The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

The Secret for Development and Victory

Sun Myung Moon
June 17, 1977
The Desire of All Things
Manhattan Center

There have been many religions throughout history, but no religion ever rose to the worldwide level as quickly as this one. As leader of the Unification Church, I have the special distinction of having received worldwide persecution in my own lifetime. History has never seen such a thing. If our members are solidly united together in heart and can go beyond the level of persecution, then Satan can never defeat this group, and in the sight of God we can prove ourselves invincible to Satan's power on the worldwide level.

Why do we strive to become that kind of invincible group? We are seeking the love of God. To be eligible to receive the love of God we must go through the process of indemnity in which Cain and Abel must become one. Cain and Abel have been enemies, but they should be united in love, instead. We must take the course opposite Satan's way; if Cain and Abel had come to God's side then they would have made true unity.

Abel should teach Cain how to be obedient to and united with him. Unification Church members must clearly understand what that means. Often you mistakenly think that Cain was supposed to be subjugated by Abel from the very beginning, but that is wrong. Cain is a rebellious figure to begin with, and Abel must teach Cain how to be obedient by demonstrating Cain's role, himself. Abel must show Cain the way by example. Love is the central element and Abel is supposed to love Cain more than anyone else. When Cain recognizes that Abel truly loves him more than anyone else does, than Cain will give up his false ambitions and arrogance and become obedient to Abel. Abel can pull Cain to his side by the magnetic force of love.

Answer me if I am wrong, but I feel that every one of you loves me. Is it true or not? It may not be 100% true of everyone here, but if the Principle is true then it must be largely true at least. If our Principle is God's Principle then that kind of relationship must be here. Yesterday, I met the Japanese sisters who are in the Korean Folk Ballet. When I asked whether they wanted to go back to Japan, their home country, everyone answered, "No, Father, because you are here. We want to stay here with you." I wondered how sincere their answer was because Japanese people are very good at saying what people like to hear. What about you? Do you want me to believe that your love is genuine or false? If your love is not genuine then the Principle is not working. 

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