The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Address To Foreign Missionaries

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 1975
Tarrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

Good morning! Today I would like to speak to you concerning my plans for the global teams to visit the countries you are going to pioneer. Are you ready with everything, are you prepared for your missions? (Yes!) As I said the other day, in three years' time we have got to accomplish a certain amount so that what I have done will be inherited by you, and upon my foundation you will go to your own country and do the same.

You are going to be one of three members of a team, so you will not be too lonely. In the future, I'm going to send the Global One World Crusade to your countries; for you to be prepared to receive them you should to have 40 or 50 solid members. This year, I'm going to organize the IOWC Global Team into 1,000 members.

There are already 300 members ready in Japan, and another 300 on the Global Team, and in New York we are going to organize another team of the same number. At least 150 European members will concentrate their work in and on England, beginning from May of this year. Originally, I planned to have the Global Team now working in Korea visit Taiwan and then European countries, but I changed my mind; now they are going to be stationed in Japan, while another new team will be organized for here -- the United States -- out of European members.

They are going to organize their own New Hope Singers. How to make 1,000 members for that purpose within this year is the question. If we divide them up into 30 each, it means we can send our team to almost 30 countries. If each of the 30 teams travels from country to country, staying in one country for 3 months, it means they can visit 120 nations in a year. If you have already made 50 members there, so much the better, but for the Global Team to make another 50 for each nation will be another problem.

Teams will become bigger, consisting of 3,000 and eventually 10,000. If we divide 3,000 up into 10 teams each consisting of 300 we can have them visit 40 countries at a time. If we send that large a team to each of the 40 big, important nations, it is only a matter of time until we stir up the whole world.

If we have 10,000 such members on the team, it means they can visit 120 nations in a year. Before the year 1980, my goal is to have 3,000 to 10,000 members visiting the nations one after another. We will sweep the whole world. You must have your own members, so that you can put up posters, open up channels to high-level people, and things like that.

You must solve the problem of how to have those people get into the country. More than anything else, we must be able to advertise our teams, so that the people will expect them to come. We have to prepare to receive them. For that job, you must have at least 50 members.

How to make 50 members in the soonest possible future is your challenge. It depends on your ability. At first, you may have to use an interpreter if you don't speak the language. You must work hard to learn the language. You are missionaries to those countries, but from God's viewpoint you are the masters of the land, you are the owner of the land.

You are going to be the true ancestors of the land. You are in the position of the king and queen of the nation, so you must be able to set up a good tradition for the future generations of your respective nations. Your responsibility is that heavy. The ruler of the nation -- be he the king or president -- will respect you so much that he may want to have his children marry you or your children. You are going to live for the country and die for the country. You must be determined to do so.

The future world is one in which there are no national barriers, no racial barriers. It is obvious that in the future, the world must become one. No one nation can stand on its own: the futurologists all study the population growth problem, pollution, the consumption of natural resources, things like that -- and every nation is dependent on other nations.

In the economic world, there will be only three classifications: the countries with natural resources, the advanced industrialized countries, and underdeveloped countries. Up to the present, advanced countries have exploited the underdeveloped countries by making them buy what the advanced countries manufactured. Their market was the underdeveloped countries.

Advanced countries should not exploit underdeveloped countries any more, or those lacking resources. They should act cooperatively. Advanced countries have built factories in excess, and have produced in excess, compared to the population of the world. In underdeveloped countries, they don't mind air pollution and things like that; they are imitating the advanced countries and are beginning to develop industrial bases.

In the future, if an economic system develops in which each nation is united into oneness to share products and marketing with other nations, then there's no way for those not in the system to survive in the economic world. Any group or religion in which people are united into one and have one marketing system covering every corner of the earth will win over others and flourish.

That is my goal. In our movement we will have an organization covering the whole world, so even though we don't have the resources or factories, we will win over all other countries and all other groups economically. Even though you are Americans, if I forbid you to buy and use Ford products, you will obey me, and if you are told to buy Toyota instead of Ford, you will do that.

Then we will have worldwide hegemony. If, on the eve of their bankruptcy, we propose to the Ford Company that either we buy one-third of their stock or we sell one-third of their products for them, they will come to their knees before us, and we can control their factories.

We would sell their products at the lowest possible price and whatever benefit we gain out of selling those cars, we would use for the benefit of the world. My having you sell peanuts and flowers is in preparation for that day; so, you must become capable sellers.

