The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1977

God Depends On Us Alone

Sun Myung Moon
June 1, 1977
Belvedere, New York
Translator - David Kim

All of you know this is an historical day; many of you actually participated in our experience of one year ago today. In order to restore this world and humankind we must center on God's will. God cannot accomplish His will by Himself alone, but must work with man. If man had not fallen, the will of God would have been absolutely completed at the beginning. Man and woman would have reached perfection and the fulfillment of God's love would have been accomplished centering upon them. United in love, families of perfect husbands and wives, perfect parents and children would have spread to fill the universe. God's original ideal is to become one with man and one with all things. This gigantic scheme of oneness would have been accomplished had there been no fall.

Not only would God's will have been accomplished on earth, it would have been consummated in spirit world as well. The consummate form of heaven and earth will be seen when an absolute unity between the two is accomplished. If this had been realized from the beginning then there would have been no earthly hell, and after life on earth people would have gone automatically to heaven in the spirit world.

The culture created by perfected Adam and Eve would also automatically have become God's culture and civilization, in spirit world as well as on earth. All mankind would have been offspring of the heavenly bloodline and all things would have been under God's direct control and dominion. Under those circumstances God could have lived on earth among men. With His ideal of creation fulfilled God would dwell within each person as well as in the external culture and civilization created by Him through man. This is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, both internal and external, which God had originally planned. However, our world has expanded in a way utterly contrary to God's ideal, and we feel grief at the chaos and tragedy that has resulted from the fall of man.

Looking at this world we see many different cultures and a great diversity of living styles. Instead of one nation or family of mankind there are many nations which live in a state of separation and conflict. One world under God is the ideal, but this small planet is divided up by boundaries, which prevent people from traveling freely from one place to another.

Religious people have misunderstood the purpose of religion

This world is entirely contradictory to God's will, and thus He is looking for someone to realize His ideal for mankind. He has been establishing religions in order to solve this problem of division. Indeed, the purpose of religion has been to guide all men toward that one final goal of the fulfillment of His will. However, the original founders of the various religions did not generally understand that their religions were not for the service of their nationalities or races but for God's broader purpose.

The life of faith of any great religion must transcend the individual and the nation and reach out to all mankind. No true religion is confined to one small state. Until now most researchers of religion have confined their study to the boundaries of a single theology, never considering the wider purpose which embraces all religions. Many religious people have only considered their own salvation and limited their thinking to one doctrine; they never thought about the salvation of the world and all of mankind.

Because of the situation of the fallen world, God must pursue the course of restoration both externally through culture and internally through the religious aspect of man's life. But always God is striving to establish the unity necessary to fulfill His will. At this time people are talking about actualizing one world of peace and order, yet at the same time many religious leaders all over the world are sheltering themselves in their own religions. This is entirely contradictory to God's will; the continuation of many separate religions is not helping to fulfill His providence. God cannot easily work through the kind of religion which strictly centers on only its own doctrine. God's desire is that religion go beyond that level and strive to eradicate evil throughout the earth.

In the past, superior cultures have dominated and absorbed lesser cultures and in the same way superior religions have absorbed lesser religions. From now on this process of assimilation will not happen by force or violence but naturally as mankind matures spiritually. Since God is going to save mankind through religion, a religion must appear which will stimulate this maturity and assimilation and which can save all mankind. That religion must be able to embrace and direct not only one nation but the entire world; a heavenly ideology must be given by God which can connect the entire world to God.

The role of God's new religion is not to combat other religions but to be compatible with the truth in them all and thus link them all together, uniting them into one. This religion will not only influence the nation of its origin but will embrace all nations and cultures, having the power to unite not only the people from one homogenous culture but those from all cultures. This is the kind of religion God is ultimately seeking to establish.

