The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

The Burden on Our Shoulders

Sun Myung Moon
June 11, 1978
London, England
Translator - Sang Kil Han

We all have difficulties at some time or another in our lives. Especially when we want to excel or do better than other people we have to work harder and experience more difficulties, and this is true of the family and nation as well as the individual. If one nation wants to be more prosperous or become better than others then it will experience the same obstacles as an individual. The same holds true in God's dispensation.

Religious life must have an added dimension concerning dispensational life and the spiritual level, which is lacking in worldly life. In everyday life you aren't expected to do any better or go any further than the people around you. The religious life is completely different, however; you have to set your own goal and pursue it.

We find that now the earth and spirit world are separated. Originally there should have been no division between them, and if man had not fallen they would have remained united. The situation now is that the spirit world and earth are divided and we experience this daily because the mind and body are trying to go in different ways. Most people never think about whether the mind or body should go first; if their mind works faster then they follow that impulse, but if the body is stronger then they follow that direction. They have no idea where they are going. Often we find the body acting as if it were beyond control, persisting in its own direction even when the mind is insisting, "You should not do that. I should not live this way." Our struggle is essentially that of guiding the body in the right direction.

If a person does not have religious experience or understanding, he thinks that man was created to live in this state of conflict. Scholars conclude that God cannot be perfect, that He created man to live this way and improve little by little every day. Some believe the theory that in the beginning man was evil but will gradually become good.

Hegel observed the state of fallen man and said that by nature men struggle among themselves. There is bound to be some struggle because history has been opposing the influence of the fallen men who have been leaders and have influenced many people's lives. If Hegel is right when he says that man inevitably struggles then we will never see the dawn of peace; the struggle will become greater and greater until it reaches the point where more than half of mankind is annihilated.

Many people try on their own to find some solution but conclude that it isn't possible. We often meet people who may have tried hard every day but gave up when they saw no result. They realize that man has no answer and think it is impossible for him to live in harmony.

Those who observe the incapacity of religious groups conclude that God must not exist. Even Christians are so confused that they seriously consider the possibility of a Christian communism. If we have clear minds, can we possibly say that such a thing as Christian Marxism or an atheistic clergy can exist? Are there religious people who can solve these problems? The standard thinking of today's religious groups is that they cannot work out a solution. If God exists, however, it must be possible to do this, and if God is working, He would work with religious people who act in accordance with His plan. However, religion today is so discredited that people freely adapt it at their convenience to better their way of life. Religion is not fulfilling its original mission nowadays.

Creating unity is the most difficult problem in this world

The problem still exists. Our mind and body are still separated and struggling and this makes life very difficult. Therefore, to understand God is very difficult. It also must be very difficult for God to work with such people. We see all around us that man exists, but do we really know from direct experience in daily life that God exists? Probably by thinking about it you decided that God exists. Some people know by experience or feeling that God exists, but can your experience convince others of the existence of God?

Only very few people have experienced God. When you speak of this to another person who has never felt it, your experience means nothing to him. Some people try very hard but they can't experience God and to these people He does not exist. Mind and body are still separated; earth and heaven are still separated. The question is when will they come together. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just sit down and wait for that to happen?

Happiness and the ideal come about when the mind and body unite and follow the mind's desire, and when heaven and earth unite and go in one direction. Scotland and England used to fight each other and even now they are not completely united. Of course, we can easily say the two countries will unite when their leaders unite, but even then a problem still exists.

A person may have great aspirations but he goes in one direction today and another tomorrow. Even if he does achieve unity of mind and body he must travel the straight path or the difficulty is still unsolved. When will Germany and France come together? When will black and white people unite? Should we just sit still and assume that suddenly unity will come? The earth has not achieved unity so we cannot expect it to unite with spirit world. This is a complex historical problem, not just the problem of one generation.

The most difficult problem is not getting a job and earning a living but creating unity in this world. It is even easy to make money but virtually impossible to make unity. If someone shouts on the street in a loud voice, will unity come? If you have powerful muscles can you create unity? Of course not. Then how will unity come?

Who is a happy man? Is it the man who laughs or the one who cries? It is the one who laughs. Does a man laugh when his mind and body are struggling or are united? Of course he can laugh when the two are harmonious. The mind and body must stand in the same position. The conclusion is that the man whose mind and body are united all the time is the one who can laugh all the time.

What makes the mind and body unite? Is it having abundant food or power? Is it having many people at our command? Only love can accomplish this. Can you say you love someone if one eye is looking at him but your other eye is looking somewhere else? Love comes when all our attention is focused on one point. When we are in love all our heart and mind are directed at the object of our love. When you meet someone you love do you just gaze at him and do nothing? You want to become one with him and both of you direct all your energy in reaching out to one another.

