The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1976

Take Up God's Worst Problem

Sun Myung Moon
April 25, 1976

We all know that the world is looking for unity. When will that originate? It doesn't just happen automatically; we must create unity. Although we know that we are destined to become united someday, our world is divided. It is historical destiny that nations come together to make one world. But the internal situation in America doesn't look promising for that to occur. The United Nations is more divided than united. The Communists have a great ideology for workers and poor people, but they have many problems internally.

Let's look at ourselves. Are we one within ourselves? When my mind and my body are not united, my environment is strange. It is difficult for us to become one in ourselves and to become one with our environment. Either I must make myself become one, or an outside power makes me become one. There must be a central point for unity. When two parties cannot become one, that means that they have no common ground to unite. Therefore we must have a common subject. We can go back to the originating point or advance towards one ultimate goal in which both can find a common ground. Confrontation usually brings destructive results. If my mind and body confront each other, I come to ruin. United, we are prosperous, divided, we fall. Our goal is unification. But we cannot attain it unless we go through the route of victory.

For unity, we are looking for a subject which is good, truthful, and great. What is the truth? The world does not have a clear definition of the truth. It is important for the truth to be eternal, unchanging and everlasting. But the most important quality of truth is that it can maintain the subject role from the beginning to the end, from eternity to eternity. Truth is always the center, at the very core.

Why is the central point so essential? The central point always takes responsibility. The true nation, for example, becomes the central point to take responsibility for the rest of the world. For a nation to become a central point, it must have an idealistic goal.

Do you want to become truthful people? Everyone wants to be the subject but no one wants to take the responsibility. If you are dwelling in the truth, then you take responsibility not only for yourself but also for others.

By this definition, we can judge whether or not the Unification Church is a true religion or not. Are we responsible? We must take responsibility for others. From this criterion you can measure all religious philosophies and all events of history. You can measure your own leader. Am I a truthful leader?

Why do young people seek me? It is most logical that young people seek the truth. We have an ideology that takes responsibility for the entire world past, present, and future. It is not my ideology to take the comfortable way. If that were the case, no one would follow. Unification is not an easy goal. Shall we become united? Your answer must be everlasting, even at the price of your life. Let's have the confidence that I am the subject, I will take the responsibility for the world. Are you going to save the world? The important thing is whether or not you can deliver. Are you responsible? The answer is easy, but the action is difficult.

The person of truth has the subject role and takes up the responsibility for all. The man standing on the truth is not bothered by the environment. I came to save America and the world. It is as simple as that. There is no way for me to be discouraged. I know God, pursue His principles, and take up the world's problems with enthusiasm. Out ideology is so big. If we think even bigger than God, He would not condemn us but rather be joyful. Our ideology is that we must liberate God. Is there any bigger thinking than that?

God is the central point of all and has taken on the worst responsibilities in the world. He is eternally our God. Jesus led a miserable life from an external viewpoint. When he was defeated on the cross, he asked God to forgive the people. From this we can also learn the definition of truth. Jesus took responsibility for all. He asked God to forgive the Roman Empire, the sinners and the world because he took responsibility for them. Jesus Christ lived as the subject of the world. Therefore his ideology is super-giant. No one can compete with it.

We are the movement to take responsibility for America. We take up the hard road. While being opposed, we continue to prosper. Our goal is unification, and we are looking for victory. How can we achieve that victory? This morning I am teaching you the secret of becoming God's man. Take up the worst problem as your responsibility. Once we become the champions to solve the worst problems of God, we will become united with God and with the world. What is the worst problem of God and of mankind? It centers around love.

Where can we find true love? This world, without true love, is running into immorality. Corrupted mortality is the sign of ruin. This is God's headache. Are you capable of wiping out the corruption in the world? We can truly regenerate the entire youth of the world through our own hands. You are responsible for the future of the world. God knows that already. I know your position so well. I am giving up my life for this cause. I know that there is no choice but to go this road. There is not one day that is easy for me. But I know that there must be no deviation because the goal is something greater than our lives. Any religious leader with the power to liberate young people from corruption can become truly united with this world.

The second greatest problem is the death of religion. America is declining because religion is dying. We have a philosophy to solve that problem. The third problem is Communism. If we have a solution to just one of these problems, we already have the power to unite the world. Can you do it? We see many proofs that we can. For example, who is opposing us? Morally degraded people, the declining Christian churches, and the Communists. Even though they may want to exterminate us, our goal is not to exterminate but to liberate them. We are going to save the Communists. We are going to liberate the prostitutes to a healthy way of life. And we want to save the decline of the churches. If we are motivated solely by an unselfish goal, we will never perish. I want you to be generous and work hard.

Work harder than our enemies and forgive them. They are anxious to see our destruction, and we want to liberate them. The life of opposition is short; the life of construction is long.

Victory is ours. There is no way that we can he ruined. We cause unification. We have truth, which is subject and takes the responsibility for the world. That truth is also very unique, unchanging and beautiful. No one else is happier than we are because we are on the track of truth and because we have a guarantee of victory. You are going to win that victory on the front line. When we have unified the front line, everything will come automatically. Our path will get easier because we are picking up momentum.

Have confidence. You need only yourselves. The originating point of victory is the truth. Those who take responsibility for the worst problem will be victorious. In history, we will be sons and daughters of God. We will inherit the love of God. Our ultimate victory is to become sons and daughters of God. 

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