The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

Speech to the One World Crusade Europe

Sun Myung Moon
June 1, 1978 - 5.30 a.m.
Lancaster Gate, London
Translator - Sang Kil Han

For the last few days you have been working in London. What do you feel about it? This is the first time in history that we have had such an activity as this in Europe with so many countries centered on one town. So as this is the first time that anybody has done such work in the streets, the results that you are bringing forth in Europe will become a great conversation point.

Then how has this work come into being? The Unification Church is doing this in the name of God. Although the Unification Church is doing this, it is essentially God's work -- we are doing it for Him. So it has to result in success. We are doing this in God's name and therefore it is of great significance. There is no other work more significant than this one. And the very elements that are working here, like the German, French, all the other European nations and also the British were enemies not long ago. A relatively short time ago, they were fighting each other. But now they are working as brothers and sisters. Then are we really working as brothers and sisters? (Yes!) Do you really feel that in your mind now? (Yes!) So the work we do now is not just our own work; it may be that when we fail this is not our personal failure but a failure for the future of Europe. But once we become successful then we will establish a great pattern for the future. This work being initiated will lead to more activities in the future and this will be prevalent all throughout the European continent.

So it is very much as if each country has sent its own soldiers, its own army to form an allied front to work in this country and in this town as we are doing now. So we must now be aware in our work that not only will everyone in Europe pay attention to us but also all the spirit world will pay attention to what we do. In this way we have to be aware that we are the soldiers, the very fine selected soldiers of the Heavenly army. So while we are working here, we have to think about that every moment of the time, we must have this realization that we are soldiers.

The Heavenly soldier is the same as a regular soldier. The army is for fighting and it has to fight effectively. In order to do so we have to belong to some command -- to a higher command and only in this way will the army fight a great war in an effective way. Soldiers do not usually select their own battlefield. In other words the soldier doesn't go south or north because he believes it is good, but he goes as the commander instructs him to and then he fights his best. Another thing an army does is, in order to win a victory, it does not think of anything else but victory. Even lives are of secondary importance -- first is victory.

It doesn't matter whether the enemy is strong or weak. We always fight against the enemy, pouring everything we have into it. Once we are instructed to go and take a certain objective, no matter what the situation is, we will march forward and get to that objective. With this view, what kind of soldiers are we going to be? Are we going to be a small, weak army or are we going to be a strong army? (Strong!) Then we say we will become a strong army, but it is not that simple -- we have to do something before we can become a strong army. In order to make ourselves a strong army, we have to be equipped with three great elements.

First, the armament, especially the spiritual armament must be a strong one. Then and only then will we have our outer armament. Secondly, we must have inner arms to fight against the enemy. With these two, we are well under way, but this on its own is not enough. Thirdly, we have to train ourselves in accordance with the principles. Once we are instructed to go forth with a certain objective and we accept it, then with five, seven, or a squad of us working together would have to complete our mission at any cost. Many people may feel differently about the situation. But one thing is for sure -- if the army is afraid of something, or afraid of the enemy, or not so confident in what it does, or not so determined in what it is supposed to do, then such an army can never fight and win. We know that. So we have to know what our enemy is, what we are supposed to do. What we are fighting for. Then we can say "Yes, now I am determined."

We have the spiritual determination. This is the first thing. Then the second one is what are we going to fight with? We have to collect our outer arms and once equipped with these then we have to train ourselves everyday. Do the thing and practice -- practice in order. We have to collect our outer arms and once equipped with these then we have to train ourselves every day. Do the thing and practice and practice more to get our work done better.

Since we are already in the battlefield, in the battle against evil, you might say, then we cannot try to arm ourselves with spiritual armaments here at the battlefield. We cannot try to collect our arms and equip ourselves here at this battlefield and we cannot go through training in the real battlefield. We are already in the battlefield. All of these preparations should have been done before we came to the battlefield.

So that means, by the time we are in the battlefield, we should have learned every way of fighting and every way of reaching the enemy. Every way of winning the objective and have practiced that by witnessing in local areas. We should have already had that training before we got here. And that is a must. There is no way to get around to it. If we are not trained like that, if we do not have that armament, inwardly and outwardly, then what happens? Then we will fight on but we have to suffer much unnecessary sacrifice. In all fighting there are sacrifices untrained soldiers must make double and triple sacrifices. Even without worrying about training, we have to try to do the work. We get tired and we find very little time to spare. We are totally involved in it and even without thinking of these preparations, we are already very busy fighting the war.

In these circumstances, what kind of uniform are we soldiers wearing now? Here we must realize that the uniform we are wearing has the nametag of the Unification Church and has the name of God inscribed on it. Imagine, those soldiers wearing a uniform which says Unification Church and God and imagine all the people looking at that fighting soldier. If he is not conquering Satan -- but instead he is not strong, even weaker than Satan and loses the battle, what do you think? All the people around would look at the uniform and what would they say? It is not very difficult to imagine. That weak soldier may be beaten but he is not an individual where the problem lies. The individual may lose and so what? Other soldiers can come in and fight the war better, but when an individual soldier loses that means that the Unification Church will eventually lose and all Europe will lose and God will eventually lose.

So this is never a simple matter. It is the greatest matter we can ever think of. We can all think of this in parallel with our own lives. Either we give our life, or we lose it. We have to have this kind of determination. When we select a soldier, the soldier is selected to represent a nation. The soldier should be the best one in that nation. The strongest ones are picked out as soldiers -- the weak ones and the sick ones are not selected as soldiers because they will only die in the battlefield. No army does that. They pick up the best ones in their country. So soldiers are always young people, picked at the prime of youth. The soldiers must be very simple minded with nothing complicated back home. No family to take care of, no children, or not many. They also should have a simple strong straightforward mind in that their only objective is to win in the name of God.

Another thing the young people hate very much is to be beaten by someone -- to be outdone by someone. This is something they dislike very much. The old people say "Oh, I lost because there were lots of problems behind me and many things are in my way," but young people can never say this because there are none -- no obstacles in front of him, no complications behind him. So let Father ask you a question now. Are you young people, or are you old people? (Young!) Your eyes are shining, shining really brightly and the muscles are strong and your body is in peak condition. If young people are forced to sit down like this for three hours then they really boil inside and they just want to break the window and burst out. Do you feel like that? (Yes!)

Whenever you move your arm or move your leg, whatever small movement you have, you do with a powerful and confident force. And all of you are in your twenties and early thirties and all have this element in you. And what about the thoughts we have. The thoughts in our heads -- all the same, uniform, the same thought? Or some people have one thought and others have another different thought? Which one is it? (Same!) Same? (Yes!) So we have the same thinking. Are we the same in that everyone thinks they are losing or are we the same in that everyone knows that we will eventually win? (Win!) Even in winning there are two possibilities. Maybe the enemy is weak. It is very exhausted, so you walk in and take the enemy. That's one way. The other is that the enemy too is strong, just like we are, but maybe we are even stronger, so when we really fight then because we are stronger, work harder and we are more determined, we beat the strong enemy army.

