The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

The Desire of God

Sun Myung Moon
June 19, 1977
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

All of mankind, men and women together, have desires they want to have fulfilled. There are many kinds of people with many different types of ambitions; some want to become judges, others to become scientists, and still others to become writers. Nations also have ambitions; certain countries pursue political ambitions, while others pursue economic goals, and others pursue religious goals. The same is true of the world; the democratic world has its ambitions, and the communist world has its ambitions. It is equally true that God has desires.

There are many kinds of ambitions and many approaches to fulfilling them, whether on the individual, social, national, or world levels. None of these are necessarily parallel all the time, but everything is flowing in a certain direction. When I go out to sea I can see that even the vast ocean flows in a certain direction. Air is the same; all over the globe the currents of air and changing temperatures on the surface of the earth are influencing the weather.

Just like the water and the air, mankind is also flowing in a certain direction. Every day of our lives we have some ambition we want to see fulfilled, and later when you set up your homes and have families you will have ambitions for their futures. Every day we look for something exciting and good to happen. In each of the four distinct seasons of the year--spring, summer, autumn, and winter-and in the seasons of our lifetimes we have certain desires we would like to fulfill.

Our universe has a certain overpowering destiny which encompasses our smaller destinies. The most important problem is whether such a destiny moves at random, or whether there is a certain discipline and direction which guides the universe. That is the question. What do you think? Is everything moving at random, or is there a basic discipline and will? Does the universe itself make up its mind, "This is the direction to go"? There must be some guiding principle within the universe, but who is going to be its subject or center?

What cause and motivation gives direction to the universe?

Certainly there was will before there was existence, and that will emerged according to the principles of the universe. Do you recall the moment you first came out of your mother's womb into the universe? Did you inhale air first, or exhale first? You might have some opinion, but how do you know? Our question is, as a newborn baby, were you conscious of inhaling air? Does that sort of thing happen automatically according to universal law or principle, or does each baby make up his own mind?

Did you decide whether to open or close your eyes when you first emerged? A child is fed many times at his mother's breast, but is a baby educated before birth about how to suck its mother's milk? How does a baby know about such things before he comes into the world?

There is definitely some invisible, yet very strong force in the universe, which is pulling and controlling universal interaction. No matter how trivial or small it may be, nothing happens at random. There is a theory of evolution which concludes that the universe moves forward by its own will. How could evolution come about without having some cause, process, and result? Without some guiding will, how could this complex world ever emerge? There is definitely a cause and motivation which gives direction to the entire universe.

Could that direction be determined by existence itself? For example, as soon as we were born we opened our eyes to look out. What were our eyes actually doing? There was direction in that action, and behind that direction was a purpose. The cause behind all existence determines the direction it takes in moving toward the goal; therefore, everything has a certain function to fulfill. Thus we can say that the universe is not evolving at random.

Many people claim that there is a process of spontaneous evolution and that everything happens naturally. However, even behind this "natural" evolution there is a hidden cause, direction and purpose by which everything follows a certain disciplined direction and way of life. Everything in existence is moving in its respective direction, continuously striving to reach its perfection and to achieve some common goal.

Evolutionists insist that the path of development in the world follows a straight line, and yet the entire universe moves in a circling motion. The seasons follow in the same sequence, and history itself moves in cycles. If everything in the universe advances in a circular pattern, why does evolution itself not follow the same pattern? Electricity flows through circular give and take of plus and minus. Even within matter as hard as a diamond, circular motion is seen between subject and object inside billions of atoms; when their give and take is tightly organized, those atoms create hard matter. By examining the universe we come to the conclusion that man's life has to be included in this universal law; man does not just come out of the dirt to live one life and then vanish. Human life implies much more.

There must be some basic universal energy from which our life springs. We talk about a governing principle, but can you see that principle with your own vision? The principle is invisible and can only be understood after explanation, but even so that invisible principle is always in the subject position and the entire visible world is nothing but the manifestation of it. Man did not evolve out of this earth, but from some invisible principle in the depths of God's heart. God's will and principle preceded you visible men and women, and an invisible idea of man existed which God manifested into the visible form of man. God's will is for man to reach a certain perfection and then return with that perfection to the invisible world which cannot be seen with our physical eyes.

