The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

When Are We Satisfied?

Sun Myung Moon
April 9, 1978
World Mission Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

All the unmarried women here speculate about when they will become contented people. The same applies to all the men. Every single person thinks about that, not only those who are living now, but all of those who have lived in the past as well. As long as mankind lives on the earth, people will constantly check themselves to see when they will reach a point of satisfaction.

Why do people always think like that? Every living soul has ambition and desire, and when that desire is satisfied, he feels content. As a result each person is constantly reaching toward that goal.

We learn in grammar school and we continue to learn through our university years, perhaps even getting a Ph.D. Then we keep learning through the years and want to learn even more to reach that level of feeling satisfied. In 1969, I went up to the top of the Empire State Building accompanied by a few members of our family, and looking down on all New York, I told them we would eventually need to buy quite a few of these tall building. "When?" I thought to myself, and so did everyone else. Some of the members were quite skeptical inside, and thought to themselves, "Father comes here with big ambition, but he doesn't know so much about America. I know how expensive it is to rent even a few rooms in one building and now Father is talking about buying dozens of buildings." Of course, they didn't express those thoughts, but they had no idea of how it could ever be accomplished.

A few years went by and we bought the headquarters building and the World Mission Center and now we find ourselves financially capable of buying even the Empire State Building. It was only a few years ago that everyone was summoned here for the campaigns and they crowded into cramped lodgings; many members had to share one bedroom. Do you remember lining up in the morning to use the bathroom? With so few bathrooms it really was difficult to mobilize people in the mornings. But now after moving into this building, it seems there is a bathroom everywhere. If something in your own bathroom breaks, you can use the one next door. Now that you have become accustomed to this luxury, however, you don't appreciate it any more.

Whenever there was some big occasion and finally people were ready to sleep, there was so little room that sometimes we could not even lie down, but simply sat down to sleep. But now look at our situation. Everyone has a room to himself, with all kinds of space to sleep comfortably. Now when you wake up you don't think of that past and compare it to what you have now. You say, "Yesterday I got up early to hear Father talk, and now this morning I have to do the same thing." You came down because you had to, not because you really wanted to. Do you say, "Oh, I'm content," or do you have some grumbling inside?

When are you continually content?

Let's ask ourselves when we are going to feel content or satisfied. Imagine that the Kingdom of God is established on earth and you don't have to work as hard anymore. You can do pretty much what you want to do, eat all you want and think about yourself. Would you finally be able to feel really content and satisfied? We all like steak, but if someone brought you steak every hour and you had to eat it, would you be annoyed or elated? Now you feel like getting a little more sleep, don't you? If you say no, you are not being honest with yourself. I would like very much to sleep a few more hours. I slept only two hours last night, and I feel that way all the time. Imagine you had all kinds of time to sleep, and even though you could get up to go to the bathroom or to eat, you had to go right back to sleep again. You might go to meet a friend, but upon returning you had to go right back to sleep. Imagine that your purpose in life was to sleep. Then would you be contented and satisfied?

Now we can think about contentment and about happiness. Most people in the world have a concept of me as being a very rich man. Generally speaking they would assume that since I have so much money I must feel satisfied and have no desire for anything else. What they don't know is that I'm always in need of more money, no matter how much there is. It all depends on how one would define what I need. I wonder how much money I should have in order to say I am content and would not like to have any more. Do YOU think there is a limit?

It is not an exaggeration to say that you are happier when you are in need of money. You cannot really imagine how that could be true, can you? I can explain with another example. When your stomach is so full that you can't eat any more, you feel awfully uncomfortable. At one time or another you have had the experience of wanting to eat something and then stuffing yourself to the point that you have difficulty moving around.

Which of these two situations do you think is happier for you? Do you feel better when you have eaten to your fullest and feel uncomfortable, or when you have a fervent wish to eat? Maybe it depends upon what situation you are in. A very poor man who always lacks food, who had eaten only half a meal a day for three or four years, would want to fill himself up completely. But I am talking about the average situation, not the extreme.

