The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Words to Newly Blessed Couples

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial Notes

Father speaks to newly blessed couples on February 9, 1975 Su Taek Ri Training Center, Korea - unofficial notes by Joy Pople

He does not even know what topic he will speak on at Budokan Hall. You will leaflet and street preach for the Budokan Hall speech on February 16, after a successful campaign.

Mother is scheduled to have her baby today. Pray she won't have an early delivery because of the lower air pressure while on the airplane. He will fly an American carrier from Tokyo to the United States. When he arrives in the U.S. he will push you hardest to fulfill your mission. He came back here to plant the victory in America to Korea. Now he has the dispensation to go back and bring the spiritual and physical victory (fruit).

The IOWC will land like an army on this land. The dispensational course-Father's work and the referendum for President Park. From this year he gave instructions to construct 160 Unification headquarters throughout Korea. Nearly $50 million worth of Japanese Unification Church "temples" will be built this year. Today Japanese members pledged to contribute to this. Two thirds of the expenses are pledged by blessed Japanese couples.

In America we have to push hard. Who will be the locomotive? You are the only ones who received this blessing in 1975. By you people it will be accomplished. It is very important. The next three years will decide the success or failure in America. Already our True Parents, our church is ready to be accepted in America. In three years we will have a big rally. A quarter million people in Yankee Stadium. Who will be responsible to initiate this? You will. You should know that nobody other than us can fulfill this.

Europeans complain? If we bring good success in America, you will be connected immediately. If we neglect the U.S., Europe will suffer. Father asked European leaders to the U.S., knowing how important it was to sacrifice.

Presently there is no organization who will say they will be responsible for this situation. 1.5 Latin Americans are smuggled into the U.S. With this kind of threat how can we say the U.S. is safe? Father researched for some organization to stop the flood of illegal immigrants.

Father has concluded that one third of our members should be engaged in VOC work. When necessary, 2/3 of the troops can be filled in, and then we will fulfill something. In order to minimize this flood, Father needs at least 30,000 troops. Then we will have 1:7,000 people (American population). This means one U.S. member should lead 7,000 Americans. This is hard, but there is no other choice. This is the minimum. But we cannot wait until 30,000 members are attained.

We must search for one dynamic blow, equivalent to this formula in explosive methods, like the 8-city tour. In 1976, 200,000 people for Yankee Stadium. This is the strategy. Then 500,000 in Washington, D.C. Then all scholars will study what is going on with Rev. Moon.

You will have a chance to distinguish yourselves. When you work you will make miracles. The public will recognize your work and sooner or later they will be our members. This is a short cut. We expect many people to join us. So we prepare a school in Barrytown. If you wait for 30,000 members, he doesn't think you will influence 7,000. One person should expand their working territory.

Each person has two needs: how to make money, then how to be a good leader, with good character. So how can we make lots of money in a short period of time? How to be a good fighter, for society and for the nation? In how short a time can we do this?

We don't do it for ourselves, but for others. Whether we have the money or not, they have the evaluation that we do. When Father speaks through the interpreter, he stirs up and inspires people. So they say, "Rev. Moon cannot be taken lightly." A magazine printed, "Who is the celestial messiah from Korea?" Rev. Moon.

So look how Father did it. Scholars are studying how Rev. Moon did it. He doesn't stay at one step, but he is always advancing. Figure $5 million must be spent to fill Yankee Stadium, also 250,000 people to come. If this works, he will pick people to be senators. We will influence state levels. When election time comes, they will see the mobility of our group.

When Father orders, you come, even a month, from east to west, across the U.S. Then we can handle 200 million in the palm of our hands. Less than 1000 people brought the sensation when Father wanted to help Nixon.

You blessed couples are the ones who must set up the new tradition in the U.S. It is not easy to set up the new tradition. New tradition must be firm and unchanging. It would be a great mistake to think, "Now I am a blessed couple. I am perfect." You must keep your two legs straight. If pressure comes, you must stay firm and resist. Concrete must have iron support. Are you going to be strong as iron? You have to be set in a box. Then who will be the hammer? Father. Do you want the blow from straight above? Then your eyes will bug out! Then when he hits hard will you stand firm?

Father worked hard in three years. Now he has a solid foundation set up. So he wants you to have great expectations-in three years great miracles will happen.

One third of 200 million are youth. Then if 70 million young people are united like you, think what will happen. The whole world will be like your flower basket.

