The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Children's Day

Sun Myung Moon
November 3, 1975
Belvedere, New York
Translated by Bo Hi Pak

Today, we are celebrating the 16th Children's Day; actually it's the 15th anniversary. As you know, the Unification Church has four major holidays each year: God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things, or World Day. There are many celebrations in the world, and there are many national holidays and world holidays. However, we celebrate these days centering upon God.

We are the only group really having such holidays in the name of God. Therefore, these holidays have historical and worldwide meaning. But these holidays are not supposed to be celebrated by Unification Church members alone. They should be celebrated by all God's kingdom, by all people around the world. If we make this such a day, how glorious it will be.

If the fall of man had not taken place at the beginning of human history, there should have been only one holiday for God, parents, children, and the things of creation combined. In our life, we have several momentous days to remember. First of all, we celebrate our birthday, then we celebrate our wedding anniversary. Those two days are the most precious and memorable in the life of any man.

By the same token, when we look over human history, what should be the most momentous and memorable day for all mankind? That should be the day of the birth of mankind, the beginning of human history. If we knew the exact day of the birth of Adam and Eve, the birthday of mankind, that would be a momentous day.

Who celebrates such a day? Before I celebrate my birthday, my parents are joyful. By the same token, Adam and Eve's birthday should be celebrated by God first since He experienced the first joy. Adam and Eve were too little to know about their own birth.

Usually the child's birth is more celebrated by the parents and his growth toward maturity is also celebrated more by the parents. The parent experiences more joy. For Adam and Eve, the most momentous day in their lives should have been their marriage day. God takes joy in the marriage of His sons and daughters. However, those who take real joy in that occasion are Adam and Eve themselves.

I'm sure all you young people are looking forward to being married someday. I know that day shall be the most momentous and the most joyful day for all young people, more than anything else. Here in America, the joy of a wedding is very much diluted. They are doing all kinds of things before marriage; so really, the marriage itself has no meaning to them.

If the world were run according to God's ideal, that would not be the case. Just like Adam has only one bride and Eve has only one husband, by the same token men and women are not supposed to hunt around for their partners. God created men to find joy with one partner -- one subject to one object.

When Adam and Eve were growing to maturity, did they think that they would get married in the future? As children, they were pure and naive, and they did not have any preoccupation with marriage. Even when God explained, "I created you as a bride, and you are going to be the bridegroom," they didn't really have any reaction to this. They were too young to know.

But when they reached maturity, they were supposed to know all this. In other words, knowledge of marriage comes automatically. God doesn't have to teach them what love is all about. They know automatically. All animals, even insects, when they are grown to maturity know love, and they multiply automatically so that their species can be maintained throughout history. Nature takes care of it. When Adam and Eve reached maturity, if they had felt an awareness of love, they would have known that God wanted to join them together in heavenly marriage.

Do you think God would feel infinite joy upon that occasion? The wedding day of Adam and Eve was supposed to be a day of hope for God. God looks into the future. Through their marriage, the children of God would be multiplied; they would fill the earth and become the lords of all creation so that, ultimately, the ideal of God would be realized here on earth.

That's what God saw in the marriage of Adam and Eve. So, the marriage day of Adam and Eve would have been not only a happy day for them, but an equally joyous one for God who created them. In human history and in God's history, the marriage of Adam and Eve was supposed to be the most momentous and joyous day of all.

After marriage, as Adam and Eve continually shared deep love between them, do you think God would be jealous of them or would He rejoice with them throughout their lives? Adam and Eve were supposed to be lords of creation. When the lords of creation feel such infinite joy, naturally all things of creation are joyful together with their masters. If men and the things of creation are happy, then the supreme lord of creation, God, is certainly, above all, the happiest one.

Let us say that at the beginning of the history of man some evil person came and tried to choke Adam. Do you think God would let that happen or would He intervene? Not only Adam would revolt but also God Himself. If the perfection of love had already existed in Adam's family, and if anyone had tried to take such a beautiful love away from Adam, God would not have tolerated it. He would have intervened to prevent anything from happening. In other words, there could have been no possibility of the existence of Satan.

Then how and when did Satan come into being? In perfect, principled, God-centered love Satan cannot emerge. Satan can only emerge in an unlawful, illicit relationship. In other words, Adam and Eve did not fulfill the original will and ideal of God. Under those circumstances, Satan could come in.

