The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

The Start of the 40-Day Witnessing Condition

Sun Myung Moon
July 4, 1978
London, England
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Each person has 360 homes, and even if it is difficult to find people there it is necessary to keep revisiting. Street witnessing has not been effective because it is difficult to find again the people you meet, but the people in your areas all live there and most of them will stay. When you meet good people, ask them if they have a friend who might be interested. It is not easy in the beginning but it gets better once you get started. In the beginning you must spend three to four weeks to find three people.

This is the order in which to work: Go visit each of your 360 homes and pick out which ones are positive (A), not so bad (B), and negative (C). Then you will have forty to fifty A houses which you can visit every day. Out of those choose twelve and then the three best to concentrate on. Concentrate on one house where you can go and live. This will be your home church. The first three very good homes are difficult to find, but after that reaching out to twelve is easier. If you faithfully do that with lots of prayer and heart, finding three families in forty days is not difficult. Within one week you should be able to find a house in which to live.

When visiting your houses you can offer to help the people with some chore or task. If you meet a policeman in your area, explain to him what you are doing; "I am witnessing to these people for the sake of England and the world." He can help you in some way.

From morning until night each of you must concentrate on witnessing. Think all the time how to bring three people in forty days. By the time you visit your 360 homes you will know who is a communist, who are good people and what each family does. By the time you have been in your area for three weeks you will be saying, "Good morning" to nearly everyone. At first they may not understand what our faith is or what we believe in, even after you try to explain, but they will know that you are a Moonie and a good person. Then they will begin to invite their relatives to come to their home to meet you.

People in your area will talk about you to their friends in ten other homes; "We have a very friendly young person visiting our home almost every day. He is a Moonie and very nice." If they all talk to their relatives and neighbors it means that 3600 homes will hear about us and word will really spread. There is a Korean saying, "Words, which do not have feet, can travel a thousand miles." Even if people are not deeply religious they will recognize you as a good person and word will spread.

Do not witness so much in the street because you don't know anything about the people you meet. A nice person who says he is interested may actually be a communist. This was our experience in Japan. Members witnessed and worked hard on the street but no one listened; if a person came up who said he wanted to know about the Unification Church, of course they were very glad to bring him to the center. Such a person might stay as a member for some time, getting much information from doing jobs like typing letters and bookkeeping, but then go back to the communists. There have been a number of members like this in Japan who acted very dedicated but then left.

If you witness to people in their own homes then you can know who they are but on the street you can never tell. If people walk up and say, "I am interested in the Unification Church" they could actually be dangerous. This is why, after long experience, we are going to visit homes. Witnessing in a specific area brings a better result and is better for security.

Those of you who have been members for five years, stand up. How many spiritual children have you brought in that period? Imagine how many people you could have restored in those five years if you had visited people in your 360 homes every day. Our goal is to bring one person every month. If you visit 360 homes for five years then chances are that all 360 homes can be restored. How did you work before? You went out on the street but in five years you only brought two people, or ten people at most. This method has not been effective. If you visit your area every day then in one year you can make a relationship with every household. When there is a birthday you will go and celebrate with the family.

You may meet many people in the parks but most of them do not stay and those who do often have many problems. You know that Abel-type people are always busy and don't hang around parks, while those who have nothing to do go to the park all the time. We want to witness to the best people. We don't want 1,000 people who always follow a leader; we want one leader who can lead 1,000 People. Always think that you can find one man in your area who can lead all 360 homes.

How can you say you are dedicated if you have restored only two people in five years? If you had married five years ago you would probably have at least two children by now. When we are really dedicated we should each be able to bring one person a month and twelve people a year. Even at that rate, in one lifetime of witnessing we could each restore only 600 people. How can we save the world by restoring only 600 people? Even the leaders have only brought a small number of people. If some members bring only two people in five years they may bring only 20 people in a lifetime. How can you expect to go to heaven if you bring only 20 people in your lifetime?