We have brought up the fact that everyone is pursuing contentment, but what is contentment? We often say something is good or nice, but does that really mean it is good? Imagine that you have something you feel good about, and day after day you experience it again. Do you continually feel as though you were in heaven, or does it eventually become something other than what you thought in the beginning? For a simple example, if you had some favorite food that you just kept on eating day after day, how would you feel? If you continued eating it for a long time, would you never get tired of it? When you think of it, the chances are much greater that somehow your feeling about that food would change at some point.

Actually, all men should learn to feel content even when externally they are not. They should learn to experience satisfaction. That is the moment where hope is really magnified and where concentration actually takes place. When your stomach is full and your desire is satisfied, there is no need for hope or concentration. Then which moment is happier-the time when the desire is satisfied or, the moment when we have an intense desire and all of our senses are concentrated on fulfilling it? Are you happier when you are hungry and looking forward to eating, or when you are always full and satisfied day after day?

Then in which case do you feel more uplifted -- when you feel your situation is good or when you feel discontent? How is it different? When you are hungry, you don't feel that it is necessarily good, but once you are full you feel it is good. You have come to the conclusion that while you were looking for something and working towards it you felt happier. You can say that you are happy when your stomach is full, but also when you are hungry and eager to eat. You can say both are good, but which is better may depend on the individual.

The point is that when you say you are satisfied, you are on a peak, but from that peak you must always come down to the lower valley. When you are suffocated and choking, it feels good to inhale deeply and have plenty of air. But if you continue to inhale more and more air, never letting it out, you will soon die. We can definitely say that inhaling air is good, but we can also definitely say that exhaling is good, too. Is that simple enough reasoning?

Whoever would be happy must be able to accept unhappiness as well

According to our experience, life is no different, either in theory or in practice. It is good to be extremely happy, but at the same time each person must have the experience of unhappiness. Whoever desires to experience ecstatic happiness must be capable of accepting both happiness and unhappiness.

I have talked about extreme cases to make a point, but what about a person who wants to be happy in the normal sense? Who are the so-called normally happy people? They are the ones who have experienced this up-and-down curve, but not to great extremes. This means that when there are happy people in the world, there are bound to be unhappy people too. That's not a bad world but a natural world, and there is no way of escaping this law. The unhappy person will never be eternally unhappy. After a time, he is bound to become happier and happier. In the same way, the happiest person can't remain there but must come down again, if not today, then tomorrow. Your voice doesn't continually rise when you laugh, and when you speak your voice doesn't continually rise' but has a rhythmic cadence.

You can easily distinguish a good singer from a bad one because the good singer knows the art of harmonizing. Everyone likes a vocalist to sing in a high, difficult register, but doesn't want his voice to keep ascending. When he skillfully lowers his voice you feel relieved. A soprano who knows how to lower her voice at the right time is a good singer.

Life is no different. It is reasonable to say, therefore, that taking the path to the summit is happiness, and it is also happiness to come down again. How can you say I am a happy person? If I only know how to go up but not how to come down, am I a happy person? I have a dream of ascending higher than anyone else, but I also know the meaning of coming down. When I mount the platform to speak, I feel that I have no equal and I am elated, but having to go out to sea in all kinds of weather is almost like hell. Fishing takes a lot of effort but I don't mind because once I am at sea 1 feel I am destined to be there for the rest of my life. I never think about an easier situation once I get out there.

In the Korean language we have an expression which describes being so sick that you don't care about anything. Sometimes in assuming responsibility for the Unification Church I momentarily feel that way, but immediately I get rid of that feeling and know that I am born for this. I know that no one would want to have my position once he experienced it for one day, but I don't mind it at all because that's the way my life is.

Here we wash our hands every time we go to the bathroom, but on the boat I clean the fish, and for hours, even days, there is no place to wash my hands. Somehow I just wipe my hands on a cloth and when the meal comes I forget whether or not I washed and just eat with the same dirty hands. If something is still stuck to my middle finger I just use the other two fingers.