Circular motion allows perfect give and take

Let us think for a moment about why all life exists in circular motion and a circular shape. In give and take action energy is moving in two opposite directions, and unless the give and take action produces a circular motion the subject and object will only clash. In God's law, therefore, the creation is based on circular motion. When perfect giving is responded to by perfect receiving, there is complete perfection of circular motion, meaning that no confrontation results and no energy is wasted. When energy is given in less than a perfectly circular motion the reception is also imperfect and the total energy is reduced. This is the law of movement. Why is this universe round? In order to have the perfect conditions for give and take.

There is a very beautiful Oriental concept of "won mon." "Won" means "round," and "mon" means "complete fullness." This concept means that in the state of perfection one must be perfectly round and also filled completely. Oriental philosophy reveres this state of roundness and fullness.

Why are men and women so different? A man is like a piston, tending to push out and be aggressive in nature. Women are more internal and withdrawn in character, being the recipients of man's aggressiveness. The act of pitching a baseball is an aggressive motion, while the act of catching is receiving and more passive. Does the ball itself just move in a straight line, or is it circling? Do you think a bullet moves in a simple straight line, or is it rapidly whirling? Every motion contains a circular element. All the forms of the human body are primarily round; look at your eyes and the shape of your fingers and limbs. You cannot find any portion of your body which is nearly square. Your teeth are the hardest portion of your body, but they too are rounded in shape.

The solar system, the galaxies, and the heavenly bodies are all round and are moving in a circular motion. In the Unification Church our principle is the same. Because of circular motion we believe that if we can just continue our positive giving then we will receive positive things in the future. Whatever we give is never ultimately lost but will return.

Every action follows a circular path. For example, when you kick a ball, will it fly up in the air and then fall down at a 90-degree angle? No ball moves like that, but instead follows a curving path. When a speeding automobile makes a turn it always tilts away from the direction of the turn. Making a turn is actually the most dangerous moment in driving anything, and at that moment you must stay close to the ground to avoid an accident. In the same way, when God is in motion He is closest to men when making a turn. Such a time is particularly dangerous and severe and accidents can easily happen; however, it is also the time when we can expect some revolutionary new happening.

As you watch a thrilling movie, why do you get so excited when the action moves closer to the edge of life and death? When children at a playground ride a play horse they still bounce up and down. If the horse is not moving then why does its rider move? The rider just wants to get into the action. If you find yourself in the midst of a fearful situation or doing some adventurous thing then you inhale very deeply, and after the suspense is over you naturally exhale very deeply.

Because everything occurs according to universal law and principle, our lives also flow in circular motion. One man and woman together make one life of circular motion. As we get older and become senior citizens our hair will turn gray and even white. Many children are born with light hair, which turns darker as they get older, then becomes light again when they are old.

God loves the harmony that embraces all extremes

In the northern countries people often have white complexions and very light hair, but toward the southern part of the earth people have darker complexions and hair. Why do you think black people are so successful in sports? White people basically have a well-developed upper body, but they tend to have long skinny legs and are unstable if they are attacked from below. On the other hand, black people are strongest in their middle part and legs, which is why they can run faster.

The other day I watched a basketball game in which one team had a black champion who was about my height. The white players were very tall, but this shorter black man broke through their defense by jumping, almost up to the level of the basket. Black people have a stronger foundation in their legs, which gives them a great advantage in athletics. Many U.S. Olympic champions are black people, for example.

Oriental people are balanced in their upper and lower portions the same, like a log. Look at the Japanese people for example; they are short and straight, top to bottom. White people represent the northern part of the earth and black people represent the southern part, while yellow people represent the combination of the two. Even when compared according to body construction, we can see that yellow people are in a position to harmonize both extremes.

From these examples we can learn that one cannot find perfection within oneself alone. God does not give total perfection to any one group of people because He is thinking in terms of creating harmony; He created both extremes to have them become perfectly harmonized. The most ideal and dramatic harmony is not seen in just bridging a short distance. Instead, God wanted to see breadth and depth of motion from one extreme to another in order to generate the most dramatic beauty.

The race problem in America is very great at this particular time. Racial discrimination begins by looking at something different than yourself with scornful eyes. White is the color that reflects every wavelength in the spectrum. Just like white reflects away colors, white people have tended to separate from people of other colors, a tendency which has in many cases involved them in racial war. In comparison, black absorbs every wavelength of the spectrum. Since white and black have opposite characteristics they must have give and take. You cannot exist for only one race because to repel the other will bring only ruin. There must be total giving and total receiving between races.

