The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

The Age of New Dispensation

Sun Myung Moon
London, England
May 14, 1978
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Time goes by very fast and it has been four years since I was here last. I am sorry I couldn't come earlier. Centering on Mr. Orme, I understand you have worked very hard, while I have been working hard in America fighting against Satan's arrows. In that respect we have something in common.

After joining the Unification Church you learned about restoration through indemnity, and now you realize that it is not just a concept but a very real process. The whole fallen world is in a situation where restoration must take place as people pay indemnity. God has been working to build a road in this wilderness, working to restore men, and the indemnity course is the highway God has built for man. Was Gods work easy or difficult? If it had been easy it would not have taken God thousands of years to build the road.

Why has it been so incredibly difficult, even for God? Perhaps it would not have been as difficult if God Himself had taken responsibility, but God had to let man pay his own indemnity. No fallen man could walk straight on his own but would go this way and that, wobbling back and forth. A person may pledge his determination to go straight on the path of indemnity, but a year later he is not as certain as he was before. Are you that kind of person? No one has known why it is very difficult to go the path of indemnity. It would be very nice if indemnity could be taken care of in your spare time, after eating or sleeping and enjoying life. If God is omniscient, why didn't He take a way that would be easier for mankind to go?


What is indemnity? According to one explanation indemnity is something that no one enjoys. If it were something that everyone liked it would clearly be part of the satanic world. Since the fallen world has nothing to do with God, something that is enjoyed by people in that world can never serve as indemnity. No matter how strongly you call out, "Here I am, God", He cannot just pick you up. You cannot be different from the fallen world just by saying you are.

In this view, what is true religion? It is not a complicated question at all; the true religion is the one that points out the way of indemnity. How can indemnity be made valuable to God? It begins only in a place where Satan and fallen mankind would not like to be. We can be sure it is valid indemnity by checking this way: If it follows Satan's way then it cannot be indemnity, but if it goes a way that Satan would not like then it is true indemnity. Likewise, mankind will leave you alone on that path because they don't like it at all.

Anything started for your own sake can never be indemnity. True indemnity always starts for the sake of others and God. Why? Because we are paying indemnity so we can be restored to the original position. When the first human ancestor fell, he neglected God and centered on himself. He denied God and denied his own perfection because the motive for his activity started with himself and his own desire. Since we are trying to be restored we have to go the reverse way and deny ourselves, becoming public figures. Since the first ancestor denied God, we have to accept Him and do difficult things for the sake of mankind. Instead of following our own desires, we must follow Gods desires.

Adam and Eve were only two people, of course, but now there are many, many people on earth. Instead of doing whatever we like we stop and do things for the sake of others, and in doing so we are able to subjugate Satan. Adam and Eve should have experienced a love, which was enlightened and elevated spiritually, love that could grow deeper and deeper and higher and higher. As a result of the fall, however, their love went lower and lower into the physical plane and now the love that man experiences is no different from animal love. No one has been doing anything about the situation and if it continues it is obvious that mankind will perish.

By dominating love Satan was trying to gain everything. Sometimes one of you beautiful women may think you will utilize your beauty to dominate the most powerful man in England. At that moment Satan is very much at work. On the other hand, the same person can say, "With my beauty I will restore the entire world, centering around God.,, Then you can hope to be married to the Prime Minister of England. There is a vast difference between the two motives in that one situation.

Now that you have joined the Unification Church, for whom do you eat your meals? You eat for the sake of God and mankind, not for your own enjoyment. For whom do you sleep? For the sake of God and mankind. Is it valuable or not for you to stay awake all night working? You must remember that you can never pay indemnity by just doing the things you like. The first rule is that the place of indemnity is the place no one likes. The second rule is that the law of indemnity never applies when something is done for oneself, but only when it is done for the sake of others.

How do we do things for the sake of others? Should we work for someone just when everyone welcomes him, or especially when he is opposed? Believers in all the major religions have suffered because God drove religious people into suffering in order to have them pay indemnity. Does everyone like the person who was pushed into that way by God, or do people oppose him? God is very aware of the world's hostility and pushes His people on purpose. When you don't mind but want to live for the sake of God and mankind, the law of indemnity is at work and you can be elevated spiritually. When you realize you are in the place of indemnity where people persecute you, you are happy.

To what degree do we have to work for the sake of others? Do you need to have lots of money and power to do that? No, you must do it with your life and your love because Adam and Eve lost life and love when they fell. Therefore, we must give a higher degree of life and love for restoration. This is not something we conjured up; it is the law of God working.

We can test this and prove it. When Jesus was on earth no one understood him so he was persecuted mercilessly and driven out. He was on the path of indemnity but even in the midst of this persecution he did not pray to God for the punishment of his enemies. Even at the cost of his life he offered them all of his love. Because man's fall resulted from loss of love, Jesus preferred to leave love behind even if it meant dying. The fall began with man's love for himself, but Jesus was prepared to lose his life rather than forfeit love. This is why God could resurrect him. The spirit of the New Testament is found in Jesus, words: `'Whoever would lose his life for my sake will find it.,, It sounds at first like an inconsistent statement but we know it is true in view of the law of indemnity.

If individuals oppose you but you overcome and win a victory then you are restored on the individual level. If you are opposed and persecuted by families but you overcome that then you are restored on that level. If the whole nation comes against you but you remain dedicated for the sake of the family and nation then the law of indemnity is accomplished on that level and national salvation comes to you. Likewise, if the whole world opposes you, you can win that level of salvation by being victorious. Perhaps even the spirit world will oppose you.

There are many different levels of indemnity. Which one would you choose? Would you choose all-out opposition so you could win over everything? That means there will be no safe place for you to be and no moment of peace. History has shown over and over again that because of the law of indemnity the man who is persecuted for pursuing the public purpose will never perish. With this one simple law you can explain everything.

When you say someone is a good friend, do you mean he is the kind of person who likes just himself or everyone else? If he loves you and your family then you say he is a good man. If he loves the whole world then we call him a saint. This is a relatively simple concept but no one has explained it until now. Who made the realm of indemnity possible? Adam and Eve created the realm of the fall but who will restore that? Since the false parents created the realm of the fall, it must be indemnified by the True Parents to come.

What will the True Parents do? They are the central figures who must be responsible for the indemnity of all mankind. How many different steps are necessary to complete the course of indemnity? There are eight-individual, family, clan, society, nation, world, spirit world and cosmos. Can each level be finished in a different way and then combined together? No, we must start at the core of hell and go in a straight line through each step. There is only one way.

Who is going to pave this straight road? The false parents are the ones who created all these walls which require indemnity, so True Parents and God will open up the road once more. The age of new dispensation that is this morning's topic refers to the time when the age-old law of indemnity will apply in a new way. It is an age of new indemnity. Until now you only sensed vaguely that you should do things like fund raising, but without understanding indemnity you didn't know for sure why you should do it.