Older people might become satisfied with their various experiences, but young people are constantly seeking for contentment and happiness. Do they actually have even the slightest idea what true happiness or contentment is? They only have a vague idea and this will not get them anywhere. I was very serious and thought very deeply about these matters myself, not whimsically but seriously, with a life or death attitude. When I was in prison and things were the roughest, I never felt acute unhappiness or despair. I felt that such suffering could be a high point in history, leaving behind a great tradition.

Which do you think moved my heart more -- the victory of Washington Monument or the misery of prison? Which would leave a stronger impression and move the heart of the people more? Would learning about the providence and about God at the Washington Monument Rally have greater impact on the people or would learning about how I suffered in prison touch their hearts more? The most miserable, most difficult situation will remain longer as the treasure of history than the moment of elation and victory. Later people will learn about my desperation and most miserable situation, and when they do they will be drawn toward it. They will feel more attraction and meaning there than in the other extreme.

The king who lived a fantastic, luxurious life may be forgotten. But if anyone has lived on both the peak of happiness and in the deepest dungeons of difficulty, becoming capable of digesting both fully and accepting them as a part of life, people will find more meaning in knowing his life. When you are given a serious moment to think about it, which would you take, life like a king or the life I have known? Why? What is there?

True happiness comes in knowing that suffering is for the sake of the future

Even when you face a miserable time in the present, you know that you are going toward happiness and not toward a miserable situation. The more miserable we feel, the higher we are bound to go, and once we reach a higher point, everything will double and triple as a source of happiness. This is the law. Only those who have suffered from hunger can truly know the taste of food. There is no such thing as bad food for those who know real hunger. For those people, tasting a hard biscuit like those made thousands of years ago brings more contentment than tasting a steak does for an ordinary person. Both are quite real situations, not imaginary. Who is the happier, the man who eats steak so often that he grumbles at the sight of it, or the person who knows the genuine taste of food? The one who eats the biscuit knows greater happiness at that particular moment.

Why can we say he is happier? The man who enjoys the biscuit so much is only beginning to taste food. If he eats something better then he is happier still. If he eats steak, he is the happiest and his mouth waters in anticipation. There is no limit to the extent of his happiness compared to the other person, who doesn't have anything better to look forward to. If someone gives him a biscuit, he would most likely spit it out because he has no taste for it. It is painful for him to eat biscuits.

Who is happier, the one who is full with nothing better to expect, or the one who still has something to appreciate in the future as more and more comes to him? If you really understand the meaning of this then the logical conclusion is that no matter how many years you have lived, your living has been in vain, for you've been living life without knowing what life is. Does anyone really want to knowingly pursue hunger? Yet some day you may have the opportunity to experience it; the person who thinks he will never be hungry because he isn't hungry now is a fool.

Which moment would you prefer -- the hunger or the satisfaction? Man has intelligence, yet there are two kinds of men; one finds more meaning in being hungry and the other finds more meaning in being full. When they are about to die, one will say he is content to die hungry, but the one who values having a full stomach will insist, "I have to eat something before I die." Who actually loves food more, the hungry man or the full man? All things in life are like that, and it is the awareness that brings contentment and satisfaction, not the full stomach.

No one has looked into the face of death more seriously than I have. In thinking about life my conclusion is that true happiness comes from the awareness that suffering is for the sake of the future; happiness comes in knowing that we will rise higher one day because of suffering. This is not my imagination but reality. Therefore, 1 never felt desperate or depressed when I went to prison but rather accepted it as a matter of fact, another experience in my life. Those who seek happiness and meaning in life will treasure the suffering way and be nourished by it. They will take my life as an example and never feel alone. With those feelings, I have been able to go on.

When people in the future hear how I have lived my life in order to open up life for all, then white, black and yellow will all shed tears, and will all find hope for themselves and look forward to the future with hope. The more people seriously study my thoughts and my life, the more hope there will be in all people who strive for the same destiny.

