been filled with struggle and suffering. For example, there has been a great deal of tragedy in relations between black and white. That was never to have existed in the original world where everything would have been intermixed. Imagine what kind of race mankind would have become had there been no fall.

All kinds of divisions resulted from the fall -- divisions of race, of nations, language and culture. All of these began in the struggle of man living without God. Life began as a brotherhood, but instead of mankind's uniting as brothers under one God, a conflict of ideas and direction arose and man has been struggling for his own selfish interests. In that way human history began to divide on the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level and worldwide level. The world we have today is the result of that struggle.

Human history began in tragedy and proceeded in tragedy. The consequence is that strong or powerful men always demolish the weaker. Nevertheless, as long as there is a God in this universe He is the strongest one, and if the stronger always conquers the weaker then God must be the ultimate conqueror.

Let us examine the position of God. God is not conquering the universe in the same sense that an evil power would conquer. God has been thinking that in His own ideal world the stronger should serve the weaker instead of conquering him. This is the godly concept. Thus the great task remains of restoring this world back to God's original concept. It is the mission of religion to fulfill that responsibility. Even though God is the strongest of all in the universe, He has been taking the position of weakest, helping and encouraging the defenseless people of faith so that through them He could restore the world. Religious people have always been in a vulnerable position but God has sided with them, trying to bring His ideal back to the world. That has been the history of religion.

When we consider this concept. We can characterize the life of religion in one word: sacrifice. The work and virtue of religion has been sacrifice, not only for the strong ones but also for the weaker ones. Religion has taken the position of sacrifice and service for everyone and has been promoting this spirit from the individual level to the national and worldwide levels. In the end, the religions that promoted unity and the tradition of God's ideal have acquired some power to influence the world. In this way God has led the history of religions. Religion has been the target of persecution throughout time, facing opposition from the less fortunate in society as well as the powerful. Religion is always the underdog. In the end, however, when the religion that unites people from all races into one has enough power to withstand the influence of the world, what will happen?

At this point we have to know one thing: not all religions are good. There are God-centered religions and Satan-centered religions. How can we distinguish between the two? We can distinguish by observing their actions. Those religions that are trying to take the stronger position and conquer the weak are the evil religions. The good religions always take the lower position and try to sacrifice and serve. A nation's religion should inspire it to work for the sake of the world, not for itself alone. A good religion tries to promote the spirit of service throughout the world.

From his standpoint let us examine our religion. The Unification Church is no exception and should be examined according to the same formula. When you are persecuted, your natural reaction is to want to mobilize some power and take revenge. Our Japanese brothers and sisters arrived here last night but this nation did not accept them and this morning they have to go to the airport to leave. When you hear this, you feel I angry at Great Britain. Fallen man has a nature which seeks confrontation and revenge.

God's strategy is not the strategy of confrontation, however. God's technique is to embrace. God's strategy is always to be persecuted, but still to grow under that persecution. When most religious people are persecuted and scattered they think that as soon as they gain enough power they will take revenge, but this is wrong. The God-centered religion must think that when it gains power and in flunk it will try to save the enemy and bring some happiness, blessing and fortune to the world instead of trying to avenge the injustice it received.

The history of the nation of Israel illustrates how this principle operates. The Roman Empire crushed the Jews, but instead of disappearing Judaism spread throughout the world. When the Jewish people were oppressed by the Romans and many years later by the Germans, they always felt they were God's people and that God would one day give them enough power to avenge everything. They didn't think that they were spreading throughout the world under persecution, that they were planting their roots, growing stronger and developing in order to save the world. They have not been following God's strategy and everywhere they go more ill will awaits them. Jewish people are successful everywhere, gathering money and economic power, but they have not thought about how they can use that power to save the world. In many cases they have been disdained by the local people because they hold onto their power in the hope that one day, with the help of God, they will have revenge. They might restore the Jewish people and nation that way, but they will lose the world. God's viewpoint is different. He thinks that even though He may lose the Jewish people or nation, He must restore the world.

Christians have been no different. When they gathered enough power, they usually tried to use it for revenge. Therefore, here in Europe the history of Christianity has been splattered with much blood. Denominations have attacked one another to eliminate opposition and perpetuate power for themselves. They have no concept of saving the nation or the world.