There are even two ways of winning, then which way are we going to win the victory? Because the enemy is weak or because we are stronger? (Stronger!) When we shoot at them with words, they are going to shoot back at us too and we will really have fierce fighting and we will win over this. Or instead, everyone is sleeping there, so you walk in, you sneak in and then you shoot them and you win this way. What kind of battle are you going to have? With the enemy sleeping, or the enemy fighting back? The first one or the second one? (Second one!) You are walking down the street and the people come and ask you, "What do you do?" "What is your work, what is your profession?" "What are you?" You say, "Well, I do this and, sometimes I do that -- and, er ..." Are you going to reply like that or instead are you going to say, "I, I am a soldier of the Heavenly army and my mission is to fight and win every battle!" Are you going to say this? Which one? The first one or the second one? (Second!) Then, if the people ask you what you are, are you going to say, "Well, I'm fighting, I'm in the Heavenly army." Are you going to say that or are you going to say proudly, "I am a member of the Unification Church!" Which one are you going to say to the people who ask you? (Second one!) Second one? You like Moonie, Moonie, Moonie? (Yes!)

Sometimes, when the situation is rather bizarre, you might say you are Unification Church members. But never do this from now on. When you say Unification Church, say it with pride, say it proudly because this Unification Church, the name of Unification Church is the source of pride and is something solemn, you know that. So far, have you been saying the name Moonie, "I am a Moonie," have you been saying that with a proud confident mind, or as if you don't want other people to find out or don't want to admit you are a Moonie or something like that? (No!) There is nothing to be ashamed of. It is the proudest name. Those who have thought in the past that Moonie is a very proud name, raise your hand. Is that true? You have always thought that the name Moonie is a name to be proud of? (Yes!) Well, most Unification Church members, Moonies, when other people call them Moonies, they don't like that. Is that right? (No!) Father understands that many Unification Church members did not like that. Isn't that right? Why don't you answer now? Is that because something is holding you back? Is that because sometimes in the past you did not feel so good saying "I am a Moonie?" Of course not, you have always been proud of this.

For those people who do not like the name Moonie -- then, where does the name Moonie come from? Has that name come from his own mouth or from somebody else? Then who is that somebody else who started saying Moonie? Well, actually, no matter who said it, the name came directly from Moon and they called it Moonie. So, when people are not so proud of being called Moonie, that means he or she is not so proud of Father himself. Isn't that right? I don't like him, so when people call me Moonie, I don't like it. Isn't that right? Isn't that the way? (No!) Actually, it reasons out that way doesn't it? Actually, the name Moonie does not even come only from the name Moon. Why would Reverend Moon do anything if it was not God's will? Actually, the name Moonie comes directly from God. So when we are ashamed of being called Moonie, that means we are ashamed eventually of God. This is one thing we do not feel and have not felt in the past. Then why does Satan call us Moonie? Actually, Satan has a purpose. By saying Moonie, he wants to harass us and make us weak. If he says, Moonie, Moonie, and a person doesn't like being called Moonie, that person becomes weak. This is what Satan has in mind. So these are Satan's tactics.

By calling everyone Moonie and saying bad things about Moonies then he will make the soldiers weak and cause them to lose their will to fight and will chase them away. This is why he calls them Moonie. We shoot with our words of God and he is shooting at us by calling us Moonie and that is his own bullet too, you see. He shoots at us by calling us Moonie. So what the enemy is hoping when he says Moonie, is that the bullet will hit your head and you will say, "Well, I don't want to be called Moonie," so you fall on the ground. That's what the enemy wants you to do. Do you understand? So when people ask, "Are you a Moonie," and you feel, "Oh, I don't want that," then you are already weakened. Rather, you must feel, when you see someone coming, that he is going to ask, "Are you a Moonie?" You must think to yourself, first, what you are going to answer. You must think about this become determined. The enemy is really getting at this very point. If one person comes and asks you and you don't like that, what then if two people come and ask you? Or three people? Then you will just have to escape. If one man can call you a Moonie and you are afraid, what if three people come at you and say Moonie? Then you will have to run, isn't that right? Then how can a soldier fight with such a weak mind?

So, we should know enemy tactics and we should be prepared when they say Moonie, to say, "Yes, I am a Moonie, but what's wrong with a Moonie?" Just tell me one thing which is bad about Moonies? Just tell me one thing that is wrong with Moonies? So when someone calls you a Moonie, you have to feel excited. Oh, he called me a Moonie, and I am going to fight over that name Moonie today. We have to feel the confidence in ourselves. You have actually much to say about being a Moonie yourself. Deep inside you have a strong heart wanting to talk about being a Moonie. What about those people who call you Moonie?

Actually they are much less than a Moonie. Not even their little finger can touch that name Moonie. Have you ever thought that the Moonies happen to be the only ones working for others in a world where everybody is just working for themselves -- these very brave people, who have their own problems in their own countries, are now coming from the entire Europe to help in England. How great they are -- and they ought to know about that. So you can say, have they ever thought of, or tried fighting for Europe, or tried working for England? Have they even thought about it? If they have not even thought about it, then they are not any better than you. Certainly they are not any better than you, so how can they call other people such names. Do you understand?

So the name Moonie can work in two ways. If the enemy calls you by the name Moonie and you are weak and inside you become complicated and you lose your will to fight, then this is what the enemy wants. But if, when they call you by the name Moonie and all of a sudden you feel very proud, if at that moment you think about Father and about God Himself, the almighty and strongest God, then you go over this name Moonie. It is like a trigger -- when they say the name Moonie, then you will always spring up and become stronger. It can work both ways.

This is a very true situation. If you are proud of being a Moonie and if you talk to them strongly, then those people will later be ashamed and they will be afraid and will go away and then the name Moonie will have brought you victory. You have to make this work -- instead of being beaten. So we must be aware and we must be confident. We must work inside and out, so that whenever this Moonie name is spoken, then that means all of Europe, that means all the tradition, that means all of God's work, so you have to really feel the strength in that name. And certainly we cannot say we are the soldiers of the Unification Church without knowing how to raise up the name Moonie and knowing how to be proud of the name Moonie because there are all the elements to be proud of in the name Moonie. Do you understand or don't you understand? So in the last few days, you have heard the name Moonie quite often, haven't you? Then did you feel good or did you not feel good? (Good!) When you said that why did you laugh at the same time? Why did you laugh? Doesn't it say, yes, I heard and I didn't mind but I didn't feel good. Isn't that right? (No!) Are you sure that you know? (Yes!)

What about the people who say Moonie in such a way that it's like Father was struck. If you get three punches like that, then just go to some corner and do nothing, you lose all power inside and such a soldier, can you call him a soldier? Can he ever win anything? Such a soldier? Even the dog or cat passing by would laugh at such a soldier. "Oh, there's a weak soldier, he's supposed to be a Unification Church member." The dog laughs at you, the cat sneers at you. Don't you understand? (Yes!) When someone calls you Moonie and then your eye is all of a sudden sparkling, shining like a diamond, saying, "Yes, I am a Moonie, do you want to learn more about Moonies because it's good? You want to be a Moonie too?" (Yes!) If they have some objections about Moonies, you can say, "Let's hear it." Let them talk about bad things about Moonies and then if they are wrong, you tell them it is wrong and you tell them why it is wrong and they will retreat because they are ashamed. And what if nobody calls you Moonie? Then you should actually be bored, you don't know what to do because nobody calls you a Moonie and its too peaceful. Then what you must do is go up to that man and say, "Why don't you call me a Moonie? Why don't you call me a Moonie, don't you know the Moonies?" You have to challenge them.