Jesus came 2,000 years ago to bring one religion which could unite all peoples with God; however, Christianity today has more than 400 denominations. If Christians had the spiritual power to uphold the idea of one world then there would not be 400 denominations at this time. Not only would Christianity have succeeded in bringing unity in the world at large, it would have united man's internal and external worlds as well. Instead, Christians have expended much of their energy on petty denominationalism.

What is God's desire for religion? He would closely follow the religion which could embrace everything. Suppose Jesus Christ were to come on the clouds right now; what would he see when he came? Instead of having one body of Christianity on earth he would be faced with 400 denominations. Each group would be insisting that they alone had the one true faith and that everyone else was heretical. If Jesus Christ were to come right now he would have nothing to say to God, nothing to offer Him except confusion and division on earth. He could not pray to God, "My disciples have worked hard for 2,000 years but now I have 400 denominations. Will You please accept the fruit of their work regardless?" If Jesus were to come right now, could he admire and praise all these denominations and their attitudes towards each other?

The fact that religious people are so divided demonstrates that they are not living the true faith; God cannot accept such division. He will embrace those who insist that all people must be united into one through God and Christ. We have been preaching that viewpoint and other religions recently are moving in that direction also.

Even though you have nothing, you are convinced you can save the world. As a new religion, we cannot save the world if we remain at the level of one nationality or race. To save the world we must transcend all past racial boundaries; Koreans alone cannot save the whole world nor can Japanese, Americans or Europeans. There is one God and one Christ and our motto is that mankind must be united into one. This is the natural course of history.

God has long been planning to have one movement for unification centering upon the True Parents. Your mission is to unite the world. You have wonderful ideals, but there is a long way to go to accomplish this most complex mission.

You speak English, but is that the language originally spoken by Adam and Eve? In what language did they converse with God? We don't know what that language was, but their descendants should speak and live with one religion and culture and have one mind and one heart. This is the destiny of all mankind.

I have visited many nations and find that they are all proud of their past. In their museums and archives they have preserved the artifacts of their history, items they consider wonderful and valuable. From God's point of view those things are worthless. Those items in national museums represent the exploitation and suffering of many people. It cannot be said that they represent affection and service to the world. Basically no nation has that to be proud of.

How would God feel when citizens feel proud of their royalty in all their splendor? America is a little closer to God's heart in comparison with the European countries which are so attached to their past; Americans are still developing a sense of their heritage, trying to find something valuable about their nation to take pride in.

In the Unification Church we do not even have museums, and compared to these nations we don't have many historic artifacts. Even in your room you may have just enough space to lie down and get up. You are just like gypsies; even a snail has its tiny shell as a house, but you don't even have a shell. In the worst circumstances your natural parents disown you for calling me Father. Sometimes they may kidnap you after getting a conservatorship and then try to deprogram you. Some of you have gone through this kind of strange experience. If you did research in a library you would find nothing to parallel the parents' kidnapping of their own children, especially in this nation.

What is causing all this? You Moonies must be very radical people and have some mysterious power to warrant being so persecuted. God certainly has to be sympathetic and pay attention to you. You are gathering here because your ideal is to save the whole world. Even though you look like a snail your thinking is, "I am going to save mankind and the whole world." Do you really believe you can do it? Even though you have no car and few possessions, your whole aspiration is to save the world and all mankind. The world may not envy your diet and you labor at jobs which ordinary people would shun-no one else in this world wants to witness, fund raise or sell newspapers every day-but you are still doing it.

In some peoples' opinion you are crazy to sell the News World every day and go out fund raising and witnessing, all with the fervent belief that you are going to save the world. Even though some of you are over 30 you are still not worrying about getting married, but thinking constantly instead about saving the whole world. I am responsible for you crazy people. The same thing applies to me because I am always thinking in the same way. All my life I have been persecuted and harassed by my opponents. Maybe the opponents who follow us on earth will follow us all the way up to heaven! I only ignore much of what they do because I have no time to fight back. I am too busy doing my work. I am not here in this world to fight; instead I must go steadily toward the fulfillment of God's will. Is it very hard to follow in my footsteps?