This is a very serious problem. You already know that your result has not been good and this is why I am encouraging the home church concept. Starting tomorrow, concentrate on your area very faithfully. Within seven days you must be able to find one home which welcomes you. You can stay there and then you won't have to come back to the center except on Sundays. Stay in your home church and witness from there.

Everyone of you must do that, but I know that not many people are confident yet. When the seminary students came I chased them out the same day they arrived and told them that if they didn't find a place to stay they should sleep in the park or railway station or go witnessing at night. You must do the same thing and try your best in the next seven days to find a home which can accommodate you.

Because you have had a center to sleep in and meals to eat every day, you came back and said you couldn't find any place for a home church. You could go on like this for weeks and months and nothing would happen! The seminarians have been out already for a week and will continue for several months. Starting tomorrow you must look for a home which welcomes you and witness from there.

You must be careful to follow the pattern faithfully. The leaders are a bridge between you and me, but I will also tell you how to do this mission. Even Mr. Orme must understand and carry it out. We must raise our standard very quickly and understand that this is a heavenly army because in the future we will have to fight communism, the fore most enemy of God in Europe. The Western way of thinking is very weak and the communists will dominate that kind of person because they are much stronger. We must be aware of that and become equally strong. The communists are gaining ground in nearly all countries now. This is a serious, life and death matter.

We are in London but we should not have an easy, comfortable life. How can you eat and sleep if you have brought only two people in five years? I do not want to be called Father by such people. How can you say you joined the Unification Church to help do the work? If you really think about God and His will, how can you be so weak? How can you sleep and eat if you cannot witness enough? How can you expect to be blessed? You are not doing it for me or anyone else; you are doing it for your own benefit. Without having many spiritual children you won't go anywhere in spirit world. You must decide that you want to be intensely active. You only have your physical body for a short time.

Do you realize that each person must win at least 84 spiritual children in seven years? It is the fault of the leaders if you did not know this. How can they call themselves leaders if they do not make sure the members are informed? Who of you know that we will be restored only by paying indemnity? If you don't pass your examinations at college after four years then it is easy to fail again and again; if you try your very best the first time but you fail then you are not encouraged to try once more. You may try your best to witness but if you fail then you lose confidence. If you get married and your husband wants to have children but you keep putting it off, what will happen? You only have a certain number of years in which you can give birth to children.

Your personal foundation to receive the Messiah

First you restore yourself, then your spouse and then your children. Once Adam and Eve are restored they have to restore their family. The Bible records that Noah faithfully worked hard for 120 years and he saved his family of three sons and three daughters-in-law, numbering eight all together. Those eight were the only ones to be selected when God took them as a seed and destroyed every other person.

Yet even after Noah had established the condition to save the entire world, Ham failed and God's dispensation to save the world could not be established because the family failed.

After that Abraham was chosen to take the place of Adam and Noah who had failed. Since his was the third family chosen, Abraham had to set the condition to save the world. He journeyed far to prepare and establish certain conditions, but even he failed later when he made his offering. Then Abraham had to stand in the position of Adam, with Isaac in Noah's position and Jacob in Abraham's position.

Jacob led a complicated life in Haran, which represented the satanic world. He worked desperately for 21 years to prepare his foundation, doing something much more difficult than Adam, Noah or Abraham had done. Only after 21 years had he completed the condition to stand in Abraham's position, going through almost impossible difficulties in order to indemnify the failures of Noah and Abraham.

To be specific, he had to restore the 10 generations between Adam and Noah, plus the two generations of Abraham and Isaac. He had twelve children to restore the twelve generations and then he had to restore Noah's family of eight by winning over Esau. All this had to be restored in one generation. Before it could be complete he had to subjugate Satan spiritually, fighting the angel at the ford of Jabbok. Only after that could he start horizontal restoration through the twelve tribes. It was the twelve sons and seventy family members that Jacob took to Egypt who formed the foundation for the twelve tribes and 72 elders of Israel.

