The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1978

Time and Our Destiny Relationship

Sun Myung Moon
April 2, 1978
World Mission Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

Everyone is born as a baby. Everyone goes through childhood, becomes a young adult, and then an adult. This is true for a nation as well as individuals, and it is also true for the Unification Church.

What are the criteria for judging which individual, nation and church has acquired great stature during the course of its existence? Whether in the case of an individual, a nation or a church, the first thing needed is a clear-cut goal, because without it time is always wasted in meaningless wandering. In college a person decides what subject he is going to major in, for without having this objective his four years will be ill-spent.

Once you complete elementary school you have a chance to go on to junior high school and to go on to higher education. Normally about 21 years are needed to get a Ph.D. -- six years in elementary school, six years in high school, four years in college, two years for a master's degree, and three years for a Ph.D. That is a long time to invest in study, but depending how much goal-oriented effort you invest you can economize on precious time and still accomplish the same thing. Some individuals can accomplish the same task in 18 years, or some in 15 or even 10 years. It all depends on the individual's determination and effort. The most important thing is that you are the one to conquer time instead of time conquering you.

Time is definitely needed in order to reach a certain goal and, like a container, that time should be filled with effort. Time becomes purposeful when you fill it with energy and effort, truly investing your heart and soul. Where do you find the motivation and energy to put your heart and soul into that time? There are two sources of motivation and energy; either external pressure will inspire you to do certain things, or internal, burning zeal and realization will push you to the goal. Which one is the most effective? Indeed, the internal realization is the most important. Once you have this zeal inside then you don't need anything else; you will move toward the goal regardless.

What is at the heart of motivation? Money can be a central motivation, and honor another. The genuine central motivation, however, should be a heartfelt awareness which comes from the spiritual center of your being. Where can we find this divine, noble power of love and soul which thrusts us into action? A reciprocal relationship will always motivate you -for example, the relationship between parents and children, or husband and wife. The power of love can always be seen when there is a circuit. Even in speaking of love there are different circumstances and atmospheres, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Love has the power to motivate, particularly under adverse conditions. In an atmosphere of difficulty love is ignited and gives much stronger power for you to push to the ultimate goal. For example, you may have parents who give you tremendous love, but perhaps, without doing anything wrong, they become involved in a fight or plot, and are victimized and killed. You know that your parents did nothing wrong, and even though you are young and cannot fight back at the moment, you feel that ten years later you will avenge and vindicate them. That is the powerful motivation for action under adverse conditions. If lovers face some obstacle which prevents the consummation of their love, then their motivation to overcome it is so strong that there is practically nothing they cannot overcome.

Let's consider a higher level of love. If your country is in difficulty or in crisis, then your desire to give yourself to save that nation is your motivation. Trying to resolve the difficulty of your nation will spur you on to heightened leadership. This principle works the same way in religion. God is goal-oriented and wants to go straight ahead without wasting any time, taking the shortest possible way. Often there are two ways to reach a target, but the shortest way involves going over more difficulties. You know that reaching the goal will be difficult, yet when you are motivated and your anxiety to reach the goal is unbearably strong, it will push you through like a tidal wave.

When you clash with difficulty there is bound to be some loss or casualty, yet that will never deter you. It will spur you on even more. Imagine that in combat you are fighting as a commander to take a certain hill but there are terrible casualties. Instead of retreating when you see that so many comrades have died because of that hill, you will be even more determined to finally achieve that goal. That's the way a commander should feel.

This analogy is applicable to God's way of looking at religion. God saw many Jews and Christians being sacrificed, coming through bloody battle after bloody battle. Why does God allow this to happen and what does He feel? He feels just like the infantry commander, and His strategy is to have an explosion of love to push through to the end. He wants to have an explosion of love, a burst of passion erupt from such circumstances. In any religion which goes through bloodshed and martyrdom there is always a dramatic explosion of love and faith that will never be dulled. Those members experience an intimate love and comradeship and love of God which binds them together in an ironclad and explosively strong relationship. That is the power dwelling in that religion.