Yesterday Mr. Kamiyama came to make plans for the anniversary celebration today. He expected me to decide that we should have this meeting at the New Yorker Hotel, but my feeling was that even though you may not sell as many newspapers, there is greater spiritual significance to your being here. Sometimes you feel that it would be much easier for me to meet you in New York than to have all of you come up here, right? By your laughing you are confessing what you are really thinking. Because of that feeling I must call you here.

If I met you in New York you would stay in bed until 10 minutes before I arrived. There would be many spiritual hindrances in that case, so instead I am sacrificing your work by having you travel up here. From the spiritual point of view, which one of us should God accommodate? It would be very awkward spiritually if I were to get up first and travel for an hour while you remained in bed. God would not let me speak under those circumstances because you would not be ready to receive my message. If that attitude were to become a habit then a dangerous situation would develop. Can you understand this? It is wonderful for you to discipline yourselves to be here by 5:30. It brings you greater benefit than you realize. More effort always brings more result. That is spiritual law, and that is why I had you be here by 5:30 instead of 6 a.m.

Do you think becoming a Moonie is a wonderful thing or a tragedy? Should you have more money in order to be happy? You have no money, but you do have ten fingers and two hands. Do you feel happy? We own nothing. Many of our critics say that I own mansions, but everything is owned by the Church. Mother and I own nothing and I am suffering because I don't have enough money to fulfill God's will. You are in the position to share with this suffering; I have a universal job to do but not enough money. Instead of my giving you money, you bring money through fund raising to be used for God's purpose.

Where has all the money gone? All the money you earned is used to bring tangible results for the restoration of the world. It will never be misused. I have more headaches because I want to match money you earn to the accomplishment of bigger things. You are not working to support me but for the world and for mankind. My livelihood does not depend upon what you earn. This must be clear. How do you feel when many people criticize you for being a Moonie?

Moonies and Sunnies

In Korean the sound "moonie" means dialogue or discussion between a superior and subordinate, as distinct from a conversation between equals. This is similar in meaning to a discussion between man and God, subject and object. A second meaning of the sound "moonie" is that of a fabric, like silk, but not just of one color, which would be dull. Fabric with some beautiful design and many colors is more meaningful and this we call "moonie." All of this means two things. We are influencing the world the same way beautiful embroidery enhances clothing. We are consulting with Heavenly Father in order to enhance this fallen world with heavenly beauty.

In another sense the significance of this is that people who need guidance will come to consult with you. You are then in the position of superior. Secondly, when the world is seeking to advance, people will have to come to receive the kind of inspiration that beautiful embroidery gives to silk cloth. You are called "Moonies" now, but very soon you will be "Sunnies." When you are promoted to become Sunnies all the rest of the world will be called Moonies. Then Moonies will hold the subordinate position and Sunnies will be in the position of superior. As they consult back and forth they will unite and the world will become one.

The nickname "Moonie" is excellent and dispensational. You are born as a Moonie but you die as a Sunnie; when your earthly life is over you Moonies on earth will go to heaven and occupy God's throne and become Sunnies. My topic this morning is, "God Depends on Us Alone." God's hope and expectation is to see His ideal manifested on earth and in spirit world, having Moonies on earth and Sunnies in heaven. God is anticipating this kind of unity.

In the Orient a person is described as moon-like or sun-like. A woman wants to be moon-like while a man is sun-like. Why? The moon is always changing but the sun never changes. Which one do you want to be? There are no others like Sunnies and Moonies on the earth. We have no boundaries or racial discrimination here in our Unification Church. God is colorblind and He recognizes no regional boundaries. If we become His real children then we cannot have those concepts either.