If and when a strong group like ours has that kind of strong economic organization covering the whole world we will be foremost in the economic world, you must get prepared for that day by putting the law into practice in your everyday life. We have chosen ginseng products as those which will be welcomed by every corner of the earth.

If you submit your addresses to Korean headquarters as soon as you get there, they will send you ginseng products as a sample, at least. If you are confident to sell ginseng products in your countries, I may send you capital at the rate of $1,000 for each country. You will use that as seed money and have it increase until your enterprise is flourishing.

I am planning another project for construction, using prefabricated buildings. It is a revolutionary thing in the construction world. It is going to contribute a lot in building Unification culture in the future, because by using prefabricated material we can build houses in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. These prefabricated houses will last eternally and are fireproof.

We don't need air-conditioning or furnaces. You don't know how dynamically popular it is going to be. Just imagine, in every country where you are going we are going to build the same type of churches. That's an entirely new style; everyone in that land will be interested in having a look at the building, so they are going to be attracted to us.

They may have to stand in line to see the building. To those people who are standing in lines you can advertise our ginseng tea and sell Divine Principle books. So, we can both witness to the people and make money in this most rare and precious and special type of business we are going to deal with.

We also are planning to manufacture a wonderful machine to build reservoirs in underdeveloped countries. We have the blueprint for this machine, and that's why I invited Mr. Moon of the Korean factory here. I have to take him around to inspect the building materials factories and then the machine for making reservoirs.

That is surely a very profitable business, and it is more than apparent that we are going to be millionaires and billionaires by taking over that business. Mr. Rockefeller has already set eyes on that, and he's anxious to buy that. If we are going to develop those two areas of industries in the countries where you are going, you can get associated with top-level people -- the president or the minister of industry -- and you are going to represent the branch factory in those nations. The most urgent thing is for you to make many members by that time. Whatever country we want to establish the factory in, I will have to visit that country.

Do you know that Madison Square Garden is for sale? Someone proposed that I buy it, but I said, "No, not until I buy the Empire State Building." We will do it. Not seeing is believing, but knowing is believing. In two to three years, I must have a tremendous sum of money in order for me to be able to stir up the nation and the world. In the earliest possible future, I must be able to make 10,000 MFT members so we can meet the goal.

We will earn some $30 million a month. Then it will be no problem to build our university. You know that in September we will open our theological seminary. This is a graduate school; if you wish, you can study there in the future. Try hard to win many members within three years' time. One by one, in the order that you earned people, I will call you back and have you study at the university.

We have many vast, wonderful plans. While you work hard in those strange lands, I feel I must work harder in this nation and in Korea to prepare for you. You are going to be missionaries and then businessmen, politicians, and reporters. You must lay the foundation to work as politicians, too. You must motivate yourselves to become capable correspondents.

Before long, we will need to establish a daily newspaper to handle the articles from so many nations where you work as correspondents. Everything you are going to be doing is in place of me. You represent me. You must become miniature Reverend Moons. What I want you to know -- especially as missionaries to those countries -- is that you must put what I have already told you into practice, and you must work harder than other people, and you must love that country more than the citizens do. Sooner or later you will lay the foundation there and be the true ancestor in those nations.

I told you to visit spiritually open people. You must never forget that. Even though they are undereducated people, you will find that they are the people who control the top-level people. Without the people's knowing, the presidents and ministers of those nations invite those people in through the back doors.

Next you are going to meet established church ministers, then university presidents and students. If you wisely approach established church members, it's the best way, because they are already a cultivated field. You sow the seed, and it'll grow, but the uncultivated field, people from other religions and from non-religious backgrounds are difficult.

Do you have any other questions?

Question: Father, I was wondering if you could explain more about the best way to work in a Communist country or where there is a very pro-Communist government?

If you find that country dangerous, under the threat of Communism, you can retreat to the neighboring country, settle there, and visit your country back and forth to look over the situation there. Witness to the people and then come back to the neighboring country. If your country is really pro-Communist and almost dangerous in that sense, then we must hold off on your coming and going.

Question: Father, we realize more and more how much we really miss you. We've heard about how your spirit will come to us and guide us if we're having difficulties. I'm wondering if you could tell us how we can bring your spirit to where we are. Also, I want to know if Father can communicate with spiritually gifted people.

If you pray hard and if you miss me so much that you almost go crazy, then you are going to meet me for sure. You must miss me more than you would your lover or sweetheart. Love in the worldly sense is love on the archangel level; you must go beyond that in missing me, loving me. That's the way you are going to meet me on the spiritual level.