All those who went to Egypt suffered terrible persecution and many were killed but their race ultimately survived. Moses gathered the twelve tribes and 72 elders and led them out of Egypt, doing on the tribal level what Jacob had to do on the clan or family level. The same principle worked in Jesus' time. He had twelve disciples representing the twelve tribes and 72 apostles representing the 72 elders, and he set the pattern on the national level. Jesus was to gather the Israelites and then go to Rome, where he could have set the foundation to save the whole world.

First Jesus had to gather three disciples, representing Adam's family, Noah's family and Abraham's family. Centered on those three he could gather twelve disciples representing Jacob's twelve sons and also the twelve generations from Noah to Abraham. Without fulfilling those numbers he could not form a foundation to work with the races of the world. After gathering the 72 apostles Jesus had to begin his substantial work just as Jacob needed 72 before he could accomplish his condition. Without that number, Jesus could not have connected the dispensation to the tribal or national level. If the Jews had accepted Jesus then all these things could have been done at once, but instead he was rejected and the foundation was lost. Jesus had to start all over again by witnessing to his own disciples, first bringing three, then twelve and 72. Then he would have connected that foundation to established Judaism, the race, nation and eventually the world. He tried desperately to do this in three years but he could not make his apostles unite in harmony. Instead they deserted him.

Since Jesus' foundation was lost he could not work successfully 2,000 years ago, and without restoring this there is no foundation for him to work upon when he comes again. We are the ones who must restore that foundation which was lost in Jesus' time. This is the origin of the Unification Church's work. Each of you must be aware of why you need to do this. Because Jesus was killed we inherit the responsibility, even though we come from different races. All members of the Unification Church around the world are descendants of the people who killed Jesus and this is why we must assume the responsibility ourselves for having killed him. This is why we must physically restore the foundation which Jesus has already restored spiritually.

We can ask God for the Messiah to be sent after we each make the foundation of 84 spiritual children, the basic foundation on which the Messiah can come physically. Even then we cannot take many years to accomplish it; we must do it within seven years as indemnity for the 7,000 years of history. No matter what happens, we have to accomplish this goal because without this foundation the bridge between heaven and earth is not properly established and the two cannot be connected. Jesus was very serious in trying to do that, leaving his home just as you are doing now. The people laughed at Jesus and criticized him, just as they criticize you today.

If Christians had understood and accepted this then the Messiah could have come among them after the necessary foundation had been laid. But that has not happened, and instead Christians oppose us. If Christians had already laid the foundation then no one in the world would have to pay indemnity as we are doing now, but since Christianity did not accept the responsibility, we have to restore that foundation individually. We are working very hard to pay that indemnity.

After laying that foundation, communism must be overcome. As soon as the Unification Church members awaken to their responsibility and lay the needed foundation, God will have no more use for Christianity and it and communism will fade away because the foundation of substance will have been laid.

I am responsible for a different level of indemnity condition than you, but each person must lay his own foundation of restoring 84 people. To do that you must be better than Jacob because you will restore them all in one generation instead of three. Then you can be resurrected or revived, just as Jesus was resurrected on his spiritual foundation. This is the real foundation, so in the dispensation each of you must restore 84 people.

After gathering the 84 each person must survive the world's persecution. If you do that then the world foundation can be laid on which the Messiah can come and be connected to all the nations and the world. These 84 people should not be just anyone but people who are strong enough to defend you. When Jesus was persecuted his 84 people were sleeping, but they should have risen up and declared, "You can kill me but you cannot kill my Lord." Our position is like that of a grandfather; when he is threatened his sons and grandsons will make sure he is not killed. Eighty-four couples are necessary to protect the central core.

We begin first with our concepts but we must become increasingly serious, becoming as desperate as though we were dying. Only after we have done that are we literally building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Without doing this we are not qualified to live in the Kingdom on earth, nor can we be accepted in the Kingdom when we go to spirit world.

This also applies to me. Based on the same principle I must have 84 people protecting me. Where as your situation is relatively simple, I must fulfill a more complex situation on the individual, family, tribal and world levels. This is exactly what I have done. Twelve couples were required representing the formation, growth and perfection stages. Because of the fall of man the number was extended three times so the 36 couples served as the twelve in my case. Next I blessed 72 couples, then 120 and 430 couples, extending onto the world level. To establish the 430 couples was very difficult and I fought with my life under the severest persecution. You must not take the easy way in witnessing either; you must really know the meaning of what you do.