Suppose somebody steals my jacket. That doesn't constitute grounds for considering that person an enemy. Think of it: Almighty, loving God took offense at Satan. Satan has been the enemy of God for thousands of years; and God cannot forgive Satan yet. God would not be that angry at Satan unless Satan had committed some terrible crime which cannot easily be restored.

What is that very precious thing which even God has difficulty in restoring? Love. Love is something even God cannot generate by Himself. Love never manifests itself when you are alone. Even though you have love inside you, love will not come just by striking yourself and calling out for it. By yourself alone, you do not know the power of love.

By the same token, when the power of God does not manifest, God is alone by Himself. He needs a channel, He needs a partner. That partner is man, God's supreme creation. Why did God create man? In order to enjoy His love. This is what Christianity does not know, and what many theologians cannot explain. People think God the Almighty has His own throne up there; that He does not need anyone. Somebody who obstructs such an important channel -- the love of God for man -- destroys the true object of God. This makes him the extreme enemy of God.

Let us analyze Satan. What kind of entity is he? Satan must be the one who obstructed the channel of love. In other words, if Satan had committed any other lesser crime, God could have forgiven him easily. But when somebody obstructs God's channel of love, this makes him an enemy of God. Christianity teaches that the fall of man came by his eating an apple or the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and that constitutes the fall of man.

We in the Unification Church believe that Satan is the one who took away God's channel of love, who misused love. Illicit, unlawful love constitutes sin. Satan is therefore the destroyer of God's love, which makes him a formidable enemy of God. Somebody might say, "Jesus taught in the Bible, 'love your enemy.' Isn't God the Father of Jesus and shouldn't God love His enemy, too?"

It seems to be logical. Why can't we forgive Satan? There is a contradiction; God would like to bring all men into the Kingdom of Heaven, but at the same time, God can't allow Satan to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. When the Bible teaches you to love your enemy that does not mean to love Satan! It means, love those who are the victims of Satan.

Satan is God's enemy. As long as God cannot forgive him, we cannot forgive him. However, there are so many people who have been Satan's victims. They've been controlled and dominated by Satan. We must forgive them, love them, and bring them into the righteous cause. Jesus himself abhorred Satan. This is a very important point.

Because of the fall of man, the true beginning of human history did not take place. The heavenly wedding of Adam and Eve did not take place. Men are supposed to be born children of God. However, Satan has become the master; Satan has become the father of mankind. All men were supposed to be temples of God. As a result of the fall of man we became temples of Satan.

If we had been perfected as temples of God, what would have happened? We are not supposed to be born for ourselves, for a selfish purpose. We are born for the world and for the sake of God. When does this "I" come into the picture? When you were born, did you know you existed for yourself? You don't have a concept of being "myself" when you are a baby.

By the same token, whoever brought my life into the world exhibited will. The will existed before us. How can we disregard that "will?" If you ask God, "God, if You're the cause of the universe, why did You create me?" God will answer, "I have a purpose for creation, and that purpose is for God and for the world, not for you." God designed a grand scheme for a greater self. God will say, "I created you for God, for Myself. Secondly, I created you for the world." That is the principle. So, the purpose of life is for God and for the world.

You might say, "That doesn't seem fair to me." But God has a very important principle operating here. When you live for God and for mankind, God and mankind become yours, become one with you. Why? Because you can obtain love by loving God and by loving the world. Love cannot manifest itself unless you have an object; by having God and man as objects, you derive the tremendous joy of love.

What kind of husband or wife would you like to have? The one who says, "Love me!" or, the person who can constantly love you? We are not losing anything when God says "I created you for God and for humanity." When you live for God and for the world, when you love God and this world, then God and the world become yours, united in love.

For those who are united in love, there is no ownership. Yours is mine, mine is yours. Unless we restore love, we truly do not own anything. I myself come into being after I restore love. Before that, there is no such thing as "myself," "I." If "I" becomes your focal point, then you cannot be a recipient of love.

We can obtain the most precious thing in the universe -- perfected love. By doing so, you become the center of the universe. Once you obtain that level of love, when you move, God is following you. When you are joyful, the entire world rejoices with you. You are indeed master of the universe. After restoring such love we are entitled to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but never even one inch before that. That is the fundamental principle of the universe.