Suppose later you were to become the president of one nation. When the time comes to eliminate the barriers of national boundaries you would lose your position as head of a nation and become a common subject instead. Are you ready to do that? You may say yes because you have not yet even become a president. The problem is that people usually do not like to resign from or yield power once they have it. In the Unification Church you are asked to totally dedicate your time and your substance, but some members are reluctant to completely let go. How are you going to resign your presidency if you have this kind of nature? Could you overcome your human nature? This is something to dank seriously about. Unless you are ready to give up all you have and dedicate all your spiritual and physical power, you are not qualified to be an eternal citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Why can't God trust you?

Individually you have to think about whether God can depend upon you. Some of you are dozing off now and during the week you complain in your hearts about fund raising and hard work and about not having been blessed yet. Can you really say you have given everything to God? As an individual do you have confidence that God can depend upon you? Even though you say yes, I must disagree. God must look into each of your hearts and decide whether He can depend on you and in each situation whether you can bring some success or advancement. Please raise your hand if you truly have confidence that God can depend upon you.

Why can't God trust you? Here is the reason. God trusted Adam and Eve, the first human beings, but. they failed Him. God's experience with man through the ages has been sad and bitter. How can He trust you now? Has the history of restoration been a failure or success when God trusted individual after individual? After so many bad experiences in His past, how can God trust you? Please think seriously about this. Are you really united? God found He could not even depend on Adam and Eve, who were born without original sin.

God may trust your thinking and your ideals but not depend on your actions. It is very easy to talk about big things like restoration of the world and of perfected mankind, but the actual practice from day to day is very tough. God trusts that you are thinking of noble goals, but where did those big ideas originate?-from within you or from the True Parents? These are not even your ideas. To make these concepts a part of your life is a different matter altogether.

Your word and deed must become one. Only when you can actualize your concept in deeds will God be able to depend on you. Have you reached that stage? In order to accomplish individual restoration you have to pay indemnity as an individual. You don't even know how to pay indemnity for yourselves, yet you have to restore the family, tribe, nation and world. You cannot really even conceive of the task that lies before you.

In your ignorance of this matter the best way for you to advance is to be grafted to the True Parents; you cannot do it by yourself. When you are grafted you will be connected to the root of God's lineage. Do you really feel a need to have True Parents? Who knows, I may be an impostor; how do you know whether I am genuine? Have you ever grabbed God in your prayer and demanded to know the truth? Did you ever in your life desperately ask this question?

On what basis can God depend upon us? This question has come down through history to us. God has been thinking about this for a long time, and the past saints and sages and Jesus Christ himself have always pondered this. The main question is how to translate this concept into action. The saints and sages of the past have been unable to completely resolve dais.

To be totally trusted by God you must learn to have subjectivity over all things, overcoming all hindrances and opposition. The individual conviction to overcome all difficulties in fulfilling God's will must be engraved in your heart and at the same time our entire church must be united in this determination. One person alone is not enough. Even God's conviction alone is not enough. Each one of you and our whole organization must go forward in this conviction. God cannot trust you people because He has had such bitter experiences for 6,000 years. But if all of you make a joint effort by centering on the True Parents then God may dare to have hope.

Your response to difficulty is the problem, not opposition

God may admire you for believing in me and for the ideals you have learned from me, but the problem is how to put those ideas into action, regardless of the world's opposition and hindrance. He will wait for that time to come because until then He cannot trust you. The problem is not the opposition of the world but your deeds in responding to it. You must gain a deep sense of confidence and be able to act on this confidence even while you meet opposition and persecution. Your spiritual power comes from being one with Heavenly Father. That means unity as a living reality, not just as a concept. Who would follow me if I were just a man of words and concepts? But I have another side; you follow me because I am a man of action and iron will. To most Americans I am not so important or distinguished. I am not just an ordinary person, however, but a man of action and I accomplish whatever I say I will do.