If someone you love hits you on the head you don't mind. If someone loves you so much that while you are kissing he bites you on the mouth, do you protest? You don't mind. That is a strange thing, isn't it? It is characteristic of love that when you are hit by the club of love you don't mind. When you are in love you are not bothered by hunger, you can do without sleep and you don't even mind dying.

Do you have that kind of love in yourself? You don't know now whether you have this kind of love or not, but once there is an object for your love you will know; you can't eat or sleep or do anything without thinking of him or her. Then for the first time you will know what love is. Do you want to get married in the future? Why? It is to experience love.

Where does love exist? When I asked the question about love no one was sure if they had it or not, but if you do have it do you know how valuable it is? In these times English boys and girls have physical love as casually as though they were going to a restaurant to eat. Do you want cheap love or valuable love? Which of these three would you want -valuable love, even more valuable love, or love of absolute value?

There are many shades of love. When we talk about "love" we must mean love of absolute value. It is not enough to settle for anything less. Do you want love which varies from day to day or do you want unchanging love? Would you want to have three loves or only one? You would rather have three 20-pound notes instead of just one, so why do you say you want only one love? Do you want knowledge of many things or of only one area? You would prefer having power over the whole world to just having power over England, right? Why then do you want only one love? Many times people fall in love with more than one person, but still they want one love. That is because people want love that is unchanging, absolute and unique.

We conclude that love is the one absolutely necessary thing if we are to bring everything into unity. We know that in love we will be happy. In order for England to become one, for Europe to become one and for the whole world to become one there is only one ingredient we must have-love. The communists proclaim that the Marxist ideal will unite people, but it cannot work; no matter how good it is, that ideal is not close to love and cannot work. The ideal which has nothing to do with love will get nowhere.

Love unites all five senses and gets everything focused in one direction. People who are in love talk and talk and talk because their senses are focused on the same thing. When we experience love our minds and bodies are not separated. Love is the strongest element in bringing the mind and body into unity, even in bringing the earth and spirit world into unity. It can bring everything together.

Is it true that you like love the most? Do the Germans, French and British all think that way? Are black people an exception to this? There is no exception to this. There is only one kind of true love. Do you generate the love that you have in yourself? You don't decide to have love-whenever there is an object to love, you spontaneously express love. This phenomenon is bound to happen. It is the same with electricity; wherever positive electricity exists, negative electricity automatically comes into being.

Before you were born did you make sure that there would be an object for your love here on earth? You were born without making sure, but still there is an object for you. Sometimes it seems that there are more men in one place and more women in another, but in the world as a whole there are equal numbers. I am told there are more women than men in England, so in Africa there are probably more men.

Actually in God's sight there is no black and no white. When I am matching couples I will notice their color if I concentrate, but in making a good match it is not the most important thing. Once you are in love you do not see color. If you look through the glasses of love, you love everything you see. This is why love is good and why we can find no better solution.

Is love round or pointed? If you think love is wide and immense then it is wide and immense, but if you think it is small and narrow then it is. You have probably seen that some women don't like their husbands to talk to any other women, even grandmothers. They have decided what shape love is and their love has a limited area. But once you have love and direct it in the right way, you can love the aristocrat or the humble man, men or women, rich or poor. You can also love God. You cannot measure God by your money, power or knowledge, but with love you can measure God's greatness.

The ugliest woman in England can still marry the Prime Minister and if they are in love then they are hooked to each other. Once you are in love it doesn't matter how ugly your spouse is; even his ugliest feature will seem beautiful to you. Nothing is insufficient to love. Everything is perfect. I could go on and on about this subject.

If once in your life you could grab a rope of love, would you let go even if it were attached to a Concorde about to take off? Love must be good indeed if you wouldn't let go. When I speak about love, even those who are sleeping perk up and begin to sparkle. Only the one who knows love will doze off. Money and power are inadequate to create unity. No one can deny that only love has the power to unite. Both the ignorant man and the scholar can agree on this.

Why do men separate from each other? If two people had been united in true love before the fall they would never have separated. Once you are united in love separation is impossible. We know now that man's mind and body were separated because of the fall, but we can explain this in a better way now-the essence of the fall is that man never achieved the highest love and unity. The love that worldly people pursue is a changing love, not the original absolute love. What we are trying to do is turn that degraded love into good love.

You can only expect to receive true love if you make absolute effort

If God exists then where would He be? Does He like love, or does only man want love? How do you know? You can reason it out. You are created in the image of God, and since you like love so much your origin must like love as well. Since God is unique and everlasting, the love He likes must have these qualities as well. Let me ask you some questions. Does God prefer changing or unchanging love? Do you want absolute or relative love? Will you have only one unique love or different loves?

God must like unique love. In order to experience God's love, should we or should we not take after Him? We must change and become like Him before we can experience His love. A magnet draws iron to it, and we must have certain properties so that the magnet of God's love can draw us to Him. We find that we don't always have those elements, that something is isolating us from the magnet.

