The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

The Return to Tears

Sun Myung Moon
October 16, 1977
Belvedere, New York
Translator-Bo Hi Pak

American young people probably do not know much about tears. Because America is basically an affluent country you never get really hungry or really cold, and under those circumstances real suffering is far removed from the American way of life. I want to ask those of you who never cried to raise your hands. You all say you know the taste of tears, so let us analyze for whom those tears were shed. For yourselves so far. How many of you have experienced shedding tears for others? Only after joining the Unification Church, right? Basically there are two kinds of tears, the tears you shed for yourselves and the tears you shed for others.

With whom did the history of tears begin? I'm sure that the first man and woman to shed tears were Adam and Eve and certainly God shed tears because of the fall of man. Adam and Eve cried for themselves as a result of the fall, but for whom did God shed tears? God is Father of mankind and after seeing the degradation of His children at the fall of man God shed tears not for Himself but in sorrow for Adam and Eve and their anguish. The tears shed by Adam and Eve were for their own misery but God shed the tears of goodness and the tears of mercy for the sake of His children.

Those tears themselves are tragic. Man's history began in tears, with sorrow and tragedy, and for God also history was first marked by tears. Those tears meant tragedy for both man and God. Man really deserved to shed tears for his sin, but God did not deserve to shed tears. This history of tears originated with the ancestors of mankind and has expanded down through the generations to all mankind today.

Human history is a repetition of the suffering of tears, emerging again and again in suffering and struggle and broken-heartedness. Mankind has been oppressed as individuals, families, tribes and nations with the one suffering because of the other. No one has conquered the history of tears. We have to grieve for the world and suffer in sorrow for the consequences of history on all the different levels; then we may hope to return to the origin of goodness. The fall of man actually began with only two individuals, but because they were the ancestors of mankind their actions shaped the history of the world. Their transgressions brought the entire world down to tears.

Man has fallen down to the bottom and in order to raise ourselves up everyone must advance step by step and eventually go beyond the realm of tears. This is our mandate. The entire history of man's tears and sorrow was all for the sake of himself. Man has been grieving over his own misery but in order to go beyond the realm of that suffering we have to change and reverse the purpose of tears. We still grieve but for a different purpose. We need a reorientation in this world of tears to the other kind of tears that God shed when He wept in grief for the sake of others.

First a man must shed tears for man, and then he must discover the realm of God's tears

Where can man truly find happiness then? The ultimate happiness comes when he can conquer not only the tears of man but of God as well. We must restore the world to the realm where God no longer needs to shed tears. The history of tears began because of the fall of man. When we conquer the realm of man's degradation then we can certainly find the realm where God and man no longer need to shed tears. This is precisely the point we are approaching today. It is our destiny as men to go over the two hills of tears. We must cross over these two hills in order to be totally happy. Those who are trying to pursue the road of truth must shed tears over the misery of humanity and taste the suffering of man. A thinking man could only be grieved by the problems of man' the suffering and dying of men and all the misery that permeates our society.

Many young people think about what the real purpose of life is and they agonize over how and where they should direct their young energy. That is the beginning of the road along which you will conquer tears. Those people who never even think about those things-the meaning and purpose of life and death-do not even belong to the species of man. Thinking people wonder about their own lives and also about the society' nation and world and they grapple with the problem of bringing a solution to those who are suffering and in misery. Man has to think in that direction.

Grief over the suffering and sorrow of man alone will not bring any lasting solution. Man has to go further, down to the bottom and origin of tears. We have to go beyond human tears and realize the tears of God. Tears that are shed for one's own sake or the sake of one's nation, for the human level alone, cannot ultimately contribute to the over-all solution of bringing back the ideal world here on earth. No matter what, all of that is still within the realm of selfishness, being merely the continuation of the tears that were shed by Adam and Eve for themselves.

Everyone must discover the new realm of tears that God has shed and deeply experience the taste of those tears; otherwise we will never solve human problems. This means learning how to shed tears beyond self-centered suffering and misery. First we must discover God and discover God's tears and become people who shed tears to alleviate the suffering of God.

I want you to know that those people in history known as saints and holy men were people who learned about the tears of God. By centering upon the grief and sorrow of God they have been looking at mankind from God's point of view and shedding the same kind of tears that God shed. That is a religious way of life and by shedding the same kind of tears that God shed you become a co-worker of God's. What kind of religion stands as a co-worker on the side of God? The religion that not only teaches man to shed tears for humanity but to shed tears for God will undoubtedly receive God's blessing and become the central religion of humanity. There is absolutely no question about it.

The chief question is for whom you weep. If a village realizes that a person is crying for the sake of the village then the entire village has to bow down to him. That act is noble because it is not for the person's sake but for the sake of the village. If there is someone who sheds tears for the sake of the nation then the entire nation is benefited and the citizens should bow down and respect that person.

The son of filial piety is one who shed tears not for himself, but for the sake of his parents. Without exception the loyal subject is the one who sheds tears for his own king and queen. Patriots are those who shed tears for the sake of their own country and countrymen. A saint or holy man is a different kind of person altogether. The patriot is concerned for the nation but a saint directs all his energy and tears for the sake of God and all of humanity. Under that condition alone can we say that a person has lived a saintly life.

Looking at the great saints in history, is there one who truly shed tears in order to bring God and humanity together, even at the moment of his death? Certainly we find one in the person of Jesus Christ. At the moment of his own death on the cross he was worrying about his own adversaries, the Roman soldiers who pierced him with their spears. He shed his tears and sweat for the sake of his own enemies. Because Jesus cried for his worst adversary he was actually crying for the sake of all types of people. By shedding his tears for the sake of his worst enemy Jesus not only won the hearts of all good men, but will also win the respect of the worst kind of sinful man in history.

Jesus considered his own well-being last of all, praying at the end that God accept his soul, for he had done his very best. Jesus directed his whole life toward shouldering all of God's suffering here on earth and as his life ended on the cross he could say that he had done it. You can see how different were the selfish tears of Adam and Eve and the unselfish tears Jesus shed. Both were falling down to their deaths as they shed tears, Adam and Eve being the victims of their sin, and Jesus being crucified on the cross. As they approached their spiritual death Adam and Eve shed tears for themselves but Jesus shed tears for the sake of humanity and for God and for his own enemies.