The Yankee Stadium campaign and victory of one year ago is very vivid in my memory. One year ago Heavenly Father carne down from His throne to Yankee Stadium. Do you think God really depended on us at that time or not? Amidst the crisis of the storm many members and also observers were thinking, "If there is God and if He loves Reverend Moon, then why is such a violent storm happening at this hour?" At the moment when the storm began a huge poster with my picture fell to the ground in my waiting room. Right afterward Mr. Kamiyama came racing to my room and cried, "What can we do?" I thought at that time how important it is to remain calm and stable when we meet this kind of crisis. When there is confusion all around, you must humble yourself and calmly meditate. The war is far from over; we must not relax until the end.

If any mistakes occur then the Unification Church must assimilate the outcome. If heavenly conditions are not met then we must receive the chastisement of heaven. We must do our best by all means, but we must also be ready to carry full responsibility in the event of failure. I was always thinking about the aftermath of Yankee Stadium. If God chastised us for the outcome then we would accept it; if the outcome passed God's test then we would receive greater blessing.

One year ago my total energy and thought and power were concentrated on the Yankee Stadium crusade. At that time I knew that my enemies had even hired assassins to kill or harm me, but the rainfall thwarted their plans. From the normal common-sense point of view the rally should have been canceled due to the storm; only Moonies would continue under such adverse conditions.

You must remember and evaluate that scene during the storm. It is because you overcame and performed even under difficult circumstances that a more excellent result was established. Because of that zeal and power we were able to make Washington Monument a success in only 31/2 months. I originally planned to have the Washington Monument Rally in 1977, but we had that history-making event early. From the dispensational point of view the Washington Monument Rally established the cornerstone of my work on earth.

You Moonies have become controversial because you are taking action, not just thinking and talking. Everywhere you go your action is of a different dimension than that of the rest of the world. You are really trying to save the whole world.

Suppose I were to get depressed and drop this work. Those of you who would really keep going, raise your hands. How can I depend on you? It is very easy to raise your hand. Are we talking about taking serious action 10 years from now, 5 years or one month from now, today, or what? Your volunteering means you will go out to the whole world, even at the risk of your lives. Because I have this determination I will even come down from spirit world after my death to continue my work on earth.

When Mother and I landed in America in 1972, I made a covenant with God, saying, "In three years I shall do these things. You called me to come to America and now I am here. Everything I will do will be to save this nation and all mankind." I have done everything I promised God at that time. You must make the same vow for the coming three years.

One of my responsibilities was to become known and to spread God's word to every household. Whether I am liked or disliked does not matter; my name should be known throughout the United States and the world. Even people who may not know about the Unification Church have heard of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon by now. I have been able to do this in a short period of time. I am not handsome to look at but I am different because I am a man of iron will, a man of action.

You must be people of action; you can do more than I if you live this concept. It @ not ordinary thinking. America is a super-power in the world and a leader of the free nations. I came here to shake this gigantic nation in order to save it and the world. Few others have come to this country with such determination.

Simply because I am becoming known here in the United States, people from all walks of life-scientists, politicians, religious leaders-are taking action against me. However, I am resilient like rubber, bouncing back again and again. By the time the attackers get tired I will still be strong and even more powerful than they. I will definitely be victorious over them. God will then come to me, saying, "I will lift you up now." Recently the news media seems tired of attacking me, so I will revitalize their interest through the News World.

What is the victorious element in all this? The more they attack the more I will overcome, using that power for a positive purpose. Even while we are attacked we automatically bounce back, gaining the victory even in the midst of what looks like defeat. The more we are attacked the more victories we gain. To ordinary eyes it looks like the Unification Church is declining, but inside we are increasingly strengthened.

Who do you think is behind me through all of dais? I depend on God, and because of my complete conviction and dedicated action, God must back me up. Even though God supports me, however, I do not depend solely upon Him. If parents can depend upon their sons and daughters then they can be proud of their family. The same thing applies to me. I not only depend on God but upon my children.

The whole world situation is tragically pessimistic. God must certainly be comforted when someone reassures Him, saying, "Heavenly Father, don't be discouraged. I am here and I am going to correct this situation. Let me finish the job You are doing on earth." Then God will delegate His authority and say, "Yes, you do it." I have approached God this way, and after His endless defeats and failures He is now beginning to have hope for the future. God must certainly be proud to see what I have done in this country in a short period of time, stirring up this nation in His name. God can depend on me now.

