The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

The 25th Year of the Unification Church

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1978
Belvedere, New York
Translator - David S C Kim

Those of you who are 24 can perhaps feel the meaning of the fact that the Unification Church was born 24 years ago. The age bracket of people coming to the Unification Church now is generally seven years above or below this age. This birth of the Unification Church is a great historical event in the 6,000 years of human history. Unfortunately, most of you don't have some deep feeling about this.

Looking back, we see that the 1960's were years when America's authority and power were supreme, especially in the free world. Now in the 1970's, however, we see that it is declining. Why is this happening? It is happening in conjunction with the decline of Christianity. Even though the leaders of world Christianity are aware of this, they don't know how to recover the situation. This is the status of Christendom at the moment. The degree of decline is so severe that even though people search for God and believe in Jesus as their Savior, God's spirit is still not found in the churches at this time. The great theological question is: after God raised up this great Christian foundation, why can't we find much of the former spirit remaining? This is a very serious problem.

God loves this world and that's why He made such a great investment in Christianity, but now decline is setting in. Has God abandoned the world in order to save it? Has He ended all His dispensational plans? No, not at all. Then why the decline of Christianity? Let's take an example from an orchard: If the orchard's owner sees that all the trees are in trouble, he undertakes a pruning process in order to save them. God has concluded that His original plan to save all the world through Christianity won't work. Therefore, He has to cut away the sick branches to encourage the healthy ones. The owner of the orchard will not favor the old branches, but will encourage the new buds and branches and leaves.

To save the whole world it is logical from God's point of view that He must prune Christendom because it has become ineffective. God needs a new religious movement springing from the Christian lineage that will have the mission of saving the whole orchard. What kind of religious movement will He use in place of the declining Christianity? Because you are Moonies you think He will use the Unification Church.

That new movement must meet certain criteria and possess some qualification to be used by God. From God's point of view this kind of movement should have some content which is able to solve the problems that past religions could not. The most difficult problem is that men and women in this world do not meet the high standard of God's original creation.

What is the meaning of man and woman? They are different in function so how can they be united? They can only be united when they center their lives on the family; they cannot be centered on just themselves. You must know that from God's point of view the most serious problem is that of the family. Americans possess much power and money and knowledge, but they suffer from the fundamental problem of instability in their families. Man's problem, both philosophically and theologically, is how to unite centering on the family system. Sociologically speaking, American families have many problems with divorce, ethics and delinquency. These problems must be solved by religion, but until now religion has failed to do this.

America is representative of Christianity, but what has happened that Christianity is not able to solve these problems? Who made this nation? Should a nation be formed through harmony or discord? Why are so many nations fighting, and why are there so many nations in the world instead of just one? Fighting only results in division. If within a nation the king and queen fight with each other, the whole nation will be divided.

America won its independence from England by fighting. Since then this country has honored George Washington as a great patriot, but from England's point of view he was a traitor. From England's point of view you Americans are radicals and betrayers. Is that proper logic?

There is much division among nations because people are egocentric. From God's point of view, He is not really God of this earth. He sees that all nations originated within an environment of immorality, conflict and disharmony, and have nothing to do with Himself. The new religious movement that God is seeking should have the content that will enable it to solve the problems of conflict among the nations.

Why are there so many Christian denominations when Christians all claim one savior? They split apart because each denomination insisted on its own theory and logic. All of these churches are false when compared to the one true body, which Christianity should be. This is a second great problem to solve.

The third problem is finding a worldwide solution for the division of races. We can predict that a final showdown must come between blacks and whites and other races as their relations worsen. War is the inevitable outcome unless a religious solution is found. Ideological and philosophical solutions will only further divide the races because each ideology will insist on its own solution. At this moment what kind of ideology can neutralize this kind of problem? Communism is actually trying to promote division and conflict between the races.

Soon, not only racial conflict but conflict between the different religions will begin to appear. Hinduism and Buddhism influence primarily the Oriental peoples, while Islam is dominant among the Arabs, and so forth. There is a possibility of collision between these world religions.

Communist strategy for the future is to take a more active role in nullifying religion, letting Islam, Christianity and Judaism each fight among themselves, as well as with all others. If this occurs then the human race faces annihilation. Through promoting division among peoples and religions, the communists want to benefit their own purposes. God's new religious movement should have the content, which can unite not only these diverse religions but even draw together people who follow the different ideologies, such as communism and democracy. If God does exist then He would reason this way, but He also needs someone on earth to pursue this thinking.