God never plans an everyday, lukewarm way of doing things. It is His strategy to push history along a dramatic path which will have an explosive result. In that kind of movement each member is closely knitted in love to the others, and if one member dies or is sacrificed, he leaves a will which says, "I am now dying, but don't give up. I want you to go ahead and fulfill." After you have seen a dying comrade leave that kind of will for you, just thinking of that scene will bring tears rolling down your face. Then you will feel tremendous power and think, "Yes, leave it to me, I will fulfill your purpose and mine together." Even when you try to go to bed and sleep comfortably you will feel, "I have a mission, not only mine but my brother's as well. I will accomplish mine and fulfill his as well." That kind of stimulation will always be with you. It is not just going on your own journey, but having comrades going with you toward the same destiny that makes you strong.

Why do we really need religious affiliation? We could just have social acquaintances, but why is simple friendship not enough'? Horizontal friendship does not include God. God is always there when you are motivated for the public purpose, for a greater cause. As soon as you are motivated in that way, God always becomes subject to you. If you really cry out for the mission and public purpose, for mankind and for God, then God is always there, responding in the same way. When you are burning with love for humanity, then Cod is the subject because He is the center of such feelings. Because your feelings parallel His, you can link yourself to God in that situation.

In our horizontal world you will not find this comradeship or public-minded love and sacrificial sense of duty. Only God can be your vertical comrade. If you really know God then you feel His company is superior to everyone's-better than love of parents, better than love of husband or wife, or of brothers and sisters. God is supreme in love, and only after you know this love to the depths of yourself can you feel how wonderful it is.

In that supreme love you know that God is telling you to not give up but to just go right ahead because you will win. If you get that kind of encouragement every day, how can you fail? How much will that spur you on, motivating you to truly put your entire heart and soul into the mission and hold nothing back? When you are spurred on in a goal-oriented way of life, God will become more intimate, giving greater inspiration day by day and serving as your source of energy. With God watching over you, you will receive daily guidance, being shown how the enemy is aiming at you and where to hide. If you have that intimate relationship with God, can you say you are tired or collapse in the middle of the road? It would be impossible to even entertain the notion.

We need a subject and we need the reciprocal relationship between that subject and ourselves. In your family life there is always subject and object, as well as in the nation, but the greatest of all subjects is God. By making a relationship with that God you can be spurred on to your ultimate, eternal goal. That is what we call religion. Religion is the art of making yourself related to God. As the ultimate source of love, God has unlimited power, and wherever the public mind of God is responding to His object there is always an overflow of energy coming from Him. Do you think God is looking forward to seeing just everyday life, or to seeing some dramatic confrontation and breathtaking circumstance?

Do you think some ritual prayer in the morning or before meals will reach God faster, or a showdown prayer about the destiny of the world? Is God drawn to the millions and billions of people who just pass through each day, or to you when you have a showdown? Have you experienced such a showdown prayer, saying, "God, I will go on; I will even bypass You and never give up."

God is truly the champion of acceleration, adding speed all the time. Do you want to procrastinate and put your job off, or go quickly forward? Some power has to be added in order for you to accelerate and have no time to do anything else. If someone pushed a big clumsy fellow from behind, he wouldn't pick up speed but would fall down instead. But if you are ready to go like a bullet and someone pushes you, then you will fly.

Would you like to fly down the fairway like a golf ball when it is whacked by a club? If the ball is very soft like chewing gum, then what happens? Instead of flying it will just flop over, flat on one side. But if the ball is hard instead, then no matter how much power is added to it, it will not flop over but will take off. You should be the kind of men and women who can say, "No matter what kind of hardship comes or what kind of difficulty hits me, I will not change. I am like a solid ball and hardship will make me even more solid."

The mission of a soccer ball is to be kicked everywhere or bounced on someone's head. The more power that is added to it and the farther it is kicked, the more it will fulfill its mission. Picture a soccer ball soaring through the air across the field with a champion waiting at the other end. Should the ball try to avoid falling down because it knows the champion will kick it, or will the ball look forward to being kicked far away again? Is the ball looking forward to a master performance or a poor performance? God is the same way, anticipating something extraordinary.