In the early days of our movement, back in Korea, even male members would just cry and cry, missing me so. They would forget to eat. For female members, it's much easier. It is in accordance with Principle that you must miss me and experience love on the spiritual level first, and after having spiritual love, then you will experience physical love as couples.

Due to the Human Fall man lost the three types of love: children's love, conjugal love, and parental love. You must be able to experience all three types of love. If you cannot experience all those three at once, you cannot indemnify and restore yourself. It is not man but woman who experiences that kind of love first, because it is woman who fell first.

Towards me, you must feel that you are real daughters. The next stage comes, and you feel as though I'm your elder brother. Every girl sees the image of her future husband in her elder brother. Do you long to have your future husband be someone like me? You almost miss me as though I'm your husband. With those eyes, when you look at the males in the world, you don't feel like marrying them because they are not on the same level as I am.

When you are on that level spiritually, your spiritual world will be open and you always accompany me, walk hand in hand with me in the Garden of Eden, and feel as though I'm your own husband. The happiness you feel is such that you want to cry out to the world that you are the happiest woman in the whole world. You want to smile, laugh, and dance.

United with me on the spiritual level, you feel as though you are the loving mother to all humankind. You want to embrace all humankind. Have you ever experienced that? When you find your mate, you must be able to find in him the three qualities of love. That is a copy of the love you feel towards me, and your husband is to you your son, brother, and husband -- every role of man.

If you are spiritually so tuned as that, you will sense my whereabouts. Without your being conscious, even in your own room, you will be face to face with me. And when you go out, your legs will lead you to wherever I am. Love is more than a magnetic power which will draw the heart of the people.

When you really love a certain person, your eyes, your ears, nose, mouth -- every sense of yours -- is concentrated and focused on one place, one person. That's the realm of intoxication, and your sense and observation is going to become so keen that you will sense everything taking place in your mate.

It is logical because, due to the Human Fall, those extra five senses have been shut off because of satanic love. But by your restoration, and by your being united with God and me in divine love, your extra five senses are sure to open. That's the Principle. You don't know why, but you miss me, and when you see me you are so overjoyed your mind dances.

That is what makes the Unification Church a church of spiritual experience. Spiritually attuned people can see visions, and with your eyes wide open you can see me coming to you or talking to you. I will guide you exactly as to what to do, where to go. This is no lie. It actually happens.

There are many such members in Korea. They knew I was coming to them, before I planned to do that, and they know what I'm going to talk about to them. Those spiritually open people will be placed in the position where they can influence personnel shifts and things like that. For instance, if you write down the names of members and put those papers before a spiritually attuned person, just by touching them they soon find out the best person, the second best, the conscientious person, the dishonest ones -- all personality traits will be revealed.

In the future, it'll be harder for you to meet me. You will have to go past those spiritually attuned people and be evaluated and analyzed before being able to meet me. Just imagine -- in the future when all those world populations come into our movement -- can everyone see me in person? You don't know how blessed you are now. By that time, spiritually attuned people will chase you away without letting you come to me. That's true. That'll happen.

Question: Father, I've never had a spiritual experience, at least in dreams. I've never seen spirits -- nothing like that. I notice that this is the most common experience of Westerners. What is it about Western culture? What can we do to become more like Oriental people, who seem to be more spiritually open?

You must pray hard, and try to believe whatever that kind of person receives and feel as though you have received that. Try to follow the instructions from those people, whether by way of letter or by personal encounter, or visit the spiritually attuned people here in America. To see me in dreams is not enough. You must be able to see me in visions, with your eyes open.

You can go step by step, after frequent dreams of me, and then come to the visions. You must cultivate your mind and spirit. You must always have the habit of asking your mind. You are -- without being conscious of it -- asking your own inner self, but you are not conscious of that so you don't wait for the answer. It is always there.

You are taught in the Principle, but you don't realize that your physical body is the object, and your mind is the subject. There's always give and take. Whenever you have an important question, always ask your mind, soul and spirit. Then you will answer yourself. Your intuition will open and give you the answer, because the holy place of your mind is the abode of God, and God is abiding there, giving you guidance, always.

It's natural that you get the answer from your inmost self. Ask your mind whether or not you should do a certain thing, and your mind will know whether it is the thing for you to do or not. If you calm down and clear your mind, some reflection will be there, and you will sense whether a certain person coming into your room is a good person or not. Even those with whom you have been associating many months and years, sometimes you feel like getting rid of him. In that case, that person has committed something wrong. You can sense it right away.