Military life tends to be impersonal, so why do soldiers salute? No matter how fierce the battles or struggles, each soldier goes through them with the hope of victory. Those who rise in the ranks are saluted because everyone wants to have such position and win victory like the generals.

Who will be saluted in civilian life? Who can be saluted in the position of a general? It is the man has gone through the bitterness of life, who has penetrated through this hell on earth and won every battle, to be freed later from this hell on earth. After leaving much for people to be inspired by, he will be saluted by everyone, even those who already have various degrees of success. Instead of remaining in hell he will go to the top of heaven. To reach the peak of heaven this man will not evade hell but even seek hell out.

The conclusion is that there is no way to go from one heaven to another heaven. In order to go to heaven, one must go through hell and win victory over it; then he goes to heaven. This is the only way. This person is not inclined to either place: he can pass through hell just as easily as he can pass through heaven. If he balances these in his life then he is the one who finds himself in heaven. Does this stand to reason, or is it stretching the imagination too much?

Which is more reasonable, going straight to heaven in one jump, or having to go through these steps of suffering first? When you think deeply about it you will realize that this is the only way. Once you go through it, you can acknowledge that this is the only way to save all people, not just one segment or layer of society.

You may wonder why God didn't make life simple, moving through history from one happy place to another happy place. Why did He have so many people sacrifice throughout history and go through so much misery that you really don't like to think about it? Why is God leading us to heaven in such a complicated way? We must realize that heaven is only attained through surmounting the most difficulty; by knowing what hell is like we become aware of heaven. Only the man who searched and undertook the most miserable situation to reach God will be really happy to find Him. When he kisses God, he will even bite His cheek and hug him passionately because he is so happy and loves Him so much. He won't let go because he has waited so long for this meeting with God. God loves that man and would bite him back. That is what you would do, so why not God?

Right now most people do not understand me. They persecute me and say false things against me, but I really don't mind. Heaven draws the loving children of those people to my side, and this is torture to them. If I don't perish through all this criticism, then some day I will exercise the utmost authority in saving those people. That is why their antagonism doesn't bother me too much. All the young people who do not mind what people think will stand beside me and never become discouraged. They will do everything along side of God.

We are being trained to be aware of heaven

Then when do we feel satisfaction? We have never been satisfied in the past or now, so we still look forward to contentment. We have to think about when we will be contented. Those people who experience great satisfaction and contentment here on earth now will find themselves in hell when they go to the spirit world because they will be incapable of being aware of heaven. But when you suffer here on earth and go through difficulties, you will find yourself in heaven in the spirit world because you are being trained to be aware of heaven. That is the simple explanation of life and our relationship to the universe itself. Even if you do not have a real understanding of what I am saying now, at least you can know that it is reasonable, not imaginary. This is absolutely true and valid.

If when you are young you don't study so much but just enjoy life from day to day, you will not advance much as you get older. But if you really apply yourself while you are young, even though you don't know exactly what good it will do, you will later be able to rise high in life.

Then who is the satisfied person? Who is the satisfiable person? He is the man who goes along with the wave or flow of the universe. Someone who goes crashing into the wave, struggling to get to the other side, is foolish. But if he rides with the wave, seeing poetry in his suffering, he is indeed a worthy person. Go along with the wave as it develops naturally because God is there. From my own experience I know that this willingness to unite and endure is the yardstick of happiness in the world.

I prayed to God, "If You really love me, send me many young people and I will make them suffer but they will never complain. When I raise up many people like that, they will indeed be worthy of reaching out to the heavens, indeed the only people who can reach out to heaven." When young people become aware of how the universe operates and of its meaning, they will be confident that they have found true life and then on their own initiative advance further and further. Then when it's time to go to heaven, even if they were to refuse to go, their feet will drag them there regardless. There will be no way for them to avoid it because the road they have taken goes only to heaven.

