The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

God is the key to Resolve All Problems

Sun Myung Moon
October 14, 1975
God's Sorrow and Man's Ignorance
Unofficial Translation

You will know nature and the ocean will be speaking to you if you concentrate all your senses on just one thing. When your physical body is fighting against your mind, if you concentrate your ears more toward your mind, then you can hear the voice of conscience. This is how you will find God. When your mind focuses on finding God and you meditate, you will listen to mysterious music as the wind blows. Then you will be filled with feelings that something wonderful is happening to you just seeing the sunrise or hearing a small bird chirp. That is the heart of Creation.

Sometimes, I experienced feeling as if I was losing my mind. So I walked away; then when I returned to the same spot later, I entered a mystical world. That place was not from Satan. Satan's world is filled with fear. But God's world is mysterious and makes you feel wonderful like you are intoxicated with something joyful. As this feeling heightens, you are longing to converse with God. You enter an ultimate world filled with love and peace where you will meet with God and begin to hear His voice there. Your ears are opened and all your senses become extremely intense.

I experienced many times, when walking on a street I found myself changing direction quickly, unconsciously and ran into a stranger. God wanted me to meet with this person. To the dismay of that person, I bowed to him as if I had known him and been looking for him for a long time, even though we had just met for the first time. Surprised by seeing me bowing to him, that person asked me, "Why do you bow to me as if you know me well?" I reply to him, "I saw you in my vision many times. I had a vision of you even last night." With such experiences, I realized God was leading me directly. I knew that this person was someone whom God wanted me to meet. I have experienced something like that so many times. If I share something like this with you, you will accuse me of brain washing you. But, God is the key to resolving all problems.

Before you receive something good, you will be tempted. For example, when you are listening to my talk while sitting on the floor for a long time, you will have pain in your legs. You endure the pain thinking, "When will Father stop his talk?" Then, from your legs to even the top of your head, your body will feel numb. Satan is tempting you. But, if you endure and go beyond a certain time period, your head will become clear and your eyes will no longer be heavy. Your mind will be able to understand what you hear, clearly. I have not talked about these things even with my wife.

I have always loved nature. When I was in prison, I focused on loving and caring for two lice that I found under my arm. There was no object to which I could pour out my love. I loved them very much. I did not dream of killing them. I am sure other prisoners thought I lost my mind when they saw what I did. Why am I speaking about my experience in prison? I want you to know that you will find God when you are experiencing the most difficult and tough time.

When so many members leave the church because they fail to find God in their life; when they felt they were being left all alone, and doubted they were going the right way; all of them left this path unable to bear any more adversity. Now you too must go on this path where so many people failed to find God and went astray. When you go forward on this tortuous path which no one could tread, you will meet God. Until I found the Principle, I went a dark jagged path while no one knew of my suffering and sacrifice. God told me, if I reach the end of this suffering path no one else could go, He will recognize me. God gave me the utmost blessing and grace when I went through the path of indemnity.

If people hear all the rumors and gossip painted on me so viciously in the past, there will be a lot of people who want to leave the church. I will not stop any one of them. Those who may be shaken by this should leave the church freely.

When I think about how difficult the path God has trod in order to find us -- He must have gone through a course of agony and suffering that is tens of thousands of times more difficult than for us -- I am filled with so much harrowing pain that I even have to pray for Him. 

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