The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

We Are Restored through the Blessing

Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 1977
God's Will and the World
True Parents' Day from the Historical Point of View
Unofficial Translation

We are restored through the Blessing, by which the process of the fall can be totally reversed. Discovering Satan's secret, I pioneered and opened the path of restoration through which fallen humanity would be able to return to God. In order to find the path, a pioneer or harbinger is needed to open all stages of restoration through tremendous effort and hardship. Rev. Moon pioneered this path and set up the precise formula for restoration. As soon as you understand the formula all you have to do is apply it in order to gain the same result. You can be restored as individual men and women as far as the growth level, but to enter perfection you need to receive the Blessing and bear children. To reach the perfection of restoration, you need your own children.

First, you need your spiritual children. You must also be protected and escorted by your spiritual children in the angelic position. You need angels around you, and that is why having spiritual children is a most essential requirement for receiving the Blessing. With your spiritual children as your foundation, you will receive the Blessing. Then, you will be able to bear and raise your own children. Your lineage will gather behind you, beginning with your children, with each of them in one of these three different levels of maturity. Among your descendants you will see every level of accomplishment.

From generation to generation your lineage will expand onto an ever larger scale, from the family level to the societal level, national, worldwide, and universal levels. The realm of your own lineage will get bigger and bigger. Thus, each one of your couples will become true parents for your own lineage.

My goal is to make all of you true parents. It is the greatest honor that I can give to you. In your own area and lineage each of you is to become the true parents. I am not just theorizing now, but speaking of the way of the Principle, which I have lived and walked. I have done this on the individual level, family, societal, national, worldwide, and cosmic levels.

I have gained invincible victory at each level of accomplishment, and thus I have declared the liberation of the individual, family, society, nation, world and cosmos. Now I am declaring the liberation of God Himself. In other words, a suffering God -- beleaguered throughout human history -- is now liberated by True Parents. This is a truly awesome accomplishment. Can you grasp the significance of this formidable statement?

Every mission we undertake must be accomplished on both the physical and spiritual planes. Anything we establish in the spiritual realm must be duplicated in the physical world, and those physical accomplishments must then be united with our spiritual accomplishments. The entire spiritual world is in the angelic position; therefore, to find the physical element they must work with the level of the physical world. I am declaring the absolute standard for you, Unification Church members.

Unless you find three spiritual children in three years you are not entitled to the Blessing. Jesus' ministry was focused on precisely that. He wanted to find his three major apostles and raise them in faith so they could establish the foundation for their physical families here on earth. Thus, they would stand in a position of true parents on earth. Instead, Jesus met with such opposition that finally he was crucified without attaining it.

The fall of man did not occur in the spirit world but in the physical world. Salvation must also take place in the physical world. God's kingdom must be established here on earth. Without establishing the kingdom here on earth, there will be no kingdom in heaven. Jesus did not take the keys to the Kingdom of God with him to heaven, but left them here on earth. Jesus said:

"Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."(Matt. 16:19)

Without understanding the significance of the physical world, there is no way to understand the Scriptures and the true meaning of the Bible.

We members of the Unification movement are proud people, handpicked for God's mission. We have undertaken the liberation of the satanic world and the declaration of the glory and victory of God before heaven and earth. By now I am sure you understand that restoration must go through that process. No one can enter heaven without walking this path and fulfilling this Principle.

This formula of restoration that Rev. Moon has pioneered and revealed to you shall be applied and followed as long as this satanic world remains. When I declare that I have won over and transcended the satanic world, I do not mean that I have gone alone. The entire spirit world has also moved and transcended the satanic world with me. 

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