When a person goes through difficulties but doesn't mind because he knows how the wave goes, then although externally he is living in hell, he is actually living above heaven. His heaven is under his hip; he's sitting on it. Anyone who wants to get on board the train going to heaven has to have a ticket. Where do you buy a ticket? Satan in hell is the one who gives you the ticket to heaven, but he won't easily give it to you. "You have to pay more," he will say. Because that's the purpose of your life, you will do even more to purchase the ticket from Satan.

Some people think they are smart and know more than everyone else. They protest that at first joining the Unification Church seemed to be good, but day in and day out I am driving you young people into more and more suffering. They think, "There must be another way. This isn't for me." You can be sure of one thing: they will never go to heaven, at least not to the heaven where I go. They will go to spirit world but won't see me around. They will conclude that I must be in hell and look down there, but they won't see me there either. I will be way up in the heights of heaven. The law is very simple, and I've known it and lived it every moment for many years.

When things are difficult and life brings suffering, there is much more stimulation. The problem is how to be sensitive to that stimulation and not be overwhelmed but survive it. We must have hope. Do you have hope?

I never worry that when the time comes I might run out of power and not be able to make it to heaven myself. Don't you worry about that either. Even if you are very heavy and God has to use all His cranes, He will bring you up to heaven. There is no question about it. This is an amusing thought, but in reality it is not a laughing matter; going up to heaven is quite a realistic problem for us. You may want to go quickly to heaven but God says you can't. Wouldn't you like to be the kind of person who doesn't really care to go to heaven but whom God insists on pulling up anyway?

Are you saying that you are going to take after me? Perhaps I don't want to have friends like you around because I want to go to heaven all by myself. I don't want anyone else around in heaven! God gave special consideration to me. I know that I will take no one up to heaven, but God said, "I know you don't want to take anyone to heaven, but at least you should bring your own sons and daughters. You can't help it, can you?" Therefore, God gave you the name of sons and daughters.

Your capacity for heaven reflects your capacity for gratitude

It is a fantastic sight to see how you resemble me in many ways of thinking and doing things. Most other people are not this way. Everyone who joins the Unification Church, even the most nervous, grouchy person who is never satisfied smiles and nods when I talk to all of you. For that I am grateful. Others can never understand why all you members respond to me in such an incredible way. Especially white people have a hard time understanding what goes on in the Unification Church.

Imagine the situation of your own parents and all the white people outside the Church. They really loved you and in their own way did everything nice for you; they tried to give you guidance but you never listened. Every conscientious teacher tried to teach you something but you never listened, and you wouldn't even listen to the minister of your church. You figured they were wrong so you didn't pay any attention. I have been here in America only six or seven years, and yet you listen to me as if to God Himself. How can you expect them to understand what takes place inside you?

I put the secret I explained into operation although I never told you about it. White people never think in this way because they don't know that secret, but in reality it is so simple that no mind can deny it. Now do you understand? Then if I make you suffer, would you be grateful or complain? The extent to which you are able to be grateful reflects your capacity for living in heaven. Such a person is a happy person, no matter what his circumstances. Because you know this secret it doesn't matter how the world mocks you or laughs at you; it really doesn't bother you. Wherever you go you are proud and confident. You would even work harder and pursue the goal more strenuously because of their stimulation.

Without having experience, you are afraid of difficulty and don't know what to do when you feel down. Because of my experience, I know how to turn around and rise up again. I am a master of that skill. Cosmic power will always give assistance. This is why there is more growth when there is more persecution. This is nothing new but is true of all religious movements. What if persecution against the Unification Church were to stop here in America? How would I train you further? Perhaps I would have to push you into prison for a week of training. All of you would line up at the prison in order to enter first. The Unification Church would never perish after that. I know this law to be true, and because this is the law operating in the universe I never get tired.

