The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

Ones who Inherit God's Heart

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1977
God's Will and the World
God's Preparation for Our Church, and Its Early Days
Unofficial Translation

It is said that in order to become true sons and daughters, you have to inherit the spirit of the Parents. Then, you have to inherit Rev. Moon's spirit and way of thinking. You will know if you inherit my spirit, if all of a sudden you just burst into tears, feeling such a sense of urgency and sorrow for God, while you are doing your mission. If you become the one who inherits my spirit and live by it, you and your church will definitely prosper by the grace of God. When you receive persecution unjustly, instead of cursing, you will pray to God for blessings to those who persecuted you. By doing so, you will feel God's heart so close to you as well as sensing the urgent and sorrowful situation of God. Then, every deed of yours becomes holy and divine.

Have you experienced a time when you felt such an urgency and sense of closeness with God that you just embraced a stranger -- your heart cried out for the people? There have been many times like that in my own life. So many times I have embraced a tree and wept endlessly when I experienced God's Sorrowful Heart and the bitter pains of God as a Parent. Such experiences are far more precious than a prayer. When you put yourself in such a miserable position then you will feel God so strongly.

Your personal relationships are the key to everything. You do understand how much I am training and disciplining you, molding your character according to the path that I have gone. I am taking you along that same path so that you will become such a person. 

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