Do you go in only one direction or many? People, and especially women, sometimes have as many as 360 directions. We should throw that tendency away and all go in one direction. If you are working for a Ph.D. at a university you must go in one direction; if you only work when you can or when you feel like it then you will never receive your degree. This morning we should make up our minds to go in one direction because that way alone leads to happiness. Whether you like it or not, it is better than going in many directions. Would you take the direction in which only England can become one, or the world, or the spirit world and physical world? The right conclusion is that we have to go in the direction where true love is and where truth is.

How could you people come together in this room when your ancestors fought one another in the past? Why have you come here to the Unification Church? The only real answer is that there is no other place but the Unification Church where people can bring their minds and bodies into unity, as well as the family, nation and world, and even the universe. God is working that way and that is where we want to go. Are you fortunate to come here or unfortunate? You might have thought, "I was so tired last night. Why does today have to be Sunday?" Is that so? Did you do well to come to the Church? Did you have only a short distance to go or a long one? Can you run to where we are going? The Concorde is not fast enough to bring you there so you must ride on something else. How can you be confident that you will make it while you are still alive on earth?

What is the fastest thing that can bring you there? There is nothing faster than love. The sun's rays travel very fast but love is even faster. It is unique and everlasting. It never changes and is powerful enough to unite everything. Do you think that you as a human being can live without love? If you know that it is better than anything you ever imagined, would you mind working hard to obtain it? Or are you just going to make a little effort and then wish for love to come to you?

You have to make absolute effort to get this love. If you do just a little and then expect love to come, you are nothing but a swindler and your attitude will prevent love from coming. In order to have love you can't even mind if your ear is blown off or you lose your eyes or your face is deformed. We need love so badly that we have to try our absolute best to get it. Even if our lives are at stake we have to reach out for love. It is worthwhile for me to risk my life to win that love. You may have only vaguely understood this before but now you know that love is as good and great as this.

If you women are ever going to love someone, is it going to be with eternal love the first time, or are you going to try something else and then have real love the second time? Spiritually this is very important. What are you going to do if you had many loves in the past? You must look at yourself in the mirror and know if you are sincere enough to find true love or whether you are only looking for an easy way and will settle for animalistic love.

With God you can experience love. Everything else in our lives so far has to be denied because it has nothing to do with God. The love you knew had nothing to do with God's love. As long as you cling to some love from the past you have nothing to do with this new love. If you men still want casual love sometimes then you haven't thought deeply enough about this. Are you women the same way? What are you going to do if you find yourself naked in the same bed with a man? Will your mind go horizontally to the man beside you or will it go vertically?

There are three things to overcome before you can be given the blessing -- the urge for food, sleep and physical love. These three things are the doors through which Satan can freely come in and out. Whoever is serious in his search for God can never be concerned with getting better food. He can never think he needs more sleep in the course of his search, and he can never feel that he is too lonely. You must think, "Even if I have the poorest food in the world I will still do the best work. Even though I am never loved by anyone and I feel lonely I will still love God, heaven and mankind at any cost."

We must want to be like that for the simple reason that God is like that. Does God sleep or eat three meals a day like we do? Does He love just some people or does He love even His enemies? If we live like this what will we gain? When we come near to God and resemble Him then the love of God will visit us. This is what we gain. You won't have to pray for God to come to you; even if you pray for God to stay away He will still come!

How do you know when God has visited you? Even though you are only thinking about going in one direction your body will have already started on its way. Even though you are not thinking, your feet will be carrying you somewhere and you will profit from it. Your legs won't feel heavy but feather-light. Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? You will have conquered the world at that point and you will have a victorious feeling.

We call the love among mankind a horizontal love and the love with God a vertical love. When we are visited by God our horizontal love is great but the vertical love with God will be a stronger sensation still. Should we experience horizontal or vertical love first? As a result of the fall mankind experienced horizontal love first, meaning that everything they did came before their love of the origin of the universe. How could they occupy a permanent position in that case?

What is religion? Religion is the correct path for finding vertical love. You must clearly understand that this vertical love can only be reached before horizontal love exists. In order to experience this vertical love, we should never have even a trace of horizontal love. You have all kinds of horizontal love in your past experiences. Do you still cherish those memories or are you trying very hard to get rid of them in order to reach the vertical love? What must you do?

Man was supposed to have vertical love first and afterward have property and belongings, not before. Once we reach that vertical love, everything around us all belongs to us because it all belongs to God. The first thing we were supposed to have was the love of God, before having love for a man or woman and before having property. No matter how precious a work of art may be, it cannot be compared with the value of a person who owns God's love.

Whatever the cause, complaints have no room here. In the Unification Church we are supposed to have a vertical love with God. That is what we are here for. We call this the Unification Church because we are here to unite our minds and bodies through this love. Once they become one in love they can never separate. Man would have achieved this if he had not fallen, and now we are going to restore it. This is why we use the unique term of "true"-"true individual", "true family", "true nation", and even "True God". Until this time people have only experienced God as a God of indemnity or restoration through the Bible or history. That is not the true God.