God is moving toward the salvation of the world, however. If His goal is the world but these religions are still concentrating on their own selfish interests, God must leave them for they are no longer of interest to Him. God's own religion should be the one which under persecution is spreading throughout the world, trying to envelop and lift up the world to save it. Only the religion which is thinking in that fashion will remain in the sight of God.

In the Unification Church we want to go God's way. We embrace and encircle the world in order to one day save it. Our movement is trying to save our opponents and lift the world up in salvation. When America persecuted me I came to England, and instead of hitting back at America I encircled America in order to lift it up. I brought people from all parts of the world here to create the power to influence America instead of knocking her down. I am trying to awaken America. We are trying to influence America to lift up the rest of the world. Instead of thinking of Americans as our enemies and making them feel further hostility, we are asking them to join us. We feel forgiveness towards America and want to serve that nation. By our doing so America will come to repent an I will want to participate in an even greater crusade to save the world.

It is God's strategy to sacrifice a few to influence many for the sake of world salvation. Therefore, the greater our persecution, the greater will be the development of the Unification Church. By using this method the Unification Church is rising in prestige around the world. The greater our persecution, the greater our success.

We take a multiple approach and do all kinds of things. T ere is nothing we cannot do and no area in which we are not involved. We are influencing all fields of life. Conventional Christianity has a single-minded way and Christians say, "I believe in Jesus Christ and want to go to heaven." But in the Unification Church it's different. If someone says, "I don't like you," we will find a way for him to like us. We'll go up, down and sideways, but eventually we will find a way for him to like us.

Suppose a man is very hostile to us. Instead of seeking confrontation with him, we will encircle him and without even realizing how it happened he will be lifted up. We are not going to knock him down, but: make him realize that he should serve the world Are you working in that way? Do you think it's easy? Confrontation is easy, but is it easy to encircle and embrace? Some people are very hot blooded and say, "Father, why are you so patient? I cannot s and those people slandering us. Just give me permission to knock them down." But that is not the way God works or the way to bring peace.

You nave been assigned 360 houses for home churches. Why is that? It is the encircling tactic. We are encircling 360 homes by serving them. Some of these people will persecute you, saying, "You Moonies are bad people." Just smile at them and reply, "What can I do for you?" That is God's strategy, the encirclement tactic.

If I had not discovered this truth and this tactic of God's, I would have been a very fierce man because I was very hot-tempered and also full of revenge. From a young age I would never forget if someone slapped me once and I couldn't sleep all night for thinking of revenge. That's the way I grew up. Once an older neighborhood boy teased me and slapped me and from that moment on I was constantly thinking how I could get revenge, not just on that boy but on his whole household. I was considering setting the house on fire and harassing his parents in order to bring great trouble to that home.

You can see that I was born with a fierce character. But then God trained me and taught me His way of life and I changed 180 degrees. Of course, my basic character remains the same and I am still very short-tempered, but now my tactic has changed. All the characteristics I have are now channeled into God's way. It is because of my scrupulousness in that way that I can survive and continue under persecution. Without that spirit I would have faltered a long time ago. Also, I am like a man without bones, always being patient with troublemakers and never taking revenges. I have seen my enemies surrender one after another because I am following God's strategy. After a time they are encircled and they always surrender, and then I forgive them instead of being harsh. That has been my way of life.

You Japanese brothers and sisters have listened to a very nice sermon this morning; now I want you to return in that spirit. Instead of wanting to take revenge on Great Britain, go back to Japan and do great things there and let Great Britain surrender as a result of your love. If you practice that tactic, there will be no end to our success. We will go out to every corner of the earth. This is the only tactic God can employ. There is no other way you can really win over this entire world and Satan. This is the only way we can stop the history of war. In human history everybody has been trying to exploit everyone else and confiscate things for their own sake, but we always work for the sake of others. That's why people always feel we haven't exploited them.

Great Britain is a small island nation but once it was said that the sun never sets on the British Empire. That's a big statement. Following the tradition of the Roman Empire, Great Britain tried to take over one colony after another to exploit them for its own sake. The British Empire adopted the spirit of piracy in trying to conquer the world for Britain's own sake, but that day is over because piece by piece God took everything away. Now what remains?