How do we solve the problem of division between nations, races, ideologies and religions? All of these should be dealt with in proper order. If any religious movement has the necessary content then God can feel hope. Only such a substantial movement could succeed in fulfilling His dispensation. A diagnosis needs to be made of the world's problem, the nation's problem, religion's problem, the racial problem, ideological problem, and the family's problem. All levels of society need a spiritual doctor.

All these problems started when man went in the wrong direction in the beginning. From that time everything has been going in a direction opposite to God's point of view. How can we turn the right side to the left side and vice versa? We have to go against the old, established desires. The whole problem is one of changing the direction of the "I"-centered family, "I"-centered nation and "I"-centered religion and world. We have to go the opposite way and live the family life for the nation, the national life for the world and dedicate the world to God. The present way of living in the world must be completely turned upside down. "I" must live for the world, not for "my" sake. Judaism should exist for Islam and Islam for Judaism. Christianity should live for Buddhism and so forth. This is what is meant by the opposite direction.

Without going opposite its present direction there is no chance for the world to go in God's direction. The first step is to insist on this logic. Usually families center on themselves, with the husbands insisting that their wives love them most and wives insisting that their husbands love them most, and with neither feeling obligated to give love. That kind of selfish instinct prevails instead of a striving to love one another. The formula of loving one another really works. When this is applied, a small unit is formed and that small unit will turn the world upside down.

The religion God needs should not only have content in word but also in practice. This real unit of husband and wife should be lived, for instance, and this content should be able to bring harmony among other religions in the same way. Even though nations have fought in the past, they too should be able to work together. Men and women from different nationalities should marry and love each other, and even a God-denying ideology like communism should be able to make unity with democracy.

If God exists, He will support this kind of movement. God is the king of wisdom, so if a new religious movement of this caliber emerges on earth God will cut away all the dead branches in the orchard to allow these new branches to grow. Would you like to visit the orchard where this kind of revolution is taking place? You don't mind seeing black and white people living together? We don't care about color because God is color-blind. In the world of that religion no one would care about wonderful homes or about luxury and wealth. Even a hut would be a heavenly dwelling in that world.

Where can we find that kind of place? Does the Unification movement have this kind of heavenly qualification? You don'-` even have chairs to sit on and so you must be crazy people. You wouldn't mind even if you were sitting on ice on the river? You are Moonies, though, and Moonies are crazy people. In Korean the word that means "crazy" also means, "having reached perfection." You have been everywhere else looking for an ideology to follow, but you could not find hope, no matter where you looked. You were lost because you were never satisfied, but now that you have found this religious movement you have found a place to drop anchor.

All people come to the Unification hospital to be cured as individuals and families in order to solve the world's problems. You are here as heavenly patients. Did you come here to help me or to be a burden to me? It is nice that you say you are here to help me, but still you are patients and until you are healed you cannot help the doctor. When will you get well and leave the hospital? How do you know when you are healed? There is a checklist. You are in good shape when you feel that you don't like the old individual self and philosophy. You frequently remember the fun you had when you were dating, right? You don't reject all that? If you repent of that even in your dreams then you are healed, but if you still wander and fondly recollect all that, you are not out of the hospital yet.

You should know where you are. You still need a prescription. When you are witnessing and meet beautiful women or handsome men and are captivated by them then you are not well yet. Be honest! You should be immunized so that you are not swayed by all those old standards. A handsome man who joins our movement must be immunized so a beautiful woman who tries to seduce him will not influence him. Don't you still have a tendency to be influenced by the opposite sex? If you still yearn for the past then you have yet to be healed. Some people feel the Unification movement is too strictly disciplined and they would rather be more individualistic, but they are still patients.

We want to abolish all those wrong attitudes. When you can get rid of everything from the past you can emerge as a new individual and a new nation. I have been everywhere in the world and I know there is no place like a Unification home. If God can find a heavenly orchard in the Unification movement He must support it because this movement will be the answer for the individual's troubles, as well as the problems of the world throughout history.

The heavenly orchard has a good owner in Heavenly Father and even during storms, struggle, and persecution it will grow. We welcome all of that. Even though this big nation of America may be trying to squelch me, we will continue to grow. Though the whole world persecutes us, we will still live and expand because we have a heavenly owner. Think of it-in twenty-five years this work has expanded to the worldwide level and the whole world is being stirred up. Without God's support, however, no amount of manpower could have accomplished that. The expansion and success of this movement come only from the support of God.