The 120 couples represented all nations, just like the 120 elders who received the Holy Ghost at Pentecost. The 430 couples represented the 430 years of slavery in Egypt before the return to Canaan, as well as Korea's history of 4,300 years on the world level. The number seven, or three plus four, is included in 430, as well as twelve, or three times four. Thus 430 includes the numbers three, four, seven and twelve. It represents the number that can go anywhere in the world.

Next 777 couples were blessed. The four in the number seven includes everything, like the four sea. sons and four directions. There are three months in each season, and altogether that gives the number twelve. These numbers are all symbolic and they are most important to God because in different combinations they fulfill certain conditions. Once these were put into effect then the heavenly families, centering on Korea, could go to every part of the world to fulfill the dispensation. When that was done, the dispensation on the world level really opened up.

On the foundation of 430 couples I could travel around the world for the first time in 1965 and establish Holy Grounds. Man and all things were lost but they can be restored on the basis of Holy Ground. I set up a total of 120 Holy Grounds in 40 countries in 1965, and then I could symbolically restore mankind, represented by 777 couples. Every combination was included in this number-those who failed, those who fought any nation, people of any color skin and marital status. Because of that the heavenly nation can move from one end of the world to the other. Even though you move together in large numbers, Satan cannot say anything because the condition for you to do that is already established. After the 777 couples were blessed it became possible for members to travel from nation to nation to work and I started moving members to different nations.

If you have a family of your own then you qualify to work on the world scale, and on the foundation of your family and race you can go anywhere in the world to help people. You must understand now the meaning of leaving your home to find these 84 people. Once the third seven-year course is over you won't even have to leave your home to find 84 people. You will be able to find them by bringing your own relatives, but until now that was not possible.

You cannot start with your grandparents but must start with your parents and work backwards. When you can bring members from your own family circle there will be no persecution, but now you are still in the transition time when you have to bring people outside your family to make your foundation. This is why you must start home churches. Once you restore 84 people on Cain's side then you will go back to bring your own family members. In doing this you will be working to lay a foundation just as Jesus did. You will become like a parent to them in the True Parents' position.

Jacob went to another country to work and he also fought the angel to establish the necessary condition. Thus, when he came back he was victorious and he was welcomed by his relatives. When Esau welcomed Jacob the foundation was completed. By working to find 84 people you are doing what Jacob did in wrestling with the angel. It is very much spiritual work.

Once you have set up the necessary foundation outside your home you will be welcomed automatically by your relatives when you go home. If you bring 84 people in seven years then your relatives will congratulate you on your hard work and they will listen to whatever you say because you will have established the condition of spiritual victory.

Jacob's 21 years in Haran were necessary to gain first his wife and then his children and then all things. Because Jacob was deceived by Laban after the first seven years, he actually worked 14 years for his wife. This is why you have to work hard for seven years. If you bring in 84 people then you will be qualified to have your spouse and children and then you can become perfected. You definitely need your family, don't you? Even that comes to you in three stages. First you gather people from outside your home as the formation stage; gathering your relatives from your own home completes the growth stage and having your own sons and daughters completes the third stage. Then the tribal position will be formed and on that basis you can go anywhere and accomplish anything.

This is restoration by indemnity. God does 95% and you must do 5%. Your 5% responsibility is to restore 84 people. If you cannot do that, it is the same as being in Egypt and unable to come out. The Israelites wanted to leave Egypt but they could not until the proper time. I drive you out because this is so important that not doing it is the same as dying.

Your 360 homes represent your ancestors and relatives

Should I just say nice things and make you happy? Or should I let you know how important this is, even though it makes you unhappy? I must force you to understand how important it is to achieve this number of 84. If you do your 5% then you will inherit many things, such as the 95% which I did for you. It can all become yours. How can you complain, "Father, this work is too hard"? Are you doing it for me or God or for yourselves? Am I saying these things just because they are convenient or because they are based on the laws of history and restoration through indemnity? This is all true, down to the smallest historical detail.