Your responsibility is to take the initiative

Today's theme is, "God Depends On Us Alone." You are in that position. If you only follow after me and depend on me for instruction then you have not done your own work. You have to take the initiative. Before I give instructions about what to do you can anticipate what needs to be done and put your ideas into action. Your victories and accomplishments will inspire God to begin to trust and depend on you always.

If you can inherit the attitude I had in coming to this country then you will accomplish even more. You can put the same strategy into action, determining, "I am going to save this nation and the world and mankind." As you substantially move in that direction then God will say, "I depend upon you."

I have proclaimed to the world, "We must go to Moscow." You know that I am thinking along this line so you can go ahead of me and have everything prepared, ready to march forward to Satan's city of Moscow. You must think that way. In case I cannot go to Moscow you individuals must go. You must be responsible for all the different problems arising in this world and nation. God will depend upon the individual who can put this into practice; that person will become the leader of this movement.

Making a pledge in words is very easy, but from now on when you look in your mirror ask yourself, "Am I qualified to be trusted by God?" Even Peter, the disciple who three times pledged his faithfulness to Jesus, later betrayed Jesus three times. Can you sisters feel this way? Is there a limit to the difficulties you will overcome? Always you must think about whether you are dedicated enough to risk your life for this cause; then you are ready. Gamblers risk money, but you have to be ready to risk your lives to fulfill God's will.

Some of you become a little gloomy when I ask serious questions like this. Have you ever risked your life when you were fund raising? When witnessing? In the midst of your fund raising or witnessing you might feel miserable even though you started out thinking, "I will save the whole nation, the whole world." Then you have to connect with God, who sees how tragically this world contrasts with His ideal of creation.

The lesson you have to learn is how to be constantly sensitive to God's own feeling of misery. Think of God's situation; when you are feeling miserable do you ever realize that God feels the same way? If you feel that same deep passion then God will be with you, and even though you may earn only a small amount of money it is of infinite value because it is connected to the heavenly heart.

Your inheritance of the heavenly heart in witnessing and fund raising is an invaluable spiritual asset. In that way you have to re-determine that even though your offering is small, you will go beyond it; it is meaningful because it is connected to the salvation of mankind. This must be your concept.

This is the aspect which God values most in your fund raising and witnessing. Before God we are only a small number of people, but even with a small number of people He is trying to fulfill His ideal on earth. There is still hope for the future, but only if that small number on earth can truly represent God's ideal.

In my prayer I comfort God; "Even if there is a small number of members, this is the foundation on which we will expand. In a few years we will have multiplied and spread all over the planet." With this kind of hope I approach God to comfort Him. My pledge to Him is that even in the midst of persecution I have confidence in my point of view and in my action and I will overcome everything. We are responsible in this way and must be able to surpass persecution. We are the only people who are able to do this heavenly task. We have to give constant stimulus to heaven by our actions so that God can have hope for the future.

The relation between you and me is the same; I want to be able to trust you and have hope for the future through you, your ideals and your actions. In that way you will become responsible men and women. Even now, who can Mother and I depend on? You are the ones we must depend upon to be responsible for the total restoration of the world.

Without persecution we will not advance

At this time there are armies on earth for individual nations but there is no heavenly army with a loyalty and spirit that transcends national boundaries. Even the United Nations troops do not fit this category. In the future a universal heavenly force will be formed with the spiritual power to eradicate the satanic forces throughout the world. That is the concept of the mobile units of the IOWC; the world will not be saved by guns and cannons. You cannot think the world will be saved by "our hands" but by "my hands." You and I have the same destiny and in the event that we fail in our battle for the world we will die together. This is the spirit we have to have in our heavenly army.

