The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

God, You have suffered more than I have …

Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 1977
God's Will and the World
True Parents' Day from the Historical Point of View
(Unofficial Translation)

Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, November 1, 2011

This world is totally self-centered. Therefore, in order to liberate ourselves from this world, you must live an absolutely 100 percent different way of life. In other word, you must not live centered on yourself but live a God-centered lifestyle. Only then, will you be able to liberate yourself from this satanic world.

When you go out witnessing, if you think, "I am not good for this. I am so tired I just cannot go on," then your thinking is not God centered. You may think that many members of the Unification Church are working very hard, but from God's standpoint this is not enough. Even if you may have persevered and worked so hard for a long time, but then you come to the point where you give up -- start thinking about yourself saying, "I am so exhausted that I will go my own way now," or start criticizing and thinking ill of the Unification church; then, Satan will immediately find a hook in you to get you snatched away.

Of course sometimes you get tired and weak, and sometimes you get sick, but at those times you must think, "God, You have suffered more than I have. True Parents, you have suffered more than I have. I am so grateful that I am alive and doing what I do. As long as my life remains and until I shed my last drop of blood, I will follow you." When you think this way and express your gratitude to God, Satan has no way to hook you. Then you are totally free to go beyond the satanic realm and to be like Jesus, completely one with God.

This is the basic principle of God. When our way of life gets tougher, with more persecution and pressure, I want you to realize clearly that this is the sign that you are nearing to God's Direct Dominion by being liberated from satanic influences. 

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