Christianity has forgotten that its role is to share the tears of God

Christianity was supposed to inherit the tradition of Jesus Christ and share the tears of God, but in the course of 2,000 years of history that role has been forgotten. How can we distinguish the true Christianity from the false one? Christian churches which are wrapped up in their own sorrow or difficulties are churches of no life, but those which are shedding tears for the sake of God and humanity and their own enemies are the churches with life. For the first four centuries Christians endured the utmost persecution and certainly they must have wept very much. The problem is whether they cried for themselves alone.

Let's examine Christian faith and prayer in the past. How much have Christians in the past cried for more than themselves or their own church or nation? At most they may have thought about their own country when it was in difficulty. Certainly God has answered that level of prayer a long time ago. Christian prayers in history have not been wide enough; their scope has only reached the level of their church or denomination and at most their nation. How many Christian people have been praying for the sake of all humanity, or for the heart of God and the cosmic dispensation?

Christian thinking has never extended that far because of the limit of biblical teaching. The Bible says that at the end of the world God will manifest His power of judgment and all evil people will be burned in fire, with only the righteous and God-fearing people being lifted up in the air to see the millennium. That's the concept Christians live with so how could they pray for all of humanity? When you really know God you know that such a scene could never happen. That is not the true meaning of judgment.

History is looking forward to another epoch, the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. That marks the time when mankind for the first time will learn to shed tears for all humanity, even including the spirit world. Because of the limitations of its teachings, conventional Christianity could not produce a man who could truly give himself for the sake of humanity here on earth and in heaven. A new breed must emerge to take responsibility for the entire cosmic dispensation, not only here on earth but also in heaven. The Unification Church is born for that mission.

The Unification Church has a declaration for the world: We must go beyond tears for our own selfish interests to the tears for humanity and plunge into the tears of God so that we can conquer and eliminate them. We must shed all of God's tears so that He has no more left. That is the Unification Church's task. That's the realm that Adam and Eve never even imagined existed.

No matter how many tears were shed for the sake of humanity, those tears are meaningless unless you really know the love of God. Ultimately speaking, we are going to be shedding tears for the very heart and love of God. We must declare ourselves to be victorious not only individually in rectifying the sorrow of God and becoming a source of joy to Him, but also on the level of family, society, nation and world. Our ultimate goal is to remedy the pain in God's heart, and starting from this base to become the center of the family, the tribe, a nation, the world and the cosmos. That's the way we should live as individuals. No one has a guarantee that they will live on earth for very long. You may start out to do that but you can never know whether you will pass through every step that needs to be conquered.

When should you shed tears for God? Don't wait until you reach the family level but start right now. We are teaching that from the very beginning of your commitment to this movement you must shed tears for the heart of God. You must put yourself in the position of God, with your eyes being God's eyes and your tears God's tears. You must look after humanity as God would look after His own children.

All men represent Adam and all women represent Eve. There are five colors of men and women; when you look at them as God looks at them and weep and suffer for them, you are putting yourself absolutely in the position of God. In that case can you be prejudiced about race and think that God loves only a certain race of people?

We must be color-blind in the Unification Church and not distinguish between races because God is color-blind. You are learning God's point of view, seeing the world as God does. As we look at the world we grieve over the suffering situation of humanity and cry out for them as God has been doing. The amount of God's own feeling you experience will determine the depth of God's love that can reach you. How much you become a portion of God shall determine the quantity of God's love that you can experience.

At night God looks over the city of New York, grieving at the misery there. The people do not even realize that God exists, that their own Father exists. Almighty God is waiting to help but they don't even realize they are all the children of God. How lonely God must be! How much God's heart must be grieving. Can you imagine how lonely and aching God's heart is, looking at so many of His children enslaved in the communist world?

The course of repentance

A true religion teaches the necessity of repentance but how many of you know how to repent so far? Repentance must be an act of tears, not for yourself, but for humanity and for the aching heart of God. Have you experienced that kind of repentance? A repentant heart can say, ' 'Now I realize what a poor and miserable son I have been. I have pierced Your heart over and over, never even realizing that You existed' my Father. I have broken Your heart and now I come to You and need Your forgiveness." This is the first repentance.

How do you know that your repentance can be accepted by God? You can see proof in your own resurrection. When your heart has grown in such a way that you totally put yourself on the side of God and in looking at the world shed tears, you know that your tears are no longer for your selfish purpose. Then you know your heart is with God.

Regardless where the heart of God moves, no power under the sun can deter it. It moves straight forward, all the way to the end. As the father, God is ceaselessly going after His own children but He will never tire. When you put yourself totally on the side of God you are like a parent trying to save your dying children. How can you as a parent get tired or bored? You cannot help but go straight after hue inanity, until every soul here on earth is saved. If you feel as their parent, there is no way you can get tired. Our road may be getting tougher and tougher and our tears may come more frequently, but does that mean that we are retreating or giving up the mission? No, that will spur us on even further.

First of all, have you ever cried out before heaven and earth, "God, I have been a sinner, I have been the worst kind of criminal in Your sight. Please forgive me"? Have you shed such tears yet? Have you said to God' "I have no more personal ambition. I only ask for Your mercy upon me"? Have you ever totally given yourself to do God's will, feeling that if you receive God's mercy there is nothing you cannot do? This is the first step, the freshman course.

In many cases people look for a convenient God who will smilingly accept everything they are already attached to. Such people want God to come in a very narrow gate. How about you, right now, in your own heart? Have you ever thought about yourself as the worst kind of sinner, who would give up anything to receive God's mercy and forgiveness? Have you experienced that? By sincerely feeling that repentance, you can liquidate your entire fallen past and disengage yourself from the consequences of the fall.

From your individual tears and misery you can make a gigantic leap from one world to the other, from the human level of tears to the level of God's tears. You can do this because you can disengage yourself from the iniquity of the past, freeing yourself from all the attachments behind you.

That point is critically important. You have been crying your own tears, but at this point of repentance you can meet the tears of God and be embraced by the merciful, loving God. You are then experiencing the grief and agony of Adam and Eve, but at the same time you are experiencing the suffering heart of God. The two start at one point. You must pass through that experience. Unless you pass through that realm, you will never understand the love of God, no matter what.

Words alone are empty. What you need is to shed so many tears that your eyes swell shut and you cannot bear to open them in the sunlight. We need men who are able to shed the tears of God. Nothing can happen with dry eyes. It is in tears that most of the re-creation process takes place. In that atmosphere alone can the re-making of a new man, society, nation, world and new universe take place. That's why the declaration is made in the Bible, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." By repentance you can come nearer to the kingdom and to union with God.