God is really an exciting God, never dull, and He always likes fresh new things and situations. He is variety-minded, not single-minded. If you appreciate beauty and art and you look at this curtain here which is one simple color, could you call it a masterpiece of art? Imagine a big frame with all the combinations of colors inside; you would appreciate it more and be astonished at its variety. God is the same.

Do we need God? If you want to live a normal life then you don't need God. If that is your desire, He is not going to do anything for you. Are you serious people? What makes you so serious? Look what happened in history. Satan came into being, the spiritual enemy who ruined the kingdom, killed the father and took away the mother, raping her and giving birth to the worst kind of children. The mother has been kidnapped, the father killed and all the children on the heavenly side killed, and nothing remains. That's the realistic situation of human history. You are serious because you know that love is lost. Your heart says, "I am supposed to be the master of love-the owner of the love which will consume the entire universe. I am supposed to be the center of that love, and the power of that love is God." We are serious because we must find that love again.

We must feel, "I must revenge my father and brothers and sisters and mother." When you grow closer to God and really know Him, you feel as the child who lost his father and mother and brothers and sisters; you want to have revenge and restore everything. This is the real story of mankind.

Why did you come here in the early morning? You came to receive stimulation and encouragement to go out as a champion of God's love and avenge the ultimate historical wrongdoing. Why can I receive so much incredible persecution without it bothering me or slowing me down? There is no other force strong enough to bother me because I have the ultimate stimulation from God. Everything fell apart because of the fall of man, yet nothing this world will do can bother me because love is the source of all.

I am here to restore that fallen love into the original one, and I want to restore the original father and mother and brothers and sisters. God knows that I am a champion to avenge the historical defeat of goodness. There is nothing that bothers me even one iota; no matter what the opposition or sacrifice, it will never deter me one bit. My path is full of danger and suspense, but still I can go on. By following in this spirit and tradition, the Unification Church will prosper because that is the way God is. When you think of God's own position and heart then God will never let you down, no matter how difficult life may be. We are destined to strive for that relationship.

We are going to meet the worst enemy who took love, but where will we meet him and force a showdown? That enemy is waiting for you at every level.

You meet and overcome that enemy as an individual and then you find him hiding to ambush your family and society. At every level you must be alert to meet that enemy and conquer him. Wherever you go to avenge that lost love there will be a battle and confrontation; everywhere you go there will be bloodshed and sacrifice. Satan knows that there is one person and one group of champions who will ultimately declare victory and he is trying with all his might to stop us. If you go to the place where you are being attacked with the determination not to give up but to leave a legacy to your brothers and sisters so they can go on, how could you ever feel need to take rest? How could you even think of giving up?

Is your mind really determined to go all the way to the end? Of course we have physical bodies and we sometimes get tired, but even at that moment, when you think of the enemy of love and of being God's champion you will suddenly find yourself wide awake. If each of us is motivated by one central determination and competes to go the farthest ahead, whether or not we face great difficulties or have only small numbers, then in the sight of God it will be something beautiful and magnificent to behold.

I know very well that life in the Unification Church is not easy. You suffer and are persecuted and you make sacrifices, but still I will push you to go farther. No matter how much you suffer, the tremendous value of the reward which will come to you has greater meaning. Actually, your suffering is very small; no matter how much you think you suffer, it is still negligible compared to the suffering of God. For your small suffering the reward is incredibly big.

In just a few years following 1971 I caused tremendous turmoil here in America. Controversy is rampant because more than anyone else, Satan knows who I am, and as soon as I show up Satan's front is entirely mobilized. It is destined that I face the worst kind of satanic counterattack and I expect it wherever I go. If I fell under enemy attack and died, I would not leave a trivial life behind; I would die for the sake of the love of God, and the universe would know that I fought only for that purpose. I never worked for money in America, or with greed for the power of America. I came to avenge and restore the love of God by liquidating the enemy of God's love. It is a realistic battle I am engaged in. Do you feel you are in that battle yourself?