You find yourselves in the situation of being born as sons and daughters of Satan, but if you had been born as children of the True Parents you would not need indemnity. Why did God promise that He would send the Lord of the Second Advent? Mankind needed True Parents to open up the road of indemnity, which they could then follow relatively easily. It would be true to say that mankind is like little children with runny noses, trailing along after the True Parents, even though the True Parents might turn and say, "You are a bother. Go away." Because they have no one but their parents to turn to, the children would follow anyway and eventually the True Parents would relent and say, "All right, come and take your place as children."

I am Oriental so why would Westerners in country after country follow me regardless of public opinion? People find it very strange. Something tells you that by following this course you will live and grow more and more. You are in pursuit of eternal love and life. The love and life you are pursuing is not for yourself but for others, even though eventually you will find that for yourself as well. Do you have that kind of life now? You readily criticize and disagree with others and each person would rather stick to his own ideas. How can such people follow me'?

Why do we want everlasting love and life? It is because God has them and we want to be like Him. What's so good about becoming one with God and His love? It is simple; once you become like that, God and the universe belong to you. That's a big ambition, isn't it'? Judge for yourself-is this truly possible or not? I have talked about truth, life and love this morning. Once you possess these three you don't have to follow God. Even if you try to go a different way or escape from God, you will find yourself in God already. Jesus said he was in God and God in him, and he called himself the way, the truth and the life. If you are in me and I in you then we are like each other. This is the one genuine, public way.

The time has come in which Cain must pay indemnity

The peak of world persecution came in the fall of 1976 at the time of the Washington Monument Rally. I knew beforehand that world opposition would come so I sent the missionaries out in 1975 so we could receive it on all fronts. I knew that unless I did so people of those nations would later demand to know why I didn't think about their country but only spoke in America. "What are you going to do with our country?" they would ask.

America is a unique country which has its branches spread out all over the world. The trunk of the tree goes straight up and its branches spread out in 360 degrees. That's America, isn't it? In that nation the Abel representatives of all nations and races have been brought together in one place. How can we say that? Looking at history we see that people who were opposed by their families and churches founded America. Is Abel the one who is opposed or the one who opposes? Whoever is persecuted in the name of God is always Abel, no matter where he is. It was the Abel-type people who got together in America and fought against the mighty British army and they won because they had God's help.

Using this logic, are the existing churches in England and America in the Abel position, or are we in the Abel position? Why do people persecute me wherever I go? Many people who may eventually harm this nation can easily come in through immigration, but when I come to help England there are delays and questions. Why do they persecute this one man who has come to help? It is because God needs indemnity to help this country. Because the Romans persecuted the Christians God could make a great Christian nation one day. The indemnity paid by the Nazi persecution of the Jews made possible the restoration of the nation of Israel. If through that experience the Jews can resolve to unite with the Messiah then God's blessing will be bestowed upon them.

Even if you are successful on the individual level, if you cannot succeed on the family level, everything you accomplished will be washed away and have no value. If you don't succeed on the clan level then the family success will be nullified. If you can't be victorious on succeeding levels then what you have already will be wiped out.

I started on the individual level first, then laid the foundation of indemnity for the family, clan, nation, world and spirit world. I have made conditions that God could accept. The culminating condition was made at Washington Monument, when we went over the world level of indemnity. Many people were waiting and hoping to see me fail. The IRS had plans to investigate me, the Justice Department and State Department all expected to see a failure, but it was a smashing success. It was an even more dramatic event because the Washington papers all wrote consistently negative articles belittling us. That day our success was obvious. The people's minds were moved and the papers had to run headlines saying that our meeting was a success.

The Washington Monument Rally represented the peak of persecution and the peak of success as well. Until that time Satan always demanded indemnity of Abel, but after that time God demanded indemnity of Cain. Cain's nature is to want the other person to pay indemnity, but since Abel has won the victory he can now demand indemnity from the angel.

This is why last year I gave the order to go on the offensive. I had never uttered that in my life but starting in 1976 and 1977 I encouraged our leaders to sue the people who were persecuting us-the New York Times, the deprogrammers and certain government agencies. During the time I was still paying indemnity I never said a word or tried to strike back when opposition came. I kept trying to love our opponents and never moved to oppose them in turn. During that time Abel was struck and beaten mercilessly, but now Cain will have to pay indemnity. I ordered all Abels to move forward and have Cain pay indemnity. Now is the time when all the blessings will start to come to the Unification Church. The world will divide into two Cain-type groups and each will be trying to avoid indemnity. Though they will both say, "Don't go to the Unification Church," the truth is moving and they are actually coming, though one is moving faster than the other.

This is indeed a new era, the new age of indemnity. The harder you work now, the more the Cain world must pay indemnity. England is in peril and we must do something about it. When you appeal sincerely to the people but they do not listen, it is not you who will be hurt but they who must pay indemnity. You know the story of David and the giant Goliath. This small group must be audacious and stronger in righteousness than all England. In this historical time we must warn the nation that it must correct itself and turn to God. In doing so are you going to be a second-rate warrior or the best? Do you think it will be easy? It only requires being ready to give up your life.

Do you remember what I did in America? America is the strongest country in the world and very big. Compared to America, Korea is insignificant, just like a trash can, but when I went to America I announced that within three years America would have to listen to my advice or else this powerful nation would decline. Was the country rocked by my work there or did it remain unaffected? The response was vivid and people rose up in alarm.

Who could I trust at that time? Who did David believe in when he fought Goliath? Because of David's faith in God he was undaunted. Does England need this kind of strong soldier? Will the women or the men be those warriors? England has a queen, but the country that prospers when a queen reigns can also perish when a queen reigns. Eve started a bad tradition when she erred, but if the queen will direct her nation to act for the sake of the world then the country will flourish during her reign. Will the Anglican church turn this nation around? Only if it thinks of God and Jesus can it apply the law of indemnity.

What is good and evil? The good person always becomes the center of everything. If an individual sacrifices for the sake of the family which is one step higher -- then we can call it goodness. If you sacrifice your family for the nation, that is good. If you sacrifice your nation for the world that is good and that nation will save the world and lead it. If America will not do that then I will make England do it. If England cannot fulfill this responsibility for the sake of God then I will raise up one of the small colonies of this great nation to do it. That is exactly the way God works.

I have been working constantly to teach one country how to do the will of God. If England will come to realize this fully then wouldn't it be able to destroy worldwide communism single-handedly? Certainly England is too big for the job! This is why I challenge you to be brave and strong. None of your efforts now will melt away as they have in the past, but will accumulate. Cain will have to pay an equal amount of indemnity, which will be your blessing. The highway is already paved and the Unification Church is driving forward like a car at full speed. Since the road is straight you must follow me in a straight line, but if you stop to look around you will never reach the destination. You have to keep going straight ahead.

