The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Life of Attendance

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1975
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 78
(Unofficial Translation)

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon January 25, 2012

What you should think about from now forward is that you are about to enter an era when you must practice a life of attendance.

When you try to live a life of attendance, whom should you attend first? You must attend God. The purpose of your attending God is ultimately for you to be better. In order for you to be better or grow, you must receive the love of God. Without receiving God's love, however great an efforts you make externally for the betterment of yourself, it is of no use. Unless you develop yourself so that God's love can remain in you, you will never be able to be better.

Therefore, you must live a life of attendance. As you reflect on this issue and why you should conduct a life of attendance, you will understand and conclude that it is for you to be able to receive God's love.

You must first attend God. Then what should you do in order to receive God's love? God will invest His perfect love in you. You must invest yourself in a perfect manner when you attend God.

There is a Korean proverb saying, "When you give utmost sincere devotion, Heaven will be moved." This wise saying really expresses a heavenly truth. What does it mean to "give your utmost sincere devotion?" This sincere devotion ("精誠or Jeong Seong"(*) in Korean) means that you will give absolutely everything, both internally and externally. In other word, you should offer absolutely every aspect of your being – your words and deeds and the depth of your thought and all other actions in your life, namely all of your external deeds and internal thoughts including the realm of your conscience. This is giving your "utmost sincere devotion."

(Two Chinese characters make up the word sincere devotion or "Jeong Seong") The character"or Jeong" implies the spirit of a person. And the second character " or Seong" is made of yet another set of two Chinese Characters: ""which means word and character; and "" which means accomplishment. Thus, this means you must offer all that you accomplish internally and externally. Once you reach this point, Heaven will be impressed and moved. As Heaven is moved by you, Heaven thinks about you; then God would think about you all the time and God's love will be moved to visit you. As God's thoughts stay and remain in you, God's love will be connected to you.

When you think of one person, then that person's heart will automatically move towards you. By the same token, once you stand in a position to give your utmost sincere devotion to God, only then are you able to receive God's love. Like God loves you, all human beings, too, must respond to God by offering utmost sincere devotion. Only then, will they experience God's love for the first time, and be able to love God in return.

Because of the Fall of Man, you cannot love God first. Therefore, by offering your sincere devotion to God, God's love will come you. Only after receiving God's love in this manner, will you know God and be able to truly love God. The original source of love is God.


(*) Korean word, 精誠or Jeong Seong is very difficult word to translate in any other languages. Yet, it is very important word/concept to understand in order to really appreciate True Father’s life and philosophy. In this text, it is translated as sincere devotion. 

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