So starting from this morning, listen to the Moonie many, many times, make them say Moonie to you. If they keep quiet, then you should go and jab them, "Call me Moonie, don't you want to know about Moonie? There are many Moonies in London, don't you want to know about them and what they do?" You have to do that. And then obviously you know, they don't want to hear Moonie. When you say, "Moonie, don't you want to hear about Moonie?" Then they don't want to hear about Moonie. Then they retreat. Don't you feel good and confident when the people retreat and run away when the Moonie name is called? Wouldn't you feel strong at the name of Moonie? (Yes!) So think about it now -- for a few seconds. How many times would you like to be called Moonie in one day? How many times? Is that 100 times or 1,000 times a day? (A thousand!)

If the soldier is more and more excited every time he is called Moonie, then the more often he is called Moonie, the more he will feel the power coming. So that soldier is a real strong soldier. Well, then you say," Well, I may be called a Moonie when I'm sitting on the park bench, then I don't mind." Do you feel like that? Or do you feel you don't mind being called a Moonie anywhere you go? Anywhere, like a public toilet, in a bus station, riding a bus, in a shopping center, no matter where, in a restaurant or wherever it happens to be, if a man comes out and calls you Moonie, still you will not mind -- an unexpected Moonie -- even better. Will you feel like that? Or, will you feel, "Well, I can be called Moonie, but only at the bench in a park where I am doing nothing. Then people can call me Moonie. I don't mind. So which one? (Everywhere!) It is a simple thing. From today on we will never mind being called a Moonie. In fact, we will take that name and wherever it is spoken, we will be proud of it and we will use it as a source of power and we will clad it around us and use it as our armament. You know a tank? A tank is made of very strong iron, if you shoot a bullet, it will never go through a tank -- so you must be like a tank. When they call the name Moonie, you be like a scrap of iron. Those who want to make themselves like a tank with the name of Moonie, raise your hands.

Are we going to make an armament out of the name Moonie? Yes? (Yes!) Actually how exciting it would be if, when the people are indifferent, when they are busy -- and all of us say, "We are the Moonies" -- the people will shout out and they will be surprised and want to learn more about us. Theatres and schools, especially young children and students will want to learn about Moonies. When you make a noise and people come up to you and you have to speak then you will say, "Well, there are two kinds of people that are called names. One is the very capable man, so they call him names, and the other category of man they call names is the one who is incapable. He is not so smart so they call him names."

There are two kinds of people who are called names. One is good, so they call him bad names and the other is bad so they call him bad names. Isn't that right? There are always two kinds of people. Then you will say, "I will let you decide if the Moonie is good or bad, we believe in this and we do this because of this." Well, when the people gather round you, you will say, "I am so and so from such and such country." Let us say you are a young German, you can say, "I am German, from Europe and we used to be enemies during the war. We used to be England's enemy and you were our enemy in the past war, but now we have come here, not thinking about the time when we were enemies; now we are here to help in your own country, right here." "I come from Germany and you try to cut my leg and cut my arm and even my throat because I am a Moonie."

Well, that's your background, but now you are here to teach many things and to teach bad people good things and you have to make those people who are not really worthwhile, spend their days in a worthwhile way. Then, if you do this, are you good or bad? When you are called names, you have to explain yourself, you have to persist, you can really blame them for not understanding you and trying to make out that you are a bad man. If you really protest against them then they can't say anything. Are you good or bad? You came here to steal something didn't you? You came to London to hurt somebody, didn't you? (No!) Certainly not to steal from someone, but we spend our own money, we paid our own plane ticket and bus ticket out of our own pocket, so that means we didn't steal anything here. We give to them and also we came here to teach them good things, not to teach them bad things, so what are we afraid of, what are we ashamed of? Certainly there is not a thing in our minds to be ashamed of. Do you understand? So now you know there is no other bunch of people like yourselves.

There are millions of people living in London, but they are not thinking much about London or even the country itself. They have never even thought about saving this country and this city or all of Europe. You know that, and it is like a very incompetent animal running around. They never think about higher things, but you thought about higher things, like God, and you came here to work for them. So what are you afraid of, or what are you ashamed of? You have to be confident in everything you do because you know you are good and you know why you came here.

So since you like to be called by the name Moonie, when you come back you will be bored, you will want to be called 'Moonie, a little bit more. So as soon as you have finished your meal, you go right out to the street to listen if people are calling you a Moonie. When a soldier becomes like that, that soldier will fight a hundred wars and win 100 different battles. Everywhere he fights he will win. Do you understand? So starting from this very moment we shall be proud of the name Moonie, it is the name of pride instead of guilt.

Since you are so confident and smiling, the people must say, "When I looked at the Moonies for a long time, I was kind of scared. Although they were smiling it was strange. I looked at their eyes and became more and more fearful." when your reputation in London becomes like that then you are a winner. Other people think that your eyeballs should never move around because you are very tense, because you are brainwashed, because you are very much like a machine and because you are a robot. "Oh, they are just terrible." But they should not say that, instead they should say, "They were smiling, their eyes were moving around, they were sparkling, but the longer I looked at them, the more scared I was. I don't know why," they have to say that. And they also have to go round London and say, "Oh, I talked to a Moonie, his mouth was like a machine gun, and not just a javelin, but a machine gun where every word is just like a bullet. It really struck me, and went through me. Oh, I'm rather afraid to talk to them." You have to win that reputation.

They will say the English Moonie is very fearful and very strong. But how about the French Moonie? Maybe he is not so strong, so they go and have a jab at the French Moonie. They may not speak the language, but they can have a jab. So the Londoners will come around and jab the French Moonie. But the French Moonie, once he gets mad, shoots out a faster bullet than the British Moonie and then they will say, "Oh, the French Moonie is much worse than the British Moonie." With the German Moonie, the same thing, he has a different kind of gun, but that is just as fearful if not more fearful, like a rocket. Each nationality of Moonie must win his own identity. Do you understand? (Yes!) In London we will speak about you like this, very soon.

Today is the first of June, the first of the month. The first day is always important. Now you have a good present. Before you eat your breakfast, you have a good present. The present is the name Moonie. The fantastic name of Moonie. Actually the more you think about it the more you realize this is a fantastic word -- this is a fabulous word. Everything is in the name of Moonie, God, heart, everything is there, but for some strange reason, the enemy would rather use it against us. With some success, they have been calling us Moonies and that has served to weaken the Unification Church soldiers.

