The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1976

In One Battle We Want to Liquidate the Failures of the Past

Sun Myung Moon
January 12, 1976
The Total Accomplishment of the Providence of God

As you know, today is the first Sunday of 1976. The total accomplishment of the work of God in the providential history has to he done in a certain time, and this morning I intend to speak on this particular subject because I feel that this is the time. As we know through the Divine Principle, because of the Fall of man the original ideal of the providence of God has not been the reality. All things are divided. Actually heaven and earth were supposed to become one. This oneness has been broken and heaven and earth separated. Man apposed to be the center of heaven and earth and this universe; however, man is also divided between mind and body.

At the same time, our mind was supposed to be high, noble and sacred. Even without any particular education and indoctrination, our mind was supposed to know the clear direction to go; between mind and body there is supposed to be oneness, just like heaven and earth should be in oneness. However, as heaven and earth separated because of the fall of man, the mind and body also are separated. God always dwells in unity. There1fore in the divided world since the fall of man, God cannot find His place to dwell and to be in peace. Then how can we make this unity become reality?

For unity, there should be one controlled direction so that everyone joins together for that one direction. Man has been the key element to bring the divisiveness in this universe; therefore we have to find a key to return to man.

What is peace? Peace means the unity between subject and object. Peace can he found when there is effort to make one, effort to make a reconciliation. Before we even dream of the unity of the universe, or between heaven and earth, we must initiate a movement of unity between mind and body. Therefore we have to originate the movement of unity from man. Today we talk about world peace and world unity, fur this is a big world. Where can this world peace and world unity be started? From one man.

Then where can we find such a man of perfection or man who has the key? The very thing that Jesus Christ testified that he will come back for a return second time, shows there is more guidance needed in the world. Otherwise he would not make such a statement. This world still needs a savior, which shows that our fundamental question has not been solved. Who is he? That man has the inherent key of the problem of the individual, family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. The savior is a basic scale or the measurement by which this world can be measured or straightened up. That one central point serves as a common center a for all levels: universal, national, tribe, and family. The Messiah is coming as savior to this world to present the pattern or the model so that it can become a show case, so that every way of life in this world can be measured by such pattern and model.

So when you find the Messiah, you become completely one with him, imitating his model. Then whatever he is, you are. If he is individually perfect, you are in the position to be also as perfect as he is. The Messiah is coming to bring everybody to the position where he does not need the Messiah.

What is the definition of value? Value must be eternal as well a unchanging. Gold has unchanging quality. Gold never rusts. No matter how roughly you treat gold, it still shines out in the same quality.

What kind of man must we become to be valuable? We must become a man with eternal quality. The conflict and confrontation within you cannot make you eternal; you must have harmony within you. Are you that type of man?

Then why do we need the Messiah? So that we also can become like the Messiah. When you meet the Messiah you will be like the Messiah, so you will be perfected on the individual level. Then what about the family level? The Messiah is the center of the family. Jesus in order to show the pattern of the family, what should he have done? He should have organized his own family first. Why wouldn't God want more children of His own, His grandchildren, and great grandchildren? Put yourself in God's position: He wants Jesus to have direct descendants, like the sand in the ocean and the stars in the sky. Let's say Jesus not only got married but had his own descendants. Then all Christianity would have a central point to rally around. God certainly ted that.

This is the time for harvest. All of the leaves will fall so that we can see clearly the branches and trunk. The winter of human history has arrived. That winter will wipe our all the lies.

All will fall like leaves. There is a branch remaining in wintertime. That branch will bear the fruit. In that fruit there is hidden inside a seed. The seed is the possessor of life. The seed contains the strength and energy of new life. Therefore even though winter comes, this particular seed will not be affected the leaves and branches and roots and the trunk exist condensed within the one seed.

The seed is the beginning point of everything, so therefore the fruit bears seed. The seed will be like the one God has started in the very beginning.

God has been like a father, He is farming in order to harvest that one truthful seed on the last day. The man who is coming as the seed of the universe is the Messiah. Within that one seed there is the potential perfection of all levels. So in the last days that seed is corresponding to the first seed God sowed in the beginning of history. The Messiah is coming as a perfected Adam. So when the Messiah comes, he will present himself in the True Parent's position. He is going to give rebirth to the old fallen generation, so that they tie themselves into the direct lineage of God.