You must feel that you have to win this battle against the enemy of love. "Once I win then I will have restored the heavenly individual, family, society, nation and world. If I am defeated, then nothing will come after me." We each have a destined relationship because we were born to avenge God's love. Think that God's destiny and your father and mother's destinies are in your hands to be restored. They have been oppressed and are waiting for this one day of the fulfillment of love, and that whole providence is in your hands.

Can you not be serious when you realize that everything is up to you? That means that there is no area you can overlook. You have to reach out everywhere. It is not enough for me to be leader of one church. God is asking me to really change the world, not just lead one church. No matter what I touch, Satan knows that he must be there to block my advance. When I started the fishing industry, opponents gathered to try to block me. We are making a movie about General MacArthur and the communists are trying to discredit us. There is always a reaction to anything I touch. Anyone else can do these things and no one bothers them, but as soon as I become involved, the entire world rises up.

All throughout my life I have wanted to vindicate the love of God and God's suffering heart of history. That's the way I have always walked. I set the 21-year course in which I pledged to have a showdown with the enemy of love, God's enemy. No one in history has accomplished that task, but I am pursuing it and I am winning. During this period the entire world has been shaken, with the free world tumbling down and the communist world rising up. A hurricane is blowing all over the world because the time has come for God's love to be avenged.

At the end of World War II, America's dignity, particularly that of white people, was at an all-time high shining like the sun, but now it has sunk down to the ground and become like dirt. That's the present reality because God had to prepare the atmosphere; otherwise, I could not have come and launched my revolutionary task. Think of how Americans despised Koreans and Asians in general fifty years ago. If that kind of spirit and atmosphere had persisted until now, no Asian leader, not even Reverend Moon, could have come to this country and made a dent. God has really revolutionized the atmosphere.

You may not know this too well, but there was a time when Asians were treated almost like animals by Americans, and the general arrogance of white people was incredible. Americans learned about Asia through phrases like, "Shin, the Chinese are coming," whispered when a child was noisy. How could I ever accomplish anything here if those attitudes prevailed?

Look at how America has become morally corrupt; it is like a dirty mop. God created the kind of situation in which America definitely needs help, and when I come with the solution, people won't care where I come from. If America's pride were still like a big balloon this nation would never pay attention to me, but God has changed that. Many people think Reverend Moon is attacking America, but that's not true, I am only telling the truth about how sick America is. I came as a doctor to diagnose the disease, and the first medication is repentance. What's wrong with that?

Why am I doing this? The degradation of America is the result of Satan's work, and I have come to crush God's enemy. In order to do that I have come to turn this society around and I have given my life to this. I am vindicating the invisible God in heaven, but your job is easy: You are vindicating the visible True Parents here on earth. That's the way we work together and in that we have one common destiny. These 21 years are most precious and many dramatic events are resulting from this course. Communism, for example, has expanded and become powerful, convinced it can conquer the world, but you will see that even communism will decline.

The communist nations are supposed to be one family, but the European communist leaders are saying they should have human rights and follow their own destinies instead of following Moscow. In Spain and France they want to be independent and not have anyone in Moscow dictating policy to them. The Russian communist leaders thought that in a few years they could conquer the world, but their plans aren't working out. Even though such a cause would be unpopular in America, an anti-communist movement should spring up and confront communism now. Initially I wanted to do everything through the white leaders of this country, but they remain arrogant and have closed minds and hearts. Therefore, I must go in some other direction. That does not mean I will neglect white people; by doing this I will eventually save them.

As the second generation of white people in the providence, you are a good example and proof of my intentions. The first generation has come against me, but you, their children, are being saved. You came and supported me, a living demonstration of how God's will is always fulfilled through the second generation. From this time on more and more white members will come to the Unification Church. God gave me the children of my worst enemies.

That is the way to get revenge against the enemy of love. What is the difference between God's champion and Satan's champion? Satan took God's children and killed them, but I am taking Satan's children to save them. Never in history have parents kidnapped their own children; that is new in our time and it is good proof of the significance of our work in the Unification Church.