God was originally a loving God and since the fall He has worked very hard, not to establish laws and enforce them but to become that loving God again. We want to find the God with a loving heart because this is the true God. This is why we need the concept of "true man" and "true parents". Through true love we can connect husband and wife and we can connect God, parents and mankind.

The bachelor should love God more than anything else. Indeed his only concern should be to love God. Our missionaries overseas have been married for three years and have not even seen their wives. Before thinking about them they came to experience vertical love. This brother here has been overseas and has not even seen his wife because he knew that first he must establish vertical love. Habitually we have come from the left side, but now we realize that we must come from the right. It is a struggle because if you start to turn right three times but go the wrong way four times then you will go straight to the satanic world.

We do not marry for our own happiness

You have found someone here in the Unification Church who is concerned about what you must do and what is ahead of you. Nothing is more important than this, even school or marriage. At the time you reach thirty and it is almost too late to have children, that is a good enough time to match you. Even so, after you are married you don't live with each other right away. Where else in the world can you see this kind of thing? Something that never happens in the world is starting here. Unity is difficult but here it becomes very possible.

Is it good or bad that you are married later in life? The one thing we have to do before getting married is to live for other people, never for ourselves. Because of the fall people habitually live for themselves. But we will stop living like that. For whom do you get married? For yourself? No, first you get married for God, then for mankind and then for children.

These are the very points I am concerned with when I am matching couples. If I see that two people will love God together and serve mankind when they marry then they are a good match. I also see whether their children will live the same way in the future. I feel sorry for you because I am not concerned whether individuals will be happy being married to each other!

If I match a greedy man with a greedy woman then they will talk about robbing other people. What else can they do? How should I match a greedy man? I will give him a wife who is completely selfless, who does not want anything. He will talk to her about getting this and that but she will be indifferent and not respond. Even if he gets frustrated and says, "What kind of woman are you?" she will never pay any attention. Then her husband must think, "Now that I am married to her I must love her." If he will not separate from her then after a long time he will know that he is the one in the wrong because of his greed and he will try to change. She will lead him to the right side. Under these circumstances we need to change each other.

It is a miracle if a man and woman like each other. It never just happens. There is always a struggle for betterment and self-realization. Step by step they get nearer to God. If you don't like this way and only want to satisfy yourselves now then your children will not prosper. You must understand how your husband should feel if you lack something. A man must understand how his wife is. Once you become one in vertical love, electricity will jump between you like lightning. There is always a spark between positive and negative, and when that happens a man and woman will become one and everything around them will become one. Then heaven and earth will be altogether one.

Once that happens then every part of you is anchored at the center. If your feet want to go away, let them go because they will not carry you far when your head is anchored in the center. If there are enough people of different races experiencing this electricity then no human being can dislike another human being. This is why all religions work for love. Jesus died never letting go of this love.

Our number one enemy is our body. Religion teaches us to subjugate our bodies and live according to our mind's direction. Satan has hooked a cable to our bodies so we have to cut all our ties to the physical realm and emphasize the mind. The reason Satan has such a hold on the flesh is because we think of ourselves first. Eve thought first of herself. Now our bodies are battlegrounds between God and Satan, with both claiming ownership and not letting go.

Why did you Germans, French and Austrians come to England? You are here not only for England but for the world. After working with your own families and countries you must work for the world and you came to England to satisfy that condition. It is the Unification Church tradition that we must give ourselves up for the family, the family for the sake of the nation, and the nation for the sake of the world. This is a very wonderful thing that the Unification Church is aiming for.

As I said earlier, love is the narrowest and the longest. Love stretches out vertically to the individual. When you exercise your love of family it goes even higher up, and when you extend the love to the nation it goes farther still. There is only one center and it never changes. If we are determined to love the family more than ourselves, then the clan more than the family and then the nation and world even more, love is added on and on and reaches straight out to God.

The lowest level of love is the individual. Even after marriage our couples don't think first about each other but even go to different places to work for the sake of the world. We do that in order to restore love, making the condition of loving the world more than our family and more than our own country. Once we do this then God has to come; He cannot deny us and say He doesn't know us.

When do we meet God? Not just anywhere, but only in the front line. You will experience that. Restoration by indemnity also takes place in the front line. If an individual tries to live for himself then God never comes to him, but once he sacrifices himself for the family God will come. I know this principle perfectly and this is why I drive you out for the sake of the world. This is the most important thing in your life. I am chasing you out to the front line on the world level.

