The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

The Day of All Things

Sun Myung Moon
June 17, 1977

In gratitude for the blessing of receiving all kinds of love, the creation will want to return glory to God by giving the very best of the universe to man. That is why all things provide you with food, themselves becoming your flesh and bone, letting you grow and develop a noble character so you can live in heaven for eternity. Everything in nature will take great pride in becoming the flesh and blood of men who are children of God. Through man's spiritual quality, all things can influence the center of God's love. That is the pride of all things.

This is a most beautiful and holy world of creation. Can you men and women fulfill the position of representative of God and truly love all things?

Have you ever had the experience of apologizing to the earth for having to step on it? If you have such a loving heart to want to step softly on the ground, the ground will eagerly respond to you and even push your feet up.

Man is not meant to be a robot, but rather to see all things with a loving heart and to express that love in a descriptive way. Do not ever have the attitude that we men are the lords of all things; it is God who has given men that supreme position.

All the earthly elements are contained within the human body, and in the same way we also possess all the elements of the spirit world. Thus, when one man moves, a small universe moves, and this is why man's actions are precious and supreme.

Because you are a microcosm of the universe, when you are genuinely happy it is not just you who is happy, but the entire universe and spirit world as well. Therefore, we should live in joy and happiness for the sake of the universe. We have only one truly worthwhile way of live: acting for the sake of others and always feeling grateful. If you can praise nature as the masterpiece of God's work, you can find many ways to show your gratitude. When you always feel grateful, you are truly living in heaven here on earth. 

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