We should know the origin of our self. Selfishness, or self-centeredness, came into being through the fall of man. If this self is the private one, then God's way is public. In God's principle, those who serve and love others shall ultimately prosper. Those who are greedy, decline. Judgment comes only by this formula.

If an individual fails to pass, that individual is destined for hell. If a society fails to meet such a standard, that society is destined for hell. On the other hand, whoever meets the standard shall be entitled to heaven. Where is heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where all people live for the purpose of God and for the sake of humanity.

Whatever society they create, that's the kingdom of God. That's the dwelling place of God's love. Where is hell? "I don't need God. I am God!" -- That's hell. "I don't care about mankind, I don't need them. The world and humanity exist for me!" -- That's hell. This is certainly not the place where God dwells; this is the place where the enemy of God dwells.

Satan is the fallen angel. As you know, he was supposed to be the servant of God. But that angel became so arrogant; he wanted to become God himself. That was the beginning of the fall of man. And Eve, without thinking of God's position, wanted to be very wise and see God. The emergence of selfishness, or self-centeredness was the fall of man.

We know as Unification Church members that we are going toward heaven. But knowledge is not enough. We must live it. Our deeds must say it. Our thinking is equivalent to heaven, our deeds to earth. These two united make up heaven and earth. From this formula, we can truly judge the world. We can see which religion is false, which is true; which nation is booming, which nation is going to decline; which society is right, which is wrong.

Those who live by this formula sometimes take a hard beating and sometimes you're discouraged, but I want you to know, those who live the principle of God shall never perish. Is the Unification Church a true religion, or false? (True!) How do you know? First, we believe in God; we exist solely for God. Then, we exist for the sake of humanity. This is the infallible, fundamental principle of the universe. If there is a God in the universe, He is the law. Nobody can change God's law arbitrarily.

If God's law never changes, then no matter what the world says about the Unification Church we will never perish -- we are going to be prosperous, because we represent the love of God. If in some way the Unification Church is demolished. God has no hope in this world. If the Unification Church vanishes, then the love of God will vanish from this earth. And love of mankind shall vanish.

So God really worries every day whether the Unification Church will vanish. God cannot afford to let something happen to the Unification Church. All humanity and the things of creation cannot afford it. It has been God's ardent desire to find such individuals, such a devoted family, tribe and nation. As long as we are on God's course, we shall never, never, never perish! The more we act, the more we march, the more our future will be opened up.

God will open the path. Use your eyes, ears, mouth, and limbs to the maximum degree. The more you use them, the more things will happen. We'll work day in, day out, from the day of our birth to the day of our death. We are committing our entire life to work and act for God. People think they can push the Unification Church into the ground, and rub it out. Impossible. The more people try to do that, the more the Unification Church will grow.

Don't worry about the destiny of the Unification Church, our prosperity. There's only one thing to worry about: whether I'm living up to the unselfish principle of God. We are divine marchers, marching for a higher level of living, for the sake of God, for the sake of humanity. Nobody can stop these marching soldiers of heaven! The Unification Church is going in the direction away from ruin. You don't have to worry about our opponents.

You don't have to pray, "God, take care of them and let them be ruined. NBC is trying to slander Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. And at every opportunity they can get, the Washington Post cuts us down." Don't pray that; don't even consider them as an enemy. They are already on the road to decline because they are against the principle of God. Someday, the Washington Post and NBC shall not only see themselves as wrong, but they will try to indemnify their past mistakes a hundred, a thousand times. It is really exciting to live for the sake of God and for the sake of humanity.

Before we knew such a wonderful principle, what did we have? Only "myself." "I" earn a few dollars for ""myself." "I" worry about "my" kids and their school, "my" wife, "my" vacations, and so forth. Those little, narrow things were the former focus of our life.

According to Divine Principle, is such a narrow-minded way of life the way to prosperity or the way to decline? (Decline!) There's no root of life there. Even when winter comes, the tree which has a deep root of life will never die. It will come back in a glorious blossoming in the spring. If Principle is right, is your joining the Unification Church an honor or a disgrace? (Honor!)

Today we gather for the celebration of this great day. Unless we secure the basic value of our lives, our celebration will never have joy. I want you to be qualified to celebrate Children's Day. In the sight of God, in the sight of humanity, it is an important day. In order to qualify to celebrate this day, we should become public persons, God's persons.