Without your tears, your sweat and blood have nothing to do with God

This is the way of life of the Unification Church. Nothing bothers us if we put ourselves in an unconditional position. 1n that we are different from ordinary, secular people who center the world around themselves.

I want you to know that without tears, no matter how much sweat you shed, it has nothing to do with God's work. No matter how much blood you shed, without tears it has nothing to do with God. Tears are the link between you and God. Tears must come together with your sweat and blood because otherwise you are not walking the road of restoration. We must return to tears.

You have cried for yourself but in doing that you bring yourself down to the sinful world. In crying over your own ambitions and desires you are actually declaring to the world, "I am an ally of Satan." Unselfish crying for the sake of God is a sacred and divine thing.

In order to shed tears for God you must first find the right environment. If you stay in a very comfortable place and try to cry for God, tears will never come to your eyes. Instead, you must go after the situation where you can be stimulated to shed tears for God.

What is that battleground? That is where you wage war against Satan and Satan comes against you. In other words, that is where you make yourself a champion of God and fight the battle against Satan. There are all kinds of places where you will inevitably be affected so that you can taste the tears of God. You have to go out to the world and disturb everyone. Take their children to the side of God; take their wealth and power to the side of God.

How can you do this? The fallen process began with words, but words which were lies. Satan took everything away from God, not with weapons and violence, but with words. By the same token you will give the word and love of God to bring back to God the things Satan took away. False love and lies brought about the fall and therefore the truth and true love of God will bring the satanic things back to God. It's very logical restoration. The entire world is starving for truth and true love. If you really become a heavenly messenger and disseminate the truth and the love of God, then people will be gathered to you like small metal pieces pulled by a magnet. That is exactly what I have done. I came to America and have been plundering the young people from the satanic world to God's world. God has the power to pull everybody eventually. I am determined to shake up the world so the world is disturbed.

We shed tears for God and humanity and other people get upset with us over their children and their belongings. Actually this is a confrontation of two kinds of tears. We have to cross this bridge of tears. When you go to witness to the people and try to bring spiritual children you must shed tears for them; unless you are tearfully loving them and thinking of them you will lose them. You must be so moved as to speak about the truth with tears and convey the love of God with tears. When you meet the people in that fashion God will be with you. There is no other way.

If your heart is like that then no matter how deeply the world may bury you it cannot possess you. You just have to set your goal high and advance step by step through each level. Your companion on the journey will be tears and your job is to sow the seeds of love. You are longing for the true husband, wife, children, the true society and nation and in the meantime you will pave the way with tears. No foreign power can infiltrate this realm. You must volunteer for the most miserable place because there you have more chance to cry out for God. When you are in misery and holding on to God then you are very close to the realm of tears.

This is our salvation. You can search after misery and welcome it. You overcome it by holding onto God and shedding tears as God did Himself, looking at misery from God's point of view. When you overcome those tears then you have indeed expanded God's territory. It is the cosmic rule that whenever a true religion emerges it is always accompanied by persecution. Persecution is not a difficulty to be run away from but a blessing to plunge into. Persecution is a blessing because it will bring you to the realm of tears.

You have an empty container to fill with indemnity and when it overflows Satan will have no more power to touch you or our movement. That will be a real day of hope. That very day is at hand, with the entire nation pouring out a tidal wave of unreasonable slander and persecution. Those powers are now dissipating, however, and the time is ready for us to counter-attack. A new mood has been created. A one hour television special about the Washington Monument victory is being shown around the country. This is the first wave of our counter-attack. The truthful, in-depth testimony by a prominent scholar like Dr. Sontag will totally disarm our worst critics, and if they have one ounce of conscience they have to feel sorry for what has been done by our opponents.

The entire press corps and publishers all over the country will read this book out of curiosity. Their motivation will be to find something to quibble about, but the important thing is that this book will expose how untruthfully our movement has been written and spoken about. The time will come soon when the American people will know how I lived my life, how many tears and how much sweat I shed for the sake of this nation and the sake of the world and they will have to gratefully acknowledge what I have done. We have been patient and long-suffering, yet in turn we have never wanted revenge. We have never learned how to get revenge, but God will see that justice is done.

Every kind of persecution gives us the priceless opportunity to shed tears for the purpose of God. The day that God sheds no more tears is the day that we will no longer shed tears or mankind shed tears. We can completely conquer sorrow. Who shall truly cry out for God and truly agonize for humanity? We are chosen to be champions of tears and sorrow for the sake of God and humanity.

How much have you shed tears in a serious moment?

This morning remember your lives in the past. What kind of past did you live as a member of the Unification Church? When you are selling the News World your tears must fall upon your papers. The New York Times is a very influential paper and if it became a tool of God it would hasten the accomplishment of His mission. Unfortunately, that paper is not God's paper. We have a little paper, the News World' and this is where God is placing His hope. When you think of how meager our paper is at this stage, don't you feel some tears of sympathy for God? Do you think, "I really want to make this a gigantic, powerful paper so that You can truly use it as Your tool. I am still young and I can definitely make the News World a success in the shortest possible time. God, give me the opportunity."

Once we move the city of New York you know that we can certainly move the United States and the entire world. This is a key city. I declared that New York is the front line of our movement and I brought the best member here from around the world for that reason. What are you doing? Are you really going after the mission with tears?

Again, this is the day of your own repentance. The will of God and the dispensation is waiting out there. How can you worry about being hungry or about your clothes or tiredness in the sight of God and in the sight of the dispensation? If you really want to be in the mainstream of the Unification Church then you must go beyond all that and come to the point of tears. When you turn your tears into the tears of God then you will see miracles happen.

How many times have those of you working in offices shed tears on your own paperwork? All the leadership in our movement should be praying special night-long prayers in tears. You are most likely not going to lift your faces to look at God because there is some shame in your hearts. Are you just waiting for some great things to happen to the Unification Church without shedding tears? You can't expect blessing to come to you without even shedding tears.

It is a serious matter. Regardless of the past we must return to tears. How much have you shed tears in a serious moment? You are basically followers but you have someone leading you in the right direction. You have an example to follow but I have no one to lead me. In this vast universe I am the one who has to steer the ship. It is a miracle that we have come this far and I am deeply grateful that it has been without having a major setback.