Satan is trying to discourage you through accusations about our Church and the opposition of different people, but if you are not lured away he will be unsuccessful and will leave you alone. In America the IRS has investigated us and the Justice Department has come to see if anything illegal is happening in our Church. Both agencies have gone to greater lengths investigating us than they normally do with other groups. Even the State Department and Congress have investigated to see if they can find anything wrong with Reverend Moon and the Unification Church but they have not found the smallest thing wrong.

Whoever investigates me will find that the Unification Church has made money, certainly, but that we spent it for the country and for unselfish causes. I even brought money from outside of America and used it for the sake of that nation. It is the same here. I do not want to spend English money.

All the IOWC members from other parts of Europe work harder than highly paid people, but you do not expect to take any rewards back from England to keep in your own country. You do it all for the sake of England. This is something unheard of in the past.

Can you complain when you experience difficulty or when I push you to work for the sake of the world? I myself work in that way because I must meet the same condition. You can only have one complaint about yourself: "Maybe I am eating too much or sleeping too much." You can only complain to yourself, not to others. You should say, "I should sleep less and work more." People in the everyday world hate that kind of thinking, but they must change that habit later on and adopt God's way of thinking.

We are building the bridge of love from the individual, family, clan and nation to reach God. Once you pave the highway then everyone can drive from here to there in no time. All your family, country, and even the world can fly to God from any direction because no matter where they take off from, they will still reach the destination. I don't choose to land in any other place except where God is. No matter what country I am in I can fly to God in the same way because I am working on the world level.

When a French member comes to England and then wants to fly to God on the foundation of the English family, the Ormes will not deny her that. They will say, "Go ahead." Since all the necessary conditions have been laid, no matter where you go you cannot be denied the privilege of going to God on the foundation there.

We are going to establish a new tradition for the family. Have you ever thought about what you would do if after you are married and living in one room I come to stay overnight? If I visit you then will you have me sleep in the middle of the room, with the husband on one side of the room and the wife on the other? Is that the right way to think or not? Should I call ahead of time for permission to come? Even though this has not been common practice in the world, you should start doing this for your own parents. They can visit you any time they feel like it. Also, you must teach your own sons and daughters this way. Parents don't need any prior permission to visit their children.

If I walk in without notice and you have only cooked for two people you cannot say, "I'm sorry. We don't have enough for you." Even though the grown children have to go without food, the parents must be given the first portion. In the present way of life parents must call ahead and give notice to their children about visiting them. They shouldn't have to call first. You should accept it that Mother and I need not to call to come visit you, nor your own parents. We must have that attitude as a standard. You will do the same with your own sons and daughters.

Since establishing the four-position foundation is the objective, man and wife should live together and their brothers and sisters and parents must be able to live in the same house. That is the original way. If the Queen decides to visit any family they should welcome her like their own mother.

Our burden is heavy, but it is better to die than to leave it behind

How can you say the Unification Church is good? It is good because we are bringing all the young people in to pay indemnity to restore the world. God likes to see young people coming to shed their blood and pay indemnity. Old people are not so sensitive and they are closer to going to spirit world, while young people have the future ahead of them. Since we emphasize young people working for all mankind this is a good church. God wants to have the best young men and women make the indemnity conditions for this cause.

If you are to make an offering at the altar, do you give an old cow which has had calves, or do you offer a young calf which has never given birth? Are you also pure? If you are pure then it is good that you work with blood and sweat for mankind and heaven. According to the amount of indemnity we pay, the quicker the world will be restored. Those who would like to do that, raise your hand.

The topic of my talk is, "The Burden on Our Shoulders". We will carry the heaviest burden on our shoulders, even if it is weighing us down. We will never be crushed but will just pick it up again and walk strongly on. Actually, if the load becomes unbearably heavy it is better to be crushed and die than try to escape it and have no connection with this course. Which possibility would you choose of these three? Are you going to support it, leave, or be crushed by it and die? Have you really experienced the load being so heavy that you are not able to support it any more, that your teeth make a grinding noise because of the heavy load crushing down on you? Although it is difficult, you carry it nevertheless.

The more difficult a load it is to carry, the more valuable is God's reward. God will reward you with His love and you will never lose but will only gain. I do the same as you but I have been working harder and longer than you have. People with red, black, blond and white hair will all respond to me because I have loved them so much. What does an Oriental man have to do with Western people? Nothing, except for this tie of love. There are many Orientals in London but do you ever glance at them? You pay attention to me even though I am Oriental because you have true love and want to reach out with true love to me. You are even ready to give up your own relatives to be with me. That is the way the heavenly heart works.

One foreign missionary recently came to London and reported to me. He said that many missionaries came to Africa from America and Europe but they worked in the daytime with the black people and at night went back to their own compounds. They never ate the same food or tried to understand the people by living with them. They maintained a separate way of life, but our missionary was different. He ate with the black people, slept together with them side by side and cried with them. They prayed together and did everything together. One day some people came with a gun to shoot our brother but for some reason they only struck him with the butt of the pistol instead. God worked a miracle to save him at that time because during his three years in Africa he was giving true love.

