The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

Historical Pattern for Human Development (II)

Sun Myung Moon
February 23, 1977
God's Will and the World
"Today in the Light of Dispensational History"
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon May 2011

Who is God? God is the king whom you can depend on and the safety net that you can rely on. Do you follow? The attacker may seem to annihilate the good, but God will raise up additional strength and power, and lead humanity to eventual victory. On the individual level there are good and evil men. The evil man may attack the good, and that good man may be destroyed. But that is not the end of it. God will raise up another, even stronger champion until He finds a person, tribe and nation to withstand the attack and eventually defeat evil.

God will never give up. As long as God is alive, the good side is never finished even though it seems to be destroyed by evil. Yet, that is not the end, because God never gives up. The battle between good and evil never ends there. Ultimately, God is the absolute defender. From God's point of view, the battle of good and evil has not even started. The start has always been delayed and extended. The Principle teaches that God can prolong restoration history if certain expectations do not occur right on schedule.

The most important pattern of human history is this: Satan always attacks and loses, and God is always being attacked and gains. Look at the example of World War I. Germany started that war but was not the winner. Why? At that time, the Germans thought they could win the war. If this were not so, they would not have started it. Satan always thinks he can win; that is why his forces start wars. But no one can violate heavenly law.

Germany and Japan attacked in World War II. Who gained the victory? Japan? Did Japan think she would have been defeated? She was convinced of her victory, right? Did she win? Neither Germany nor Japan could break this Heavenly law. Since they violated the Heavenly law, they became the subject of the greatest judgment. 

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