The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

What is Our Mission?

Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 1977
God's Will and the World
True Parents' Day from the Historical Point of View
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon write the Motto on God's Day 2011

The Formula Course of Restoration:

We are not wishing that the Unification Church will prosper and that all other people will decline and die. This is because it is not God's will. God is commanding you to leave this Heavenly realm to go into this world in order to save people at the risk of your own life. I am now ordering you to go into the satanic world to save it, even risking your life. I want you to set the condition that you walked the same path the True Parents walked. I walked this suffering road for 33 years, and by your setting the necessary conditions in the next 3½ years, I would like to give you all the blessing of having walked the same path I walked. If anyone follows me and tries to go the easy way, I will turn them around and send them back into the satanic world. You have not yet set the condition of indemnity so that you can be completely free, and only after working to pay your indemnity can you come with me.

Who is going to testify that you have paid your indemnity? Satan must be your witness. Therefore, you must go out to Satan's world and get his signature, recognizing that you have set sufficient indemnity conditions, and then you must bring it to God. Many people do not understand that they must go this course to overcome the satanic world, and they think that God is just weak and vulnerable, even saying that there is no God. But God is waiting for man to go out to the fallen world to suffer and win over Satan by his own efforts.

If you want to follow me, should you choose to go an easy path or a suffering path? You must love those in the satanic world as much as you love God and as much as you love me, and then even Satan will recognize that you love the satanic world. It is only upon that condition that you will be given approval by God. That is God's way. God and I will not complain at all if you love the satanic world most, because God, Himself, is leading you to do so.

You need two elements before you can come to God's throne. First, you need your spiritual children, for by having spiritual children you can liberate the spiritual world. Secondly, you need physical children, for through them you can liberate the physical world. God and I want you to go to the satanic world and fight to win these two conditions. In the usual pattern of our life in the Unification Church, your first three years are devoted to winning your spiritual children. In the three years after receiving the Blessing, you can receive the blessing of having physical children.

Altogether seven years are involved. Each of you must go this seven-year course in order to win all of heaven and earth. Creation took six days, with God resting on the seventh day. In the same way we must set the condition of working for seven years in the course of recreation. If you cannot do this, you are only following me externally, even if you are a leader in our church or one of the 36 Blessed Couples. As long as a person does not work for his own fulfillment of this Principle he is not worthy of me and cannot truly follow me. Even now I am going the path of more suffering and pain, but not out of stupidity.

No religious leaders today are even thinking on such a scale. Only I am taking a stand; without fear, speaking out directly for God, so seriously that I am willing to give up my life to declare my message.

You must fully realize where you are standing and what your mission is. I have explained to you what kind of attitude brought about the fall, and how by wholeheartedly undertaking your mission you can liberate man from the conditions that led to the fall. In the future, nobody will accuse you of being a self-centered person or of indulging in self-centered love. You now have the opportunity to be liberated from the satanic lineage and influence. 

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