Now you marry for the sake of your descendants, not just for your own happiness

Would you like to be the leaders or followers in the age of the new dispensation? Would you like to be one pure color or a mixture of all colors? Clean or unclean? Do you really have a clean, pure mind? If not then what are you going to do? When you joined the Unification Church you might have been attracted to a certain person and thought, "That is the person for me to marry." Do you think about that in your imagination or do you refuse to even consider such a thought? What if that person comes over and holds your hand? Are you going to smile back or turn away from him or her? If you continue having cozy give and take then both of you will be broken into pieces and neither remain. Are all you single women pure or not? I want you to take this precious opportunity to liquidate all your past loves once and for all and live in purity.

In Korean the sound "erg-land" means "pretty country." When you say a girl is pretty, are you referring to her face or her internal nature'? I think the women are more attractive than the men. Women play the main role in restoration, especially in an Eve-type nation like England. Women in England are a little different from women in America and I feel very strong that it is easier for English women to take this role of responsibility than for American women. American women have never been outdone by the men and when they compete with men the women win equally as often. Do you English women want to fight like American women''

Isn't it a recent trend to want to copy American women? Don't do that. I can give you an example. Probably you all heard about the recent blessing in America. I was dismayed when I asked the men who they would like to marry and many Americans said they wanted to marry either Oriental or European women, but not American women! That told me a lot about American women. Because no one wants to be seriously involved with them they react by using a lot of make-up and trying to entice men, while many others are mad at society. I was serious about what to do regarding the blessing. American men are much taller than the Korean and Japanese women and I thought perhaps we could find some good brides for American men in the English family.

Here on this small island, no matter which direction you go you quickly end up in the sea. Why don't you prefer the continent, where you can walk long distances without ending up in the water? Whenever I come to England there is a sort of shadow across people's faces because every day they expect rain or fog. They hardly ever see sunshine. But you would be surprised to see how American men and women have faces like the blue sky, without that shadow, because the weather is often clear. The days are beautiful and the evenings glorious, but here in England the moment the sun shines everyone is eager to go out and get a sun tan. Isn't that right? How pitiful that is!

How fortunate it is for an English woman to marry a man from such a sunny country as America. I thought a long time about what kind of woman would ever be able to elevate these somber English gentlemen and I thought that only American women could do it. When I go to different countries I see through different eyes than other people; I can tell much about an individual, and likewise, I can see much about what that country will be in the future, what its strengths and shortcomings are. You Englishmen, take your time and consider whether you don't need sunny American women to brighten yourselves. If you don't uplift yourselves I will throw the indemnity law at you!

Which is more meaningful -- spontaneous love between a man and woman, or love between the husband and wife who initially find it impossible to be together and then later find love with each other? Again, this is a new dispensational era for England.

You may feel at the moment that it is difficult to love someone like an American man or woman but then determine yourselves to make a success of it. If all the Unification Church members are like that then they will surely advance, generation after generation. Then they will be worthy of praise and will be able to create a world of unity beyond race and nationality.

Have you ever found very attractive points in black men and women? A white woman may be attractive but there is a sameness in her features, whereas when the sun shines on a black man or woman they sparkle, with a beautiful contrast between their white eyes and teeth and black skin. Most people have a favorite color but once you love someone, everything about him is beautiful.

The English are known for cherishing their own traditions. Can you bring those traditions directly to heaven intact? Certainly not. We have to work on them first and then graft the old ways to the heavenly way. Which will be more successful, grafting them to something else English or going to another country like America and beginning to change there? Are you English citizens or heavenly citizens? Heavenly citizens can live anywhere, in America just as well as England because everywhere they go they make good. Before joining the Unification Church you were rather limited in that way, weren't you?

Should the world fit into England or England into the world? Are you going to marry for the sake of England or for the sake of the world'? Before you come for blessing you should prepare yourself in such a way that you can marry someone of any race or nationality. Consider your potential for love and think deeply about whether you will be able to love him for many years. Why should you think seriously about this? Why can't you just assume that you can love anyone? There is a good reason-you marry for the sake of your own descendants, not just for your own happiness.

Have you heard that the smartest children come from international and interracial marriages'? It is interesting that black people demonstrate superior physical power. Many years ago the white people were more prominent in sports but now blacks are taking that position. There are many more examples of how this is an age of new dispensation in which the old trends are being reversed. If the satanic world likes things one way, you have a better chance if you go the other way.

The communist countries extol a different model of feminine beauty than in this part of the world; in those countries women of solid, husky build are considered respectable. The point of view is completely different in that they like to have an ugly man marry a beautiful woman and an ugly woman marry a handsome man, or someone of great intelligence marrying someone less intellectual. If this prevails then the whole nation will be above average. If the intellectual men marry only intellectual women and handsome men marry only beautiful women, the extremes will spread too far apart.

This is one area the Unification Church must consider seriously because no one else is doing so. We must reverse what people here think is fashionable and maintain the most reasonable way. A man who is most handsome in the upper part of his face should marry a woman who is most beautiful in the lower part of her face because then their children will inherit the good points from each. I am more serious about this than the people who are getting married. You can only imagine how deeply I have to think in each case. A whole nation and even the world can be greatly influenced by how you get married. Whether the world will advance or decline depends largely upon our setting up correct marriages.

God created different races because He intended for them to blend throughout the different generations. Is this thinking good or bad? If I had been living in America at the time of my marriage I probably would have found a black wife. In spirit world the color of a person's skin has nothing to do with his spiritual life; a white person can have the darkest spirit and a black person can have the brightest spirit.

We have set out to become the center of the universe with love

Why am I concerned about this in a talk on indemnity? When you carry out indemnity a barrier of marriage never stops you. Your love and your marriage have to be for the public purpose. If a white woman fails but a black woman succeeds in indemnity, which would you choose for a wife?

God is impartial concerning race. I am watching carefully to see in general whether white people or black people are more faithful. Some black people are faithful to a degree unmatched by white people. The difference is that black people are thankful for work they are given to do, while white people are usually critical and analyze it first. Whether one does good work has to do with heart; when you judge by this standard then gratitude is absolutely essential. God likes the person who gratefully goes about his work.

There are several things which are to be feared in spirit world -- first is a violation of principle; second is a failure to uphold a public figure, and third is an abuse of public money. Those are exactly the elements central to the fall. The result of the fall was that Adam and Eve misused God's love and did not respect God's position. Who do you belong to as an individual? Your "self" belongs to the world before it belongs to you. "I" exists according to Principle. First Principle exists and then "I".

The misuse of heavenly property, mistreatment of a public figure and violation of the commandment led to the destruction of the love of God. Usually people think things belong to them instead of to the world, but in reality there is no such thing as "my" love; love belongs to God and mankind first and then it may come to you. Each individual contains the elements of all things-truth is there and love is there and the public figure is there. After understanding this can you dislike a person because he is a different color? That has no place. You must learn this heavenly point of view.

If a white man reaches the indemnity degree where he is honestly willing to live with a black woman and is confident they will be happy in the future, then how much more successful a love will he have if he is married to a white woman? When the span is wide between a husband and wife, however, they can embrace a greater portion of spirit world. Our ideal is to pass freely up and down, front and rear, left and right. It is ideal to have no restrictions in spirit world and such a person becomes the center of north, south, east and west. Can he be the center if he prefers only one extreme? No, he must love all four directions equally.

