The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

The Meaning of "Unification"

Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 1977
God's Will and the World
True Parents' Day from the Historical Point of View
Unofficial Translation

What is the Unification Church? The word "unification" is a big word, indicating that we want to embrace all religions so that we can unite all of them into one. In order to bring them up to the throne of God, we must forgive each other and unite into one. That is the meaning of the word "unification." The Unification Church must walk the messianic road. This is not an easy road; it is the road of suffering and misery. It is the road that starts at the very bottom of mankind's misery and rises all the way up to the very throne of God. That is the road that we as Unificationists are undertaking. We are assuming the responsibility as the true world religion.

Then, why are we gathering here? Are we here for the sake of the Unification Church, or for the sake of heaven and earth? The Unification Church exists solely to serve God and mankind. That is the way God thinks, and that is the way we must think. For that reason we receive the pain of suffering and difficulty, but we cannot be liberated from the satanic realm unless we think, "This is for God and humanity."

The satanic world is totally self-centered and in order to liberate ourselves from it we must live an absolutely different way of life. As we live this God-centered life absolutely, we will liberate ourselves from satanic influence.

When you go out witnessing, you might sometimes think, "I am not good for this. I am so tired I just cannot go on." That excuse seems acceptable if you are thinking only of yourself, but when you put God in the picture, and claim that you are universe-centered and mankind-centered, and then you cannot complain or say you are tired. You may think that many members of the Unification Church are working very hard, but from God's standpoint this is not enough. You have not yet met the standard that God has established. You may persevere for a long time, but then you come to the point where you give up. "No more," you say. "I want to rest now and do things my own way." Then your attitude becomes a big hook that Satan uses to snatch you away.

Of course sometimes you get tired and weak, and sometimes you get sick, but at those times you must think, "God, You have suffered more than I have. True Parents, you have suffered more than I have. Heavenly Father, there are many brothers and sisters in this world who are suffering more than I am. I am so grateful that I can do this, and as long as my life remains, I will continue." When you think this way and express your gratitude to God, Satan has no way to hook you. Then you are totally free to go beyond the satanic realm and to be like Jesus, completely one with God.

This is the basic principle of God. When our way of life gets tougher, with more persecution and pressure, I want you to realize that this is the sign that you are near your total liberation from satanic influences. 

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