Is the earth itself more black than white? The peaks of mountains are white because they are covered by snow, while the valleys are black because topsoil from higher up is washed down by the rains. The black race characteristically absorbs the qualities of other people. Like snow on top of a mountain, the white race can be said to be cold in character; white people have always lived in the northern part of the world, and to protect themselves they had to resist their environment. Their kind of stubbornness, which could overcome the cold, is so strong that white people do not easily compromise or readily embrace anyone else. I am not being critical of white people, but analyzing their qualities in a geographical way; I have observed human nature all over the world.

Paralleling the fact that weather in the valley is always warmer and all kinds of elements are being washed down from the mountains, black people have the capacity to embrace all kinds of human elements. They have a greater appreciation of many different kinds of human emotions. My conclusion is that the white culture must be harmonized with the black culture in order to make one culture of roundness and fullness. This is God's purpose in sending an Oriental man to the Western world; I come as a mediator to merge the two cultures into one ideal, heavenly culture.

Beauty includes contrast

I haven't even started on my main subject yet and already one hour has passed! The universe has a will which is translated into Principle, and all resulting existence moves in circular motion and is round. Why? Positive giving and positive receiving harmonized together can create an ideal shape and an ideal means of existence.

I described how white people tend to live in the northern lands and on high ground covered by snow. Higher places are closer to God and symbolize God's ideal. However, does the pinnacle of the mountain exist for its own sake, or for the sake of the valley? Whatever comes down from the top of the mountain always ends up in the valleys on either side; the mountain is in a position to link and harmonize the two valleys. In the 20th century, the valleys are represented by the cultures of the Orient, plus the cultures of the Middle East and Africa. As the embodiment of Western culture, America represents the mountain.

In the last days, America is to serve as the link between the Eastern and Western valleys. Americans should willingly fulfill this role because as a Christian nation America is in the position closest to God and is God's representative. Since America has not been fulfilling this role, I have come to the top of the mountain.

God is looking for harmony between the races, which is similar to harmony between a mountain and a valley. These same principles work in every phase of our unification way of life, including marriage. The white, black and yellow races in the East and West can create a new kind of harmonized human race. God wants you to be dramatic. He would most enjoy couples who come from such different backgrounds that they have to travel around the world to visit their relatives. That kind of dramatic visit is more in God's taste. God thinks it is most dramatic and exciting to see a white mother feeding her black baby, and vice versa.

The characteristics of beauty include contrast, like the combination of blonde hair, blue eyes, and white teeth. At sea there is nothing but blue water for miles and miles, and after awhile the blue color becomes boring. If suddenly you see a black ship approaching from far away, that black dot attracts your entire attention. When the black ship raises its white sails it becomes more exciting and dramatic to watch. If the black ship raises a multi-colored flag, it becomes absolutely gorgeous. Since everything else around is blue, you become content to watch only the black ship with white sails and multi-colored flag. That is what I call dramatic.

I am causing a lot of controversy because the white culture is like a vast ocean in which a yellow dot has suddenly appeared, and is attracting attention. Some Americans are not welcoming me. But God has been sailing vast oceans and is bored with man's present culture. All of a sudden I have appeared like the black ship, and God is focusing His entire attention upon me. I will not only raise white sails, but also the multi-colored flags of all the nations. Put yourself in God's position and look down on the little ship, raising white sails and waving multi-colored flags. It is a very dramatic sight to behold.

You are the sailors on that ship which is attracting so much attention. White, black, yellow, red, and brown people are waving to the nations. There is a great deal of excitement and action on our boat! If you were to go to a world's fair but only white or black people were there, you would say that it was not a good world's fair. All the colors are needed to make a bustling and exciting place, right?

I am wearing a gray suit. Why did I wear a tie with red dots? Simply because that is dramatic and attracts attention. Do you know why I wear this little tie tack in the middle? Because that is where my heart is located.

Women wear necklaces and ornaments which usually hang down in the area of the heart. The necklace attracts attention to the place where your heart and love are. It is as if you are saying, "Come to my love." It would be convenient to feed your babies if God had put women's breasts on top of their arms, but instead He wanted to have mothers nurse their sons and daughters close to their hearts. It represents giving their love. When you analyze things from this point of view, the whole universe becomes intoxicating.

