The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

True Successor

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1977
God's Preparation for Our Church, and Its Early Days
God's Will and the World

A wise person will go all the way once he has made a commitment; Do not go only halfway or be mediocre, because you will only end up as a loser. If you want to become victorious, then you have to persevere all the way. In doing God's will, I want to go the fastest way, never being mediocre or half-hearted. For the sake of my followers I took every precaution and checked everything about the Principle two and three times. I wanted to be absolutely sure that this is the true way of God. A true researcher tests and retests to make sure of his results before he announces anything to the world. I have tested this out in every way possible. You can see then what an incredible discovery I have brought to the world.

Since we are committed, we cannot afford to go just halfway. Is this month of May a new beginning, far different from April? Let's go forward with tremendous excitement. I am waiting for the kind of champion who can defeat me. Many times I am sad, feeling that I cannot afford to die because I know that even at this stage no one is competent enough to inherit my mission. No one has given me that comfort yet. I have given my life to God, but now who will love Him as much as I do? This is my only concern. When I die, who will take care of my God here on earth? I want to see someone emerge who can do that.

Is there anyone who could truly say, "Father, let me take care of your God and my God. You can go"? The person who could live up to that statement would be the center of the mainstream of history and would never perish, but prosper.

I cannot afford to leave the world as it is, destined to more suffering. I must leave behind a world that is being resurrected. People think that after I die the Unification Church will die. Is it true? Would you prefer the movement with me or without me? Indirectly what you are saying is that after I am gone the movement will suffer. As long as I live I want to bear the burden of persecution so that after I leave the persecution will be finished. In my lifetime I want to bring this movement to success.

As your generation reaches its maturity, our movement will soar into prosperity. In my own lifetime I want to take care of all the bitter experiences, suffering and turmoil of restoration. I have already-made up my mind to take the burden with me. How about you? Will you join me in taking care of these, or are you going to wait for the easy time? Do you wish this persecution would go away, or do you welcome greater challenge and persecution? Have you made up your mind already? 

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