The Unification Church has set out to become the center of the universe with love. It is similar to using different kinds of screws, having some that turn in each direction. If they all turned in the same direction then one kind of vibration would loosen them all, but with screws turned in different directions some will always be tightened even though others are loosened. This is how the universe operates. You have something valuable which you are going to give away in any case, but if you are white it has most meaning if you give it to a black person because that might be more difficult for you.

Love is essential if the world is to respect England. England ruled India for several hundred years, and if England had ruled with this love do you think this island or that vast subcontinent would have been her homeland? Should only this small country have been God's country, or that vast land?

What a vivid and interesting contrast it makes for a black woman to be feeding a white baby at her bosom and a white woman to feed a black baby. Will God prohibit that or will He be very interested and happy to see it? We can never think superficially about race because until man thinks seriously about this problem none of mankind's fundamental problems will ever be solved. If all the British were quite prepared to sell their homes and go to Africa then this nation wouldn't experience so many problems.

Some might say that Reverend Moon is pro-white or pro-Oriental or pro-black, but I am not any of those. I have absolutely equal love for each people. If you happen to like me then you must change until you are that way as well. If we are serious about indemnity then we automatically run into this problem of love, which is the most difficult of all indemnity. You have to be successful in. love before restoration can be complete, and overcoming what you hate will be your course of indemnity.

To those of you who came late, I was talking about interracial marriage, but you need to have heard the first part to understand what I am saying. My thinking is more serious than you realize. I have the responsibility of leaving behind the tradition which many generations in thousands and millions of years to come must follow. You must realize how serious this is.

There are always contrasts within the universe, both low and high and white and black. Americans are very self-confident but even they are more and more interested in the Orient. The highest mountain is white-capped with snow while the valley floor is covered with the darkness of decaying leaves. If white people like only white then why do they wear colored clothes? In England, for instance, they wear black morning coats on important occasions.

It is important sometimes to go the reverse way, or think the opposite of what seems obvious. For instance, if something good is going to happen it is usually preceded by a bad rumor. Another example, if a person doesn't like dark shadows then he has never really liked sunshine. Everything in the universe has a contrasting counterpart.

In the new age we must come to like the things we never thought we would like. That is really the ideal match in marriage. The ideal involves living in complete harmony with all five colors of skin and not being limited in what you like. Is it possible for one side of a big ball to say it wants to stay only on the ground and not roll up facing the sky? It should want to go down faster so it can come up faster. Therefore, we should never mind going down because it means coming up faster.

Peace is not so difficult to have; peace will come when white people really love black people. Which is the way to heaven-for white people to like black people very much or for black people to like white people very much'? If God is white then if He is wise He will eventually follow the same way of love. Is that wrong? Suppose it should become a national trend for every white student graduating from college to live two years with a black family, serving them and being part of the household. Peace would come without fail.

Who will start that trend? If you white sisters in the Unification Church do that, won't peace come? The people with God's love are likely to do that kind of thing. That is the "ism" of the Unification Church. Do you think this is possible at any time, or only when I am alive on earth? When I am with you it becomes more feasible, certainly. There is a limit to how long I can live but if you actualize that family life while I am alive and then keep on improving, all mankind will cherish your families and feel close to them. Do you want that? Why? For peace. We have come to realize how valuable God's love is. It is the most precious thing we can have and by paying indemnity we can occupy that love. Such people even like to go through the most unnatural things for the sake of God's love. They can really digest suffering because God is the same way.

Sometimes when I see our members I think, in spite of myself, that a certain brother and sister would be an ideal match. For instance, if a sister has a full face but her body is too frail or slender then I must find a husband for her who has a huskier body. You may never have thought about these things but they are extremely important for the sake of your children. If your husband comes from another country, for example, so much the better. When the two poles of a magnet touch they shoot sparks, right? I feel that a world-level leader would have to come from that family. I expect that the children of interracial parents will be geniuses and they will become very responsible. You watch and see. This is not just imagination, but has solid reasons behind it.

As recently as twenty years ago the world did not think so highly of the Japanese but now they have excelled economically and in many other ways. Even their average height is four inches higher. Someone caught up in a whirlpool may be sucked down deeper but eventually come up higher. Now in England you are caught up in a whirlpool but eventually you will rise up also.

Where are you going to settle down permanently? We would like to live wherever God likes most. Is that where people are living serious, difficult lives? If you were God, would you feel more pity and want to help the people of struggling nations, or would you love most the country where people have so much to eat that even dogs eat as well as people? If you feel that way, then why not God? Go ahead and suffer so that goodness can be more glorified in the future.

I would like to possess things when everyone is happy for me to have them, not just for my own selfish sake. Even if I say I don't particularly want something but heaven and earth would like me to have it, under that condition I would take it. I have made much money but I don't spend it for myself. It is spent for the sake of the world. I don't have to try hard to think that way; it happens automatically.

Why do we have to do all these things? Only after you think like that can God require Cain to pay indemnity. Because the foundation is set on God's side, God can make Cain pay indemnity in place of Abel. When Abel pays indemnity it almost returns to God's side but not quite because Cain always strikes back, but once Cain is required to pay indemnity everything is already going to God's side.

For this reason I am always advising leaders that they should always go beyond the context of race and never have one iota of race prejudice; otherwise, they will lose their qualification to be leaders or Abel's. If a man is truly God-centered then he is qualified to be called a gentleman. A gentleman does not think about his own self-centered way but concentrates on the public view. With that outlook, one's whole life style becomes different.

I want to harmonize all five races while on earth

When I finish making the highway straight you can go as fast as you want to if you are grafted to me. The road of indemnity to escape hell will become a super highway. God took 6,000 biblical years to restore Adam and Eve, but in physical terms it totals tens of thousands of years. The restoration of just two individuals was that difficult, so how much more difficult would it be to restore a family? In the Unification Church family I must harmonize all five races and make them into one race. This is one basic thing I must do while I am still on earth, and how difficult it has been to lay all the necessary foundations for that.

How many millions of years would it take to restore everything if I did not know what was necessary to do it all? If I couldn't accomplish that then the blessing would be only a dream, but after doing the necessary things I could establish the blessing. To achieve this under the fierce opposition of the satanic world is not anything less than leaping to the moon, or even the sun, and coming back again. It can only be compared to going that distance. If you were to try to do it all by yourself, it would take you many millions of years and without knowing these rules and laws I am applying now you still could not do it. How grateful you must be that it is now possible.

It seems that everyone else is getting married, so don't you think, "Well, why not me?" Certainly you should realize that this blessing was never before available. What greater miracle can you find than the fact that you are here face to face with me, hearing me talk to you about all these things which directly benefit your own life? You are only a few out of four billion people in the world. Why did our paths cross? What are the odds against this happening?

How precious is the one word you speak, "Father" with or without realizing its true meaning? Many people prayed desperately to be able to meet this one man on earth. The fact that you are here and able to listen means that you are much indebted to heaven. A country can never treat God's central figure casually for it would be a breach of heavenly law.