I may have shed many tears and endured much suffering but I know one thing: God has shed more tears and endured more suffering than we can ever even imagine. When you know that God is toiling and shedding tears, can you freely say that this life is too difficult and too tiring for you to continue? Some of you are so tired that you take a nap for just a few minutes but when you wake up you must feel ashamed and say to God, "It wasn't my intention but I ended up spending a few hours for a nap. I'm sorry to do this in front of You, Father.,, Sometimes you must spend a little money for yourself but even then do you wish you didn't need to spend it on yourself? Our path is definitely not an easy one.

I must spend money for my own children but it is not without reservation. When I spend money for them I think of them not as my own but as Unification Church members. Why should I live like that? Nobody would bother me for spending my own money and living my own way of life and loving my own children, but every time I spend money on my family or rest at night I feel apologetic before God. I live like that because God is like that.

The requirement for defeating communism

My personal mission in the dispensation was completed by 1976 and I was triumphant in it. On the personal level I have fully accomplished my mission. However, from this time on the greatest task is still ahead: dealing with the power of communism. It is impossible to communicate with communists so no message and no amount of reasoning will work. In the free world we meet and talk with each other and because of religion we can live together, but in the communist world there is no religion and no religious message will influence the government.

What shall we do then? We have to tearfully pray and pay indemnity for them so that they can emerge out of the yoke of communism themselves, finding their own way to get rid of their shackles. That's the only way. In addition, if we in the free world can build an ideal society on a religious foundation here on earth, we can show them that our way of life is far greater than anything their ideology predicts. You'll see that the more we succeed in the free world the more there will be internal problems among the communists themselves. Internal revolution will break up their ranks and the spirit of God will be at work. More and more economic catastrophe will persist in the communist world and even famine will occur.

As Unification Church members we must shed tears for the sake of the communist world, tears that can represent the entire free world. We will pave their way spiritually. As long as there is communication in the free world it is only a matter of time until people come to the truth of God. There is no other alternative. Communism is the only barrier to world unification because no communication is possible.

I am speaking to the seminarians now. You are already destined to walk this path. You in particular must feel that you are indebted to every member of the Unification Church. You have an extra burden and in order to be recognized you truly have no right to complain, but only to show your merit in your deeds. Your conscience should not allow any other way. Making excuses for yourself doesn't work in our movement. For your own benefit I would like to be extra hard on you, pushing you out to prove yourselves.

Another group of people who must take great responsibility are the early members of the Unification Church. When you come to Belvedere you must reflect on the path you are walking. Are you thinking mostly about yourself, your food and clothing or your own position? When you do things for your own purpose and to pursue your own goal then you are deeply in trouble. Your ancestors are watching you from spirit world and your descendants also are going to judge you. They will see the law of God and evaluate you in light of that. They will see where you stand and how imperfect and impure you are. I urge you leaders of our movement to shed tears first. Those who do not know the taste of tears will never become true leaders of our movement. You must pray hidden prayers and experience lonely meditation. There is corruption and destruction coming on all levels, both spiritually and physically. Right now you are preparing yourselves to work for the sake of humanity so how can you take it easy? When you look at the American school system and realize how the students are living, the promiscuous attitudes they have, how can you young people sleep comfortably and stand by idly? You must feel that you will be like spiritual bombs exploding on campus to eradicate all that.

Have you ever seen any professors cheerfully embracing the young people, trying to lead them in the right direction? Are any of the students truly loving the school and the professors , concerned about the well-being of the people and really praying for them? There are no students like this. How many government officials are really concerned for their own country regardless of what department they are in? How many of them are tearfully trying to serve their nation? The salvation of America will come when tears are shed on all levels' particularly in the government. When people feel unselfish about this nation and the world, America's salvation is near. However, no one is moving in that direction. The vast majority is totally nonchalant and unconcerned about the situation. They only care about their own salaries and well-being.

America has everything in abundance except tears. In that this nation is poor. God is searching after the people who have wet eyes but when He knocks on America's doors and finds no one like that God certainly has no choice except to turn around and leave America. God has only one hope: the Unification Church, you members. Because God's eyes are brimming over with tears, His only hope lies in anyone who can embrace Him with that same tearful heart.

You members have the public mission and you are becoming God's objects, responding to His tears with your own tears. In that way we can mold the movement of salvation for America and the world. That's the only way God can respond and work with mankind. The real members of the Unification Church are the members with tears. The true leaders of the Unification Church are those with tears. The fall of man came because of self-centered tears and in restoration we must shed selfless tears, public tears. When we shed tears for the public purpose, for God's purpose we accumulate the genuine assets of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The tearful life starts from the individual and then tears and more tears will break through one barrier after another until the worldwide level is reached.

So far you have not been thinking in that fashion but this morning you are learning the value of tears. Please show me who of you are determined to walk this path in a tearful way, responding to God's tears and shedding public tears for His purpose.

The fastest advancement on the path of restoration

What is the fastest way to advance along the path of restoration? Put yourself in the position of Adam and Noah and shed tears for them and for the other central figures in history. Put yourself in the position of Jesus and cry for his sake. By doing this you link together the individual level, the tribal, national and worldwide levels.

Go one step further and put yourself in God's position during the time of Noah and understand how He suffered waiting through the 120 years it took Noah to get ready, only to see that particular dispensation fail at the most critical moment. Then put yourself in the position of God looking down at Abraham wandering like a gypsy and meeting all kinds of persecution. How tense and anguished God was while He waited! Then go through the time of Moses and the suffering of the Israelites and later the time of Jesus. Put yourself in every level representing God and try to share His aching heart. Don't you think God shed tears at each of those events?

By doing this you will be an individual upon which the entire providential history shall rest. Today we are witnessing the consummation of human history in which all the central people have suffered. You must realize that actually Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus suffered for you to see this day.

God shed tears at the time of Noah, particularly when Noah failed his mission, and God shed tears when Abraham made the mistake in his offering. God shed tears for Moses and again at the time of Jesus. Since God shed tears at every historical event, when you put yourself in God's situation you can certainly shed tears for these people. When you link yourself with God you can cry out for them. All this probably seems very far removed from your own lives, but that is exactly why you need a champion going in front of you. The Unification Church is following my tradition because I have lived through the entire past in this way.