You who are inside the movement don't always know about all the turmoil and excitement being stirred up throughout the world, but from the world's point of view this is one of the most magnificent events in history. The communist powers are always trying to find out where I am and what I am doing. The world is amazed to see the big nation of America being influenced by one person -- Reverend Moon. If President Carter's son knew the contents of the Divine Principle, he would leave the White House to come live at the World Mission Center. Even sons and daughters of U.S. officials in the State Department and Defense Department will come. This is the most magnificent, powerful event in history. Suppose the sons and daughters of God who were already living on earth were to hear the Principle; they too would have to come just like you have. This Unification movement should have welcomed the sons and daughters of kings and queens and presidents and world rulers, but you have come instead.

By now you know that the Unification movement is definitely on the righteous side. Are we going to save the family or the nation? Are you trying to save the individual or the family? Is the Unification movement here to save the family or the nation? Are we here for the nation or the whole world? Are we here to save the world or the cosmos? Are we here for the cosmos or God? How can you save God if He is already omniscient and omnipotent, unchanging and unique? It is because of love, which God does not have, that even you can save God. God cannot love by Himself because He needs an object; He needs you. Do you have true love?

We have to liberate God with true love. Even if a handsome person like me came along but I lacked true love, I would have no meaning or value. A man with great knowledge and power is nothing if he lacks true love. A deformed cripple with nothing of worldly value has the greatest value if he has true love. Would God lift up false love which possessed great power, or true love which was impoverished? Do you Moon people look wonderful or ugly? You are miserable people because you come here all sleepy and poor, right? In the physical sense you are poor. Sometimes your faces are ugly, but nevertheless, inside you have true love and even though you look ugly, Heavenly Father must come to you.

If you understand this principle then you have everything, so let's stop here. Which is more beneficial, having steak for breakfast every day, or listening to my talks like this? By listening to the heavenly truth your true love is budding like the trees. When you listen to the words of resurrection your old self fades away and you begin to realize you have to love other people. Now the black people here are thinking about marrying white people if God asks them to do so, and vice versa.

What is the nature of true love? Can true love be found when a white man loves a black woman and a black man loves a white woman? Or is true love found only white-to-white and black-to-black? Even a small child could tell where true love can be found after hearing this message. What else does true love contain? Is love found only between Americans or between communists? From God Jesus inherited the ideology of loving one's enemies, the greatest proclamation of true love. Do we have many opponents? We don't regard the people who oppose us as our enemies, however. Our ideology is based on true love, and with it we will make a family, tribe, nation and whole world, and then at last we will make God the true Father of all mankind.

I want to give you an analogy. You are each a tree in the orchard encompassed by a strong fence which keeps outside influence away. Each one of you is growing, with new leaves and twigs and blossoms emerging. When people outside the fence see your fruit, they will climb the fence to get it for free. I foresee this happening. Many people say they don't like me but they like you people. That is strange logic! If you people are good then I should be the same. These people are contradicting themselves. If I am bad then certainly you would be bad. I have a different interpretation of this: if they like you but not me then it means that inside they know who I am but are pretending otherwise in order to protect their image.

You men and women should be practical people in order to provide whatever the world needs. I want you to be people who are needed by the world 24 hours a day. The time will come when people will want to spend time with you and even want to marry you. Past history has confirmed what I am saying to you this morning. Since 1960 I have blessed many couples in Korea. When Mother and I first blessed those couples, their parents protested and were hostile, but now the parents admire me and other parents come to our Church to ask for a wonderful husband or wife for their child. Now they respect our Church. Those people who criticized us in the past are now saying that our Church is wonderful.

Now our blessed couples are so influential in their communities in Korea that their neighbors are telling their children to follow the example of those couples. Many people come to observe how our couples relate to each other and how a Divine Principle family lives. When you look at all this empirical data, do you think I have done a good job?

In America it is common to get married at least twice, but are you going to come to me more than once for blessing? American parents accuse me of turning their children away from them, but many of you were practicing free sex and were hooked on drugs. All I did was give you spiritual medicine to renovate and restore you, even while I was being criticized. I don't care about criticism, however, because pretty soon these parents will come and thank me, just as parents did in Korea.