Now you understand why I choose this way, despite opposition and persecution. This is why Satan hates me so much and wishes that I would be killed and discontinue. This will never happen as long as God exists because He will make sure that I go on and on. The same is true for you. Only God's love can bring all things into unity. Every individual must find for himself the point where his mind and body can become one with God. When you cry for the world you will meet God. When you consistently work for the world, even at the risk of your life, going unceasingly in this one direction, then God's love will never leave you.

You will discover that when you are not working for yourself God will come and do the work for you. The Unification Church has the ideal of making that kind of man and woman out of everyone. Eventually they will become parents of children like this who will be leaders. You have to determine to drop everything else in order to be here and continue on and on until you reach the love of God. We don't care too much whether we prosper or perish; we are heading in one direction and we want to do better day by day. Then we are like the rising sun which can only keep rising. You can be confident that wherever you go the sunshine of God's love will be there.

The reason you go door to door witnessing is to give that light to your families also and this is why you must have a clean, pure mind when you visit the people. When we are not carrying our own burden but are supporting the burden of the world we never tire of it; we are never exhausted because love is never exhausted. How many times did you think, "I wish I had not joined the Unification Church"? Even those people who say no must have thought that at one time or another.

You are not telling the truth when you say you love me, are you? I don't like love which goes up and down; I like constant, unchanging love. Will you love like that for a change? Even if I make you suffer more will you ever complain? Your answer was not so convincing! If someone slaps your face or spits at you, do you feel inside, "Why did Father bring me all the way here to let me go through this desert?" I want to believe you when you say no.

Will you do something as though you had a flame burning inside or in a lukewarm way? If you are driving an automobile at high speed and then brake abruptly there is a shrieking sound and much heat. Are you going to wobble and zigzag to a halt or are you going to stop right away? You feel good if you can come to a neat, quick halt so go ahead and train yourself until you can do that.

You can go straight while you are doing things you enjoy, but you must also go straight when you have to do things you don't like. You don't like to be criticized and accused, do you? Neither do you like it when someone prevents you from doing something you like. Your answers to my questions can only be genuine if you give them because they are the same answers that God and mankind would give.

When you live with heavenly heart, God will always be ahead preparing your way

We have the heaviest load on our shoulders not just for a short while but for the longest distance and if we are absent-minded for a short time then we will crumble. Once you drop a heavy load it is very hard to pick it up again so you should never put it down. In this situation dying is better than abandoning the mission. Even if a person should die as he labors under his load he is better off than any man on earth because in the spirit world he can receive all the love which belonged to him. If you die then someone else will lift the load off for you, but if you just leave it behind then it is always your responsibility.

Can you go the path now? It is a very difficult path and that is why you need me. When you find it difficult and you pray to God, "What am I going to do? This is unbearably difficult," then God will come and say, "Let's go." He will show you the way. When I appear in your dreams and visions God will teach you something. If you keep this persevering attitude then God will stay right with you and prepare for everything in your life. Without fail I will appear in your dreams to encourage you.

When the way is very difficult and you are walking with tired legs, you will experience many times that without realizing it you are talking to me and going on. You won't be able to go this way without love. Only your true, straight love makes it possible. If you live in that true love then you are living with God every moment of the day, not just now and then. This is very true. You are gradually learning more and becoming connected to the realm of heart.

Even when you have tried your very best in witnessing or fundraising, when you come back exhausted you must think, "I must do a little bit more today than I did before." That thinking is very precious and necessary. You might feel you should go out one minute earlier than the day before, or that you must work throughout the night without sleep. Even when we are dying we must say, "I have not done enough. What can I do if I die now?" We must go to God feeling ashamed that we have not done enough.

Always when you have tried your best in witnessing or fundraising you are tired when coming home at night but you must find some time to pray to God and cry for mankind. Since you are longing for love you must live this suffering life, no matter how difficult, and in that heart you can persevere and go forward. Think about how to experience the grief and sorrow of having lost loved ones and yearning for that lost love. You must be prepared enough that even if all at once you lost your beloved ones-your wife, children and nation-you could still go on. Sometimes you should find yourself speaking even without knowing what you are saying or doing. Then you will find that you are not speaking by yourself but God is speaking through you. All of these experiences are necessary in our life of faith.

Why are we going to do this difficult work? In order to meet the heavenly people. If you go this difficult way you will surely meet the heavenly man you have been looking for. Always be ready to meet me, perhaps while you are walking the street on your way somewhere. Also be prepared to meet God in the most unexpected place. If you are walking into the most miserable prison you can feel, "Isn't this where I am supposed to meet God?" Feel like that and prepare to meet Him. I lived this way constantly and when I went to prison I found people God had prepared for me. I was in a very dangerous situation but God protected me.

