The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

Lifestyle of the Unification Church

Sun Myung Moon
September 11, 1977
The Heart Of Reunion
Belvedere, New York

Sun Myung Moon, May 4, 2011

I want you to know the lifestyle of the Unification Church. Our philosophy and the core of the Principle are connected to the center of the universe and the heart of God. We shall become the shining examples of that love and heart. I want you to realize that each of you can possess the highest thing, the brightest thing, the sweetest thing and the fullest thing.

What kind of mood were you in when you came here this morning? Did you want to get here quickly or did you grumble that you needed more sleep? Why did you miss my ugly face? I didn't bring you any gifts from Boston. You came because you can feel a special power of love when you are around me and you want to receive it. But you can manifest and give that love too, right? Love cannot be seen but it can be felt. When the parents are not present it feels as if nobody is home, As soon as I walk into a room, the room is filled.

Although I am the same kind of person as you, this is true because I devote my entire life to receiving the heart of God. There is no one who understands God more than me. Not only do I know God, but also I am connected deeply with His heart. Anyone who is strongly connected to God can become a life-giving object, even though that life is not visible to the human eye.

You may not become a sun, but you can at least become a lighthouse in the dark. When you first started selling newspapers I'm sure you were scoffed at, but now if you don't appear in your area each day there are people who miss you. You have become a lighthouse already.

You must have the faith and conviction that you are a lighthouse lighting a dark world. The lighthouse will shine forth even in the worst kind of weather because that is the time ships need the lighthouse most. When you are surrounded by the thickest fog you must shine forth all the more. The more adversity, the greater must be your light. 

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