The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

The Family Bonds Together with True Love

Sun Myung Moon
June 17, 1977
The Desire Of All Things
Unofficial Translation

If you commit some kind of sin toward your own children, you must consider it the worst kind of crime. Instead of apologizing or repenting to God, you must apologize to your children in order to mend your relationship with them. That is much more important. If the children can forgive their parents then God can automatically forgive you. On the other hand, when children commit some sin, the parents should take the position of their children and apologize or repent before God. Because of the parents God will forgive their children.

The one thing that God can never forgive is the destruction of His love. If anyone abandons God's true love and disregards His love, that person cannot be forgiven. If God could just freely forgive such a man, then He would never have needed to work for restoration until now. He would never have persevered hardships and suffering for many thousands of years. God has forgiven man much, but He cannot compromise on this.

God has been going through the course of suffering and anguish in order to guide man to establish conditions for restoring the true love of God by his own volition. God determined that no matter how much sacrifice and suffering He endured, He would allow man to set indemnity conditions for restoring the lost eternal, unchanging and absolute relationship between God and man. Thus, He cannot compromise on this one point. God wants to create the eternal, absolute and unique love between Himself and man at any cost.

In this world, particularly in America, there are many people who purposely break up loving relationships and healthy families. Anyone who hurts true love that way cannot be forgiven. In the Unification Church, the married couples who received the Blessing, must become the model for the world by establishing the God-centered family through: loving each other, trusting one another, and helping together. You should know that the family, bonded together in the true love of God, is the museum that reflects the glory and joy of God. This family is the most precious to God.

God will have a family museum of treasures from everywhere, but the beautiful God-centered love of a husband and wife will be the most shining museum piece of all. When God has festivities like World Day, (or True Day of All Things), He will want to visit His museum, and there is one display that God will never miss, the beautiful love between husband and wife. God is looking for that kind of home. 

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