Then why do they oppose the Moonies? Has anybody thought about it? Why do the people oppose the Moonies? Because that is an established reputation. Everyone knows that once they listen to a Moonie, then there is no other way but to become a Moonie themselves -- that's why they are afraid. Isn't that right? (Yes!) How fantastic it is. There is no other possibility. If a Moonie talks to somebody then the only possibility for that person is to become a Moonie himself. There is no other way. How powerful, how miraculous the word Moonie is! The Moonie instantly makes a good man out of a bad man. So what's wrong with that? To take a bad man and teach him to become a good man -- to make good people out of bad people. Is that bad? (No!) So before you joined the Unification Church, were you a bad man or a good man? (Bad!) But, now are you a bad man or a good man? (Good!) And you don't have to wait for other people to tell you that because you know it yourself very well. We know deep inside how bad we were, but now we know how good we are.

You can describe how much you have changed. A long time ago in Germany, you hated the British people so much that you did everything to destroy this country. Now you have changed. You come in such a way that, even if you go through pain, tears and misery, you are determined to love this country. You have changed that much. It's almost as different as the difference between heaven and earth. And it is not even a crooked way of changing but you went straight up from the bottom. You shot right up to Heaven. That's where you are now. This is a source of pride. If this is not a source of pride, then there is no source of pride in this world. This is certainly the source, the very source of pride. So why do we have to be passive? Why are we not active rather than passive? Why do we have to escape? It is like Father said this year. You have to be brave and audacious, very courageous. Are you going to be like that? (Yes!) Those who are determined to become like that, raise your hands.

You came from Europe to London. They speak a different language to you. You don't understand what they say, so you say, "Well, they speak some language that I don't understand," but all Family members from Europe you have to forget about being German. Don't think that the English language is a strange language. Try to forget your own German, try to forget that you are a German and that you are from Germany. Try to forget that idea. Again, your internal enemy is: "Oh, I am German, therefore I cannot speak English, so therefore in London I cannot do very much." That's the enemy -- that's the second enemy to you. We should not feel that way. Forget that you are German. "I speak heavenly language" -- you might think that deeply. Don't worry about what to say. But your face can say a lot even without your mouth. If you are peaceful, if you are loving, if you are confident and if you forget about your German or your French, then the British people will take you as a beautiful person.

You know even in London, even in Britain many people are mute. Many people have mouths but cannot speak. They are deaf. There are many people like that, even in London. They are British but they don't speak English. Maybe you are indemnifying for all the deaf and mute in Britain. But those are the people who cannot do anything because they are deaf and mute -- they are invalids. You may be temporarily at the same level of deafness but you can do many more things here -- one hundred times more than the average British person can do for this country. So you have to be proud, even to be temporarily deaf and temporarily mute. Do you understand?

Two lovers -- when they fall in love with each other, in the beginning -- do their eyes start speaking first or do their mouths start speaking first? (Eyes!) You know that answer, don't you? So even without a mouth, even without a language, even without speaking, there are many channels of communication. So when you walk, do not go around looking miserable. Do not walk as though you have lost all power and everything -- instead, on the contrary, look very bright, like a man who saw the light in the pitch dark -- in the middle of the night he saw the sun rise up -- so inspired and so uplifted. We have to look like that and walk like that. Do you understand? Imagine someone in the pitch-dark night, never expecting to see the sun rise up, but then the sun rose up very quickly, how surprised he is. How happy he is.

You can imagine how full of hope that man is when in the middle of the night, he sees the sun rise; when in the middle of the winter he sees the bight hot sun, then how hopeful and bright he is. You have to look like that. Do you understand? Not only should you look bright and hopeful, but also you have to feel like a General who has hundreds, thousands, millions of soldiers under him. Actually you have that. You have hundreds, thousands and millions of soldiers under your command -- you have to feel like that and be confident of it. That General will fight a hundred battles and he will win every one of them. You have many spiritual soldiers following you. You are an Army Conscription Officer, the Induction Center, if you want to have a strong army like the British army, or the French army, then you go out to the street but when you pick up a soldier do not pick up anyone. The bad person will not become a good soldier. The very weak person, even if he becomes a soldier, will not be of any use. So you can go out and look at a boy and say, "You are not handsome enough for me," and you walk past -- you have to be choosy. In other words, pick out the best ones. Well, you know, not the best ones maybe, but avoid the worst ones.

Since Father promised you a standard, Father has a little concern, worry. For example, there may be three men to witness to. But instead of picking the three men, you pick on a weak man who has nothing to do --lying on a bench. He does not know what to do, so you talk to him and he walks, he does not even walk straight, but somehow he walks to the Center, and even listens to the lectures. He listens and says, "yes" to this question end "yes" to that question. He says "yes" to everything even to contradictory questions. Do not pick such a man. Pick out the smart ones, those who are most difficult to convince He will ask you all kinds of different questions and he will try to scratch you everywhere and he will try to oppose you. He will even bite you sometimes, you know. Pick out those kinds of people. Do not bring those people who are ready to listen to you because if you leave them alone, then they will come by themselves anyway. But those ones who try to escape from you, those ones you would like to become soldiers, but who run away. Then you run after him and hold him, and tell him you like the run-away soldier. That's the one you like and you just bring him in. You have to have many special occasions like that. You know, the ordinary, the stereotyped person will make you tired.

So Father's point this morning is don't worry that you don't speak the language. If you witness to three men in London, when you don't even speak English, then the same Frenchman, who goes back to France later, will witness to 10 men, with no problem, more than 10 even in one month. Do you understand? So here Father expects you to win the war, win the battle everywhere you fight and also, at the same time, train yourself to contact people, to talk to people through the eyes and through the mouth -- train yourself here in London. All those from Europe must just think, "This is a battleground and also a training ground." Never worry about speaking the language -- do you understand? We should be proud of the name Moonie and we should never worry that we don't speak the language.

The third element is that we have to walk as if our legs are very pious. We walk and walk and walk -- they feel like poles, like sticks. When you walk the arms and hands can say a great deal too. Some people walk very weakly and their hands never move. (Father indicates) But when the legs walk very briskly, full of hope, then your hands will swing along -- they will dance the same rhythm, so you walk like that. (Father demonstrates) Do you understand? Father spotted someone last night, when coming into the entrance, and Father wondered, "Didn't she eat dinner or lunch, is that why she is walking like that?" Powerless. Father just didn't understand why she had to walk like that.

You should look bright and so nice that people come and wonder what makes you so happy. "I came to meet you this morning that's why I was so happy. It was you that I was so hopeful to meet." You are a very happy man to meet him. "I feel the power running out, maybe I am tired so my power is all running out." When you notice that, right away you have to bring your arm above your eye level and swing your arms when you walk. Now you know that when your eyes cannot see your hand coming up so often while you are walking, you have to tell your hands to come up to eye level. So when you are tired bring your hands up to eye level. Do you understand? You have to give the typical impression that the way a Moonie walks is different from the way British people walk. When you walk briskly then your image is established. So build a good image of yourself.

Don't build a bad image for the Unification Church members here in London. Don't let them think that you are powerless, that you are tired. No, you are not. Do you understand? So you have to feel like a victorious soldier landing in the enemy country. You certainly would never walk like that when you are victorious. When you are a victor then you should walk with pride -- you must feel pride in here. Even if you have a broken leg, then you have to walk briskly and run if you are going somewhere. Do you understand? These are all necessary things in your fighting. Today when you go out into the street and witness to people, you have to remember these things and they will help you to win the war.