Those who were obedient to the universal destiny have changed history

I have strayed from the main topic, which is the desire of God. I said at the beginning that there is a predestined will which produced the Principle, and that no matter what people may say or do they are destined to follow the rhythm or pulse of the Principle. No one has the power to stop or compromise the will of God, and wise people are obedient to that will; instead of fighting it, they sail with it. In the Western world, men of wisdom are those who are discontent with their present materialistic culture, and are searching for new vision and spiritual elements in the Oriental culture in order to harmonize with the universal destiny.

There is no one who wants to destroy themselves or to be destroyed. Then why is everything declining today? The only explanation is that the universal destiny is moving in one direction, and those people who do not walk parallel with it are headed toward ruin.

The people who change history are those who breathe the destiny of the universe and try to be obedient to its rhythm. There is not one type of person who does not desire to be a hero of mankind, but some people are ruining themselves while others are progressing. Why is that? As I said before, one group of people is moving with the direction of the universal destiny, while another group is rebelling against that destiny.

Suppose you must jump across a river; first you measure and decide how high you must jump to get to the other side. The people who do not follow the universal destiny are like the people who fail to realize how far they must jump and fall into the water. We must harbor a noble vision and high ideal, but the fulfillment of such a goal will require the longest possible preparation time. God is the same way. He has been preparing for thousands of years for the one final leap. Because His dream is so great, it needs tremendous preparation.

Apollo 11's actual performance took only a few days, but years of research, thousands of people and billions of dollars were involved. If you draw a picture of the earth and the moon, you can jump from the earth to the moon and back again on paper. It's that simple. By the same token, if you picture the Unification Church and God's ideal world, you can easily jump back and forth. You have done it both on the blackboard and also in your mind. The actual launching of the Apollo 11 ship was not that easy, however, and neither is our launching to the Kingdom of God.

I often hear people say that they think the Divine Principle is superb but they do not want to be a part of the Unification Church. God does not need those people. Having their attitude is like saying that you like the idea of going to the moon and back again, but you do not want to do it. Your vision is broad because you have a blueprint; no matter how difficult each day may be, you must cover new territory and move toward the actual realization of that blueprint. That is our way of life.

Last year, in 1976, the emphasis was on the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument rallies, but all of a sudden in 1977 I am pushing everyone out to sell The News World. Who knows what the emphasis will be next year! I may say, "Eat and sleep for 24 hours a day or I'll hit you." Everybody is probably thinking, "Boy, I'm glad that day is coming. Father will have us eat as much as we want and sleep 24 hours a day." But I tell you, such a life is real hell. After one week you will say, "Father, let's go out and sell The News World a little bit." In 1976 we had rallies according to our blueprint and we took one step forward. In 1977, selling The News World is another step forward. The important thing is that we have a master plan, and every day we are advancing toward the ultimate goal. Do not be shortsighted.

Yesterday I took a group of members fishing at Barrytown. They were ambitious and eager to beat the record of the New York Church and the IOWCs in Barrytown fishing, but they did not catch many fish at all. I think that was providential. They were doing a very good job fishing, and looking down at them God smiled and said, "I love you very much. But to love you more, I'll teach you a little lesson. If you catch lots of fish you will be arrogant, and you should be humble." So God gave them a small catch. The person who learned a lesson from that experience at Barrytown is a great man. He learned he should not take for granted that he can do everything well.

Difficulty should strengthen your determination

Everything has meaning and a reason, and there is no such thing as a total failure. Tears roll down your face when you cry, but if your mind falls down with your tears, there is no hope. However, if you are determined and your mind rises, then you can utilize every situation for the best.

Persecution should not drag you down or discourage you but should make your determination rise. The Unification Church is in a position to be persecuted and misunderstood, so this is your opportunity to develop strong determination and become an invincible force. That is the way of the Principle. The person who is capable of going deep down into the valley is also capable of jumping to the pinnacle of the mountain. The pinnacle is never linked to another pinnacle but to the valley, and together they have a common destiny. This is a universal principle. Those in the valley can one-day come to the pinnacle of the mountain.

We in the Unification Church are receiving terrible treatment from the world, as though we were being pushed deep into the valley. The important thing to remember is that the valley is linked to the highest part of the pinnacle, and with determination we can climb up the mountain. It is not easy, however, and you need a champion who will be the first to reach the top of the mountain. He will plant a stake at the top and let down a rope by which other people can climb up; then they eventually will build a cable car. Scaling the mountain is not easy!