This is why I am so furious at hearing that some people have only brought two spiritual children after five years in the Church. How can a leader who is responsible for members say that? How can we have such low standards? Everyone has violated this law, even Mr. and Mrs. Orme, but now they must enforce it. This is why we haven't much time to eat or sleep or even die, because if you die now you are in serious trouble! How could you finish what you need to do if you die now? Could you come back again? I know very well that you are not thinking seriously enough. What I had to do was unbearably difficult but I finished it after 20 years, in 1976. I was even able to shorten the time period because of my seriousness. Even now if I go to spirit world I can say I have accomplished everything that I needed to do. The dispensation will never suffer because I left anything undone; there will be no postponement or lengthening of restoration now.

You can be grateful that this is not impossible or even very difficult because now there is less persecution. Once you go back to your homes you can do everything in three years or even three months. The world is already in an accepting mood. Already persecution is lessening and when you go back to your own home and country people will welcome you because you are a member of the Unification Church. They will listen very carefully; then they will understand and accept you and in a few weeks they will all follow you.

Now you are going back and forth between two countries, one where you feel confident and another where you are not so confident. You are not appreciated very much now, but later when the work becomes easier it will not be so valuable. The spirit world will be very grateful to you for what you can do now. Also, what you do now is helping to fight the same war I am fighting. If I am the general then you are all soldiers and we will fight together. Later when there is no persecution and the work is much easier you will not be a participant with the True Parents.

What is the privilege of fighting the same war with the True Parents? It means that you can become part of the same family. This is the one time in history when you can eat in the same place and live in the same place with me, but later you cannot have this privilege. We are standing right on top of the hill. You must really understand what a glorious campaign this is to be participating in. Spirit world will applaud you and your children because of what you can do.

This is why I gave you each 360 homes. Why 360? There are 360 days in one year; that includes twelve months, as well as the numbers three and four. All the heavenly numbers that God uses are there. It also means every single year of history, including all the families and thousands of generations who have lived. That is the same as an extended form of the 36 couples, which represent all human ancestry. Everything is represented in 360.

When you visit the 360 homes you should have the feeling of visiting your own ancestors and relatives, of going back to your own roots. Those homes in your area represent all your ancestors in spirit world. Among your 360 homes are all the generations of your ancestry, all the different combinations of your blood lineage. London has a unique combination of all races so it is really an ideal spot. This is why I insisted that everyone concentrate here and not scatter all around England. You have many, many relatives all around the world, and even though you don't know what your lineage is I have reached out and brought them into your homes.

Knowing that these 360 homes represent your ancestors and relatives, you have to be determined to hold on to them and restore them all one by one, never letting go. You should have a real fear of failing to do that. If God could do it all by Himself it would be easy but man has to do some of the work, although God pioneers it. God is always following man around, so from the moment you wake up you must be focused on your people. Some people will persecute you and others will welcome you. You should feel grateful to experience God's heart whenever you face opposition and persecution. Even if it is so bad that you cannot do your work you must feel grateful for that. You have the opportunity to experience some of God's pain and by going through it you establish the condition to pay the indemnity of the past.

Be determined to find three families first, then twelve, 72 and finally 360. Everything will revolve around that number. The first three will be the most difficult to find but once they come you have a foundation for twelve, and then getting 72 will be much easier. Once you meet the requirement of 84 then 360 will quickly come in, all at one time. Do you have time to rest in the park or to go shopping often? Everyone must work with his full heart and dedication. The fact that you are here with me in the right circumstances to do this work is something to wonder at. What you are doing now is not to save other people but so that you can live.

Since I have told you to work here like this, heaven has already prepared the way for you. You can be very strong with anyone who is opposing you. It is vital that you speak emphatically with such people; you can even be angry with them. This is the perfect time to work hard. If this had happened a year ago you would not have been protected when I came, but now all kinds of controversy are starting. God is handing everything to you at one time.