At one time Great Britain was a great champion and instrument of God. He wanted to use this nation and its power to spread the gospel to all corners of the earth, to encircle the world and bring salvation. But the English people failed because they utilized that God-given blessing for their own selfish interests. Then one by one God took everything and now the British Empire consists of only these small islands.

What is going to be the future of this nation? Even though, Great Britain feels secure now, if it continues to be self-centered, its future will be difficult. There are many Commonwealth nations it has exploited throughout history and now this nation should be more determined to serve the Commonwealth nations than it wanted to exploit them. Then Britain will be filled with hope and prosperity. Formerly Great Britain dominated other peoples by using military authority, but now it must come under its former colonies as a servant and move their hearts. This nation must take a totally different approach in order to have hope.

I have stayed here 120 days and now my departure is imminent. What kind of teaching and spirit would I like to leave behind? I want to see the British people feel that this nation must not be the conqueror but the servant of the world. There is still hope for Great Britain if instead of trying to take, as traditionally the white European people have, the next generation in Great Britain and Europe is trained and mobilized in he new spirit of God as servants of other nations. The only way this country can survive is to go under others in order to lift them up.

In America I was confronted with false accusations. Am I really an evil man? You say no with your lips but in your heart you might think otherwise. Is that so? No matter what people or the newspapers say, if your no is really sincere and you are willing to stand on your conviction, declaring, "Rev. Moon is a godly man," I am satisfied that I have been victorious.

Like the Japanese members who came here, many of our missionaries have been thrown out of their mission countries, but instead of being revengeful and sad they are more inspired to love their nations. They think, "If you don't accept me through the front door, I'll come in the back door. And when I do, it won't be with a dagger, trying to stab you. I'll be sneaking in the back door to save you." As long as you have this spirit, you will be impossible to conquer.

Why is this the greatest spirit and ideology of all? It belongs to God, and therefore, will be invincible. God loves that ideology. Even though it appears to be very feeble and looks as if it could be destroyed at any minute this ideology as well as the people who adhere to it will survive and prosper.

If I did not know this strategy of God, I would have been a most miserable and heartbroken man, staggering under one setback after another. But I am not. Few nations have welcomed me but I am not an unhappy person. I am a happy man because wherever I go I have real comrades in arms-you, the young people who are the future hope of the world are with me.

Why are you here trying to follow me? Did you make a mistake? Did you come to suffer? Young people are like the new buds on a plant which automatically emerge when spring arrives. You don't have to make a big announcement in the London Times that spring is coming. Everyone will feel the warm weather and joyfully embrace it. The Unification Church is bringing the warm air of the cosmic spring. You have been like a hard-shelled seed shivering in the cruel cold, but now you feel the cosmic spring in the air and open yourself up, growing toward the sunlight.

The rest of the world should have the same light, too, so this sun should move to the west. But you impossible young rascals are saying, "Father, stay here. You can't leave us. You must stay.'' When you consider the entire situation, however, I have to leave for the sake of the world. When you think in the conventional British way, you say, ''Father, you are our sun. We will never let you go. Don't think of the rest of the world." But when you think in God's way, you feel, "Yes, Father, the rest of the world needs you as much as we do, so even though our hearts will be broken, you must go.'

You feel that for 120 days Great Britain enjoyed sunlight and now evening is coming. You should think, 'Father, we have experienced enough during the daytime and have been trained to sustain your pace and standard and we will conquer the dark night like the sunshine in daytime." If you feel that way, I will t e successful. That's the way God feels, wanting yon to give out that light. Though darkness covers Great Britain, even though you seem to be nobodies you will be shining like diamonds in the dark sky. You are the shining stars and the darkness will reveal you to be even brighter.

I must leave for the sake of the world and because of this historical past. When Jesus was crucified, his disciples were worried about what would happen to them. Jesus did not want them to cry for him but for their own children and nation and for the sake of the world. I say the same thing to you. Don't cry for me but for your nation and for the billion of people around the world. That's the way you must feel.

I have become famous through receiving persecution, but it never knocked me down. Therefore, if persecution comes from one direction I always know how to advance another way. When I am not accepted through the front door, I know how to get in through the back door. That's how I have survived and how this movement has grown throughout the world, even if I die now, everything is secure and the world w ill remember my course. No one can wipe my footprints away, for I have accomplished what no other figure in history has done.