Someone has to pioneer the restitution of all the historic mistakes and I have been doing that starting at the individual level. Everything has been connected and all the entanglements straightened out. I want you to know that someone has shed tears for you. By putting myself totally in the position of Adam, Noah or Abraham I searched to find the mistakes they made and come up with the solution. I stood in the position of all of these historic people and cried out for their sorrow. I have shed two kinds of tears throughout my life, one being the vertical tears of discovering the truth and putting myself in the positions of history. The discovery process was accompanied by so many tears. At the same time I had to link those discoveries with actual indemnity in my deeds. That can be said to be horizontal tears.

I have been linking history together with the present on the horizontal level and restoring it by paying the debts of the past. There is a spiritual struggle and a spiritual discovery and on each level I would expand the territory of the individual, family, tribe, nation and the world. This vertical effort represented the spirit world. This is the real restoration now, the physical restoration on the horizontal level.

The vertical level of discovery in tears expands to the horizontal level through an individual, tribe, nation and world. The appearance of the Lord of the Second Advent is the final manifestation on the horizontal level of the vertical level of the dispensation. It sounds easy or simple but it certainly is not. I want you to at least know one thing: the Unification Church has the truth that has cleared up all the entanglements of the past. The misery of the past has all been sorted out. The diagnosis has been given and the treatment and prescription has been written, not just by logic but with the linkage of heart.

The foundation of logic and truth is there but the strongest binding force is the linkage of heart. One spiritualist wanted to know the truth about me so he prayed to God to really know who I am. When God answered, it was not with an explanation but with an overflowing of tears. That was His answer. I have shed universal tears for mankind. That's who I am. Most individuals are not capable or equipped to discover these things. You can use the knowledge I have acquired and shed tears for the sake of God and for my mission. Then you can inherit my accomplishments and have them become your accomplishments.

Confront your mission and do your absolute best

There are some older members who know how to take advantage of me but they don't shed tears for me. They think they are wise but they are very foolish because they will not remain with me forever. Some of the blessed couples in Korea know how to take advantage of me and exploit me but they do not shed tears for me. In order to really save them I will put them to one more test once our mission is all accomplished. I will push them into the worst possible position and let them come out of it. They must repent for taking advantage of the Unification Church. When I see our leaders dressing in the best clothes or driving the most up-to-date cars I study them closely, asking whether they deserve to have those things.

Because I have reconciled and paid the debts of history you shall inherit all my accomplishments by uniting in tears with me. If you really live your love for me and for the sake of God and humanity then in turn you can certainly be loved that much by God. I shall never get behind anyone in fulfilling God's will but be in the front line position, no matter what. No matter how many people get tired and retreat, I myself will never retreat. I am always giving more and more directions. If you fulfill one particular mission then I will give you more and more responsibility. Some people limit their sense of responsibility to just the area of their mission but that is wrong. The person in a high position should always be trying to do for others and for the entire past.

I have given many instructions but none of those plans has been carried out. Instead of tackling the mission wholeheartedly you are just beating around the bush. You must confront the mission and not try to evade it. Do your absolute best and if you still cannot fulfill it then don't worry; God will take it over and link it to a higher level. Those people who are trying to evade the mission and go the easy way are very foolish.

When you come on Sunday morning to meet with me everyone is on an equal level externally, but it is not so internally and spiritually. There are all kinds of different levels existing among you. I am desperately trying to accomplish God's mission here on earth but instead of being a part of that effort most of you are just standing by like observers. If that is the case, you will never become the owner of the gold mine you have stumbled across. Those who will actually become the hosts and hostesses will be those who come after you if you remain by-standers. Even though they may come later, if they really plunge into the mainstream of the mission they will get to the goal before you. The people who just wait for good things to happen will never make progress, whereas those who wholeheartedly commit themselves even though they may come later can certainly reach the goal.

Many, many early members just boast about being early members but in reality they are just blocking the way of the members who came later. To do that is to be the worst enemy of God. If you are not capable of accomplishing very much then you must humble yourself and shed tears for God. When a capable newcomer comes who really pursues the mainstream of God's will, you as early members must at least praise him and be humble to him, realizing how much God needs him.

You all know very well what kind of men you are. Don't try to cover up and hide yourselves but get out of the shadows; on the other hand, don't come to the Unification Church just to be somebody. When a leadership position must be filled, don't try to build your image up as a leader in the hope of being chosen. If your heart is not ready, you are certainly not a leader.

I do not speak too much to individuals about their shortcomings but I have a sharp eye and a sensitivity for these things. The early members should be the first group of people to repent and shed tears this morning. Why should it be like this? Simply because that is the only way we can remain in the love and grace of God. There is nothing else to be feared under the sun, not lack of money or lack of power or anything else. You need fear only one thing: the love of God leaving you. We want to remain in the grace of God. The return to tears is the only Principled way you can remain in God's love.

I am exactly the same. I am afraid of nothing, not poverty or hunger or any kind of persecution, except the possibility that the love of God might leave me. That is my one fear. I must cling to it until the completion of my earthly life. Nothing else will work except the straightforward fulfillment of the truth and the following of God's law.

This morning let's make a new beginning. If you haven't done well in this respect, then resolve to follow the tearful path. From today on let's make a different day and really desperately go that route, searching after God-centered tears. Who are the host and hostess of the World Mission Center in God's eyes? All kinds of people are dwelling inside, but the person who sheds tears for the sake of New York City, for the sake of God and humanity, the person who sheds tears in his own room, for his own mission, this person is the true host or hostess.

No matter how much you shed tears in secret it won't seem to be recognized, but it will become a life-stream that will not end, flowing from generation to generation. The children born to those people will be the heirs of the Kingdom of God. When you become an area of low pressure, then automatically an area of high pressure will be drawn to you. With tears you are making yourself into a low pressure system here on earth which the high pressure of God will naturally come to visit. When you meet, a hurricane will be created.

You must sometimes feel that in all of heaven and earth you are the only faithful one remaining, the only one whom God can depend upon. Then you can reassure God that you will be with Him all the way and ask Him to let you take up responsibility for the nation, this world and this cosmos. God will accept your offer. You can make a tearful declaration before heaven and earth, pledging, "I am all alone on earth so You and I are true partners, Heavenly Father. As You have been persistent in restoring the individual, family, nation, world and cosmos, I shall be just the same here on earth. As long as You will never give up, I will not give up! You must experience this heightened moment sometime, bursting into tears which are not for you but for the loneliness of God. If you never give up but persistently continue all the way to the end of your life here on earth, you will absolutely be sealed as the sons and daughters of God. God is looking for tearful sons and daughters. The true companions of God are the people with tears. Tears and tears must meet. You can pray to God' "Please send me to the valley of tears so I can conquer them!