So have pride that you can say. "I am a man of God, I am a public person." God assembled you as His representatives to celebrate Children's Day. So shall we truly honor and glorify the name of God on this day? (Yes!) This is a holy ground, a sacred place, so precious that there is no comparable place we can think of. With that understanding, let me speak some more about Children's Day.

Actually, if the fall of man had not taken place, God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and World Day would have been celebrated from the very beginning. But because of the fall of man, these things do not exist. The work of God has been to restore these days. That day will become a reality when men are restored to the level or standard achieved before the fall, in other words, restored to the ideal world.

It is not easy to restore God's men, because we are surrounded by not only one layer, but many layers of Satan's bondage from the family level, tribal level, national level to the worldwide level. Liberation is not easy. Throughout history, individuals, families, tribes and nations have opposed God's ideal because the ruler of this earth has been Satan.

Satan has been trying to preserve his sovereignty. When an individual, trying to liberate himself to come back to God's side meets the enemy, it is often in the form of his own family. This is why Jesus said that your own parents, your own family, your own brothers and sisters can be the enemy. If you want to go God's way, you have to go over the family fence if they are negative and trying to block your way.

This is why this phenomenon is happening in the Unification Church. Many young people, precious sons and daughters, are coming to God through the Unification Church. The immediate family fence is an initial blocking point. If you give up at that point, there's no way you can go over the next fence, and the next fence, ultimately toward God.

Throughout history God's people have been like gypsies, moving from one place to another without having any clear-cut home and destiny, but these people have been molding human history. Christianity as it is today was started by gypsies, wanderers. Like a cloud up in heaven, you have all kinds of freedom to move around.

If you successfully win over the tribe, and that tribe is going the heavenly way, then people on higher levels will try to stop you. If you successfully win sovereignty over a nation and if that nation wants to go towards God, then the world will surround and block you. Even when we have won the entire world, that will not be the end of it; the evil elements of spirit world will try to deter and block us. The final battle will be in spirit world.

We must expand our territory, so that not only an individual, but a tribe and a nation are going the heavenly way. Knowing the satanic lordship over mankind, God has to apply such a strategy. In any age, those who adamantly opposed the rise of religion usually ended in ruin, whether it was an individual, tribe, society, or nation. Unless there are true sons and daughters of God who are superior to the Communists, Communists shall remain.

But if there arises a superior group of people who are dedicated to God more than the Communists are dedicated to their cause, then Communism will fall. As soon as people emerge whose faith is stronger than the Communists to their own faith, then God will begin to destroy the Communist bloc.

God is always on the right side. But even before then, God uses the Communists. When the free world is deep in sleep, God uses Communists to awaken the free world. Religious people must bind together and show God that we have superior unity and a dedication superior to that of the Communists.

Today, such a movement is appearing. And the focal point of this movement is the Unification Church! Even if you are very feeble, your faith and dedication have to be far superior to any Communist. Why do Communists fear Reverend Moon so much? They are not foolish people. They know what I stand for; they know what ultimate power I can demonstrate.

That's why people like Mao Tse-tung and Brezhnev know me. If we really have the power to win over the entire Communist world, who can compete with us? God is on our side, humanity is on our side. There is no one else to compete with us. In that case, if the Unification Church wanted to go and hide, the entire world and God would come running after! "No, Unification Church, you can't leave." If I were going from one nation to another, the American people would come to me and say, "No, stay here, please!"

Now, arrogant white people look at me with very suspicious eyes. "We think we've been doing a pretty good job here in America. In the last 400 years immigrants came and have built a great nation. All of a sudden, this one yellow man comes and is taking over all the young people of America! What happened?"

I want you to know they are wrong, because I have never posed as their enemy, only as their friend. I came to help restore this country. Many Jewish people think I am anti-Semitic. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a friend of Israel, and I have stood up for their cause. Those who circulate such erroneous information hate us; they're trying to create animosity toward me.

Let's say they hit me one time. We are silent. They hit a second time. We still won't say anything. They hit once again, and they think we are paper tigers by that time. But when they come around the fourth time, we will strike back! Even in our world, when innocent persons are persecuted by evil people, soon people will rise up for the cause of that righteous man. By the same token, we are doing so much good for America and for the world. But if this world continues to attack us even God's patience will run out. God will finally say, "Hit right back at them!" Each one of us is comparable to a thousand soldiers.