All through your struggles you have to remember just one thing: never let go of God. You have to cling to God because He is the ultimate source. When you pull God He will follow you. When God pulls you, you will go along. First you will probably back along the way you are being pulled, but later you will become smarter; because you tumble down when you walked backwards, you will decide to walk forward, straight toward God. This is the manner in which you are being trained, day by day. First you follow God without understanding very much, but later you become knowledgeable and work more spontaneously. When we learn how God works on us we lead the way even for God Himself.

When are you satisfied? When you feel happy and content? Do you know how to be grateful in extreme unhappiness and suffering, looking forward to the future ten or twenty years from now? Do you have hope for 1,000 years from now, after you have gone to spirit world and your descendants are living on earth? That is a much bigger hope, an ever-expanding hope.

Do you think it was fortunate that you joined the Unification Church earlier than others, or would it have been better to join in the future with most other people? Maturity in terms of days or months actually doesn't matter. It is possible that someone who just joined could do more in one month than someone who joined ten or twenty years ago but who is just dozing. Everyone starts equally. Don't be proud if you are wise, or feel bad if you are not smart because it doesn't matter. If you are willing to serve others and do more for the sake of the goal, then you are the one who can be proud later on.

When white people who have always enjoyed a high standard of living decide on their own to experience a life of hardship in Africa, their minds are on the right track. I am especially thinking of the young people who find themselves on top, and who then have to go to Africa and find themselves on the bottom. It is for their own sake that they should go through that life. Likewise, those who had nothing but suffering throughout their lives, even back through many generations before their own lives, will be brought to this country where for the first time they would receive some of the blessings of life. When all this life is harmonized and everyone understands where he is going, this world will indeed find its destination and its goal. This is not my idea but the repetition of what has always taken place in history; it is the cosmic law that operates and I am just explaining it. That's all.

When we eat it is not just for some vague purpose but to be able to go out and digest the misery of God and mankind. Misery is a part of our lives, so accept it as a matter of fact. In order to do that you must be able to assimilate both a high style of living and a low style of living, even digesting hell itself on behalf of God. We are drilling a tunnel into hell, and at the same time making a highway out of hell for everyone. We know that no tunnel continues on indefinitely. We don't know how long this tunnel will be but some day we will finish boring through. Once this tunnel is completed, everyone will want to pass through to get to heaven. History will be witness to that, and nothing you do will go to waste.

Perhaps instead of us needing to drill all the way through, the other side will rush in to meet us. That means that hell will become heaven first. We are shedding a lot of sweat in order to be entitled to heaven earlier than heaven is itself. When the world takes a vacation, I won't let our members take a vacation; at Christmas time I don't want you to go home but to work harder because we want to work hardest and finish the job sooner. This hell will be converted into heaven first, rather than heaven reaching out to a higher heaven.

Once you know the real meaning of suffering, if I were to call a halt and tell you to stop, you would reply, "Father, we have more time left, let's work a little more." If you do that, then you won't have to be taught any further. Your ambition and hope is burning within you, and you feel most satisfied when you are at the peak of tiredness. Then you are on the right path.

Those who understand reality will continually develop in this tradition

When I go up to my bedroom at night I don't go right to bed but sit and think about all the members who are working hard, being persecuted and treated unjustly and really feeling frustrated. I remember them and give a moment of prayer for them. I never knowingly sleep, but often Mother comes and wakes me up, saying, "Father, why do you sleep here? Please sleep in bed." Many times Mother tells me, "Father, why do you push yourself so hard? For your own sake and the sake of others, rest awhile."

This is the reason why even though the Unification Church work is so impossible, people can't think for long that I am unjust toward them. Universal law won't allow them to accuse me because I live an even more difficult life.

You woke up early this morning after going to bed late last night, and you might be tired. Shall we stop here and take a few minutes to nap or shall I drive you right on into this morning's work? Many of you didn't say anything! Whoever does not advance will eventually retreat, but those who clearly know the reality will continually develop and inherit the tradition of the Unification Church.