Are you a person for whom God can shed tears?

Today is a day of resolution to live the life of tears. You have already raised your hands and pledged that to me. You know very well what level you are on and you don't need an explanation. Since you also know the truth and what direction to go, can you allow yourself to be destroyed? You are public property; in the sight of God you are no longer a private person. If you don't let yourself serve the public purpose then you are destroying yourself and you cannot let that happen.

If you become tearful over others then many others will become tearful over you. It is most important that not only other people shed tears for you, but that eventually God shed tears for you. This is the real challenge while we remain here on earth, how much our deeds and thoughts can make God cry. How can you do that? The only simple way is to be responsible for the job that even God finds difficult to fulfill. If you take it upon your shoulders and try your utmost then God's heart shall be moved, and in that case who shall ultimately become the hosts and hostesses of this world? The people who are victorious in tears shall become the hosts and hostesses. If that is not the case, the teachings that I have given are all lies.

Does what I am saying feel like truth? Whoever sheds tears for you is your truest friend. The true members of your family are the ones who can cry out for you and shed tears for your pain. If you want to be in God's family, you must be able to shed tears for God, don't you think? God will cherish the person who can really cry for Him and give his heart for Him. This person will become a close member of God's family.

Who shall be the closest friend of Jesus Christ? Whoever grabs the mission of Jesus and really cries out in sympathy with his position. By the same token, who is my closest friend in the Unification Church? The person who sheds more tears for me will indeed be my closest friend. Therefore, whoever sheds more tears for the sake of God and the True Parents will become the true owner of the Unification Church. The Unification Church is destined to penetrate the free world, the communist world and go beyond and I am the one leading the Unification Church on the rugged path. You could say that I am a very pitiful person, but God is above me, leading me. How much more difficult and miserable God's position is! I still have to take time to rest but God even has no time to sleep.

I can think of something else for a while, but God doesn't have the freedom to do that. There is only one thing in His mind 24 hours a day. You are following a God and a leader who are both miserable and if you look for relaxation and lots of fun in the Unification Church, you are mistaken. We are determined to do what no other organization or other group of people could duplicate. We have to go the path of tears as our way of life. Have you already made up your minds to go that route?

All of your suffering can be linked to God's suffering

How many of you are going door-to-door, shedding tears for your people? Have you ever thought that God cannot come to those doorsteps physically and needs you to represent Him? You must feel that you are knocking on the door as a representative of God, gathering your heart and love and everything together, trying to penetrate that door and win the hearts of the people inside. You can feel that heart of God, who has come to this door after many thousands of years preparation. God has reached that door through you but only after many thousands of years of ordeal. He didn't just come overnight.

When you open the door and the person looks at you, you may feel tears falling down your face, stopping your words. Have you ever visited your homes with that heart? Many of you may feel that you don't want to do this but you must go with tears' truth, love. You must knock on each door equipped with these three things. No matter how evil the person inside the house may be, Satan cannot claim those tears or your truth or your true heart of love. As long as Satan is incapable of doing that you will be a victor. Let those 360 homes be like your own children's homes. Go out there and stay up all night talking and look at the rising morning sun together with them. You must have the conviction in your heart that you are God's representative to them. You needn't think of visiting only during the daytime but also at midnight. If you go out there and wait to meet a certain person, staying up all night and cheerfully praying under those circumstances, then as long as you are there America will never perish.

Have you physically visited all 360 of your homes? Everyone should be able to say yes. When God ordered the Hebrews to leave Egypt by a certain hour one night, messengers were sent to tell all the people. If the messengers missed any home those people would not be able to leave on time, but who would be held responsible? The messenger. Throughout posterity, that messenger who failed to tell a particular person to leave at such a moment would be accountable for his fate.

You are in a New Age Exodus. It is possible for you to bring the people in 360 homes out of suffering but if you fail to tell these people to come out of their yoke of misery and into salvation then you as a messenger are responsible. When your legs get sore and you are really tired, you have more chance to shed tears in thinking of God's own legs hurting for many thousands of years. All of your suffering can be linked to God's own suffering. That's why suffering is precious.

Those 360 homes will almost be your resting place. They will be like your reservoir of tears. I want you to know absolutely that New York is the front line. You are like a savior to your 360 families. I am asking you to represent me and go door to door since I cannot go myself to each of those people. You have so much to talk about and so much to tell them. The media has spread all kinds of misunderstandings about me, particularly in New York City, so you have much to straighten out. You are not the only ones assigned to your particular area; God has assigned spiritual assistance there also. You have spiritual counterparts working together with you. Without fulfilling your responsibility, how can you come back and lie down and sleep at night? America is lying dead and the world is going downhill. You young people of America who have learned the truth, how can you be so complacent? How can you say that you are members of the Unification Church and that you are the sons and daughters of God? God is not resting. You must repent today.

When your head gets tired, accuse your own head, "You have been working for Satan for so long and now for the first time you are exerting yourself for the sake of God!" That's the determination to have. Go out today with the same feeling with which Jesus Christ prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. It was a most serious, heart-rending prayer that Jesus offered. From today on you are going to pray in the same seriousness for your 360 homes. You may falter at some point but because of your prayer those 360 homes will have a chance to see salvation.

If I were in your position and hadn't fulfilled my responsibility to those 360 homes I couldn't possibly lift up my face or eat and sleep. Have you done well or poorly? How can you lift up your face in the sight of God? Don't you feel these words as reality? Why should you feel repentant? By living like that you are becoming the possessors of the love of God which is big enough to share with 360 homes and more. You are becoming the hosts of the love of God and that shall bring resurrection to your 360 homes. People accuse you but that's all right. Let them persecute you. Persecution is your blessing in a way.

Somehow the Divine Principle message came to you first and you felt that you were a new person with new life. There are so many better qualified' capable people out there who are waiting to have that message touch them. All you have to do is meet them with the truth. Without doing it, how can you say you want to be a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven? When you go to college you have to pass examinations before getting your diploma and the same thing is true in the Unification Church. New York is the front line and unless we can fulfill right here, whom do you think will do it? The entire world is upon your shoulders. The words you hear on Sunday mornings at Belvedere will be a curse instead of a blessing if you don't live them.