Father would like to go out into the street and see how you work. From this moment on Father expects, since you are so inspired, so confident, that the women will walk very briskly, with a motion from left to right, tossing their hips around. But don't overdo it, you just walk confidently -- don't try to walk conservatively. We should never walk sideways. Some people walk sideways, but you must walk straight with all buttons buttoned up. There is nothing more ugly that seeing a woman sitting like this. (Father demonstrates) So when you are tired then you can take a little rest, but while you are resting, although you are exhausted, look as though you are appreciating the scenery. Don't look ready to fall asleep with your mouth open. Do not do that. But remember that since you are a soldier and an enemy to them, you don't know when they are peeping at you, think they are always looking at you. You see, they are always looking at you, you have to know that. So we have to be refined and trained in every way. Like the way we sit, the way we walk, the way we approach people and talk to people -- everything is training. We have to do it many, many, many times so that we get the knack of it, so we find the best way. Some women's shoelaces are too long and when they walk, they toss from here to there and look very unstable. We have to cut them in the right way and tie even shoelaces in the correct way.

Especially in women, hair is very important and when you are tired and your hair looks as though you just got up -- the women who never comb their hair just look terrible. So comb your hair. Always be clean, although you don't use cosmetics -- that should make you even more beautiful. Many times Father sees some imbalance among the women -- women who never really comb their hair so their hair is always floppy; then they have earrings that are never becoming -- not matching -- not harmonious So you always have to keep your appearance tidy, especially women's hair. Do you understand?

So now we know that we have to be proud of being a Moonie and secondly, we have to forget from what country we have come and that we don't know the language, and the third is what? We have to be bright, bright like a man or woman who saw the daylight in the middle of the night -- hopeful and bright with a confident smile. And such a man will walk briskly too. Never walk like a straggling soldier. Never do that. So that people like this, such proud people, have so far been living in a conservative way -- now this is the time to show up. Are you young or old? (Young!) Since you are young, you have to have something alive in yourself. When there is a wrestling match going on inside a ring, then you cannot help but to want to jump up in the ring and do it yourself.

You have to feel that. If there is an exciting match going on and you want to sleep, you are not a young man. Do you understand? You have to be brave, and nobody can beat you, this is one thing you have to be confident of. Nothing can beat you. Father knows that you have already thought about these things at one time or another, but today everyone will feel like that, at the same time. This is why Father told you this, this morning. Many times you don't know what your face looks like or what your expression is like -- you don't care, but now you must care. If other people look at you, then other people should feel bright. You have to make sure that you look like that and if you don't then you have to train your face to look like that. Ask other people how you look, and if they say you'd better wear some more smile, then you do that. Do you understand? So you have to have your own image of yourself -- you see. "I must look like that, I must give the people this kind of image, this is my image," and you have to live up to this image. You must create your own image. Actually, you should have worked this problem out a long time ago in your country. You should have already created your look and your image, but now Father allows you a minimum time so you must do that very quickly, will you? (Yes!)

You see when you fight the war you have a feeling, "Oh, I'm going to win." If you have that feeling you will win, so the spiritual beginning is very important. When you know you will win, when you feel that you would win, you will win. Since you already have that qualification your ideal is very high. According to your determination, God is right behind you, right beside you so you really have to make every standard high -- walking, dressing, looking, talking and heart -- all the standards must become high -- must be as high as you are supposed to be. You know the swallow and the sparrow, the sparrow is the local bird, a small bird; the swallow is a similar size but the swallow flies thousands of miles, with one stretch over the ocean. How can they be the same? And also, when they fly, the sparrows jump, they do cute things, but swallows have acrobatic flying, they fly like circus flyers. So you have a choice too. Are you going to be a sparrow or, are you going to be a swallow? Look at the swallows. Even while they are resting, they always think about going to far places, crossing the ocean once more -- they always plan like that. So you have to become very ambitious too. You have to think what you will do tomorrow and the next year. You have to build up hope. You have to build up that ambition inside you, like a swallow and never like a sparrow who lives from day to day. So Father asks you a question once more -- will you ever try to become like a swallow, or would you be content to remain as a sparrow. They are so similar, but they are so different in quality. It's as different as heaven and earth. So are you going to be a swallow? (Yes!)

So you really have to be a high being. You have to be a target of admiration for other people, even in the way you look and the way you think. Don't be just a mediocre man. Father understands that, especially after a meal, when the weather is warm, your legs are so tired. Its alright if you rest a while, but if you sit down on a bench, sometimes you start dozing off. You could fall asleep in spite of yourself. You cannot control it sometimes. But don't. Don't you ever doze off on a bench because nothing looks so bad. What about the enemy -- the newspaperman -- this time the newspaper man will come and the papers will try to discourage you, they say, "She can't have eaten for a long time by the way she walks." And they say, "They haven't slept in years because wherever they go they doze off." They can and Father would not be surprised if they did. So even if you are very tired do not doze off when other people are looking at you. Other people are always looking at you. It you really must sleep, then you must cover your face with a handkerchief, so that they will never know who you are, but don't let them know you are a Moonie.

Nobody cleans up in London nowadays, so whenever they see how you are clothed, more or less disciplined, they will immediately know that you are Moonies. Even by your haircut -- there is no way of escaping. Since you are so good, the people will try to find the smallest fault and say that you are that good. That's what they are saying. So you have to always be conscious, you know, always be aware so that they will never say anything, not even the smallest thing, bad thing, about you. Don't let them. So you have to make sure that you will never be the target of criticism. Do you understand? We have to be worthy soldiers. We have to have a soldier's qualifications and have all the qualities of a real soldier. We must become like that.

We think we are alone but don't you ever think that, it is never true. You are not alone. When I am active, the earth looks at us, and also the Heavens are looking at us, and the nature all around us sees us at the same time -- the trees, grass, flowers, even the flying birds and insects see us. Do you think that when you are resting on a bench they never see you? They all see you. And not only that, but also the live spirits, the people in the spiritual world, your own ancestors, are definitely looking at you, and not only looking at you, but trying to help you. All the French people in France are watching over the French contingent in London and saying, "Oh, the French Moonies, the Moonies from France came to England, so how are they doing?" they are always conscious of this. Well, don't you think this is true?

They look at you and your own parents and friends. Of course, they are considering you. They are aware of you and of what you are doing here. They think about you and how you are doing. You see, spiritually speaking, even your unborn sons and daughters are looking at you now. Your sons and daughters will later look at the picture and say, "This is my mommy and my daddy working in London -- that's fine, but why is she so powerless, why is she so sad?" They will wonder and you can never be proud of that. What can you say? "Your mommy was too tired at that time -- your father was too tired at that time." And these memories don't erase -- they go on and on. This is not imaginary. It is very easy to understand.

Now you have videotape don't you? The television plays something, you record it and right away, in one second. You can go back and play it again. The same thing can be played a thousand times, a million times over again. Can't it? Videotape a movie. And when you go to spirit world later, what will you do? Everyday, will you dance every minute, or will you get tired of dancing? And you will do nice things but you will get tired of that too. So what do you think you will do with all the time you have in spirit world? You will want to look at the movie, you see, and you will say, "Oh, I remember so and so after such and such a time, I want to see that scene again." All you have to do is push the switch, then it is there like a movie, all of the details exactly as it happened here. Do you understand? So you want to be proud of yourself at that time.