Hatred of me in the world is far greater than that of the worst criminals and gangsters because those who oppose me know that I am a real threat to them. From childhood my life was filled with one hectic event after another; whenever I went to another village there was always some unexpected, surprising event, like a horse dying or a house collapsing or a big fire sweeping the town. This was my destiny because wherever I go Satan is always after me. God's front line is Satan's front line, so when I came to America, Satan's front line came to America too. I chose this nation as my battlefield because here I could have worldwide impact.

I chose the territory and challenged Satan to fight me here. When I say we are waging war I do not mean we are killing people, but declaring the truth. That's what I did at Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument. That's the way I wage war. No individual in the entire history of America, whether a religious or political leader, including the President, has undertaken such great city-by-city crusades as I have. Americans thought they could not afford to have me here, but now they cannot afford to ignore me.

Yesterday the Frontier '78 teams came back to report and I took them out for a victory celebration. The leaders of the three teams said that the interest in me all over America is incredible. They said that people paid attention to them because they were associated with Reverend Moon, but not as much attention as they are paying to Reverend Moon himself. "If you show up," they told me, "the entire United States will turn upside down; they are demanding to know when you will come again." Why is there so much interest in me'? The "establishment" has to oppose me because I am revolutionary. I am bringing change and no one who feels secure likes abrupt change, but in the depth of their hearts they know that I am bringing a new spiritual spring and they have to pay attention.

Do you want to vindicate God? People outside our Church know that we have meetings at 5:30 a.m. They think that, of course, everyone has to be pushed out of their rooms to hear me speak, and that when I speak everyone sleeps because they are not interested. Maybe in the audience one of our opponents is watching to see how I deal with you young people, and when he sees someone sleeping he will think his opinion was correct. Whatever we do is watched, not only by God, but by Satan.

Many members wonder why they can't take it easier and come at 10 a.m. instead. I set this tradition because we must be different from the world at large and be able to do something everyone else can't do. Also, the world is sleeping now and doesn't have any power to come oppose us. When everyone else gets up and goes to church, the Unification Church is already finished with its service and then they think, "The Unification Church doesn't even have a Sunday service." Let them think that way. We are the fighting force to vindicate the love of God.

We are here as chosen champions to destroy the historic enemy of God and to vindicate God's love. We are here to avenge the love of God and to avenge everyone's mother and father, brothers and sisters, the nation and the kingdom. All enemies of love are our one enemy, so all we have to do is conquer the one enemy of love. One particular historical enemy destroyed the first love, and that same enemy has destroyed the love of God, the love of parents and brothers and sisters, brutalizing heavenly love everywhere.

If there is a way to really bring revenge and vindicate God then I will go anywhere to meet the enemy and create a showdown. I came to America to meet the enemy here. As a leading nation America can give good or bad influence to the whole world, but today American young people's moral degradation is exerting only bad influence. Satan is fearfully active here in America, and in order to meet him I came to America and waged a war to vindicate the love of God. With its free sex, streaking, drugs and moral degradation, American society has been reduced to less than that of animals. There is no ethical code here. Only in the Unification Church have we restored God's moral standard, living a strict, puritanical way of life because that is God's way.

By living God's moral code we are already routing the enemy of love. We were born for this destiny; we cannot escape or negate that mission. I was opposed by the entire nation of Korea but I survived because I was determined to penetrate all the way to the universal level. Japan came against me, and all America, but it didn't bother me. I cannot falter because I still have more to do and I cannot afford to falter or fail at this time.

When I pray all I have to say is, "God in heaven, Your son is here, going ahead with boldness and strength today," and tears come. I am a serious person. Don't ever think I take life easily or comfortably, or that I want to have plush surroundings. Never. Every day I want to work as hard as possible, I don't ever want to go to bed before one or two o'clock, and I want to be up working and praying at night more than anyone else, even spending entire nights in prayer. I have no easy nights. I am determined to conquer the enemy of God, and my determination is burning every moment of every day. If I cannot finish this in my lifetime, I want you to take over. I will leave my will with you and trust that you will go on.

For the sake of this mission I can forget everything -- sleeping, eating, daytime and nighttime. I completely lose track of all these things. I know only one important thing: There is one person in the universe who works harder than I do and that is God. There is one competition I cannot win, and that is the competition with God. That destiny of imprisoning God's enemy is ours. We have to inherit that mission. I know that we have not yet reached the time of relaxation and celebration because we have not yet achieved enough to take it easy. This is still a state of emergency.