You are living in both extremes, with the world trying to push you down into misery and your God-centered vision and ideal on the highest peaks. No one in history has ever accomplished what you envision, and your way of life is the most difficult way. Once we set up the cable car to the peak, its lines will stretch for miles and miles, and people will wait for days and years to obtain a ticket to get to the top.

You are engineers who are setting up the cable car line from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley, and I am the foreman and chief engineer. God has been working for thousands of years to bring mankind up from the lowest point of human misery to the pinnacle of His ideal. Many have tried to follow God up the mountain. Women have tried to follow, but as the road got steeper and more rugged they decided to drop out. Men have not been any different. They were determined to follow, but halfway up they also dropped out. God brought provisions for the journey and He fed His followers along the way, but as time passed they saw that God had less and less. Being afraid for themselves, they said, "God, we thought we knew You, but You are not the almighty God we thought You were. We are going our own way." This realistically describes how man has deserted God.

The important thing to understand now is that because you are too close to the ground you do not see the pinnacle; instead you see nothing but trees. You cannot even see the other side of the forest. It may seem that you are not making any progress at all. Of course it would be much easier to feel inspired if you could see the pinnacle, but as you climb the steep, dark hill there is no destination in sight. When you turn around to gaze all the way down to the valley it is easy to become jittery and fearful. Many people change their minds, thinking, "I'm not going to be stupid! Some fools may still want to climb the mountain, but I will be wise and turn around." Are you that type of person?

Ever since Adam and Eve, all mankind has given up after gaining a certain distance. That is human history. You may say, "Today is a very hot day so let us take a day off and not climb." Would you still want to go even though your body may ache? The closer you get to the pinnacle, the more exhausted you will become.

As God is leading His children to the pinnacle, greedy people with hidden personal ambition will certainly give up and even Satan will eventually give up. But God wants His children to become victorious. Who will remain? The person will remain who says, "It's not for my own personal glory that I go. This is my destiny, and nothing under the sun can stop me except my own death." If even at the moment of death you still harbor hope then you will live spiritually, and God will pick someone to canny on your tradition.

We have reached the highest point ever attained in history

We must be determined to go on until the moment God Himself gives up, insisting, "As long as God is alive, there is no way my hope will die." Only a person with that conviction has the possibility of reaching the pinnacle. I did not say that he is guaranteed of reaching the top, but he does have the possibility of reaching the top. The person with determination and vision will find the shortest possible route and reach the top. What kind of person are you? Are you the type who can determine that even though you may die you will still leave behind a shining tradition and the tools and provisions posterity will need to reach the top? I am doing precisely that.

We have traveled far from the starting point, and below us we can see the points where mankind before us has always turned around. Even though your path is not yet completed, you have reached the highest point ever attained in history, including by the spirit world. Keep climbing the mountain until 1981 and you will reach the pinnacle. Do you want to die after you reach the top, or do you want to prepare a banquet and invite God to, a victory celebration? You should be prepared for a celebration, and bring along what you will contribute.

The Unification Church has started many endeavors, such as performing arts and businesses, which are all preparation for the banquet on the final day! When you reach the top, don't you want to say, "These are the gifts for the banquet. I made them with my own hands, Heavenly Father." That is the way I think. In order for you to do that, I am driving you relentlessly in order to reach the standard which will get you to the peak. Do you mind? The important thing is whether you welcome it with bubbling enthusiasm and such a sense of urgency that there is no time to even use the bathroom.

The person who can completely forget his biological needs is truly crazy to fulfill God's mission. In Korea it often happened in the early days of our church that members would not want to miss even one minute of my speech in order to go to the bathroom. Such people are hard to compete with because they have no concept of time passing, and no realization of their physical needs. God wants to have that kind of dramatic children. God wants dignified and loyal sons and daughters He can be proud of for eternity, children who are unique and unprecedented in all of history.

When I ask who wants to follow me up the mountain the women always answer quickly, "We do!" But later they drop by the wayside. Women are champions for answering. The men do not always answer right away, but they go farther than the women. Is that right or wrong? That is true of Oriental women at least. Are American women different? You are not too much different in height, your voices sound the same, and your hands are tiny. American women are like Korean and Japanese women then, right?