You have nothing to be proud of now. How could you have a good film? But the fact that you are worried about the country, that you are not only worried about it, but you actually came physically to work to help to build a new life, that can be a source of pride for everlasting years. These are the truths, the facts. So we have to retain some documentary of our young life, "When I was so many years old, I came to London and I did not look tired. I looked very good and I worked really in top condition." You have to establish during these 40 to 50 days what you are going to be. You will have to have this as a film recording. So depending on what kind of hard work you put in here, your future will be determined, as well as giving you a permanent film to show every time, over and over again -- something to be proud of in the future. Do you understand? (Yes!) Then you will win the confidence of the people, you will win the approval of Heaven and God will give you the blessing, with a nice husband and wife, bridegroom and bride, and you will have good children -- children who are better than you.

This is not just an idea but these are things that will be happening in a few years. Don't let the spirit world comment that "he is such a nice husband, but she is such poor quality, that's not fair why did Father match that way?" Don't be in an inferior position. The same applies to the man. You keep a diary, don't you? I did so and so, I got up so and so, the weather was fine. You keep a diary everyday but what you do every day is more accurate and more vivid than the diary. If you think like this, then you are not wrong, you are right. So every day you live is like keeping a diary in the spirit world. Do you understand? Especially, the public work, the official work, namely the heavenly work that you are doing this is all recorded.

Private life may not be so closely recorded, maybe you can forget a thing or two, but all the public works that you are doing now or are about to do, that record is preserved. That record is preserved for a long time. Do you understand? You see, even during the world wars, when the army fights some people are afraid. They run away from the worldly army, don't they? They do. Once the army catches them, then they are shot. They even shoot their own soldiers. They sentence them to death, don't they, after court-martial? Same thing in the spiritual world, it is the same way. That means we are here for public activity for the heavenly work. We should never do private things too much, or at all if we can help it. Actually, individually, you are just as smart as Father himself. On the individual level maybe some people are very smart. So you know that you always have to think about what you do, and that image that you create will be the Unification Church image. The Unification Church image must be the top grade to move this London, and eventually to move this world. Our generation will remember that we did a good job of work.

Soon people will talk about you whether you like it or not. Londoners will be talking about you very soon -- in five days, ten days, one month, they will be talking about you very much. So soon they wild decide -- are you good for London? Are you helping Britain? Or are you not so good for London? Or are you not helping the British situation at all? They will soon decide for themselves. Do you understand? You are what army? Heavenly soldiers, Heavenly army? Then how do you have to be prepared? There were three elements Father spoke about this morning. First, what element? Spiritual armament. Second? Then what? Outer armament. That means walking straight and having a good appearance, with hair done nicely presenting yourself so as to give a good impression -- a good impression is your weapon. Then training. You always have to train yourself. Training means practice, if you do this once, twice, three times, one hundred times, then you will do very well. Later you won't have to try. You will just do well. Training is important. So are you trained now? (Yes!) Are you really trained? Do people like to hear the Moonies' words, or don't they? (They like it!) They like it. Are you well trained in that way? They can call you names and you will like it, and when you speak they will like it too. Your ears and your eyes are trained for that.

Father also told you this morning, especially the European members, that you should never worry, don't ever think too seriously that since you cannot speak English, what can you do? Don't think that way. Because as Father says, your eyes speak much faster and say much more than your mouth. Father also reminded you that everybody is watching you; they have a watchful eye. They are not indifferent to you -- that's one thing they are not. They always think, "Is he good? Is he bad?" They always think like that. So don't look bad and don't make a condition that Satan can say, "Oh, the Moonies, since they are doing this and this they are bad -- they try to make small things big." So don't even make the smallest mistake -- become perfect.

Some people will even take statistics. They will investigate the Moonies, what their appearance is, what their conduct is. When everybody thinks vaguely, then maybe there is a way to get away, but when they check one by one and they say, "So many Moonies did such and such a thing, so they are bad," if they become like that then that is a very bad thing for us. So we have to know that some people are always watching us and we should not think, "nobody is watching us so we can do this" -- we should not think that way. Do you understand? You must tell yourself many, many times -- the Unification Church's future depends on you -- which is same as the future of France is depending on you, now the future of England is actually depending on you. If you don't do the work right, then God cannot do anything about this country. Do you know that?

Father doesn't say this to encourage you, it is because this is the very problem that the Government has too. This type of activity is very important and indispensable in Europe. Europe definitely needs this type of activity which we are doing in London so that all the EEC people and presidents think that they can copy this kind of activity. But then they have to think how you did it. You know how to do it -- how to introduce it to your own country. They always think about it -- don't think "this is our activity" -- Unification Church activity, religious activity -- don't think like that because the political people are thinking very seriously about the same thing. They know that something must be done to bind the EEC countries into one inseparable, very tightly united block, but they don't know how to do it. So you must know that they must eventually become international -- joint EEC activities -- so we are showing them the example.

We are showing the world how to overcome the language barrier. In the EEC they have the same problem as us, they have the economic block, but they want a flow of internal minds and thoughts too. So how can they overcome the language problem? If they marry the same people they stay the same for a thousand years -- the French will remain the French, the Germans will remain German -- nothing will change. To them, the ideal situation is that the Frenchman or the Frenchwoman goes to another country and works harder for that country than his own country, especially if this is the enemy country. That is the French people come to England and the German people come to England and work harder for that country than they worked for France or Germany. The Presidents are thinking that this is the ideal situation. Do you understand what that means?

So they have already formed the EEC block, although economically based, because they know -- we all know -- that an individual country can never live; it can never become independent and live. So they have one country (economically the EEC is one country) but they think "language has to be overcome to make our EEC really work." They think that language is a problem. And then how can they establish the pattern of inter-marriage? This is another problem. And then there's loyalty. The English only live for the country of England. That's natural. The British and the French will work very hard for France, but how can the French come to Germany which used to be their enemy country and then work harder than they did in France? This is the problem now. How can they overcome these three things? Do you understand? Now, you are pioneering that very thing. This is not an idealistic, vague activity, what we are doing is an actual example -- maybe a few years from now they will copy us. Then it will have become history. From our own experience in the Unification Church, language is only a secondary problem. When you see Father you have a feeling for Father and when you meet brothers and sisters you greet them without thinking "is he German?" That's the second question, or maybe after a long association you say, "from which country is she?"

And it is not so important whether she is French or German. Like the last marriage, 75% of the couples did not speak the same language. It was no problem, when they looked at each other, they knew that they liked each other very much and they can learn the language later. So if you marry someone who doesn't speak your language then can you not come to England and work for England better than your own country? Certainly you can. You can because you can marry a German, you can marry an Englishman, why can't you work better here? Because you are here to help the country, then you work much harder than in France and in Germany. Father married them.