There is always a way to carry out indemnity, even though heaven might need to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives. This law can seem very ambiguous and intangible, yet if you follow very well you will find the full meaning of it. The fact that the environment and atmosphere have developed to this degree shows how much hidden work there is supporting it. Much, much work was necessary to form this foundation. What has taken thousands of years to do prior to this time you can now do within just seven years. With this in mind, can anyone complain?

You don't understand this so you don't have a particular sense of urgency, but I intensely realize this and always feel urgent in my mind. In a mere 20 years I have put back together the pieces of what was lost in 6,000 years of history. This is why spirit world recognizes me and is on my side. Until now the people in spirit world have always been divided but now they are on one side. You must realize that thousands of your ancestors are watching over you as the hope of their lineage and they are serious about your slightest move. They are intensely hopeful for you to meet my expectations. Can we compare your activities with famous events like the Olympic Games? Certainly this is more important.

You are like marathon runners and your ancestors are looking down to cheer you on and support you. If you pause to get water and rest for many hours, do you think your ancestors will be happy? They know the whole situation. Ignorant people can be happy sometimes because they don't know their situation, but the people who know the whole situation and the law are working desperately every minute. Eating and sleeping are completely unimportant; if necessary I will even abandon my family to go on and on, to educate you and visit countries in all different parts of the world.

Now can you begin to imagine how indebted you are to heaven for bringing you here at this time. I could spend hundreds of hours detailing exactly how things took place and why, and I will at some later time, but now I want to speak about the new age of dispensation.

You must determine that though you are small in stature and ill qualified in heart you will never be outdone by me but will do your best to resemble me. Though I am still doing this mission when l am almost sixty, I never complain to heaven about the impossible difficulties I have to go through. If ever I complained, who in the world could assume these responsibilities? Where could someone else be found? The world definitely needs such a man. I always have the urgent feeling of being chased by time.

If all of you here could be like me then we could bring all England to the Kingdom of Heaven in about a month. We have to be humble to do our best to know God's will and take care of it. The best time for this training is your young age. You are training yourself for the purpose of your own survival; if you only become like everyone else in the wicked world you will be washed away.

I am determined to train you

Kyoto is the third largest city in Japan and only a month ago there was an election for mayor there. A communist has traditionally occupied that office for the last thirty years, but this year our members' work helped the liberals beat the communists, by a margin of only 450 votes. Our members spent only a week of work in full force, but the liberals finally won. The communists mobilized 25,000 people, so how could the newspapers explain the result? They could only conclude that our members mobilized 45,000 people!

Our members not only gave out leaflets but also spoke from platforms to the public all over the city. The communists are never trained the same way that our members are. It is difficult to find one communist out of a thousand who can do those things. It requires much experience to be able to speak to the public effectively, especially when the audience is not sympathetic. Most of our members were in high school, but these young people could speak in such a way that many people wept at their eloquence. The communists could hardly believe it.

Our members went door to door to 1,200 homes in one day, which is very difficult. The communists would visit maybe 15 or 20. Since our members have had much experience, when someone came to answer the door they could tell what his response would be and they could work very quickly. For ten years that is exactly how I trained our members to be. Now this kind of training through fund raising is becoming standard procedure in the United States. At first the members didn't see too much meaning in selling peanuts and flowers but gradually they came to understand why they were doing it and now they can easily disregard the negativity of the people they meet. People are sometimes so impressed that they give all the money they have in their pockets.

I am determined to train the English family in the same way. Mr. Orme is too soft a person. If I were in Mr. Orme's position I would just drive you out! So far no one here dozes off while they are sitting in the bathroom, but when I live here and train you many people will fall asleep because they are so tired. This is commonplace in Japan and Korea. At first the members there worked hard just out of obedience, but now they know the full meaning behind it and they are grateful. Now some of them are presidents of companies and have great responsibility. If you are going to be a leader do you want to remain in England or are you going to be a leader of the world? if you are confined to England, how can you be a world leader?

America has a population of 240 million and one third of them are young people. I wanted to push myself to train them by the way I live. In order to lead all those young people I slept only a few hours a night and did not take much time to eat; I ate while I was driving somewhere in a car and instead of sleeping l was planning. During the tuna season each year I got up at 3 a.m. and went out to sea. The crewmen, who were all much younger than me, were tired and dozing off; even the captain would doze off and the boat would zigzag along course. They thought I was made of iron but I am no iron man any more than you are. I just feel the full meaning of this time.

Are you British young people going to be beaten by the young people of the wood or will you outdo them? Carrying this out will not be easy but are you going to do it? If you want to be a piston should you go up and down as fast as you can or just once in a while? Will the engine make a lot of noise and give off a lot of exhaust, or just run quietly? Londoners will be surprised to see you and exclaim, "The Moonies are at work now!" How else do you figure to wake up the slumbering English people?

Americans are very aware of us too and other religious groups especially took notice of our activities. They thought, "Why should Reverend Moon have all the young people'?" They decided to invite a famous evangelist from some country and they gathered many young people for revivals. In looking for a revivalist they went to several different countries and one of the most well-known people they found was a Korean minister. He came back later and said, "We sure tried but there was no response from the American young people He confessed that Reverend Moon was the only one capable of arousing them.

I want you to burn a lot of fuel and run the fastest and make lots of noise. Do you welcome that'? If you welcome that, why do you laugh? Because you are happy? Or do you laugh because you are thinking, "Here we go again. We work impossibly hard. Why doesn't Father come along for the first time in four years and say, 'You did very well. You can rest a few days'?" Why don't you say instead, "I don't think we have done enough. We'll do three times more." Is that for my benefit or is it for you to realize the true situation of this country? We need to begin this ideal even if we die with our mission unaccomplished in our generation. We have to give ourselves to this nation and the world with tears and sweat. Are you going to do that?

To tell the truth it is a fearful thing to oppose me. Because God has a strict law about treatment of public figures, every single person who attacked me in the past has declined. God is really excited at the good developments taking place now in England, saying, "This is the way to restore the impossible task of all religious people in a short period of time." When God feels like that and then someone opposes it, God will wipe him out just like a fly.

At the time of Washington Monument I was tuna fishing in preparation. I was utterly tired because I was serious and involved. I was so tired that on the boat I would intend to go to the bathroom but all of a sudden realize that I was in my bedroom instead. This happened many times. When I am that serious I know that God will take care of the outcome. When I walked to the platform at the Washington Monument Rally to deliver the speech I felt like a criminal on his way to the electric chair. I was deeply serious. As I walked to the platform my legs were heavy because I felt my speech would mean life or death for many people. I felt that if something was wrong and people did not accept it then serious consequences would result.

The members followed in faith but they never expected so many people to come. The people who opposed us thought that maybe a few thousand would come, but when I was working in such seriousness there was a big tornado in spirit world. All the spirit men became deeply serious and people Just Rowed to the Washington Monument Rally in spite of themselves. Otherwise, they could not have filled up that huge field.

