The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

The Path that Those who know God Must Go

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1977
God's Preparation for Our Church, and Its Early Days
God's Will and the World
Unofficial Translation

If I had developed my natural abilities and applied them in a secular way, then I would have been a successful business man, great statesman, or man of renown and fame in any field that I would have endeavored. I would have been successful and respected in an entirely different manner, but I never undertook that direction. Is there anyone who has shed more tears for God than I have? I could have avoided a path of suffering; but, I willingly chose the course of suffering for God's sake. There were many paths where I would have been welcomed by people with esteem and praise. However, I knew God Himself did not stand in a position to receive praises and esteem in such places.

Do you think that I actually did not have personal ambitions? As a young man I certainly had ambitions and dreams, but I cut them off and closed all those doors. Then I chose the most miserable path for my life. I only wanted to be a friend of God who is lonely and suffering. I understand that you too are walking a path of hardship, like me. But I tell you that you are following the path that I already pioneered in the past. More importantly, we all chose the path of suffering; and are walking the path carrying heavy burdens, only because both you and I came to know God, too well.

You and I are comrades with one thing in common; we put ourselves in a position of suffering only because we know God. If we have ever committed any crime, it is that of knowing God. We willingly chose this path of persecution; nobody has imposed it on us, so how can we complain?

Are we pursuing the wrong way and bringing destruction to the world? Is knowing God a crime? The whole world is in chaos and communism is expanding because people do not know God. The churches are breaking down. No matter how miserable such a life might look, knowing God is a blessing and a privilege, and it is the one thing we cannot ever relinquish. 

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