We can be more powerful than any Communist. However, I'm patient. We are like a wrestling champion who before he goes into the ring, dresses up in very humble attire, so that people are really scornful of him and try to tease him. But once he takes off his robe, goes into the ring, and knocks out his opponent, then the world is flabbergasted!

If I had the chance to speak to 220 million Americans for three days straight, I know I could bring at least 120 million people to our side. I have the power to rouse them up or make them cry. Ten years from now, hundreds of thousands of people will be trying to get through the gate of Belvedere. Right now, the police sometimes come to Belvedere and complain about our traffic of vans, but the time will come when they will block all other traffic to let Unification Church traffic in!

By that time, the mayor and the head of the police department of New York City will come. So. without knowing the truth, people should not take us lightly. If anybody outside objectively listens to me, I'm sure I'm convincing to them. I am dedicated to the cause of God and to the cause of humanity. Nothing else.

We must be united, so that nobody can tear us apart. Both the free world and the Communist world are unprincipled. We know change must come to our world; we are the champions chosen to undertake such a divine task. We must take great pride in being a member of the Unification Church.

The time will certainly come when I will give a warning to the president of the United States and to the senators and congressmen of this country. I need to really inspire the leadership of this nation to do the right job. As long as America stands up for God's cause and the cause of humanity, this nation shall never perish. Only then will this nation continue to prosper. However, if America continues on her present path in the opposite direction, it is on the route to decline and ruin.

Apart from the world, America cannot survive. Apart from God, America cannot survive. God blessed America because He bestowed upon you the mission to help the rest of the world, but not for the sake of America. If the patriots of the past, starting from the beginning of this nation, were to come together and listen to my cause, I know they would all welcome it. They would know that the present path of this nation, which is leading us into isolation from the rest of the world, is wrong. By saving America, we can expedite the salvation of the world. That's why we put so much emphasis here in America.

It's our job to exterminate Communism. Second, we must educate people all over the world about the realization and the love of God. Once we restore mankind to the throne of God, then there will be no more Unification Church. Our mission will be unnecessary. There will be only one nation. No religion will be necessary, and no ideology. Only one ideology will survive. God's ideology. There will be one culture. We are marching toward that goal. We are that group, God's chosen champion. Can we retreat in the middle? (No!)

That's why I came to America. This new righteous cause for religion is needed to eliminate evil from the world and bring back the righteousness of God upon the face of the earth. The Unification Church was born for that mission. In the past, God chose the nation of Israel for the same mission, but the result was failure. Then God erected Christianity to prosper all over the world. But Christianity did not fulfill its God-given mission, and it is now declining.

So the only hope of the world and of God is the Unification Church. We shall be stronger and more determined than the Israeli nation and all Christians in the past. We shall even be stronger than the Communists. The Jewish faith could not go beyond Judaism. Christianity did not go beyond Christianity. They believe the Day of Judgment is coming and that when the Lord comes he will burn up the world and melt all things away. They do not know God is sending His son to restore, to save the world.

God will do this, even though He has to sacrifice Christianity. Still, if by doing so the remaining world will survive and prosper, God will certainly do it. That principle applies to the Unification Church as well. If God sees that the sacrifice of the Unification Church or of Reverend Sun Myung Moon is needed to restore and save the rest of the world, then God will certainly do it! That's the will of God. We must accept it.

We love God and we love humanity more than we love America, more than we love the Unification Church. That's the true way. I ask the leadership of this country, those in the White House and in Congress, "Are you willing to even sacrifice yourself and this nation in order for this world and humanity and God's cause to live?"

If their answer is "No," America indeed will decline. I have met President Nixon and many senators and congressmen to try to find out what kind of leadership America has. And I came to the conclusion, sadly, that we do not have too much hope here in America. America's leadership is far from what God and humanity desire. The Unification Church is God's sole champion.

American youth are falling prey to corruption and narrow mindedness. They do not have a root of life. We are different young people. We must become the young people of America who give hope of a new tomorrow. We are striving not only for America's sake, but for a great America and a greater world. Are you that kind of young people? (Yes!)

Don't become cowards! Don't become a tiny peanut! Become great men and women. Your job may be very difficult, selling flowers or peanuts. But take pride and dignity in doing it. For the sake of the United States, the world, and the future of this country, we must demonstrate our strength, we must build the foundation.