You have to be equally as serious. If you pray very deeply to find out how much I suffered then once you understand you cannot help but burst into tears. I knew that some day I would work in the West so even while I was young I prayed to God many times in preparation for the actual work. I did not just decide one day to come and work here. I made immense preparation in prayer and I now realize that every single prayer was fulfilled by God. Even now I never think that I have done something worthy of praise by God. There are many things I should have done but didn't, but as I said earlier, before I leave this world I absolutely want to show mankind how to establish and maintain this indispensable tradition of bringing all five races together.

I found that even though they have their parents, many young people in America are like orphans because their parents do not care about them. I want to take care of all those millions of orphans and this is the reason why young people follow me, no matter what I demand of them. We can cry tears for ourselves or we can cry the same tears for the sake of mankind. Which is more precious? How much have you cried for the sake of mankind compared to how much you have cried for yourself? You must shed more tears for the public reason than for yourself.

If you spend more money for others than yourself, you will be able to see me in spirit world. If not, you will never see me. I spend almost all the money that comes to me for the sake of the world. If you live this way then your sons and daughters will never decline; they will only advance. I am absolutely certain that this will never fail, and since you want to go the same way I have I cannot emphasize this too much. Complaint has no place in this situation. Perhaps you could complain to yourself, but to no one else.

Some people cannot bear to be pushed strongly by Mrs. Orme and they say, "Why should she push so hard? She is a woman." But I know that it is necessary in this situation. The stricter a teacher is, the better. Students may like an easy-going teacher but such a teacher will never accomplish anything. Even though the students may want a strict teacher to leave the school, the school will keep him and dismiss the easy-going teacher instead.

Even though the members don't want the strict teacher, when God looks down He knows it is necessary. Then it doesn't make any difference whether the students like him or not; God will have that teacher reinstated. If you accept that training for your benefit and one day you become like that teacher, so much the better. If a teacher tells you to just go at your own pace and not work too hard, God and the school won't be happy with that teacher.

It is the same with parents. Most of you probably rebelled against your parents if they were strict, didn't you? It wasn't just because they were strict that you went away, but nevertheless you have to make up for that rebelliousness. Here you have to persevere under a strict father and mother in the person of your leaders and by doing so you can prove that you will not run away from a strict father and mother. If you work hard and suffer while you are young you will find life easier in your old age. If you work hard in the morning then in the afternoon and evening the chances are you can rest.

This is the prime of your life and no matter how hard you work it will never hurt you. After a few weeks of rest you will be as good as new again. Since no other young people are doing that, all the blessing will come to you. Although it is difficult to put up with, if you persevere to the end that will be a source of blessing. I am like that. I excel in many areas and there is nothing I cannot do. I am even good at using powerful language. In high school I was a champion wrestler and there is no sport I haven't taken up. I have a good mind. I may not be altogether handsome, but no matter how hard you look you will never find another person like me.

With what you have learned this morning you should show a good example to England. America has persecuted me, but America is a son to England and when I came here I was hoping that the parent would be a little better than the son. Even so, the immigration office detained me for three hours and once I stepped into the center you members wouldn't even let me rest. I felt that this must be a country of harsh people! If you are that way then I will compete with you to be even more so. Why not? Do you welcome it? I will restore it by giving indemnity to you. Do you welcome that too?

I want you to be extraordinary people

I remember that there were already this many members when I was last here, and now four years later why are we still the same number of people? After the fall Adam and Eve had lots of excuses. It is not so much a matter of how many members we have in England; what matters is whether we move England. We have to stir the country up in a good way and stimulate the slumbering souls. If I stay here for three months and really concentrate activities on London then London will turn upside down. If I do it all then the BBC will blame me, but if you do it then you will get the attention.

I want you to be brave and audacious. Don't meet the small people; meet the tough people and tell them what you believe in. Make it your hobby to meet people in high positions to talk and even argue with them. If they throw you out then walk back into the room. If you meet a Member of Parliament you can even tell him he reminds you of your own father and then you can talk to him. You are not married and have no children and there is no one to be embarrassed in front of. You have nothing to lose, so why worry?

When you visit the presidents of companies, walk in and use any excuse to start a conversation. You have to initiate the work; you can't just wait for it to fall on top of you. Go meet the people and talk to them. That's what I did. I went to America and met all the top people and took their measure using my own spiritual yardstick. I met Nixon because I seriously wanted to help preserve the dignity of the presidency. If Nixon had followed my advice then America would not have been as embarrassed and belittled by world communism as is happening now.

You can't just do ordinary things; you have to be extraordinary. It doesn't mean I am encouraging you to do things like robbing banks, though. Do something drastic in a good sense. If there are many people gathered together somewhere like a market, open up a way to surprise them and give an impromptu speech about the situation of this country and what young people and old people should do. This is a practical thing. It is difficult to do, of course, so what you must do is memorize a speech and practice so you can do it with your eyes closed. There are few people who have done that. Practice by going to one part of London and giving the speech in a park where people hang around, then go to many other areas and do that. Eventually you will be able to give a very good speech and people will be impressed. You have to give some stimulation to this complacent country and make people realize what is going on. We can create a new trend and atmosphere.

Do you wish I would put another leader in place of Mr. and Mrs. Orme? You want to keep them because they don't push you so hard, right? Do you feel that way for the sake of England's future or because you prefer an easier life? You should always be on the move from one corner of England to another, working hard every day, even if you are in jail once in a while.

If you are put in jail it wouldn't be because you were doing anything wrong; you are only trying to save this country. The next time you end up in jail you can make friends with the guards. If the chief of police puts you in jail he will visit later and you can make friends with him and protest that you didn't do anything wrong. Restoration history will never come to fulfillment if you move about softly.

When I was in middle school I was a Sunday school teacher. If you tell the children stories they will follow you around and want to be with you. You must be able to be friends with children before you can expect to be a good leader because grownups are nothing but older children.

If the street is dirty then clean it day after day and some day someone will notice you. No matter what you do, some day it will attract attention. If you are witnessing you have to be able to speak with middle school girls and boys as well as high school students, college students and factory workers. You have to be able to relate with all types, even professors and presidents of companies. You will even meet the Prime Minister. Don't limit yourself.

Only after coming in contact with many people will you fully realize what your country of England is like. If dock workers and laborers beat you up, you have to survive. If you find yourself in that situation then before you think about the pain of your body you should look for a way to survive and you will find it. You should be able to go through all kinds of experiences as I have done. There is no area I am unfamiliar with and don't know how to deal with. Only after checking every detail many times over could I come to America and be able to wrestle with a nation of 240 million people.

When I came to London a Scottish lady came up to one of our members and asked, "Isn't that Reverend Moon?" Even a woman from Scotland knows my face. When the European parents came for a conference they asked more questions about me than about the Church or our activities.

I am often blunt and specific but I only act after much forethought, never haphazardly. Once I met a retired four-star general who had headed an army of a million men and I said, "After the action you took, no wonder you failed!" He didn't respond and I said, "You've never gotten a comment like that from a stranger, have you?" and he replied, "Frankly, no." We became very close to each other and when I made comments about his situation he accepted them.

