The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

The Philosophy of Life of the Unification Church

Sun Myung Moon
June 17, 1977
The Desire Of All Things

Sun Myung Moon at Hoon Dok Hae, May 4, 2011

You must walk the three levels of indemnity course. You must willingly take the most difficult path of indemnity while you are single men and women. Through the hardship, you will set the condition of indemnity; only then, can you receive the Blessing and get married. After receiving your spouse, you will walk another type of hardship, although you may not suffer as much as when you were single. As the third step, after you have your own children, you can live a new course of indemnity. This is how you must go through the three levels of indemnity.

God, too, has been suffering all these years for one single purpose. That is to find one true Adam here on earth. I want you to endure the worst kind of hardship and receive all kinds of persecution before you are blessed by God, representing Adam and Eve. Through hardships and suffering, your character will develop and your love will deepen. I want you to be willing to embrace all of that because when two individuals are married after going through these experiences, they will truly understand each other and be able to deeply share in love. When you become this kind of husband and wife, you can certainly devote your entire energy to loving your own children. There is a possibility that God's ideal family can be created by such parents.

When you are truly practicing God's way of life, by giving yourself for the sake of others and when you are willing to go through suffering, then God will never forget you. He will not only give you the greatest of all blessings, but through you will definitely come the greatest of all blessings in the form of children. You must make up your mind while you are single to leave behind some achievement for the benefit of your mate and children. Do not become indebted to Satan, who will be trying to block you from receiving the blessing. Do not be the kind of men and women who have Satan waiting to collect more indemnity from them on their wedding day.

If you become a wife who has great merit in heaven then you can come out and say, "Satan, here are my credentials. Don't ever touch my husband! I have paid indemnity for both of us." You and your mate can work together and finally say before God, "We are free of the accusation of Satan in all of heaven and earth." When you are completely united in love and have paid all the necessary indemnity, no one can claim you. Together the two of you will be an invincible force, and wherever you go nothing will be able to stop you.

You are not working for the benefit of the church at all, and you are not here to help me. Actually, you are working to receive great blessings by standing upon the foundation which I have laid. There is no doubt that you are indebted to me. But since you are here striving to build your own heaven, to whom would you complain when you get tired? In this church you are your own employer. The person who complains or tries to make excuses will never go over the mountain into heaven. After the fall, Adam and Eve each blamed each other in explaining to God what happened, and in this world everyone tries to escape taking responsibility for their mistakes. But that is not the tradition of heaven.

You should not become persons of excuse or complaint, even though you are in a position to justifiably complain. God pushes you into positions where you want to complain and you could gripe about a thousand things a day, but it is your greatness to go over the difficulty with gratitude and not complain like everyone else in the world. There are innumerable things I could complain about to God. I could exclaim, "What kind of God are You? You're the one who asked me to go to America, but all I get here is persecution, and Americans are even trying to kill me. God, do You really love me?" However, I have never complained to God, but have only accepted my situation in humble gratitude.

I always pray, "God, wait. I want to do this myself. Just give me a little more time." In the same way, your prayer should be, "God, just wait a little bit and I will deliver the result by myself. I don't really need the help of the church. I want to prove how worthy I am in Your sight."

What would you gain through obedience? Simply this, your perfection in the love of God. In that perfection you can become a wife or a husband who is centered upon the love of God. As liberated men and women you will be given the power to liberate all things. That is the power God wants to give you and that is the reason we are going this way.

Our ideology is to each become a central figure who with love can influence his mate, influence all things of creation, influence the Kingdom of God, and even influence God Himself. Shall we really go and live that way of life? Raise your hand and stand up if you really make that pledge. Thank you very much. Let us pray. 

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