You never know who you will meet when you go witnessing door to door. You might find an important man who later on might save the whole nation. You must be prepared to meet such a person. Even though you are tired you should visit one more home at the end of the day because that may be where you meet the person who could save the nation. You may have visited a hundred homes and not met the man who could save the nation, but he might be in # 101. If you live like that then God will lead you to such a man.

Wherever you go with that heart, spirit world will prepare for you. Always think that you are going to find someone whose heart you can connect with the heart of God. You are reaching out to heaven and that door you knock on is your stepping stone. We are always searching for that special, righteous man, and if you are walking with God's guidance then all of a sudden, without realizing how it happened, you meet someone and you are sure he is that man. You can experience this not only once but several times while you are witnessing. It should even be a common thing for you.

Sometimes you want to cry because this life is difficult, but you will understand how difficult it must have been for God in the past. Once you meet someone good you must love him as God loves him. When you are together you won't want to part from him and will want to stay as long as possible. When you really feel his preciousness you will pour out all your energy and want to do still more for him. When you meet strangers with this heart they are not strangers but seem more like your brothers and sisters. If someone is poorly dressed you want to buy him some clothes, even though you cannot.

We can meet good people everywhere and widen the spectrum of love everywhere we go. God's love is returned to you in proportion to what you do. Whenever you visit a house, think that this is the house of a precious person whom God loves. Don't treat him in a casual way but show your earnest concern and respect and he will ultimately accept you. Then the people will miss you when you are away and will want you to come often. We are distributing love to them, not trying to take something away. The power of love is like a magnet drawing people to you. When you have that kind of mind and pray to God, you will feel as though some strings attach you to the person you are praying for; you are pulling him and he comes to you in response to your prayer. When you pray about his home over and over again, when you visit there you will feel that the people will never let you go. You will know ahead of time that you will run into this person at a certain place, and sure enough he will be there, even if you are late. I want you to have that kind of experience.

When you live your life that way year after year, you will automatically experience the love of God, which you never want to replace with anything else. Then you will see visions even with your eyes wide open and you will even see me walking in front of you in a substantial way. If you look at something on the wavelength of love, there is nothing you can't understand.

You can know what intensity of feeling you must have before this can happen by comparing it to the most intense love you felt before coming to the Church. You have to go beyond that before you will start experiencing these things. You should want to witness with that strength of feeling and to meet someone who can be witnessed to with that intensity of love. You should want to see this person so much that you are ready to cry. This is not an easy life to go through because our eyes should always be wet with tears for the family, the nation and the world.

Have you ever stopped to think how you would feel if your husband and children were kidnapped? This is exactly how God feels in His mind. In God's eyes all men have been taken away and He is desperately anxious to bring them back. Certainly we cannot draw them back to our own homes without the feeling of love. The fall came through individual love, but in restoration we bring people with public love, no matter what nationality or race they are from.

All the women feel that they want to marry someone like me, not because I am handsome, but because of the love of God. If someone receives the love of God, in your heart you want to live with him forever. This is why wherever I go the members want to give their deepest heart to me and prepare everything for me.

You have met me in your dreams, haven't you? I give you spiritual guidance to bring you to a higher level than the fallen world of love. Even though a couple have an intense love with each other, once they go to the realm of God's heart they respond to the original love of God, which is on a much higher level than the love they felt between each other.

Whenever one man feels like I do, the women will tag along after him and listen to him. You must have a straight mind and not think badly about such a person. The same happens when a woman becomes like that; then the men will follow her. Most important of all, you must always regard the women as your sisters, or if they are older cherish them as you would your mother. Never think of a sister as your wife or girlfriend. The same thing goes for the women; never think, "That brother has such a straight mind. I wish I could be blessed with him."

You must keep yourself very clean and pure so that even though you cannot yet generate the light of love yourself you can at least reflect that light to the world like the moon. As your mind and body become completely one God's love is within you, and with a pure mind the brightness of God's love will come through you. To be like that you must live for the sake of other people.

If you continue then your brightness will reach farther and farther and your spectrum become bigger. The world is pitch dark with no source of light but in that bleakness you will be a twinkling star. Then later you will increase in brightness and become like the moon and later like the sun, radiating that light from inside yourself. No matter how dark the world may be, like the sun you will light the darkest corner of your surroundings with your love. Are you confident of that? Do you really feel that because of you the entire city of London will be filled with light?

Hold your torch higher and higher by investing more dedication and heart and prayer so that even people far away can see you and be brought to God. If you live like I have then you will be able to do big things. When you live your life like that then intuitively you know when you are going somewhere you shouldn't be. I don't look any different from everyone else but I am different in this respect, and whenever I see someone I can know which way he is going in his life.