Yesterday when Father went to Aberdeen there was one member who was blessed a few days ago and he asked, "Who did you marry?" (Of course, he was an Englishman). He was married to a French person and Father asked, "Do you speak French?", and he said "No." "Then does she speak English and he said, "No." "Then how did you communicate?", and he said, "Somebody translated for me." Then Father thought (even though Father married them), Father really thought it kind of strange -- how can those two express their opinion and love through an interpreter and it still works? Sometimes one man is married standing at the Blessing ceremony in the East (in the Orient) and one is in the United States.

There is the Pacific Ocean right in front of them and they did not see each other. There was one case like that. He was standing right here and the other was standing right in the United States and the Atlantic Ocean is right between -- they have not even seen each other, but they know they love each other very much, they know that this marriage will become an absolute success. How is this possible? We know it is real. We definitely know it is good, we definitely know it is valuable, we definitely know it is a very holy thing and we must keep reminding ourselves and be confident in what we do, and what we will do, especially those young people who are not blessed yet.

Even without communism, even if communism did not exist, the EEC itself has a great problem as Father has said -- the language, the marriage problem and loyalty. All these are very important problems, but the communist is there, the wolf, the big tiger, the big hawk is up there, trying to snatch the country and the people, trying to take their thoughts. So to them it is important, it is a critical moment now. So the season is ripe -- the EEC certainly, and all the European nations need exactly the same type of activity as we are doing now in London -- they know they need it. A hundred people will look into the activity of the Unification Church and they will come to the conclusion that, "Well, firstly the language does not seem to be a real problem" -- they can always improve that. And that marriage is no problem at all because they get married and then they have a better marriage and a more beautiful marriage than a ten years' association between a man and a woman from the same country. It's much better than that.

On loyalty, there is no question about it. Wherever they go, they work harder than in their own country, or as hard as in their own country. When they satisfy this check list of three, the hundred people will say the same thing, "The Unification Church activity was good in these three ways," then this means the world is already unified by itself. This means that if we become successful here in London, all the European leaders, all the world leaders will look at us with respect. Do you understand? (Yes!) So they say, "You are good," but when you go back to your own country, your people will ask you, "what did you do?" You have to have lots of things to talk about when you go back home. You cannot say, "Well, I was in London and I got up early in the morning and I ate breakfast and I went out witnessing sometimes, I witnessed and sometimes I did not and I came back." You cannot say that, but also you cannot lie. "Well, I witnessed to one hundred people," you cannot say that. Even though we are tired, we must always think that what we do here is of much influence back in our own country because they are watching us. A lot of influence, not just a little influence. So do you think this work in London should be very easy, or do you think it must be difficult? (Difficult!)

Yes, you call it difficult, but this is what you like, it is what suits you. The more difficult it is, the better it is in each country, because it has more power to work in France and in Germany when you go back. You cannot say, 'Oh, Unification Church activity is good, so we will do the same.' No, you have to analyze what is good, how to do it, what to do. You have to have everything, so you have to establish that here; they will ask you later. This is not the first time in the Unification Church history. Twenty years ago when the 36 couples were blessed, Father told them just the same. They were very young people, like you assembled here now. Father told them try your best, don't try to accomplish beautiful fantastic things, but try to consider your suffering, do much suffering and still be very strong and straight, don't go down, don't doubt, don't compromise, but you must stay alive and stay suffering, Father told them. Some people listened to that very deeply, but some people did not listen to this deeply, so some people did just what they wanted to do, did not care so much about what Father said. But now 20 years later, today, many people who worked very hard like you do now, they are very thankful to Father for what they did.

So we must know that now, even 20 years later, those people who worked really hard have many, many things to talk about. 'We did such and such a thing when we went witnessing, there was such a situation'. So now when they go back to the United States, many people in America say, 'Please tell us what you did in the past?' So they speak and they become a source of much inspiration. Many people are really moved. If you do as Father said today, if you look bright, have a spiritual armament and always have a tidy appearance, if you do that, then at a later time, in many years to come, if you persevere through this period, you will never regret it. You will really find that there are lots of things coming to you in the future. Do you understand? Twenty years ago it was the same way. This year it is the same way. But what about those people who did not work as Father told them to? Maybe they have a Ph.D. maybe he is Dr. so and so. But what good will it do when many people come and ask him to talk to them? Then he has nothing to talk about -- he cannot say 'I am a Ph.D. and I started so and so', that moves nobody. But now you are working very hard, suffering much, so if somebody wants to speak to you, he must have suffered even more, experienced a more difficult life, then he can come and talk to you. Isn't that right? So from now on, it won't take 30 years, it won't even take 10 years. The people will ask you to come and talk to them very soon about what you have been doing day by day during these 40 days or these next few months. They will take this example and it will serve as an element to bring all Europe into unity. This very practical thing which we are showing to them is something we already know. Do you understand?

So starting tonight, you must write a diary, every day like June first, but don't write anything long, like you used to do in school. Make it very short, i.e., 'Today my mission was generally successful', or 'Could have been better', 'Failure'. 'No failure, I met a good man today'. 'I didn't meet any good man today', 'Today was an impressive day', 'Not so impressive day' - only six or seven words like that, but this is a perfect diary. If you faithfully write this out in your diary and later, even in 10 years time or 100 years later, this becomes a real treasure for the family. The family treasure which is worth more than a diamond as big as your fist. This is a real treasure. Father has recorded that kind of major event also. Father made notes on a major tour and assembled all of those notes at that same time. Everyone kept such a short diary, but it included all the major happenings, 'I met the Prime Minister who was walking down the street'; this actually happened, you see-one member did. That kind of thing is a major happening. Now some day Father will print that. Likewise here your record is part of a hateful of records. So this is what we keep it for-we are not such big men you may say - we are ordinary men, but whatever you do, whether you like it or not, it is history. What you do now will later be the only material for history, there will be no other history. The government or cabinet will not be history. Do you understand? So this is a very important thing that you are doing but we don't keep telling ourselves what to do in history. We don't do that, so we really don't realize the importance of what we are doing. But we must, because if we do then we can work better. Do you understand? All of us now are soldiers in Heaven, the Heavenly soldiers of the Heavenly army. So as Heavenly soldiers we should fight bravely and with a clear conscience. Do you understand? Those who have decided and are determined to do that raise your hands.

So much time has passed, now it is 8 o'clock. Father started speaking at 5.30 a.m.

Yesterday Father left Aberdeen and then Father went to Edinburgh and then Father went to Dunbary and then Father got on the shuttle plane and came to London. During this time Father was feeling out the atmosphere of other cities, outside the major city of London and thinking, always thinking which is more effective, what's the possibility of deploying the number of forces. So Father, in the last few days, has really thought about how to accommodate all the members. Now we are 500, but soon there will be many more than that. This house is really too small and we have so many hags, even the small bags are so big, we need a room to store them and we don't have that. So Father went all around London in order to buy a house or rent a house even, but it is not available. So many people in the city that not even a small room is vacant. A very small vacant room, 9 million pounds or something like that, so it is just not practicable. So now even psychologically it is not so good among us-we love each other very much, but there are too many of us, you see. So actually, we are overcome by the number and when we look at the people, they don't look like people, they look like some herd, you see. So that's no good and Father thought about a practical way of dividing the number into different centers. Actually, Father was to spend one week outside London, but Father did not like it-Father thought he had to come back very quickly and do something about this. Do you understand what Father's problem is?