It says in the Bible that when Mary Magdalene saw Jesus after he had risen from the dead she tried to touch him but Jesus refused her. Jesus had to lay the foundation first of 12, 72 and 84. Only on that basis could he receive his wife. Since he had not done that yet he could not go near even as close a follower as Mary.

You never knew all these details until tonight, but you did know that you were supposed to find one person per month, didn't you? You can even bring 84 people in 7 months. It's only a matter of your desire. If you think that seven months is too long then you should be able to accomplish everything in forty days. You know now why you are going to witness to so many people; it is not to make the Unification Church prosperous but for your own individual merit. It is absolutely necessary to understand this. None of the millions of Christians on earth knows this. Do you think God will give them even more blessings then? However humble Unification Church members may be, if they understand all this then God will really treasure them, regardless of how feeble they are.

It is on this foundation that the Second Advent can materialize and on that basis your marriage will become possible. Have you been qualified up to now to be in that situation? Are you going to be qualified? You have the chance to be in that position because God and the True Parents have already done it. When the going becomes difficult do you remember that fact in gratitude or do you complain?

I am very serious inside when I see how you spent the previous forty-day condition. How are you going to make it? I was going to pray for you for forty days and see that you got started very well. Then I could leave to visit other countries and go back to Korea eventually, but if you slump down like this how can I be free to go? I must make sure that you understand this properly.

Tomorrow begin everything afresh, not like yesterday or today. Now that you know how important it is you can make a new start tomorrow. I actually blame the leaders because they were responsible for explaining this to you. If a leader didn't understand then he should have asked me once more to explain it to him. Now do you know for sure? If you don't, ask those who do to explain it to you.

When I made plans for home churches I made sure with heaven first that it was the right plan. I got assurance, not just once but many times, and God said to go ahead with it. You must know that I always check things in advance. There may be some disadvantages or shortcomings but they don't matter. We must be united and go ahead full speed. If you aren't serious then it will be impossible for you to follow me in the spirit world. I am going so fast that you will never catch up with me otherwise.

If it were not a difficult task then Jesus would never have died on the cross. There is no excuse or compromise in restoration. God and spirit world have chased me also. God did not prevent me from going to the communist prison camp or stop people from opposing us. God could have prevented those things but He would not. The path of indemnity is utterly serious. Even if you miss some meals or don't get much sleep, you must keep going to your houses and witnessing to the people.

Your real ancestors will live because of this and if you make this foundation your children will prosper, as well as your country. There is only one thing we have to do and as a result everyone will benefit. If you are really successful and you have some time to spare then perhaps you can go witness to the people in the parks. I have explained everything to you in detail, so now if you still don't follow it is no longer my responsibility. What can I do if you refuse to listen? It is only after you do your 5% that you can be connected with me. If I had not done my 5% I would not have any connection with God.

This formula applies to all generations and we are no exception. That's why we have to fulfill the formula of 84 people, and only after that can we sleep properly. If you must rest then only do it at night. How can you go to the movies unless you have finished this? When I go to a movie it is only because I have done my work and then I take a few people with me so that they can have some enjoyment.

If it is very hot you cannot even buy some cold drink. If you are really busy finding your spiritual children then how can you be satisfied with getting a drink? If you are really sensitive and serious about this then you won't even know if your hair needs washing or your clothes need mending. If you can't finish this in seven years then it might take another seven to finish. Actually, if you don't finish in seven years it will take three times as long, or 21 years. After that you will have no more chances. While this is still unfinished can you think about getting blessed? I could only allow those who already have the blessing to receive it because they had brought at least three spiritual children and I took that as a condition, on the understanding that after the blessing they could continue on to bring in 84 people altogether. Even those who haven't succeeded after three years of separation should not want to live together. If you want to live together you must work much faster and fulfill this number. You should post these numbers everywhere, even in the bathroom on the sink, to remind you every minute of the day. From now on you will think this way, won't you? You must never forget this, even for one minute.