Whenever I will need a tombstone I want it to say, "Here is the son of God, the champion who avenged His love." I don't want to be recorded as the person who spoke at Washington Monument or Yankee Stadium and who traveled all over the world making speeches in many cities. All of those achievements were merely the method to achieve one victory. How much you are dedicated and giving your heart and soul, how serious you are about the mission is the measure of the kind of heaven you deserve and of what kind of eternal life you will have.

I like spy movies and war movies with heroic action that show determination to fulfill one goal. I don't like sweet romantic scenes because I feel I haven't come to that point yet. We are in a battle and I want to see a movie that will inspire me to keep striving for victory. No movie, however, has described the ultimate scene that I have to fulfill-the revenge of love for the sake of God.

I want you to know that our enemy Satan is the historical enemy who destroyed the Garden of Eden by conquering Adam and Eve. But that is not the only thing Satan did; he destroyed the realization of God's ideal kingdom by redirecting the dispensation of Cain and Abel, the dispensation of Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Jesus, each providence in history. Satan is after everyone. Satan has been winning throughout all these 6,000 years of biblical history, so of course he said, "Reverend Moon, you are only a green onion. You are no match for me." That's the way Satan looked at me initially, but when the match began he took a beating with each round, and now finally Satan has quit his fight with me. I caught him and demanded that he surrender.

Our worst persecution came in the year 1976, persecution that heated up on the worldwide level. The big boxing match was staged at the Washington Monument Rally. You have no idea how serious I was during that campaign period. I was on the ocean because there was no other place where I could isolate myself. The fishing boat was not what I saw, however, but Washington Monument. I could not go down to the cabin and have a good night's sleep. I was always on the deck watching and concentrating totally on the coming rally. Some members on the boat would go to the cabin to rest because they didn't have my seriousness; they didn't feel what I felt. I could not do that. Many times I wanted to go to the bathroom, but all of a sudden I found myself doing it in the wrong place; I was totally unaware of what was happening around me at the time.

I felt I would rather die than be defeated at Washington Monument. I was more serious than a prisoner who is about to be brought up for execution. It was a great gamble in which one toss would determine the destiny of the world, in which the moment one card was lifted the destiny of all mankind would be determined. That was the gamble Washington Monument was.

Any number of things could have made that event a failure, a total fiasco. Always the final possibility of grief was having bad weather; early on the morning of the rally and on the previous day there was rain. Do you think I could ever forget the rain of June 1? After the rain at Yankee Stadium I immediately determined that there would be another rally, in the next eighty days, at Washington Monument on September 18. Having Washington Monument so soon after Yankee Stadium was an impossible task, and from a normal point of view it was a great blunder. If done in the usual way, there could never have been a victory.

I knew what consequences would result from a defeat at Washington Monument -- disaster for the Unification Church, for the destiny of God's world, for the world in our time. No one knew better than 1. But God knew, and I also knew that there should be an entire mobilization of God's forces. Washington Monument was a success, and furthermore, it was a peaceful victory with no sacrifice and no bloodshed. It was a beautiful victory in which law and order was kept and no one was hurt. After that victory the entire world looked at me differently.

Then began the three-year period of 1976, 1977 and 1978. By the end of that September, heated government harassment began, like the battle now going on in Congress. One way or another, all of that will be over by September of this year. The government has investigated the Unification Church and its members inside and out countless times, but after September comes, even if we ask for one more investigation, they will back off and refuse.

They can't put any teeth in all the allegations made against us. After September they will know that all the allegations about me are lies, and no one will believe any new allegations that come along. Everything is within God's strategy. These investigators think they are doing their own job, but actually they are doing God's work. God lets the satanic world come and investigate everything so that it has to give us a clean bill of health, and once we receive it then even Satan will be powerless to do anything more.