I want you to be able to do similar things.

At the Science Conference in San Francisco I met with Sir John Eccles, the Nobel Prize winner, who is very dignified and well-respected. One day he was standing chatting with a group of people and I just sneaked up from behind and squeezed his arm. When he turned around in surprise I faced him, beaming from ear to ear. I can never forget the surprised look on his face but then he was grinning too. He felt very close to me after that. At my age and in my position I did that to someone in his position, but I want you to do that while you are young and have no face to lose. When you can do that you will find it much easier to witness to people.

If you sisters meet a girl of your own age, you can touch her face and tell her, "You very much resemble my own mother." Saying something like that is a sign of closeness. If you brothers did that to a girl she might be insulted and snap, "Oh, is your mother that great?" Humor and ability to move someone only come after long experience.

Actually many times I hate being in the position of Unification Church leader all the time; there are many things I could do that would be effective, but I am bound by my position and am not free to do them. I have a certain posture and dignity to maintain before the public, but what do you have to lose? You can try everything. For instance, make a schedule of professors you will meet and at the end of the month evaluate what you accomplished. You have to plan something and carry it out. Do many things over and over again and you will gain much confidence and ability. That is much better than always being embarrassed when people rebuff you and feeling timid about going out again. First we stir the people up and then we introduce the new age.

Christians call me a heretic and whole nations oppose us, but who will God think is a heretic? We have nothing to be ashamed of, no matter how many millions of people come against us. It is not because I am wrong but because they are wrong that they oppose us. As for our consciences, we have nothing to bother us. Would you like to try very hard to have the personality that God is attracted to'?

What I am saying is that you can become such a person that even God, who created this world, will take special interest in you. You have to be different from the ordinary world for positive reasons. What kind of man will God accept? There is no one who doesn't need God, but if someone insists on being noticed by God then He will take a second look. In order to attract God's attention you have to be unusual. When I was young I had much love in my family but I missed God's love so much that I did everything I could to receive all of God's love. So should you.

When I was in high school I ate one meal a day. I was always hungry but I just put up with it. Hunger is very real to me. Have you ever experienced that? If you can even forget that you are hungry in missing God's love then you have a chance to receive it. I have gone without sleep for as long as one week, but the whole time I felt I would like most of all to find God's love. Sleep can never be greater than God's love. In the early years of my mission I tossed and turned and my skin bled because of my strong prayer hour after hour. I tried everything in search of the solution to have God's love.

I have never had a decorous life of religion. In a life of faith you have to close in on a problem area and just push through to the solution. Once you collide with a barrier, make it break into pieces and just march right ahead. Otherwise, you can never get anywhere close to applying the law of indemnity. Think this over and gradually train yourself and one day you will do it.

When I was fourteen I was such an unusual person that all my older brothers and sisters and even my parents listened to me with respect. Even the older school students would listen to me. You have many acquaintances from school, don't you? Even though they are far away, just reach out and make contact and work with them. You have many teachers too. More so than many other acquaintances, teachers will rarely reject their former students. Visit your favorite teacher and tell him you are a Moonie and give him something to read and ask his opinion. Say to him or her, "I trust your judgment and would like your opinion. Do you think this is worth following?" If he or she agrees, then you have a deeper bond.

Don't cower and come across like a dog; you have intelligence. Be a friend. If it isn't naturally feasible, then find a way to make it feasible. If you know some professors or the president of your college then why don't you go and tell them what you have discovered? Visit them once, then twice, several times. You are not going to manipulate them by visiting, but only want to help them live. If you have 150 sources like that then you have many areas to start in.

I can't stand seeing perfectly capable young people sitting quietly, with nothing much changed after four years. This is a golden time and you have much distance to cover but you don't realize this and I want to wake you up. Rather than waiting or the new age to discover you, you have to make the new age happen. Unless you do that you will never recognize it; even if it is here it won't seem any different. Only after we transform the old age will you discover the new age. Now you know why I am emphasizing that this is a new age from four years ago.

We are going beyond the age of individual salvation

On February 23, 1977, I declared the beginning of the new age. That was the precise time when Abel's indemnity ended and Cain's indemnity began. If our devotion is greater than the communists' then God will fully work with us. If you are an older member and want to experience the zeal of the days when you first joined and realized the urgency of God's work, then try to bring yourself up to a higher standard and maintain it throughout your religious life.

There is one more reason why this is the age of new dispensation. Since I have fully paved the way of indemnity you too can come back again. It means that after you go through indemnity you can go right back to your family and restore them. This is why New York has already started the Home Church movement. If Cain and Abel come into perfect unity then the parents can be restored. If you bring your Cain side family into unity with your Abel-side family then you can restore the family as true parents. After becoming children of True Parents and one with your Cain and Abel families you will have actualized the foundation to restore heaven on the family level.

The free world and communist world are divided now. There is division underway in the world but internally Cain and Abel must come into unity. When the Cain and Abel families come into unity it means the True Parents' family can be restored. When these three levels come together in unity- Adam's family and Cain and Abel's families and the third generation-that will form the three stages for the perfection of God's dispensation. That's the place where Cain and Abel won't fight any more. That's the beginning of heaven and of restoration beyond the place where the fall took place. Unity really comes into being here at the third stage.

We are here to witness, which means restoring the Cain family. The restoration of Abel's family will follow after that. Once you do that then you yourself can be true parents to them and the restoration of your own clan can begin. As soon as the New York members finish the necessary work in Home Churches in New York they will go to their hometowns to restore their own families. You are acting as the messiah of your family and clan by bringing them into unity.

Since True Parents have already paved the road you can come all the way out of hell as an individual. You won't remain there but will go right back to where you started from and form a connection to increasingly higher and higher levels and finally to the world level. Outwardly the Unification Church is in the world level dispensation. In England also you need to form the pattern of the twelve tribes; once that is realized it will form the unshakable beginning of heaven. No one will be able to undermine it.

Who will lay that foundation? Whoever makes that unity is the ancestor to the true clan and naturally he will find himself representing the nation. Two countries like that will be the ancestors of the world. If you then go beyond the world level, for the first time you will be able to go to the same heaven as the True Parents.

The twelve pearl gates described in the Bible open in all different directions. Now we are at the stage of competing to see which clan and which country will open this way. It is a competitive age on the worldwide scale. This is why each country is competing to see whose country can be restored first. Unless we can describe the problem meaningfully to the British, do you think this nation can survive as it is? If they don't understand that then there is little chance of survival here. The nation must understand that what we are doing is for its survival.

How can you ever be a messiah yourself? As you know, the best anyone could do so far was to be saved individually, but now we can each become a messiah. There is no higher job than this and thousands and thousands of years can never be sufficient to replace that. Now not only individuals can be saved but we can save the family and nation as well. Do you know what that means'? Jesus tried to save the nation of Israel and you can do exactly the same thing yourself. Jesus was to bring together John the Baptist's family and Joseph's family but he couldn't be messiah to his clan. If he had been successful then he would have marched forward to the national level of restoration. By having the same mission you can call Jesus your brother, but if you don't heed that mission then it can be taken away. If one group of people doesn't realize its mission then the mission will be taken by a group that does.