This is not a joke at all. Did we make the Divine Principle tapes because we have lots of money? No, we had to borrow the money and we did it under great strain. In order to succeed right here I mobilized all the energy of the Unification Church elsewhere. In doing that I hoped for only one thing: that you should become exemplary and I could show you to the world and say' "Look what New York did."

You must use the blessings you have been given

You American people know the truth and have been given the opportunity and materials to do the job but you haven't used your blessings. If God had poured this much effort into Africa the whole continent might have been turned around by now. All kinds of miracles can happen right now if you lay the foundation. If you had laid the foundation of tears, the people in your 360 homes would be embracing you and saying that they hadn't understood before what you were doing. If your responsibility had been fulfilled then the adversaries of our Church and the negative parents would have already started to learn the truth about what we are doing. Will you do the job or not? Even if you must give up eating and sleeping? Which is more precious for your life? You must make up for the failures of the past by keeping this high standard in the future.

Once again you have heard that we must do it with tears. I have trusted you but now you are shaking my confidence. Get up early in the morning to pray because you are the messiah to 360 homes. You must pray for those people and have mercy upon them in tears. You can become a close friend to them and if they have a problem they can come to you for help. Then New York shall become our home and be dominated by the truth and love of God and He can work a tremendous dispensation through this system. New York is the worst type of evil city but that is why we made the front line right here. If we can overcome this city and turn it around the impact will be gigantic. Your shoes may wear out and your clothes be worn and soaked with sweat; your eyes will be swollen with tears as you travel about but if you are to save this city you must be single-minded and not think about anything else. Before you eat and before you sleep, think about the mission. The News World will be a very important medium for you to contact the people. That's why I asked you to sell the paper.

We will make a new beginning this morning. At least you know exactly what you are to do. How can you say it doesn't work without even trying? The Unification Church itself will receive God's judgment and punishment if New York perishes. We must tearfully go forward to fulfill the mission. God has been shedding tears and now you are participating in this glorious task of God and the True Parents. Become a co-worker with us. This is your greatest blessing. You can come up with all kinds of excuses, that you need a little bit more money or a car, but don't say it. Actually God is helping us; because Manhattan is such a concentrated city, having a huge population, traveling from one place to another is very simple.

Who of you can say, "In the next three months I am going to do the things I have never done before. I will set a new record"? Once you do that, I know that New York City shall be conquered by God's love. Do you think that can be done? If you can do it, and you know you can do it, how excited you can be to save America and save the world.

In these three months you will set the pattern for the next three years, until 1980. By then the entire world should come under the dominion of God. The destiny of the world is upon our shoulders. If we do this the world shall be revived. If we fail then the world will crumble. From God's standpoint in the dispensation, this is the front line. All the leaders should be running ahead in the forefront. If doing this means you have a problem with your family, then could you give up that family? That family will not receive any benefit by hampering you in this mission. Totally free yourself from those hindrances. The life of New York is determined by your own actions.

You can see that Eighth Avenue is the avenue of prostitution in New York City. We should do more than they do, working day and night for the sake of God. I would like to have all the Unification Church women clean up the area. Men exploit those women and victimize them. You may even learn karate or tae kwon do and even knock those men out. There a lot of things to do. Ultimately we would like to have the cooperation of New Yorkers. You know my true intention and desire. This is so serious that you should forget eating and sleeping to attend to the mission. That is my criterion.

We are going to sow the love of God with tears and by doing that New York and America will prosper and survive. Who is going to take up the responsibility? God alone? Myself alone? You are in a way sorrowful' miserable people because you are following a sorrowful, miserable God and a sorrowful, miserable teacher. You are in good company, however.

The consequences of your failure will be catastrophic because the destiny of the world hinges upon it. I want you to know that in history no one has seen such a movement. Years ago we talked about a new age but when we launch an offensive there shall be a response to it. Today is a new day; repentance and a new record are coming. Those who pledge once again that this is the beginning of a new three years, raise your hands please.

My plans for the worldwide IOWC

If we have enough core members in 1978 I will organize a global IOWC of 10,000 members. In order to transport them all we will need 30 jumbo jets. If landing each plane takes 10 minutes it would still take about five hours to accommodate all our jets , and just our coming to land will be a sensational event When the 700 member IOWC global team was in Korea we were able to bring 1.2 million people to the rally at Yoido Island. Think of how many millions of people could be awakened by 15 times those 700 members! Each country will compete to have the IOWC come to their own country because of the great benefit they will bring. When we move on the international IOWC level I really want to see each one of us going as an ambassador of God.

The young people of the world will want to join and be ambassadors of God. There will be worldwide clamor to join the IOWC. Applications will come from all the different continents and we will have to select the cream of the crop, organizing a brilliant performing arts program. When our movement is known to the world as a Peace Corps in the truest sense, it will be America's pride. If 10,000 American citizens went together to Germany the United States Ambassador there would have to take an interest. The German Foreign Minister and the U.S. Ambassador would want to discuss on the national level how to best help our IOWC, right?

Having an impact in one nation will open up many doors around the world, and the time will come soon when nations will compete for a visit by our IOWC. Your IOWC I.D. card will become very prestigious. I would also like to have uniforms designed and have IOWC members known by the uniforms they wear. We will be known to the world truly as defenders of peace.

I can see that this will start to happen from June 1979 on. You must revolutionize your thinking. All the airlines of the world will be competing among themselves to become our special chartered airline. The world will have to be interested in knowing about Reverend Moon and the Unification Church because we will be too big to overlook. Only one group will be really troubled: the communists. Already they know something is happening and they don't know how to stop it. We will even volunteer to go to a communist country and if they don't want us to preach the gospel, that's all right. We have many other things we can do; we can help a humanitarian cause or solve a scientific problem or be cultural emissaries. If they still reject us then they will be very unpopular in world opinion. I am a Korean citizen here on earth, but you are Americans and with an American passport one is able to go easily to many countries throughout the world. You could fly even to Moscow and nobody would stop you.

This is what the Unification Church will be in just four years. Think about it. You are being persecuted on the streets of New York and while this period is necessary we want to get beyond it. Shall we do it? We can mobilize people outside the Unification Church to form an IOWC but they will need to take a test; perhaps they can choose whether it will be about English, history and so forth, but the Divine Principle will be a required topic. They will devote themselves to studying every page of the Divine Principle because they will see that the Unification Church is the means for jumping into worldwide activities. If they see some hope and vision then they will be glad to help. We have our own companies, cultural groups and seminary and once people see that we are succeeding they will want to become a part of it all. Thinking people will recognize that doing this work is the quickest way to worldwide leadership. Do you have regrets about being a member of the Unification Church? The seminary graduates in particular may feel that they wasted two years. No matter what you do outside and no matter how brilliant you are, you cannot compete with God. You must see that you will all become successful upon this foundation.