It's already past 1:00 a.m. Yesterday was the anniversary of the day I went to prison. All the Christian churches and the government came against me and sent me to prison, even though I had never violated the law. Now we are confronted by the American government, even though we have violated no laws. We will never give in, but will fight until we win. I never give up but those who come against us and try to prove we have done something wrong always collapse. I am determined that no matter how hard Congressman Fraser comes against us that I will work harder to finish the dispensation. I pledged this to heaven. When September comes everything will be complete.

This is the last persecution you will experience so it is something to be thankful for. Only two more months are left until it is over. Is it better to be thankful for persecution or for not being persecuted? Later on history will ask those who were persecuted with me to stand up and you will be among them. Later there will be presidents of nations witnessing like you are doing, as well as television stars and famous people. Then you will want to do it too but there will be no place where there is not already someone witnessing before you. Soon everyone will know about Reverend Moon and the Unification

Church and there will be no one left to persuade. Within seven years after the word spreads that the Unification Church is good everyone will come to our Church. When they all come, your seven-year course will not be necessary any more.

Is it good for you to go on with this course so that you are challenged to really work hard, or to have no persecution to face and no indemnity to pay? If everything comes automatically then you will not be grateful. Would you prefer a difficult seven year course or an easier way? All you have to do is quit the Church and go home and come back seven years later. By that time you will have no seven-year course to go through and everything will be easy. But if you know the history of the Unification Church then you will cry, and if you work hard you will have many more reasons to be grateful. As long as you go this seven-year course you are fulfilling your responsibility.

As I said before, within seven days you must find a place to live. This is the same path that Jesus walked when he looked for one home in Israel to welcome him. If you find three homes and then twelve, then even if you are persecuted you are making good progress. Those of you who will find a home within seven days, raise your hand. I know you are very good at raising your hands all the time, but do you mean it this time? Will you really try your very best?

If I didn't know all of this, I would be very comfortable, but no Unification Church would exist. Then you would be comfortable too, right? You have no experience to compare with what I have gone through. I was in your situation a long time ago, with much to do and far to go with my family. I had a thousand times more difficulties than you do now.

When Mother first became my wife I was very stern and serious with her. I never gave her any freedom because I was determined to make her perfect. If I followed her in some way without realizing the consequences then very grave results would have come about. Women always want to have pretty things and to fix their hair and wear make-up. Now Mother is free and if she wants to do her hair in a certain style, fine. Even if she wears red or black clothes now, that is all right, and she can buy clothes on her own. but this was not always so. You have thought that Mother was very happy and carefree and everyone envied her, but Mother has had a more difficult time than any other woman. Even now her role is not simple.

Only a few years ago Mother was required to give a full bow to me every morning. She has to live according to a strict code. Even though she loves me very much she cannot freely express her feelings as an ordinary woman would. She cannot kiss me at will and even if she is tired she cannot sleep just any time. She always has to watch me. One by one I made sure Mother could be free to do certain things. It took seven years of very rigid steps for her to pay the historical indemnity for all women and be liberated herself. I was the sternest of all husbands, a most fearful man during those seven years. Later I became the one who loves the most. It was not fair to her but it was for the sake of all women.

This is why Mother respects me. She truly knows how principled I am and how everything I do has a cause in God's will. She feels that I am like God. Once she became like that then I could reciprocate and feel the same way toward her. Now she is free to fix her hair any way or go shopping by herself. People who have only known her a short time think she goes shopping all the time, but it was a long time before she was permitted to go at all and now she only goes once in a while. If she had not paid all the necessary indemnity in Korea then she could not go to a foreign country and work with me.

The Principle way is very strict. That is why I had to abandon my own parents and relatives until everything was accomplished. Now you know that starting this morning you must go strictly the Principle way. Set the goal of bringing twelve people during these forty days, so that you can bring at least three of them. They must be people whom you can feel would protect you even if your life were threatened. You must love them more than you would your own children and raise them up as your most beloved ones, knowing their preciousness. You must be connected to them not by thought or intellect, but in heart so that you can live and die together.

Now that you know for sure what to do you don't need me any more, do you? Let us pray.

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