When other people look at you, they may not understand. You may appear very miserable, but inside you have more peace and hope, ambition and happiness than other people. Now we can be assured that no one in the past has ever known what true satisfaction was, but you know more about life, about philosophy and especially about God than anyone did in the past. I discovered the way for you, and you will go exactly the way I have gone and become worthy of me. When you understand this, it is your blessing.

When you live this way of life you are reaching to the goal, and when you look back you will be satisfied that you lived yesterday, last year, and all of your past life in the right way. Many people denied this and dropped away, but if you keep on going then when you look back you will have added confidence and happiness. With that conviction as the source of your power, and by knowing this principle and how it works in your life, you can continue.

Yesterday was the eighteenth Parents Day and today is the beginning of the nineteenth year centering on Parents Day. Eighteen is three times six. The nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first years are the most precious years. During the past three years God has been releasing a river behind a small dam. This year all the water that collected behind that small dam will be released and will pass through here to collect behind a bigger dam. In the coming three years this even bigger dam will be done away with and all the waters of God will flow freely in one tremendous flood.

We must know that our beginning today is the determining factor in the three years to come. Make these three years your vocation, the purpose for your being born, and wholeheartedly tackle them and all the problems that they will bring. Bore a tunnel down to hell. If you feel you were born to do that and live in that conviction, you will be remembered because this is the purpose of our lives. Are you determined to do that?

I feel a little bit sorry for the older sisters. There is a sister at East Garden who came there when she was twenty, and yesterday when I asked her how old she is, she replied she is 28. I was surprised to hear that already eight years had passed, and she isn't yet blessed. I became very serious for a moment and thought about what I should do. Should I give her the blessing now? 1 compared that with being blessed three years from now because I know what will be happening then. Would it be better for her to be blessed now, or to wait for three years when she will be 31? I came to the conclusion that it is better for her that she wait until that future time to be blessed. I said, "Wait three more years," and she answered, "Yes, Father, no problem."

What about you? Do you feel the same way? It is more meaningful to be blessed after gaining the victory than during the course of the battle. Do you have the will to say to yourself that you are going to wait three more years and in the meantime not have an easy life? Are you able to appreciate what is good for you? Are you really capable of doing that to yourself?

How about the men? You used to date but you haven't done that in a long time. Aren't there still times when you think about it? You say no, but sometimes you don't think that, do you? When a man is naked, a part of his body is always exercising, isn't it? Do all you men know what I mean? Then you will smile at your own body and say, " What is the matter? Don't you understand the third seven year course?" Can you reprimand your own body now?

Do you think I am a successful man or a failure? No matter what people say, I know I am successful, and God knows me inside out. You too, are going to live in the same way. How can you say that this isn't a happy and satisfying life? This is the surest way to receive the blessing, and that's why this is the most fortunate and happy way. If you want to get lots of different blessings from God, this is the surest way I know.

If I instruct you about something and you comply wholeheartedly, there is no way you can lose any blessing. In all the complications and difficulties of life, this is the supreme formula that always works. Because of what you know now, you will be able to carry on in the ideal way.

You women should always carry a mirror in your pocket or in your purse. You can even tuck a small mirror in your bra and when you get mad at yourself or mad at other people, take the mirror out and look at yourself. Is your face attractive to other people when you are mad, or is there an awesome and fearful look on your face? Make sure. If your eyelids are drooping and your mouth is down, you have to be stern with yourself and liven yourself up. Just slap your own face and say, "You bad girl. You're not worthy." If no one disciplines you, then it has to be you who pushes. Become like that, no matter what you have to do. That is the key to happiness. That means you will get the blessing, and that's what this is all about.

You men also should carry a mirror and when you feel all depressed, take it out. Then strike yourself with your fist, not with your flat of the hand like the women do. Do that, and see later if you decline or if you get abundant blessings. If you decline then I guarantee I will pay for it myself. There is no mistake in this. These are not mere words but an important instruction for you. If you will accept this and carry it out, checking yourself in the mirror when you are down, raise your hands. God bless you.

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