Looking back twenty years over my work around the world, I know that I have always been concentrating on the heavenly family. The ideal of God's creation is restoration of the four-position foundation, with husband and wife loving each other centering on the family. The children should love their parents centering on this family. The whole nation is composed of families, and always our families represent this nation. You have to think that our Unification family represents not only the nation but the whole world and the spirit world in the past, present and future. We have to live by the heavenly constitution, which is the law of the Garden of Eden that God planned for Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve's family was supposed to be representative of the whole world, and centering on God that family was supposed to be the direct channel of divine love from God. Through this kind of love woven from four directions, including heaven and earth that four-position foundation should have been formed without any fall. The restored family is such that the whole nation and world will follow after that pattern and God's love will dwell there. This is the goal we must give all our effort to fulfill. The Kingdom of Heaven shall begin when this kind of family exists, and will center on this dwelling of God's love. Based on the family, which is centered on divine love, the nation and the world will be the nation and the world of divine love.

You women are the fruit of all women in spirit world, all women in the present world and representative of all women in the generations to come. You men should see your wives in that light. You women should have the divine love to represent these three levels. You have to think that you are the channel to distribute this love to the nation, world and all womankind. You are also the channel of love going back to God. This whole circuit will be formed centering on you. Do you really understand this'?

God doesn't like to see Japanese talking only to Japanese or Americans only to Americans. The Unification movement is focused beyond the nation or race. You have to expand your hearts, and instead of centering on your own nationality you have to practice this love on the worldwide level. Even having deformities doesn't matter here. If individuals are dwelling in divine love, this movement will expand as the channel of divine love and create the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the place where true love dwells all the time.

There is a principle through which all development takes place. I have always lived by that law, working through the decades to build families centering in that law. I love not only Koreans but Japanese, Americans and all the nationalities around the world. All of these must be connected centering on the True Parents.

Before 1960, I had to restore three blessed families, three sons representing Adam's family and Noah's family. After selecting these three families I could receive heavenly matrimony myself. You know that there was a fight between Cain and Abel on the individual level; they had disunity and one of them killed the other. We, however, must unite. I have to patch up all of this in restoration, so in this time the families must love one another. Initially, I blessed three particular types of people who had personalities which made it difficult for them to unite. One of those was Won Pil Kim, another was Mr. Eu, who is now in spirit world, and the third, Young Whi Kim. They were incompatible but I made them come together in harmony. Through fulfilling this task I could restore the position of Adam and Eve's family.

Noah's family had eight members. Mr. Kim, Mr. Eu, Mr. Kim and their wives, and Mother and myself represented those eight people and restored that situation. All of that took place in the year of 1960. After the engagement ceremony, I blessed three families, and after that the True Parents' marriage ceremony took place. By the lunar calendar, we celebrate March 16, 1960 as the day True Parents received heavenly matrimony. Then on April 1, by the lunar calendar, the first Parents Day could be established and restoration for the true family began.

Next came the 36-family blessing, which was restoration of the ten generations encompassed by Adam's and Noah's families, which totals twelve by including Adam's generation and Noah's children. Since it was necessary to recover everything lost by these generations, I had to restore this particular number through the blessed families. The 36 couples also represent Adam's, Noah's and Jacob's families. One group was made up of couples previously married in the secular world, and a second group of men who had previously had some physical relationships, and the third group of men and women who were pure. Each of these situations can be found in the world, and thus these couples represented all families in the world, as well as the families in restoration which were lost.

Because of the loss of divine love, everything has to be restored in reverse. Because of the fall there has been no relationship between spirit world and Adam's family, but through the blessings the spirit world and the physical world could be connected. This age is equivalent to the Completed Testament age, and therefore, the entire cosmos must be represented in the recovery of true love. From heaven to earth, all the lost ancestors centering on God's will must be restored centering on the family, and by May 15, 1961, I accomplished all this. May is a very victorious month.

I had to recover many other things lost by the fall. The problem has always been disunity within the family. Cain and Abel were not united, so we must see Cain and Abel unite, restoring that lost condition. Jesus gathered twelve disciples representing three generations. Centering on Israel, Jesus was supposed to expand his work onto the world level, but he could not. Jesus had 72 apostles, as well as the 12 disciples. In different places, the Bible records either 72 or 70 apostles. The twelve tribes of Israel had six tribal leaders each, making a total of 72; therefore, Jesus needed 72 apostles, not 70. Because Jesus could not fulfill this, I had to restore it and in this way link the past and present worlds.

There is a problem of making unity among Cain and Abel groups. In the blessing of the 72 couples, unity between two groups was important. With one group of 36 couples representing Cain and the other Abel resurrected children have been born to both the 36 and the 72 couples, and thus the heavenly nation is represented centering on Adam and Eve's family with restored Cain and Abel.