Where is the central point going to be? There should be two central things. One is the central religion, and then a central nation. What is the central religion of the modem day dispensation? Should we evaluate the same way God evaluates? What is the characteristic of God? Power? Money? Sovereignty? God is love. So then which religion is centered on the love of God? That religion has to be in the central role.

Two principal things make Christianity unique and central: one, Jesus as the son of God. Second, the theory of bride and bridegroom and also of world brotherhood. We are all brothers and sisters. Jesus did not preach white is superior to black. He pronounced the equality of man. So Christianity has all the components to build God's ideal reality here on earth.

What is the power that brings America into unity? The origin of America is the Christian faith. Persecuted Protestants in Europe founded a land of freedom of religious worship and they came to this new world because God was more valuable to them than anything else. It is truly a miracle that during the Revolution, George Washington's army, feeble, untrained, well out surpassed won the war. This was impossible without the help of God. If we remove Christianity from America, nothing remains behind to hold this nation together. Without God, this whole continent of America would have been divided into many different nations like Europe, and the 200 year history we are celebrating would have been nothing but a continuation of struggle and strife.

America is in the position of the spiritual second Israel. Now which should have central role, the nation or religion? Religion. Religion is equivalent to the mind, and the nation is equivalent to the body. Therefore, religion, which is in a real place to serve this world, should he in a position to lead.

So when the central religion is united with the central nation to create a foundation, then you will know God's day of fulfillment of providential history is near. And that is America. A new spiritual movement is inevitable. In that new spiritual movement the Unification Church was born for the goal of world unification of the cosmos, heaven and earth, men and women and mind and body. That goal must be more valuable than our own lives, than this nation, than the world and all the existing Christianity. So we have to transcend all things, united together upon this one goal unification.

We are longing for what God is longing for, and we have the God-designed family. We have God-designed religion, and we are preparing the God-designed national background. Now we are preparing to have the God-designed world foundation. That is our project in 1976.

1976 is America's bicentennial year. When you celebrate the 210th American birthday, the world showdown will be over. America must he awakened by that time. If after 210 years of America's birthday, America is still going a route of apathy and complacency, then the Communist era will come. 2,000 years of Christian history are indemnified by 200 years of American history. That 2,000 years and 200 years of American history and Christian history indemnified by the Unification Church in 20 years. So therefore the 20-year dispensation -- the most critical period is divided into three seven-year courses. We are in the third seven-year course, and the first three years are the most critical. It is not by accident that the bicentennial celebration of America is where we can make a visible, dramatic showdown. The showdown is coming at Yankee Stadium. At Yankee Stadium we are going to indemnify and restore the failure of Cain, the failure of Abraham, the failure of Jacob, the failure of Moses, and the failure of Jesus.

This is a victory on a worldwide level which will absorb all other elements. When we bring this spectacular and triumphant victory at Yankee Stadium, it will become a phenomenon of the world, not just of the United States.

The failure of the central figures in the past: Noah, Moses, Abraham, and Jacob and Isaac, was because they did nor have a serious attitude in meeting every instance: cutting a dove for example, and striking the rock. Because they did not think they were the central figures of dispensation, that awareness was lacking. Are you serious enough to think that Yankee Stadium is the cross-junction of human history?

God knows the seriousness of this battle of Yankee Stadium, and I know the seriousness. Now you must respond to the seriousness in the same strength.

We are the resurrected body of Moses, the resurrected body of Noah, the resurrected body of all those saints in the past, the resurrected body of Jesus Christ. For the sake of all the dispensational history we must bring this great victory together.

So in one battle we want to liquidate all the failures of the past so that we can bring only victory. This is a very critical moment of human history. Like Noah after the flood judgment. Like when Abraham took his son to the Mount of Moriah to offer his son as a hurried offering. This is the time Moses is leading the troops to the Sinai desert. And Jesus Christ at the Mount of Gethsemane praying so desperately for his destiny. We are at the same moment of human history.

So in the first week of 1976, I am giving this particular message. I want you to take it seriously. You must become men of conviction. You must possess the conviction that when you strike the earth, it will split. When you push, the mountains wall go away. You are like canes of Moses. You are like Isaac in relationship to Abraham.

We must be more serious than the saints and prophets in history. We should become more serious than Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, more serious than Jesus Christ praying at the Mount of Gethsemane. Because this is the final battle, the cosmic battle. This battle will decide the entire destiny. No one in the past has borne such a burden in one event. God's wishes, then your blessing in the future. We must he serious just like Jesus Christ bearing his own cross to the Mount of Calvary to be nailed down. We must be serious like that. 

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