When many, many people come into our church, shall we wait until then to send out missionaries? Too late. Like a tree that grows we need many stems. So we need tremendous manpower and tremendous finances. So fundraising and witnessing.

You must realize that you are the most blessed couples in the world. Now you are the ones whom he can trust. You are the ones to whom he can give the greatest missions. Why do you come to Korea to be blessed? It is our homeland. Also, to shock American people. Some people must think Reverend Moon is a great man. People never saw such a thing. Your father and mother cannot control you. How, they think, can Rev. Moon control 150 people? So they will think the people will do anything for him. They think he will revolutionize the whole world, including their daughter and son. Then they will watch: will this matrimony be successful in the future or not? If you are a success you will revolutionize the whole world. So 155 people from the U.S. will be the new ancestors of the world to come.

Father has information that Monday and Tuesday ABC will televise to the whole world. A movie will be made very soon. Then you will carry the film of the 1800 marriage ceremony. Then all American people will be anxious to see it. Then people will have the fever of group matrimony: "The initiator of international weddings is Rev. Moon. Therefore, we must invite him." If this fad appears, all young people on campuses will come to him. If Father explains the ideal of husband and wife, etc., they will automatically become our members.

It is good to have a debt if you could come here. When you go back to the U.S. you are in the leading position. So we have to prepare ourselves that way and to not fail True Parents' expectations.

As you know before you came you have to go through a three-year period. So you must work harder. Before, you have been working alone; now you have an eternal partner, even though you are physically separated. You have to consult, how to fulfill your mission. Your descendants will be great children. How much you receive God's love will determine how beautiful children you will have.

When you are obedient to him, the more blessing you will receive. When you have a baby you think, "My baby will be president of the U.S. or a world leader." Then God will bless you.

Father has been planning in advance what kind of baby he will have. Before he conceived, he described the kind of eyes, mouth, etc. Then Mother bore a baby just as he saw it.

Your problem: how can I love God and True Parents more than anyone else? How can the wife receive love from God? Her husband comes home at night so tired from working for God, then she tenderly comforts him. So she receives love from God.

Western way emphasizes physical love. Oriental, heavenly way, union of heart. Of course, if you have both it is best. But which of the two is more beautiful? Unity of heart, even though separated. Which is more beautiful: love husband with eyes wide open or love sleeping husband in heart? To be able to love in sleep is real love. So have competition, who has deeper love. Who can love the other more in sleep? When husband is sick he needs his wife's love desperately. So you must become one, in True Parents. When you are separated, more intensive love increases. That is the barometer of love. Without this element you cannot maintain love in your married life. Do you think you can do this? He will wait and see.

It is a fascinating study, why couples are matched. You will be more blessed. When two people (separated or together, doesn't matter) do True Parents will, great blessing. So pray for one another, love one another, stir up the whole country. You may have a little difficulty at first, because it takes time to become one.

Seventy couples from America. If you increase to 700, 7000, 700,000 receive blessing, how wonderful! So you are heavenly seeds, the new tradition, the new ancestors of the U.S. So this will be a blessing not only to you but the nation, the heavenly kingdom and the earthly kingdom.

This time you will go to America all together. Then you will prepare to come back here or go to overseas mission. The first group of 30 missionaries will go overseas very soon. Then the next 30 in an interval, after preparation. You people will be included as missionaries overseas: 30 German missionaries will be sent overseas. 360 altogether will go out to 120 nations. U.S., Germany, Japan (and sometimes Korea, but excluded for the moment).

Those appointed as overseas missionaries will received stipends, sent from the U.S., Germany and Japan. Then all finances flowing from the globe will be tremendous.

Why three? After World War II God blessed three nations materially, so they have to do something about this. The reason why God blessed three was so prosperity would go to the whole mankind. They are a symbol of the whole mankind and the whole world. So three nations will have an international relationship and they will fulfill the purpose of their creation. An international banking system will be set up through this system. Then we can offer a training program on the global level to developing countries. So one nation can easily be restored to God by helping this kind of program. So we have to have our own banking system.

From 1973 the third 7-year course must expand to the worldwide level. Neil Salonen should select 45 best missionaries from America, best ones. Also, Germany and Japan. They will be sent well-balanced across the globe. Well-balanced distribution is important. Also, you have to think, what is the best kind of method of evangelism?

Also 50-member PR team is chosen to work on Capitol Hill. So many areas we need more manpower. We need desperately a certain minimum of manpower.

[Each person was asked to pledge a gift to True Parents in memory of the blessing.]  

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