Since Jesus' resurrection, the number 120 represents the whole world. I next blessed 120 couples plus four additional couples, representing the four positions of East and West, North and South. This totaled 124 couples, and they encompass up and down, front and rear, right and left. I intentionally included broken families from the world in this blessing because they will open the door for those now living in hell. The 36 families represent the national level of restoration, on the foundation of the three restored couples. By adding the 120 families, worldwide restoration of families is accomplished.

I set up representative couples for the whole world and spirit world. Whatever I did influenced events in the nation and world, and the membership of the United Nations at that time was 124 nations. In this way Korea was connected spiritually to the whole world.

The next stage was to unite couples on the world level. This was the 430 couple blessing. The Hebrews left Egypt after 430 years of bondage, and also at the time of this particular blessing the Korean nation had completed 4300 years of history. These levels coincided. 1967 was the year equivalent to the 430 years before the Israelites left Egypt and the 4300 years of Korean history. Through this blessing these two historical eras were linked for the purpose of God's dispensation. Time, a central figure and a condition are necessary in restoration, and with this blessing I entered the world-level Canaan.

The 430 couples included couples from a much wider scope than before. All the couples through the 120 blessing were of one direction; in restoration it is necessary to be connected with all four directions and this is the reason the 430 couples came from all different backgrounds. Further, the 400 years of bondage in Egypt plus Jesus' age of 30 forms the indemnity number of 430. The number is always very important and this number concerns conditions that Jesus should have established.

The years of Babylonian captivity are paralleled by the number 70, which equal forty plus thirty. This forty plus thirty represents totality. Through this vertical and horizontal connections all Koreans have the possibility to be saved through faith in the True Parents. The door is open, and even if they follow later they can still have complete salvation.

Following the pattern of Korea, all mankind has the possibility of salvation because the appropriate conditions have been set up on the world level. On the foundation I just described, l could expand the blessing to the whole world. Therefore, in 1969 I picked 43 couples throughout the world for blessing. However, before blessing those couples I had to regain land for God, so in 1965 1 established 120 Holy Grounds in 40 nations on my world tour. Without this foundation of the land, the people could not be connected. l brought dirt and stones from the Holy Ground in Korea and distributed them when I made Holy Ground around the world. God needs people and land in order to restore His sovereignty, and after gathering these together I could bless the 43 couples. With this foundation the heavenly families could be connected.

After establishing the required conditions, I could advance to my worldwide mission. In 1970, 777 couples were blessed. Time, people, conditions and significant numbers were all involved. The three seven's total 21. The world level international marriage candidates had to come to Korea, the land of faith. The previous international marriage laid the spiritual condition and gave these couples the right to come to Korea to be blessed. Everything is based on Principle.

After 1970, 1 ushered in the worldwide level dispensation, and in order to fulfill this the Korean blessed couples had to pay the indemnity price for the whole world. This is the reason that all the families were separated, with the wives going out to the witnessing field for three years beginning in 1970. This is the age of family indemnity. Many miserable situations occurred at that time; you cannot even imagine their course and the price they paid to save you people. They even left their children in orphanages because from God's point of view His own children became orphans, separated from Him. The blessed children were purposely put in the position of suffering for three years. Those Korean couples had to leave the tradition that even when they left their children behind, those children respected and admired their parents' sacrifice. This condition of a period of suffering had to be gone through.

Through all this time I was preparing the exodus from Egypt to the worldwide Canaan, and on this foundation I came to America on December 18, 1971, for my second visit. l received my permanent visa on April 30, 1973, and on that basis I was ready to work in this country. Now it is five years since that day. In order to complete preparation to begin the mission in this country I undertook the Day of Hope campaigns and spoke in Europe, visiting many other countries as well. My work actually began in 1973, and in the following 31/2 years we had the Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument campaigns. My name had to become known around the world, focusing on September 18, 1976. In 1975, overseas missionaries were sent out to 120 countries, and we received worldwide persecution during the time of those great campaigns. However, anyone who persecuted our overseas missionaries set a bad condition before God. On September 18, 1976, we reached the climax, the final showdown between the True Parents and the nation of America.

On February 8, 1975, the blessing of 1800 couples was held in Korea. Six is Satan's last number, and 600 times 3 is 1800. You have heard the prophecy about the number 666 in Revelations, so this blessing marks the end of Satan's dominion of that number. After the blessing, the IOWC was mobilized, gathering members from around the world to come to Japan and Korea and prepare the ground for the June 7 Rally for Korean Freedom. In that way we accomplished victory over Korea, with representatives from over 60 nations coming to the June 7 Rally.