The different races have been fighting each other throughout the past, but this time all the races and nationalities will form a heavenly army together and will die together for one cause. We are of the same flesh and blood, and even though we are from races which used to be enemies, we are one army under God. Have you gained this conviction?

In following me so far you have accumulated many experiences. You cannot imagine the experiences I have had. I will never forget the torture I received under the Japanese imperialists who dominated Korea, or the brutality of the communist prison guards. In South Korea our Church was formed in the midst of upheaval and we were persecuted for no valid reason.

Through all this suffering I have always been aware that even though we may pay a great price of indemnity, all that we have paid will be nullified if we do not gain the final victory. The more persecution we receive, the more we have to accomplish. If there is no persecution then there is no chance for us to advance. Thus, if we are not persecuted from outside our Church then I will persecute you. By being tested through persecution you can bear more fruit, and then in the future your descendants will inherit the wealth of your accomplishments.

Through persecution you will become perfect. If Satan attacks and you survive, or even if Heavenly Father or I persecute you and you survive, then everywhere you go you will be victorious in everything. From then on you can control Satan as you like. You will become the channel through whom the 6,000 year war between Satan and God is finally concluded. I always imagine that I will be the prosecutor of Satan in heaven's court and I will testify against him.

It will be easiest for me if I can finish everything while still on earth, however. It is my prayer that if my job is left unfinished that God will mobilize a hundred times more people to finish the task. I will organize forces from spirit world and with them descend to lead the worldly forces to accomplish the unfinished task. When it comes to my determination, God has no choice but to depend on such a person as me.

If you are a solid person with convictions such as these, then if Satan or even God spins you around you will always come back to your original position. If you habitually act on your thinking then you will not be influenced by other forces, even if you have no food to eat. This is the kind of daily routine you have to adopt in order to become an unchangeable person. In your mind you have to be always mobile, ready at any time to pack up and leave. Our critics say that I live in luxury, but Mother and I have no attachment to anything. I must maintain a certain minimum standard of living in order to meet the standard of American culture, but I feel most comfortable when I have just a small pillow instead of king-size bedding. I prefer simple living and I am always ready to return to that. I am ready to go wherever God instructs me to be.

You women might be very unhappy with such a husband, right? Women tend to want to possess their husbands and their surroundings. Even Mother may not like this attitude. You people do not know when or where you might need to go, but when the time comes you must be ready to go anywhere without complaint, even to Africa or to the communist world.

This attitude is entirely different from most peoples' thinking. I am curious to see what kind of people you will be in the future. Even though you look weak now, if you inherit this ideology and put it into action for five or ten years you will control all of America. You have great advantages over me because you are accepted in this culture and you speak the language.

Yesterday I saw a member who has a Masters degree scrubbing the floors in the Manhattan Center. Do you hate to do such jobs or do you do any work with appreciation? I am never ashamed of anything I am doing. At Barrytown I taught the students how to make fishing nets. Even our professors were amazed. At that time a theologian's conference was going on and the visiting scholars never expected to see me at Barrytown. They sneaked in to take a look at what I was doing with the students and were amazed and impressed to see me doing such humble, manual work. You have no excuses to make to me because I have done everything before you, even the most humble labor.

The world is big, encompassing many civilizations and many religions, but from God's point of view there is no one to trust except you Unification Church people. Can you realize that Heavenly Father is depending on each one of you? The Heavenly Kingdom on earth is your Kingdom of Heaven on earth if you create it with your own hands. What kind of mind are you going to take with you to spirit world after your 80 or so years on earth? You are going to spirit world with your children and with brothers and sisters of all different races. This is the attitude you must have.

Because you are the only ones God may possibly trust you must be proud of yourselves. You are the only people who can give hope for the future to the whole world. You are the only ones on earth who can possibly fulfill the ideal of God's kingdom. Through your individual hard work and initiative I can depend on you and God can depend on you. If you are going to become people of action, raise your hands. May God bless you. Let us pray.

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