This year is the year to be bold and strong; that is the key idea. Like David, we are coming against Goliath. The Unification Church is in the ring to initiate a showdown battle; this is not just a skirmish or a guerrilla attack, but an all-out fight in every sense. God has picked New York as the battlefield for this historical war. In this battle would you like to be a combat soldier, or a soldier behind the lines'? You can be in the artillery as a machine gunner and come out on the battle front and fire away while your comrades bring you ammunition, or you can take pictures of all this exciting action and be a spectator of the whole show. Which would you rather be?

On the battlefield the enemy will be firing too, and maybe you will get hit by enemy bullets and lose a leg, or your whole body might be crippled. You might even die. Would you still want to be a front line soldier? The only reason you could have that kind of courage is because our loved ones have sacrificed in an even more tragic way. In order to win revenge for our loved ones, including our Heavenly Father, nothing else matters. That's why we can be strong combat soldiers. My mission is to give you this kind of insight, vision, commitment and determination.

I am also a recruiter, mobilizing a nation and the world to create this invincible heavenly force where everyone can be courageous and strong. In the future there will be a heavenly awards ceremony and I want to bring you all the way to the point where you can deserve great honor. Are you charming ladies that serious? The communists have mobilized women on the battlefield and there are women in the army in Israel, but there have never been women in combat in Korea. Are you women determined? Your weapon is your determination to win over the enemy of God's love, the same enemy who deprived you of love.

You might be living very happily with your husband when one night the enemy comes and slits his throat. Would you just shrug and say there was nothing you could do and then look for another husband, or would you be determined to avenge the loss of your love? The enemy, might be handsome and tall, maybe ten times better looking than your former husband, and you might admire him instead of hating him. Many American women are just that way.

You do not appreciate love because you never really gave unselfish, sacrificial love. You don't have a record of total giving but you just want to receive love. Have you ever loved anyone to the point of devoting your life to him? American women must be more serious and have a new awakening about love. The re-education of American women is a gigantic task and I need many assistant instructors. In the Oriental tradition the husband is master of the house. If the wife doesn't obey, the husband has a way to discipline her. Will American women say, "You are destroying my human rights! I want a divorce"?

The love that cannot overcome one slap is not going to last anyway, no matter what. Once you commit yourself then hang on. Your husband may test and torment you, but can you sincerely answer, " My dear, no matter what you do, even if you cut my neck in two, it will not change me. I am your wife and my love for you is unchanging." I want to make you into that kind of women. Would you women want to have weak love, or love that is more precious than your own life?

If you develop such truly beautiful love then all men around the world, particularly American men, would pursue Unification Church women for their wives. There would be no better. Imagine that all the handsome, accomplished men of the world are wild about you; would you be interested, or would you still prefer the Unification Church men, even if they look starved? You would prefer these men even more than those outside our Church because they are your comrades who are pursuing the common purpose of avenging the enemy of your love.

That was my criterion when I chose my bride. There were all kinds of well-educated, beautiful, socially-accomplished women who wanted to marry me, but I looked for one quality. Who would be most suitable as my partner in winning the battle against the enemy of love? That is so important because that will liberate God. When He is liberated God will begin to smile and laugh, to dance and be happy. Then universal spring will come, with true universal happiness. When God settles His mind, His joy will be universal and the sound of God's love and happiness will resound throughout the universe. The universe has never heard the sound of the joyous love of God.

When you see the six continents and the oceans from God's point of view, does the earth seem gigantic, or does God look down at a small marble? For God this earth is very small, and when God begins to dance, one foot will be in Asia and another in Europe and Africa, hopping back and forth. The world is such a small stage for Him that the whole thing will be busy. This globe has not yet seen God's dance or heard His singing, or heard the wooooo woooooo of God's love. There is a sound to God's love though. I like that God who knows how to be happy and to dance and sing, not the God the Christians might imagine, sitting solemnly on His throne with a long beard, just looking down and judging people. Being a judge is an honorable job, but most women would yawn at being the wife of a judge; a judge may have power, but he is as dry as a desert. You should have love first, and after that be a judge or whatever else.