The 1800 couples blessing marked the completion of the blessing providence and now I can bless people anywhere and under any circumstances. Satan's accusation is completely removed from the blessing, no matter where or when it may be given in the future. All the past rejection and opposition to group marriage is subsiding and no nation can oppose this activity again. In this way a new race has appeared. Without restoration of the family unit the world cannot be restored. That's why I struggled so much to set up the condition for restoring the family unit. You have to restore the family in our movement, representing not only your family but the nation and the whole world.

Now in spirit world even the great world leaders from the past bow down before the blessed couples. This is the value of the families in the Unification Church. If you are blessed and then fail, your ancestry will be broken down, affecting seven generations. In spirit world it will not be Satan but your good ancestors who will accuse you. There is no way to escape this. If you fail in your mission of marriage, leaving to marry someone outside of our Church, then what will happen in spirit world? Your children will be treated worse than the most rejected orphans on earth.

The fall occurred at the top of the growth stage, but if you fail after the blessing it is after the perfection stage. For this there is no excuse; it is worse than Adam and Eve's fall. Even Satan will say, "You fell from the perfection stage while I only fell from the growth stage." Most criminals can be defended in court, but there is no way to protect this kind of criminal because this crime occurs in the perfection stage. This is a most formidable contract we have. All blessings are a contract between each couple, the True Parents and God. This is not my own idea.

Now I have entered the period when I can give blessing at any time, but the next blessing may be postponed until the end of the third seven-year course. This is because the blessing is so valuable, and I don't want to cheaply give something of such great value. After the victory of the 21-year course, shall we have a great celebration or not? To what extent? I am now planning the most powerful, extravagant, festive celebration, never before seen in history.

You might look like you are miserable now, but from God's perspective you are making history. You may not realize your value, but it is enormous, even dreadful. After being here several years you may see only drudgery, but I can see how precious you are. Now the indemnity conditions have been paid-on the individual level, family level, national level and worldwide level. Now I can bless everyone. From now on the new era has been ushered in. Depending on the situation, of course, I am able to give the blessing whenever I want.

Why do you come to listen to me, wanting to be near and receive love from me? It is because I have accomplished these historical events and your soul is drawn to this. You are working very hard, but for whom? Even symbolically you must go the same indemnity road of the 6,000 years of restoration history. At the minimum you must go through a seven-year period of indemnity and suffering. Even after the blessing you have to work hard for three years as a condition. You must prepare to be qualified to be the world representatives of men and women.

Through suffering on the individual level, working hard and receiving persecution in the name of God and True Parents, perhaps as missionaries overseas, you can be worldwide men and women. You have to examine and test yourselves to see whether you belong to Satan, whether you can be the channel to determine the fate of the nation, the world and God. You should not start married life if your mind is not ready according to this criterion. Are you ready to accept this direction? Some sisters who are over 35 and are complaining inside, wondering when they will be blessed instead of worrying about the nation and world, do not belong here.

I can't blame people outside our Church for thinking Moon people, including me, are crazy. If you can't understand all of these things after listening for 11/2 hours, how could they understand? If I didn't have the heavenly formula based on God's dispensation, I would be the craziest person in the whole world. Why should I have to receive persecution on top of doing all of this? Why should Satan gather all his power to destroy me? Only because he too knows the significance of what I am doing.

Do you know more than Satan does about the significance of this? If you know better than he does then Satan cannot touch you, but otherwise, he can take you to his side. Even if you forget all of the Divine Principle but you still cling to the True Parents as your True Parents and want to belong to them, then Satan can never claim you.

If Adam and Eve had obeyed God in the Garden of Eden then Satan could never have initiated the fall. If you belong to God and True Parents then Satan can't tempt you, even if you forget some of the Divine Principle. Would you drift away if I kicked you out? What if even President Carter beat you with a big stick? It is a very strange thing that if I hit someone he is happy inside, exclaiming, "Father touched me!"

It is easier to be struck than to receive a reward for accomplishment because when I persecute you or chastise you I have some reason to make a connection with you. Even if you are beaten, as sons and daughters you have a right to inherit what the parents have. You will inherit all of me, and at that scene Satan, and even God, cannot intervene in the love of father and children.

If you and your ancestors and your children become one in love and harmony centering on the True Parents, then the world will easily become the Kingdom of Heaven centering on divine love. The five races will be united into one. Do you think that's possible? You should keep this kind of proud thought and spirit from now on. If you carry the will of God and True Parents then even if you die right now you will bring the Kingdom of Heaven.

You know what is taking place. If you believe in this and possess it inside, then God bless you.

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