That sensitivity of love applies everywhere. Nothing stops it; it penetrates everything. I am good in all areas because of this principle, and I could give you so many dramatic examples that if you heard all of them you might start to think that I was very strange! But because of love such "supernatural" experiences become commonplace. Other people don't have that experience because they lack love. This is where the whole problem lies. Love is better than any power, better than money or knowledge. It can even control God. If you want to do something with that kind of heart then God has to agree with you.

Since my early life I have been through much suffering but I am not exhausted by it. You must direct yourself so that your mind and body are in harmony and then you will emit the energy of love throughout your life and live in spirit world eternally with the same energy. Expect it to be difficult, but know that it is all worth it. If you sink down for even one moment it is more difficult to come up again, so you must always keep going forward. At one time I had the experience of saying the wrong thing and then I had to spend seven years indemnifying that one wrong statement. You must be aware of the formidable sensitivity of our situation.

Now many of you live an inconsistent life without Principle and from now on you must be more careful. If you do then for sure you will be the sons and daughters of God. Then you will be the happiest people in the world and you will make others happy too. I have been like that ever since I was young. Even if I do nothing now, spirit world is anxious to help me. I made the foundation for this love to originate in myself.

Now it is easy to learn Divine Principle but remember how difficult it was for me to discover it, and not only that, but to practice it and establish all the necessary conditions at different times. It has taken God 6,000 years, all of human history, to restore the world. That meant it took all of human history to restore one Adam and for that Adam to restore the family, clan and nation; now we are in the process of restoring the world and even the universe. I had to establish all those conditions in one lifetime. I am doing what God could not do by Himself. As I said earlier, man alone cannot create this unity, only God and man together.

Now the conventional religions have declined, but now along with God and the power of true love we are reaching out to the world to achieve unity as God intended in the first place. I imagine picking up one woman and shaking her and seeing everything undesirable fall away. Then only her pure nature will remain and with the positive and negative electricity of God she will shine like the sun to the end of the world. Would you like to see that happen too?

Your eyes are emitting rays of light and a fragrance emanates from your whole being. You will experience this sooner or later; this is not a dream. When you become spiritually elevated in that way and go into a dark room you will see your hands shine like a lamp. Original man was that precious. If a man has sin, however, he cannot see into you. If your hands glow like that because of love then your eyes can see through any barrier and understand anything. People will want to follow such a pure man of understanding and become like him. You have to establish that pattern so people will want to follow your tradition of love. Here are brothers and sisters who came all the way from Japan to show that example here in England.

When you return to your room at the end of the day and you are tired but your room is dirty, are you going to go right to sleep or are you going to clean the room first? Even while you are sleeping you may meet God so you must wash yourself before you go to bed.

If you are carrying a big load of love, it may fill your sack so full that it breaks open and the love spills out. Then many people will come after you to pick up that spilled love for themselves. You may hear many comments like, "The Divine Principle is fine but I like this person more than the truth. That's why I am following him." But even though they like you, the people will not do just as they please; instead they are going to follow your direction. You came because you like me, but you don't do just as you like, do you? You follow my way.

If a very pure girl goes out witnessing then many men will follow her, being even ready to die with her. That is fine, but once they come to the Church they will not do just as they like but will follow our direction. If you have a genuine love and try to save people then men and women will follow you and come to the Church. One thing we must get straight at the beginning is that none of us can do just as we like once we come to the Church.

Sometimes it happens that a man of true heart is sleeping in one room and a woman walks into that room in spite of herself. It is a natural thing to follow that love, but she must have the situation explained to her and then be returned to her own room. She was spiritually moved to do that but a person's spirit can only be controlled by the truth. It must be explained so as not to hurt her and then she must go back to her own room. Since man fell because of love, we are going to restore original love. We are guiding people with the torchlight of love and showing them the way.

Love does not exist for ourselves; it exists to save others. You must know clearly about the purpose of love and the way it operates. If you are a magnet then you can always feel a sense of elation and happiness, as though you were full of electricity. You can always feel that in your right hand you hold my hand and in your left you hold Mother's. Then the electricity of love will flow through you and you will glow in the same way as Mother and me. Think that you have a pulling power, like gravity, always pulling something or someone toward you. In order for you to become like that your mind and body must become one. Then no matter how difficult the road, you are going with the heart of God.

Always have the feeling and heart of being in the four-position foundation. If you practice what I taught you this morning then compared to the last two week's work your scope of activity will greatly widen and you will become more dynamic. Then you can distribute more love everywhere. When you fundraise you are not collecting money but planting a seed of love everywhere you go. When people open their doors and receive you then the seed of love will grow in that house. Now you know that love is the only thing that makes unity possible.

While you have your body you must be able to develop it as a conductor of electricity, charged with love. Then when you go to spirit world your spirit body will be healthy and heavenly. If you don't do that now, however, it is hell. I know this is difficult but it is all worthwhile. For the rest of your lives you must remember this principle of love. This is the most difficult thing and the heaviest burden, but because of it we are able to find the most precious love. Let us pray.

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