In the past the best that mankind could hope for was individual salvation, but now we can save races and nations and the world. This is a new age. Again, once this minimum indemnity is done, the painstaking indemnity necessary on Abel's side is finished and the law of indemnity is transferred to Cain. Before this, even though we had a thousand, we would never expect one hundred added on top of it, but now if we have one thousand we can have ten thousand added to it. With this being clear right in front of your eyes, shouldn't you work yourselves to the bone and accumulate every minute of effort possible'?

Home Church activity should be carried on here in England, just as in America. You have to make your own church in order to accumulate the necessary foundation. In the past the best you could hope for was to be saved individually so you had to detach from Cain because otherwise you would be engulfed by him. Once you are saved, however, you must go right back. That is a vast advancement in restoration.

Jesus had to leave his own home, which means he left his Cain family, and exactly the same happened in my case. Now since I have paid all the necessary indemnity, I am in a position to go back to my own parents to save them. Because the time of his homecoming is near, communism must perish in Korea. The country will be united and the communist regime will decline. This is a natural sequence of events.

You watch and see -- only three years from now, in 1981, both the communist and free worlds will be really exhausted. America is shaky now, experiencing chaos in an external way while spiritually Russia is also going through much turmoil. The two nations are going a reverse way. America must cope with the communist problem, particularly in separating what is really true from the twisted communist propaganda. In Russia there is much spiritual phenomena and the government doesn't know how to handle that situation. The Unification Church offers the only solution in America and in Russia the only solution is the Unification Church.

My desire is to have a rally in Moscow. I get reports monthly from people behind the Iron Curtain. You may not realize it but some of our members are in prison there. Their situation is extremely serious. Their faith is tested much more than yours. When one of our members said good-bye to me before he left for a communist country he said, "I expect to meet you in the spirit world." Wherever difficulty arises around you, if you remember their situation can you ever say that you are too tired? Until recently you could only expect to continually sacrifice yourself individually but now you can see an end to it. By obtaining success you can fulfill the purpose of indemnity and then Cain must pay indemnity.

I come from the Oriental race, but why not have black and white as well in this family? Mankind is actually one big family, all descended from one brother and sister. Under any circumstances we must bring these three into unity. From this point of view alone this is an era of new dispensation. There is no way to prevent being uprooted from the old ways and restored.

In the past if you were successful on the individual level then your family was waiting right there to stop you, and even if you were successful on the family level the nation would stop you. It was impossible to complete the course, but since the victory of the True Parents is complete, who can dare stop the Unification Church when it brings the different races into unity? The conclusion is that as long as we push forward we will be victorious. Only since last year has this become possible.

This year's motto is to be brave and courageous and march forward. The formula is to become completely one individually with the True Parents and then bring your Cain and Abel families together under the True Parents' family. The formula includes not only the family but also the national level and world level as well. Who will bring two nations together? We must be able to love other races and nations as much as our own before we can ever expect to bring two countries together. Otherwise, no one would listen. What this means is that even if you die now you don't have to die outside your own home, as Jesus did. All the disciples fled in Jesus' time, but if you die it can be in your own home with brothers and sisters and parents to mourn you.

Now the time has come when if you work faithfully and very hard then you can restore your own family. If God recognizes your foundation then in a few years no parents will oppose you. Before I left America I gave instructions to launch all-out work to reverse the American trend of opposition towards us. Now people are bothered by the fact that the media has been so negative towards us yet our members are so good. I told the American members to go to the media and make sure the American public hears the right information about us. Once Americans have a true picture of what the Unification Church does and what we stand for, how the Messiah comes and will work, then the world will change quickly.

Now professors in famous divinity schools are beginning to understand us. Soon the professors will get together and proclaim that Unification Thought and Unification Theology are of very high caliber and nothing to take lightly. They will demonstrate in favor of me. This is what I have been working very hard to actualize.

When I finish the third seven-year course my responsibility is finished. If you just follow faithfully for seven years then you can inherit the same result that I worked for thirty years to obtain. During these seven years you are indemnifying 7,000 years all at once. By working hard for 3 1/2 years before marrying and for 3 1/2 years after being blessed you will finish the seven years.

God works only through specific numbers. Noah's family had three sons and three daughters-in-law, plus Noah and his wife, making eight people altogether. If you witness to three people and eventually they get blessed then that number is automatically established. Next you will establish the number twelve and after that you can go back to your own homes. Later your work will be connected with the foundation I have laid and you can claim it as your own; then you will always be in the position of parents yourselves.

After realizing these facts you can work harder than any other religious people on this earth. At best they had only a possibility of individual salvation. Now that universal salvation is here don't you think spirit world would dance in spite of itself? That is exactly what is happening. The law of indemnity and numerical formulas work precisely. Now do you have even a vague idea about the age of new dispensation?

Without this sure knowledge, even though you work hard you are still hazy in your objective and lack power. Now be certain that you know that the age of Abel's indemnity has changed to the age of Cain's indemnity. When you go back to your own home you have to love your family and then save them. There are always three generations in one family-grandparents, parents and children-and therefore it contains all four directions. However, even a British family usually does not have the three generations in one home any more. In Oriental families this pattern of families living together is very strongly established. This is another serious consideration in view of the dispensation.

I want to ask you Unification Church sisters a question: Would you like to marry a husband who had parents to support or was independent of his family? Now you know for sure why it is better to live with your in-laws. Unless you have loved three children, you can never say you have experienced the love of parents. Do you still have the concept of family planning, using contraception and having abortions? How many children would you like to have? If you only have two you still have further to go. You should have at least three.

It is important to have three generations living together, and three brothers with their families must live together. If you can't live in one big house at least you have to live close together in the same neighborhood, cherishing and loving each other. As sons and daughters you have the responsibility of caring for your parents and then you can inherit the family blessing, which only comes through them. People never understood why the Bible referred to the "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob," but it has great meaning in this context. We can also say "the God of Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent." These are the three brothers, so to speak, centering on God.

You must realize that indemnity is transferred now, and also that this is not just the time of individual restoration but world restoration, all at once. Until now you sacrificed and lost and gained nothing back, but once the foundation is laid you will never lose anything. Now if you fight more you will reap more.

Before now God could not help you freely because by His doing so you could never win your independence, but now that the foundation has been laid by the True Parents God can endlessly support you without your losing anything. This is the reason why if you work hard you can get much, much help from spirit world. Many impossible things can happen now. You have to really know that before you can have any power.

Again I want to emphasize the greatness of this new age. Our slogan is to march and leap forward. Do you know for sure now? You must bear in mind that now I am here for the first time in four years to give you clear knowledge of this. Those who are determined to carry on, raise your hands. Let us pray.

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