The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

Historical Pattern for Human Development

Sun Myung Moon
February 23, 1977
God's Will and the World
Excerpt "Today in the Light of Dispensational History"

Sun Myung Moon and family, April 22, 2011

Think of human history. In the beginning, evil took the initiative and brought about the fall. The relationships between God and man, and Adam and Eve, were infiltrated and attacked. That is the original characteristic of evil. The attacker may inflict certain harm or destruction, but it is a universal law that eventually that person will have to not only restore the damage but pay a penalty as well. God knows this universal principle. Then, do you think He take the initiative in any war? No. God has never initiated attacks.

What about the people who are on the side of God? Can they say, "God, You are too good! You sit down, we will fight"? God's true people will never initiate an attack. An aggressive action will never be taken by God's people. God's people are always being attacked, but they endure, persist and move on. That's the characteristic of God's people. Always under attack, they take the beating but never give up.

It is a universal law that you become a winner by being attacked. The aggressor has to pay the damage plus a penalty. So you must endure and survive the attack on the individual level, then on the family level, national level and the worldwide level. You must withstand, survive and persevere. In the end, you will receive the entire universe because Satan and evil have to pay you the damage plus the penalty. That's how God's side will win. 

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