There is nothing I envy. Money? It's no problem. I only need money for the sake of the Unification Church and the sake of the world. Even though the Unifier ion Church may be sacrificed, the world must survive. For that reason I would spend all our money elsewhere even though the Unification Church might be suffering in poverty. You fund raise and each pound and each cent is precious. It's big money for you When I spend it all at one time why don't you complain to me, "Father, you shouldn't do that"? Why doesn't God say, "Rev. Moon, you are too extravagant. Stop it"? Why doesn't God punish me? God will not do that because I do not spend money or the Unification Church but for the sake of the world.

Even though I push you to suffer, God knows why. No young people are working harder than Unification Church members so why don't you create a union and demonstrate or strike? If you say you want to strike, what you are actually saying is that you don't care about the rest of the world but only about being taken care of yourself. God won't listen. You are smart enough to know that's not the way you can win the favor of God. You are different from ordinary laborers and from the communists, aren't you? This is a really tough sermon but you remain interested. That's why people say you are brainwashed, crazy people.

The topic of today's message is Where Do We Go? We are moving, aren't we? We are going somewhere, aren't we? I invited tour famous professors from the Juilliard School of Music in New York to go to Korea to teach a seminar and then the college dean started thinking, "Rev. Moon is trying to take control of Juilliard! " Why is the U.S. Congress and State Department making so much noise about me? The reason is very simple. They know that once I take an interest in a particular subject, I will pursue it to the end. That's why they create tremendous persecution against me and the Unification Church. The symbolic center of that opposition was Congressman Fraser. He was supported by the State Department, and Christians, Jews and even communists were sympathetic. For 37 months he investigated what he calls the "Moon organization" and the entire world heard about this confrontation. Then what happened? He collapsed of his own weight and power. He lost his election campaign and is no longer a power in Congress. In one morning a committee chairman in the U.S. Congress became unemployed.

The election was held on Sept. 12. On the morning of Sept. 13 the results came out. The evening before Fraser was leading by 30,000 votes but during the night his opponent came up inch by inch and finally took the lead. Col. Pak called me from ...

By having pity on Fraser we will not only win him in the future but also eternally win his children and descendants. My attitude is to forgive and forget. Then how can he or his descendants want to have revenge on me? As long as I follow God's way my worst critic will eventually apologize and in the future their families will respect me and my children. I have been in prison many times, particularly in communist prisons. I was called a prisoner but I was never ashamed. I always walked with dignity. Although I never committed a crime, after I was released I r ever felt I would return to gain revenge. Rather I prayed to God, "Father, forgive them so that these people can open their hearts and be united with me." With that heart I walked out of the prison camp. This is the path God has been walking for thousands of years.

This year's Science Conference is the seventh. Initially, many members were apprehensive about it, saying, "Father, we don't have enough groceries in our center. Why do you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for these rich scholars?" Now all of them realize how precious a contribution has been made for the sake of the academic community and the world and are repentful. Because of this, many scholars support me whenever there is trouble or controversy. This year, for example, we had some trouble with the Home Office, and more than any other group great scholars stood up in my defense, saying, " We are ashamed of Great Britain." Everywhere I go there are friends who will defend and support our work. Also, many businessmen have come to me here to organize some international business organization that will help the world economy and many millions of people.

I have become famous but that didn't come easily or freely. We have worked at it and paid the price, not to avenge anyone but to encircle them and save them. If I had accumulated my own fortune and bought an airplane for my own use, many people would criticize me, but now our movement is growing to the degree where we need a jumbo jet. Because it has become a logical acquisition, everyone will recognize the need and our members will welcome it. Think about having a big Unification Church symbol flying around the world.

While we have been doing a little bit of PR and a little bit of witnessing, we have grown to a worldwide level. In order to transport our brides and bridegrooms to a big wedding we may need half a dozen jumbo jets. One is not nearly enough. There is only one customer like that and all the airlines will be knocking heads together to get our business.

