The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

The Path to Search for God's Love

Sun Myung Moon
June 17, 1977
The Desire Of All Things
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon, April 2011

Don't you feel very lonely from time to time? In the loneliness, you feel that no one can understand you. Your parents oppose you. Even the members of the church do not recognize you or are not sympathetic to your situation. You feel that Rev. Moon does not understand or recognize you – not even God loves you anymore. You feel utterly alone. Your faith is being tested in such a lonely time. No matter how much you are criticized and despised by others, if you make up your mind to dedicate yourself, for this path that you are convicted is the right path, and never give up at the very moment when you make the commitment -- reaching the highest peak in a life of faith – then God will trust you unconditionally. Thus, you will be able to progress exponentially. In that lonely moment think of God. Believe in God; do not lose your hope. This is the essential attitude for a man or woman of faith.

When you face tribulation, you must be courageous and determined to go this path even if you risk your life. You may think that losing your life is a miserable consequence. However, giving your life to God is never miserable. This death is not a defeat but victory. The entire spirit world will give you a hero's welcome. Why is this? It is a natural result of the principle of restoration. If you denied everything and were given up by your own family and nation because you lived for the sake of God, then when you die everything will be restored to you. This is the law of indemnity working. If you give up everything because of God, then God will lift you up and you will have everything again.

That is the path I have walked. Strictly speaking, you will never have to go the way I went because you will have me on your side, under any circumstances. All you have to do is follow my course. You have someone to follow but I had no one to follow. If you want to go an easy way then you will never reach the goal. Ultimately, you will have to come back and follow the path I have already gone. Many people are trying to go their own way, but that will not work.

Now the entire world is saying, "Why are you Moonies so foolish as to follow that crazy man? Why do you have to follow him, when he is so opposed, everywhere?" Perhaps you cannot explain why, but something tells you that this is the best thing to be doing. That is your original mind ordering you, because your original mind knows that this is the ultimate path by which you will reach God's love. I understand your experiences because I have lived the same pattern and way of life. The only difference between us is that I follow the invisible God, while you follow not only God, but me, a visible man. We are going forward to reach God's love. When we are going in the right direction, we feel good and something inside tells us to keep going ahead. Why? That is because your original mind functions that way. 

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