You women must make up your minds this morning that you will not be defeated by the men no matter what. As you climb the mountain behind some man, he may not be moving quickly. You should reach out and inspire him. For example, you could say, "The banquet will begin soon, and we must get to the pinnacle quickly. Perhaps there will be a blessing there." That is more inspiring to a man than if you kicked him. When he hears that he will say, "Oh, oh, yes." The best way to inspire men is through love, and the same is true of women.

We must be prepared to give God a banquet

History is the chronicle of man trying to reach the peak, and the Messiah is the one who starts from the very bottom of hell and climbs up to the top of the mountain first. When you also reach the top and come before God, He will call out to the world, "Look at these champions among men and women. I am proud of my sons and daughters and I will honor them. The entire universe must bow down to them." This will be God's order. The entire universe will answer, "Yes, Father," and it will bow down.

In the Unification Church the blessing is actually given out seven-tenths of the way up the mountain because individuals cannot finish the final portion alone. Therefore, the blessing is given at that point, and with the power of a loving relationship as couples, men and women will go forward together to the final banquet in the sight of God. That is our way of life in the Unification Church.

What kind of person would you like to become? Do you want to be the one who arrives in time for the banquet after all the preparation has been made by others, or do you want to be the first to arrive and help build the palace at the banquet site? I am sure you want to be the builders.

God is invisible and He cannot prepare the banquet ground. You not only need to witness and do spiritual work, but you must build the banquet hall. God would never go to Satan's banquet. Instead, you must get to the pinnacle first to clear the wilderness and build the banquet site. This means you must carry many materials to the top of the mountain. All of our projects are needed as components of the banquet.

Until you reach the goal you may look miserable to non-members of the Unification Church. No one will give you recognition on earth, and even God is waiting until the day you reach the pinnacle. Are you determined to reach the top? You must not blame anyone, or use anyone as an excuse if you do not make it. Do not complain, or else when you arrive at the banquet hall people will accuse you and say that you do not deserve your blessing. If you steal the materials you bring, you cannot present them as your own achievement. You must earn them with your sweat, blood, and tears.

If you are not quite capable of playing a major role in building the banquet hall, at least be someone who can be a positive element and contribute to the banquet. Then you can say, "Father, this is my banquet. We did it together." God does not desire thousands of family-level banquets; instead He desires one banquet on the national level, after having one whole nation restored. When God has one nation under his direct dominion as a foothold on earth, we will have a day of celebration.

God's desire is to reach the highest pinnacle where love is the supreme way of life. You blessed couples should not worry about your own surroundings, and whether you have a nice home and furniture at this time. Worry instead about how to achieve the national level quickly. Together we will give our total energy toward this achievement and then go on to the worldwide and cosmic levels.

At the worldwide banquet we will offer all the treasures of the world to God. Satan has always ruled the land, which is one-third of this earth, but our goal is focused on the unstained area, the two-thirds of the world which is the sea. I keep saying that the women of the Unification Church should have an interest in the sea. Western women should already be more interested in the sea because their eyes are blue, like drops of water.

The desire of God is to see the day of the banquet of heaven and earth. You must become the men and women who will make that banquet possible. I may not see that day here on earth. Even if I do not, my spirit will still live and you will ultimately reach the top. My physical body may falter, but my spirit will go on. As long as I have life here on earth, I will not spare one ounce of energy or one drop of blood to accomplish God's will.

I am almost 60 years old; my life is one of total emergency and urgency is my constant companion. Sometimes I wish I could be 30 years old again like you, so that I could quickly finish everything while on earth. This is the most urgent time of human history. Those of the white, black, and yellow races should exert their last ounce of energy to achieve this goal in their lifetimes. If I am not living on the earth then this mission will become hundreds of times more difficult.

During the time I am living here on earth we must lay the major foundation of unification and harmony and tradition. You stand in a very fearful position because you are participating in the mission during my lifetime. You must be able to echo my heart. If you do not, you will not be able to lift up your face before God when you die. Your ancestors will ask, "What did you do?" and you will face their accusation.

God desires that our church be God-centered and God-motivated. God wants to know that I did my absolute best and that there is no more ground to cover, and I want every member of the Unification Church to receive that praise from God as well. God will say, "You are my sons and daughters, and you did your absolute best. There is nothing more to be done."

Have you reached that level of dedication and service? God has declared that a super-emergency exists at this time in history. We can make the third Sunday of June in 1977 the turning point. Shall we do it? Then let's go over the hill. Thank you. Let us pray.

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