Once that foundation is established, I will never let you do something like sell flowers. But now, we must do it. There are billions of dollars in Satan's hands. But there isn't much that God can utilize. So we must create such money by our sweat, blood and tears. Have more pride and more confidence than all the patriots of America in the past.

Those people who live in idleness are, in a way, like a thief, taking the wealth of the world for their own selfish indulgence. But you're trying to save this country. You are hungry; you sleep less; and put in long hours of hard work. But what America needs is not people who have a house and so forth; America needs you.

I myself do not need all these things. If I wanted to lead an easy life, enjoying all the comforts in the world, I could do it! But I don't -- for the sake of America, for the mission of God and the world and humanity, I have no time to do that; not one moment of the day is idle. In order to move a big country like America, I need lots of people and lots of money.

Today we are celebrating the first Children's Day in the third seven-year course. The first and second seven-year courses were certainly a bloody battle. The third seven-year course is your chance to prove yourself. You must take responsibility for this third seven-year course. America was in the position of the second Israel; when she failed such an important responsibility, America declined.

Now, in order to restore America to greatness once again, God has summoned you. The third seven-year course is your prime opportunity to serve God and humanity. Unless we lay the complete foundation in the next three years, we shall never have a foundation. We must move on, starting from Madison Square Garden in which you won a great victory.

Next is Yankee Stadium in 1976, and in 1977, Washington Monument. Why should we want these things? It is a pattern in American history that once the foundation is laid in the eastern part of the United States the West will automatically be won. So let's get to work! Let's really lay the foundation here in the eastern part of the United States.

When you return from today's celebration, say to yourself, "I will become ten times a greater champion for God!" Then you might say, "Well, I've been doing my best so far. I wanted to be comforted on Children's Day, but Reverend Moon didn't give any comfort!" But I want you to know, I'm truly giving you a gift -- not a chunk of gold, but the future! Hope for the future! Future blessing, future prosperity. That's the most precious gift I can give you today. The destiny of your nation and of the world is resting in your hands.

Before we established Children's Day, historical failures had to be indemnified. The parent must come first. There are two aspects to parenthood -- spiritual and physical; both have to be resurrected. So far, Satan has always taken man before the altar of God and accused us. But when the new age of restoration comes, we pull Satan to the throne of God. We can take the offensive, we can accuse Satan. For some 6,000 years, Satan has been enjoying glory, power, and accusation. Do you think that he will surrender that easily? In order to accuse Satan, we must know the constitution of God's kingdom.

Since 1960, a new era has begun. Since that day, on the worldwide level, wherever Unification Church members go, you can accuse Satan with power and dignity. The person who Satan truly hates is any member of the Unification Church.

Now, the first and second seven-year courses have already been won. This year, at the beginning of the third seven-year course, I sent out missionaries to 120 nations. In the 20 years after 1960 we have witnessed many unexpected and most extraordinary situations. What does it mean? We saw feeble, little nations become the focal point of world problems, and great nations slide into a rapid decline, for example, Britain, France, Germany, and Japan.

Even a great country like America is plagued with many problems. In the future, all black people shall be united. When Jesus Christ was crucified, the champion who carried the cross to the mountain was a black man. That black man was a vital assistant to Christ on the Mount of Calvary. Therefore, the time will come soon when the black people will play a powerful and important role in molding the new future. The most well known champions in sports come out of the black race. That's why I initiated the D.C. Striders -- to help the black people's cause.

I want you to know, individually, as a family, as a tribe, and as a society that Unification Church members have been given the power to prosecute and diminish the power of Satan on every level. When the Unification Church has one nation under its ideology in Europe, Africa, South America, North America and in Asia -- at least one in every continent -- then our day is imminent.

The Communists will not present any problem. We are moving toward that level. We cannot tolerate social evils. When we exist solely for the sake of God, for the sake of humanity, when that devotion and dedication is clear, then all other things will come automatically.

I want you to know, all you who are gathered together here at Belvedere, that you are celebrating Children's Day as representatives of the worldwide Unification Church. Therefore, we must push and recommit ourselves to our basic ideology, to serve God and humanity. We are soldiers fighting to establish God's kingdom. May God bless you, and may you become a champion of God! Let the world be proud of you!

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 31.12.2007-Duesseldorf.

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