Some people think I have no economical sense and am a poor spender. ''Why doesn't he give one blessing to Europe, one to Asia, and one to America so that nobody has to travel anywhere?" they say. "Why does he have to spend so much money and bring so many people from all over the world to one place?" Everyone figures economy on a horizontal basis, but my approach to economy is entirely different; I figure economy on a vertical basis according to the historical viewpoint. I look at the precariousness of bringing our members to the holy land of Korea for their wedding, joining together people of all races and nationalities who have dedicated their lives to God. How dramatic that is!

Do you think you can buy that with money? That will unite nations and break down historical barriers of language and culture. It's really a demonstration of one race under God. In order to fulfill such a demonstration in the sight of God, does money matter? This is a God-given opportunity; this great cosmic spring comes only once in history, but money is always there and you can go out and earn it anytime. You know how to make money, don't you? I'm sure everyone will say, "Father, it's no problem. We can easily earn the plane fare from here to Korea and back." Who trained you to think like that? Have I been a good father or a bad father?

These weary looking women might have only one dress, but their minds are so strong and internally they are so intensely determined that even though they may have 12 children to take care of while their husbands are away, they know how to survive. Don't you have that confidence? I know you can do it. You have confidence to survive under any circumstances. We don't have money but we have will power, and once the goal is set we know how to attain it.

We are a group of determined people. We are not afraid of people or of not having money and without any reservation we march forward for the mission. If we need money, we make a plan and gain it. This kind of group is rare in history. Therefore, the satanic world muss: fear us. I know that the Unification Church car survive a famine even though everyone else is starving to death because you can go without food for one week.

In the academic community I have become the subject of study in my own lifetime. In America there are many People writing Ph.D. dissertations on me without asking my permission. They scrutinize me from the sociological point of view, the religious point of view and the biblical point of view. Why do I have this notoriety? Because I knew God's strategy of encirclement. Korea attacked and persecuted me but now several years have passed and we have encircled the Korean nation. Japan was against me but all of a sudden leading citizens realized they needed me to guide the young people. Once within the sanctuary of God's bosom there is no more panic but only tranquillity. This is the way we are going. This is our rock and our message.

Christians will not be any exception. They have come against the Unification Church but will soon find themselves enveloped. I am now thinking on the level of the global economy and anyone who listens will prosper. I am not just thinking on a worldwide level but am employing a cosmic strategy. Do you think it's better than President Carter's strategy? I have done this much not by having any governmental power backing me but as an individual under persecution. It's incredible! How could I do that? My secret is simple: I knew God's way and went that way 100%. Therefore, God had no choice but to aid me.

This strategy works the same in a family. If there is one person who has been alienated by the rest of the family and that person uses God's strategy he will gain the sympathy and support of the entire family and even conquer it. Perhaps once our young ladies are married they will find themselves in a strange and hostile environment in their husband's family, but by using God's strategy and going God's way they will soon be victorious within a year.

After the initial international marriages the couples' parents were shaking their heads, lamenting, "Rev. Moon doesn't know what he has done to us. My daughter-in-law only speaks French so I cannot communicate with her. I have to invite a French interpreter to talk to her." When the husband and wife can't even speak the same language and need an interpreter, the parents say, "What has Rev. Moon done to us?" But within a year they discover what a wonderful daughter-in-law they have. They find she is a woman who is kind and loving, who is serving and dedicated to God. There are many parents writing letters thanking me now. This proves that God's way always wins. Within three years you can become the main topic of talk in your town and people will be coming to pay their respects.

Now do you know where to go? Do you know our strategy and way of life? When you become a family man, do you know how you should act now'! If you live God's strategy at home in the spirit of service and love, you will become the central figure in that home. Will you become the tail or the head? This is the secret for victory, the way to become a king. You can become a king in your own area by living up to this strategy. As long as there is God we will go God's way, even for 50 to 100 years. Then there is no other choice than for the world to go the Unification way.

There is one American sister blessed to a Korean man who is the only son in his family. That family said they couldn't afford to have a western woman as their daughter-in-law because of their concept of ordinary American women. I talked to that sister and told her when she goes to her husband's home she must serve in even more than the traditional Korean way, in the Unification Church way. She has become the most loyal, serving, loving daughter-in-law in the entire Korean community. They have never seen any Korean daughter-in-law like that. Now the parents are beaming from ear to ear, saying, "Rev. Moon, we have a wonderful daughter-in-law. We thank you very much."