So now for a few days it is all right for you. Maybe we will work like that, but one month is too long. So Father finally had to decide although Father didn't like it-Father wanted everyone of us to live at the same Center with Father, but this is not possible. So Father decided to divide you into Centers; still concentrating on the same objective, same goal, but physically live in different places. Father had to decide that. And it is also our thought that would a thousand people working in the same area bring more result? Or should we divide this up into a thousand different centers and work separately, independently. Of course, that has more result. If a thousand people get together and go all out at the same time, the result is great, but if you disperse them into a thousand different places and put the result together, of course the overall result is greater than one thousand people all at the same time. Do you understand that? And another very good reason is that if a thousand people are together they look at each other's face, 'Oh, if I don't do it she will.' You know that is common psychology. 'Oh, there are so many people, maybe I don't feel so good in the stomach today.' But when everyone goes out as a pioneer -- even a high school girl, even a middle school girl -- in Korea in the past went out witnessing, all by herself, not even an adult accompanying her, not even a friend going with her-but then she had to pray hard because God was the only one she could turn to. So the result was better than going together.

So if you visit one man, don't just visit once in a while or once a day, but visit in the morning, you visit after lunchtime, you visit before dinner, visit the same people many times. This is more attractive. Do you understand? So Father decided to send out each individual to one thousand different places. That's why we have a mobile team. The mobile team moves from one place to another place fast. They go here, they go there, like a streak of light. Then where are you going to stay? You will have to find a place to stay. Well, there is no curfew. You can walk the street for 24 hours and nobody can say anything. Like a deer It! the mountain, you have no house but you won't freeze. You are healthy. Father thought like that -- what is your opinion, what do you think? You have become very serious now because you are thinking, 'Where am I going to sleep tonight? Tomorrow night? You are serious, aren't you now? You have no friend so what are you going to do? We have only one person to go to? Who is he? God. Then if you really appeal to God, certainly God will answer. If you don't, he won't. Then you have to sleep some place else. So one thousand places, different places, how's that? In one thousand different places, and you will go? (Yes!)

If Father orders you now to go to one thousand different places -- that means an easier life for Father because Father certainly cannot visit the one thousand different places. So Father cannot visit his place and her place, but not visit his place, it is not fair, so Father has to stay right in the Center and go nowhere, then it's very easy for Father. And then everyone is so hard pressed, and other people will be coming, so everyone is really running to make his own foundation, which is also good. Those who will do that, who think that individuals scattered around would be good, raise your hands. O.K., then you don't agree? You still would like to go with a few people, raise your hands? Well, don't you have anyone who would like to go with a few people together? Does that mean that if Father orders you to go, all individually, then you will go? (Yes!) Then is it better to go one man, or is it better to go two together? (Two!) That's man, especially after the fall, somehow they wanted to support each other.

Father feels sure, certainly, that if he disperses everyone to a thousand different places then the result would be the best. Don't you think so? Who does not think that way, raise your hand? But, like Father said, if a thousand people went a thousand different ways actually result-wise, that's the best, who agrees to that, raise your hand? If you were in Father's position, then which way would you decide- you have to decide one way or the other. Then would you decide on the way which brings in more results or the one which is more convenient but doesn't bring so much result? Which would you decide in Father's position? So from today, we will go to one thousand different places. And then, if you go to a thousand different places independently, would you go to the town or the countryside or would you stay in the London area and go to a thousand different places? Which would you prefer? London or any other country areas? (London!) But in London the places are so expensive. Where are you going to sleep? Whereas in the country it is not so expensive, maybe they will let you stay free. But you like to stay in London? (Yes!) You know how big large cities are, the city is very impersonal. There are so many people, the people do not mean too much to them so they try to live off other people. Always they fight and they cheat, whereas in a remote area the people's minds are much purer and they pay you more attention. So which do you think is the easier to live in, the countryside or the city? The countryside is much easier to live in than the city because the city has no space. If you cook your own meal once in a while, maybe once in a while you go to the drug store or you go to the market and buy some bread and want to make something.

In the countryside maybe you can go to a farm and ask, 'Can you please let me use your kitchen', and, of course, they say, 'Go ahead', once in a while, but here in London if you walk in they would never listen to you. They would chase you away. So very obviously we must go to the countryside rather than stay in the center of London. You go out to the countryside and witness to three people. In London, even three is not easy, but in the countryside compared to London, it is very easy, almost in a single day you may be able to do so. Compared to London it is very easy, and that's true. So what is your conclusion also? Should you stay in London and struggle and witness, or go to the countryside and witness there? Those who think the countryside raise your hand? Which? Once more. Those who would stay in London, raise your hand? More people for the countryside, they would prefer to go out to the country. So it is very simple if you really think about it. It is much better to be out in the countryside than concentrated in London as far as lodgings and things are concerned. So Father now decides we will go mainly to the countryside. And do you still prefer that one, absolutely one individual goes, or that two go together? What about four going together? Well, then maybe you can have your way. Father has come to your way of thinking. There is only one condition though, maybe you will go as four people-Father will allow you and Father will arrange that you go together. But don't think that in the Center there are four people working at the same time-No. As far as you are concerned, you are alone- think you have come all by yourself. And if the population is forty thousand people in a small town, four people take forty thousand-don't think that way. Divide it into four and one man responsible for ten thousand people.

Each one, always think that you are by yourself, not two men, not four men come to the same Center. Do you understand? The only time when four can get together is when you eat together, and you can sleep together, maybe. And if you bring the people in, one lecturer can give the lecture at the same time, maybe it is all right. But you are alone, you are independent, you are not working together. You are to bring people in, and you have to compete with each other as to who brings the most people in. Do you understand? As far as Father is concerned, he is distributing you into one thousand different places. He is not putting you in ten different places. You must find your place to sleep, to witness and when you witness you have to give them a lecture-if you do all that by yourself in a thousand different Centers, then maybe it is not so effective. So what Father has thought is that instead of having to find your place, you can sleep in that Center, you can eat in that Center and you bring people into that Center and the Center Director can even give the lecture to them.

How easy it becomes. Do you understand? And Father thought may be that way, we will bring more results than by one man doing everything. So Father thinks now that under the circumstances, perhaps this is best. Let them sleep and stay together and they will bring people and they and the training center will operate as one, but still as far as Father is concerned everyone is independent. Father is letting you out to a thousand different places, not 100 different places at 10 men each. No. Do you understand? So you always have to work out how to depend on someone in your work since you don't speak the language. So here the organization was by tribe, Father was reported to yesterday. There is a French tribe, a German tribe, but that has no meaning, why should it, since the language should not be the first problem. So now you will all be mixed up. Those who speak English, whether English, German or French, raise your hands. 25% who don't speak English. 75% who speak it - then Father is not terribly worried about it.

What is the ratio of sisters and brothers? More sisters than brothers, but not much more (3:2?).

Those who want to go to Plymouth, raise your hands. Well, maybe it will work better if Father makes a lottery.

A lottery was made and groups of 20 people were sent to various different existing centers.

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