It may be easy for you to imagine all this now, but 10 or 20 years ago many people followed me without seeing any result. They just trusted me absolutely. Shall we give our every effort to achieve this goal? If you are really smart you will be excited about this, so much that even at night you are wide awake thinking about it. Some people have endured even 30 years in prison for their faith, but I am asking you to give yourself up for three years just out of your desire. Is it worth doing? Will you handsome men give up three years? How about the ugly men, can you do it too? If you think you are ugly then you should throw yourself even more into the front line work as revenge for your handicap.

What will we gain by doing so? America will live. God will live. I will be liberated too. When the whole world is totally free my concern will be how to make you the happiest bunch of people. We have to liberate Mother too. Mother is trying to keep up with me but it's very difficult. Yet still she has one secret to make me surrender and slow down. When I want her to go even further she says, "You don't understand women who have given birth to 10 children. Do you really know how difficult it is to give birth to even one child?,, Then I say, "Yes, I have never given birth to even one child. You must be right, I surrender."

I want to preserve America's blessing

We are not talking about a dream or empty words; our vision is a realistic one and it is within our reach. I came as one individual and shook up this country and even New York is too small for you if your determination is as big as mine. Today is October 16. October is the month of liberation; on October 14 I was liberated from prison and October 4 is a day of heavenly liberation. We have a historic task weighing upon our shoulders.

So far you mostly notice the people who work less than you do, but don't concentrate on them. Look at the fast runners in our movement and figure out how to run one step faster. That's a cure-all for your own problems. Don't worry about who will be your husband or wife. If you are really doing your best then the best possible mate is waiting for you. By doing this one thing all other things shall be solved.

Why do I want you to run forward and accomplish this task? Because I want to be able to say that the American people did it so that God can preserve the same blessing America has had for the last 200 years. I would like to see the American people so zealous and strong with inspiration and actual accomplishment that they will tell the European and Japanese members of our Church that they can return to help their own countries. That's the way America will save face in the sight of God and the world. If America doesn't do it then I will assemble the world membership to do it, but I would most like to have it done by Americans. We will see what happens in 1978.

The restoration of the world is there waiting to be finished. It is not that difficult now and it can be done. I would like to have everything accomplished by the time you become 30 or 40. It depends upon your own efforts. When you first started your door-to-door campaign you felt, "Why should we do this? I don't think it will do any good,,, but now you realize more and more how important that campaign is. Our purpose is to educate the leadership of America, raising up God-centered people to become national leaders. Even if you wake up suddenly in the night you know where you are and what you should do. Have you ever had the experience of suddenly waking up at 3:00 a.m. and automatically springing up to go out to do your mission? If you become that kind of person then the entire spirit world will come with you. When people in the spirit world are mobilized they will worry about what you eat and wear. Your ancestors will come and alert certain people in advance that a young person will come to their house and that they should prepare a nice hot lunch or breakfast for him.

I have experienced this myself many times and if you live the same way I did, that same experience will happen to you. If that only happens to me then there is no hope for the restoration of the whole world, but that same principle works through you. That's why even if I die you can continue on because the same principle will work in your life. If you work just like I do then spirit world has to come down.

Those who are not members of the Unification Church do not know what we mean by this. This is not a threat or a menace, but is actually the truth. Your earthly life is very short but when you live your life like that here on earth then when you go to the spirit world there will be a red carpet rolled out and a royal welcome waiting for you. The shrewdest businessman could never find any better deal than this one. So far you have only seen a small vision for yourself through your own eyes, but when you see through God's eyes you take in the entire universe.

The Unification Church has a wonderful gospel and opportunity for black people who historically have been oppressed by white people. Since God does not see color this is your opportunity to lead America. No question about it. The oppressed people actually have a better chance to be accepted in the sight of God because they are always in a better environment to see God and cry God's tears. The person who normally does not cry for a foreign country only sheds tears once his country is lost. That is not necessarily bad, but if you can cry not only for your own country but for God, then you are automatically linked to Him.

If America abandons Korea, Korea's situation will not necessarily be hopeless. There is another kind of force that will come around to support the country of Korea. The free Asian peoples know they have to support Korea to ensure their own survival. Actually the destiny of the entire free world hinges upon that nation. Anyone who is sincerely concerned about a communist takeover must logically rally to the side of South Korea. God strategically positioned Korea and that country is very close to His heart. When anyone is really utilized as a tool for a higher purpose he is blessed because he is in a position to exercise a great deal of influence. The important thing is: make yourself a needed tool of God.

If you realize that if the Unification Church fails the world has no hope, that if the Unification Church fails God has no hope and you shed tears with that heart, then you will be brought right to the heart of God. We actually live the truth instead of just talking about it. Once we actualize the truth our victory will be worldwide. The more difficult the dimension and scale of your task, the more love and glory of God you can deserve.

Don't think that someone who is running and working very hard is foolish. Think instead, "That person is depriving me of greater blessing. I cannot let all the blessing go to that person. I should run faster." The wisest person runs for 24 hours a day without resting because that way no one can compete with or conquer him. Therefore, I have adopted the policy that I will run on a 24 hour basis. I am not dumb. In pursuing God's love I am asking for the most precious thing in the world, and by going after me you will reach the same goal. Do you know what attracts people to me? I make myself very attractive by crying more, working harder and going after suffering more than anyone. I am not handsome yet people like you are drawn to me. Washington Monument is a very good example. The American people never believed that I would ever succeed, but once they saw that I meant business and that people came and actually listened to me, they changed their attitude.

I want you to be miserable for the sake of God. When you cry out all the time you may look pitiful and everyone may say you are a poor, foolish Moonie, but they won't realize that 10 years from now you will become a hero in their country. Do you see that this is the case? Is it wrong? Are you going to make the 10,000 man IOWC possible? Let us promise that to God.

I want you to know that glory will come in a tearful way and in tears you will meet God. You will truly be united with God and He will never leave you. His love will stay with you forever. Today let us return to tears. Please repeat after me, "Let us return to tears. In tears we see the love of God." God bless you. Let us pray.

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