No matter how much you say we can build the Kingdom of God here on earth, unless we live this way there will be no Kingdom of God. Do you realize that? This teaching is the secret of how to become the central figure in the Kingdom of God on earth. The moment this ideology becomes unnecessary for life on earth God will cease to exist. If Christianity doesn't follow this rule, it will perish. Great Britain and America shall perish without following this rule. Even the communists shall perish if they do not follow this rule of God. The Unification Church appears to be perishing but as long as we live and follow this rule of God, we shall remain and prosper. Do you understand clearly now?

Let's conclude. This is the fallen world. When we live God's way, Satan's world doesn't like it and is always kicking, saying, "We don't like it. You are crazy." No matter what, we go God's way. If the satanic world kicks, don't even look at it. Just go straight toward the goal and don't be bothered by it. We are so busy pursuing our goal that there's no time to squabble with them. Taking one step forward toward the goal is more important than turning around and fighting.

No matter what Satan would do to me, I will go this route. There's no power under the sun that can change me." That should be our determination. We will not only win over the satanic world with this strategy but we will treat our wives or husbands and children with the same principle, and win over our parents with it too. Our family will win as a unit. Our tribe will serve the nation in the same spirit and win the nation. The nation will live in the same spirit and win the world.

This, is God's will but because no one trusted God and really wanted to do this, God needed to find some extraordinary people. That's the Unification Church. God handpicked the Unification Church member; and is saying to us, "I trust you now. Won't you go n- y way?" God even handpicked an ugly man like this brother here to be His champion. Your looks don't mace any difference as long as you know that each one of you is chosen by God to be His champion. That is precious to God because He joined us together, expecting us to deliver the results.

In the Unification Church shall we live this way without compromise? Even among us there are those who live this way 100%, 90% or 80%, and the degree of your commitment shall be the level of your accomplish meet. No one would say, "No, this strategy doesn't work. I want to devise my own as a shortcut." I tell you there is no shortcut. Are you grateful or do you complain? This strategy is also at work in the spirit would. Before we go to the eternal heaven we must live this way of life here on earth and propagate it all over the world. Once you become the personification of this way of life you will have a free pass everywhere, even to the highest possible heaven.

Why do you want to marry? It is to consummate this way of life by becoming the personification and living example of it. That's why each of you joined the Church and why you receive the blessing. Here we find peace and the courage to go on. This is why I could go on for many years and prosper even though people predicted I would perish. I am a man of mystery and astonishing accomplishment. People say, "We thought Rev. Moon would not even last for three years, but he has conquered the entire world and now comes back to Korea." They are astonished because they don't know the secret. If I were mistaken in this strategy I would have been destroyed, but instead I have been prosperous.

If you live the same way of life, you will be prosperous just like me. The rest of the world doesn't know about me and says all kinds of things against me, but you know that as long as you are following me you must live this way of life because it will bring you the utmost prosperity, the utmost peace, the utmost heaven. Have you accomplished much so far? Are you thinking, "Oh Father, this is too much. You are driving us like slaves. I can't last anymore. I can stand it for three years but not any longer." Would you like to have everything done in three years but no more? If you commit yourself for three years but it takes longer, you won't be able to go on. But if you determine to go this way for your entire life and through eternity to the spirit world, you will never get tired.

If then was a choice, I would let you go some other way, but there is no choice. If you don't accomplish here on earth then even after you die you will have to do the same thing in spirit world. It's with mere' that you are being pushed now. Now you do it through your own will power, but the time will come when you will have no choice and suffering will be inevitable. Now you are blessed and your way is the glorious one, for the Kingdom of God will be accomplished with willing participation, not by force. Do you do it because I am pushing you or because you know yourself it is the right way? Is it your decision or mine?

Actually it's both. I always want to inspire you but the decision is yours. Since you make up your own mind and have your own will power, can you complain? I can't complain to God because He never pushes me. God inspires me but the decision is mine. I feel "God, take a vacation and let me finish your job."

Are you clear in thinking, "No matter what, it's my decision and I will go on, even though Rev. Moon might give up and Great Britain might not listen to me and the rest of the world may persecute me. This is the determination with which I will go to the end." All who can pledge that raise your hands. Thank you. If you do that, you can be absolutely certain that you will be successful and become a central figure in the Kingdom of God. God bless you.

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