The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

We who Know the Heart of God

Sun Myung Moon
September 11, 1977
The Heart Of Reunion
Belvedere, New York

Sun Myung Moon at Hoon Dok Hae, June 6, 2011

To accomplish this gigantic historical task, you must discover the extraordinary power of love, love that does not become the circumstantial victim of society. Supreme love transcends every national, racial and cultural barrier.

People have always talked about love but human love alone will never accomplish the task of universal unity. Therefore, the Unification Church rallies around one love, the love and heart of God. We are the first group in history to talk about the heart of God. If it is really true that we know the heart of God then we are like the sun rising in the morning and no one can ever stop us. Furthermore, the brightness of that morning sun shall brighten the entire world. There will be one center of heart here on earth, linking all mankind to the heart of God, spreading all over the world and constantly pulsing through the action of give and take, unable to stay in just one place.

Your whole purpose for reaching the center is to meet the heart of God. That experience is so overwhelming and exciting that you cannot disappear there forever, but must emerge again to embrace your family, society, nation and world. As you touch each of those areas you will always leave a bit of the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the joy in the heart of reunion. The East and West are meeting here today, not merely because we want to see each other for personal reasons but because the heart of God is linking us together into one. Words cannot describe that heart too well for it is beyond words. Intuitively you can understand; that something is what warmed your hearts and brought you here today.

If the heart of God is not moving within your heart then you feel empty, even though you may be a member of the Unification Church. Once the invisible but powerful axis of the heart of God is moved out of you, everything becomes empty. Once the heart of God dwells within you, no matter how lonely you may be you will be filled and the universe will be filled. A person who is completely filled is a joyful person because he lacks nothing.

Once you have felt the heart of God you feel that you cannot survive if it should ever leave you, and until you are reunited with God's heart you feel lifeless. Often a child will dearly love his mother and want to be home just to be with her. If he runs home one day and finds all his brothers and sisters home but his mother gone, then he will grumble and say, "Nobody is home." Everyone else may be there, but if his mother is gone, then to him it seems that nobody is home.

If there is a center of love then you can give love unselfishly and without limit and you can become a subject of love. When you give out of the fullness of this love, you multiply love and can realize the ideal. Love transcends distance and time.

The speed of light is nothing compared to the speed of love; you have no idea how fast love travels. Love is fastest, brightest, fullest and sweetest. Love is the best of everything in all the universe. Only through the power of love can this miracle occur, not through bullets or threats. 

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