The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

Prayer: Your History Of Restoration Has Been Filled With Tears And Sorrow

Sun Myung Moon
February 23, 1977
New York, NY
True Parents' Birthday

Our loving Heavenly Father. I know very well that Your history of restoration has been filled with tears and sorrow and that You have not been able to share those tears and sorrow with anyone. You have been longing for one day of hope, and that one day of hope is now at hand. Today, February 23, 1977 and by the lunar calendar January 6, Your hope has now its foundation here on earth. From this foundation, Father, You are now able to stop the march of Satan and launch a counter-offensive. Father, the tidal wave of history has been reversed and a new historical moment is at hand.

Oh my God, You had the dream of an ideal creation when You brought forth Adam and Eve and the angel upon this earth. You wanted to have Adam become Your true son, one with Your love so that he could inherit Your lordship over all creation. But that was not done. Ever since then, all throughout history, You have been looking forward to finding one day and one man, and finally, Father, You raised me out of the humble Korean race, nurtured me, protected me, and suffered with me, longing for this day of fulfillment.

Oh Father, I praise You and comfort You. You have worked so hard and have suffered so much. Father, during the last several decades until I came to this moment, my heart has been aching because I could not give You enough comfort, could not return enough glory to You, and oftentimes, I pierced your heart with added sorrow, yet, Father, I have survived to the last. I did not falter along the treacherous path; I was not destroyed through the arduous path of indemnity. Father, I thank You that at last I have this day of fulfillment. I humbly bow down in heartfelt gratitude for Your loving care.

Father, in the name of God and in the name of the True Parents, we have now achieved the foundation of the ideal of creation on the worldwide level. Now, true Adam's world has been born. Adam's word will truly bring dominion over the angelic world, and heaven and earth and the entire spirit world together will no longer come under the accusation of Satan. From this time on, whoever calls upon the name of God and the True Parents shall not come under the accusation of Satan. I solemnly declare this, Father. At last, we have this day of victory and this day of joy. Father, I ask You to accept this day and this declaration.

Now the Unification Church members who are practicing the way of life of the Divine Principle, who have understood the new revelation and who are also able to give it to others, shall go beyond the realm of Satan's accusation. I solemnly declare this, Father. Father, in Your compassion, please truly grant this authority. Today, Father, please pour out Your special grace and forgiveness to those people who are suffering in the dungeons of hell. Let them be able to see Your light and Your love, and let them also be able to see the light and love of the True Parents, so that they may come to life. Father, through this we shall be able to liberate hell.

Father, let us forget all past sorrow. As You have forgiven us, so also will we forgive others.

Father, please embrace all mankind and have mercy upon them, particularly upon those Christians who are coming against us. Please forgive this nation, which does not understand our mission; please forgive Korea which rebelled against me; please forgive this rebellious world with all its other nations, and even forgive the Communists and unite them into one with Your love. It is in the capacity of the True Parents that I ask for Your special forgiveness of those whom I have mentioned. I truly beseech Your forgiveness of them.

Therefore, Father, all mankind shall become one family of man and become one nation under You, and shall represent the sovereignty of good.

You alone will govern, You will open the Kingdom of Heaven with Your word and we shall all enter proudly into that kingdom. This very day and hour are at hand. I declare this day and this hour the beginning of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

In the name of the True Parents, Amen, Amen, Amen. 

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