Without the fall, love would have been consummated first and then judgment given, not in the sense of condemnation, but evaluation. That original kind of judgment is not detrimental, but because of the fall judgment has become uncomfortable. We have to judge the world first and then give heavenly love. Without the fall, love would have come first.

Other churches think God is a God of judgment, but we think God is a God of love. We experience God as a great-grandfather, and we go pat His beard and stroke His hair and touch His clothes. We know God will not push us away but will call us to Him to sit on His lap. That's the God we know. We want to liberate this God from His suffering and manifest Him in love.

In many cases the parents of our members are separated, but as their children, it is possible that you could bring them together. This is similar to what we are doing with Heavenly Father. We are liberating Him in love and giving Him the love He never had. We give the same thing to our natural parents. We have a destiny to trap the enemy of love and vindicate true love, vindicate God. If we cannot fulfill then that mission will be inherited by our own children, but it will be far more difficult for them and will require many times more effort than we can make.

No matter how good you are in rehearsal, that is still not the real performance and does not produce any good result. Recently in Korea there were practice maneuvers for the armed forces, but no matter how big a campaign it was, it was still only practice and training. No deep feelings can be experienced in practice sessions, but even in a small war where there is a real enemy, real bloodshed, and real victory, you feel great excitement and taste the feeling of victory.

I want you to know that our way of life is not a dress rehearsal; this is the real war. This is the final, ultimate war. There is only one time like this, and if it passes by and you cannot capture the opportunity then no matter how many weapons you may have in the future, they will not do any good because the opportunity is gone. Once this time passes, if ten or even one hundred nations try to organize a campaign of a million people in New York, it would never equal in value or price what you have done.

Whatever you do -- eating, walking down the street, selling papers, witnessing or fundraising -- that is the real battle, the most precious one and the one that will be recognized in history. That's the way your life is today. Yesterday I talked about how establishing home churches will be like bombs exploding throughout New York. Do you have spiritual matches you can light to set the bomb off? Do you know the right time to push the button? If you are sleeping you will miss the time. You cannot do this at just any time. The instructions will come from heaven to push the button, but if you are sleeping then you will not hear them.

You might shrug and say, "Oh well, I can push it next year." The tiny little fingers of women, even if the women are wearing ugly dresses, can do magic if they know the heavenly schedule. The arsenals of the world will have no power if they do not know the heavenly schedule, and all their weaponry will be to no avail. God always keeps time, and if you match His time then there will be a resounding explosion.

Once you know the time and act accordingly, the explosion will disrupt all of New York. Go attend to your task with that kind of realization, wherever you are. On our shoulders we carry the destiny of God. God's rise or fall depends on you. Furthermore, you are the secret emissaries whom God has ordained. Those who want to fulfill the universal revenge against the enemy of love, raise your hands.

God has been waiting for this one moment for 6,000 years. That's the importance of the time we are talking about here. In preparing to have the button pushed at the proper time, many people and nations were sacrificed. All throughout history, during the 4,000 years before Abraham and throughout the history of Judaism and Christianity, God raised up many champions who were supposed to push the button, but no one has done it yet. At this time God is asking you to push this little button. All spirit world is watching, knowing that high noon is at hand and that the showdown is coming.

Every move we make, every place we go they are watching. In the movies there are many narrow escapes and many thrills, but your actions are far more thrilling to God than any movie ever created. Do you want to have me push you? To trust you? Would you rather jump or be pushed? I trust you, so go out into New York City and create good controversy and be troublemakers for goodness. Whatever ammunition you need, I will supply. All you have to do is go out and push the button. Don't forget to push the button to show the video tape too.

We go out to the field to avenge God's love. Our way of revenge is to restore the people and allow them to live for eternity. There is no better way to get revenge against Satan. Our enemies may truly despise us, but all of a sudden they will see their children becoming loyal members of the Unification Church. There is no better revenge we could find. Heavenly revenge does not require bloodshed. Satan killed everyone, but God restores them; God's way takes much patience and perseverance, however.

You know God's timetable now. Instead of wanting to be pushed, you asked me to trust you. Would you still push the button, no matter how much difficulty and danger there was? Today in this critical time and relationship and destiny, I bless you and say farewell.

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