Your mind will be like a mirror, reflecting his mind. If your mind is crooked, then it cannot play the role of a good mirror; a clear reflection will not be there. The spirit world will surely communicate with you through your mind, or through some other good person. You will experience spiritual things through me or through your mind.

The conclusion is that you must absolutely trust your mind, and trust the words of a conscientious man. Your mind knows whether or not he's conscientious, and whether or not there's God in you. Education is to be brought by others by way of words. Conscience is the place where you meet God. Every religion teaches you to listen to the voice of your conscience and the voices of good men.

There are ways to awaken your mind. Try to look at the sun in the morning, and you will feel that your mind is opened. That morning you will spiritually feel happy, as though the sun is there for you, warming up your heart. Then you will feel God's love. In the morning, when you look at the trees, don't you usually feel happy?

Your mind is sprouting and budding out, and you feel the growth of your heart. Without your knowing whether or not the person is good, when you talk with a certain person you feel happy, you feel at ease. You feel peaceful, and you can know that that person is a good one. You are happy to talk with that person because he's close to God; by talking with him and being one with him you can feel close to God.

Why do you feel happy when you look at the sun? Because at that moment you are warmed by the sun. The beauty of the sun, the warmth of the sun influences you. When your mind is that open, God can enter you. So, you can either be close to God or far from Him by whether or not you open your mind. Because creation has not fallen, ask nature, ask the sky, ask the stream, ask the trees as a poet would, and your mind will be cleansed. And you will feel closer to God.

What is the Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God is the place where we live together with God, nature, and men in harmony and peace. The Kingdom of God is the place where we love each other, we love God, we love nature, and we love man. If you practice love towards nature and men, it is natural for God to visit you, abide in you. That's the way to have God in you.

Don't ever take anyone as an enemy. Even though he or she is an enemy to you, if you trust the person, that person cannot but help you. They meant to harm you, but that cannot harm your heart, rather it can benefit you and cultivate your heart. When you talk with a person whose heart is good, you hate to leave him, you don't feel the passing of time, you sit up the whole night talking and talking, and still you wouldn't want to let him go.

Even though you are almost starving, you want to share whatever you have with him; you care for him more than you would yourself. If he has to leave, you want to go with him. That's why we read in the Bible, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." A peacemaker is one who will cause peace in other people's hearts, and he cannot but be peaceful in himself.

That's how you resemble God, and that is what makes him the son of God. When you are frustrated by man and disgusted and disappointed, you come to love nature more than you do man. But if you forever go on loving nature, you would feel like coming back to human society, loving man. Because I have that kind of motivation, always wanting to love you, then I hate to leave you even more when you love me and would not let me go.

That's the only way possible for you to reach God. Love nature more than anyone else would, love people more than anyone else would, and ask your mind or conscientious people what you want to know. If you are a good leader, you must have others miss you and long to see you. If other people would upon looking at you think, "Oh! Why is he or she here again!" If they want to escape from you, then you are not a good leader.

God would not love that kind of people either. If you have deep spiritual experiences and always love God with an open mind, without a flaw in your mind, then God will naturally come to you and you will feel God. If you love nature equally or more than I do, and if you love man more than I do, you are sure to see me and Heavenly Father.

Question: I was just thinking, would it be conceivable to apply for citizenship? Or to join another religion, to become a Moslem, say, in order to work from the inside?

It's a good idea to apply for citizenship, but to join their religion is not the way. Among the Moslems, visit those who are spiritually attuned. They can tell whether you are from God or not, whether you are of a higher level than they. Those who are spiritually open are in the position of the angel, so if you are in Adam's position, he cannot help testifying to you. Or else, he will be against heavenly law.

Question from a sister: Father, if we have an exceptionally gifted member who would make a good leader, should we send him to Barrytown?

Yes, if you can afford to. That's the best way and fastest way for you to raise your children. The female members especially should not be alone in a house or on the street, because if you are raped, and things like that happen, it is the last thing to want to have happen. Chastity has the highest value in our movement, our ideology. It is more precious than life itself. If you are deprived of that, you will lose the qualification to be a missionary.

You will have nothing to do with me, in that case. Satan has claim over you. At the time of the Fall, Satan trod down upon man and woman while they were in the growth stage. But now that you are in perfection stage, how can you be defeated and stained by Satan? Then even Satan will think of you as Satan, worse than he himself because after knowing the Principle you committed the mistake. You must use every possible way to protect yourself. For the time being, at first, try to witness to females, not males. And you must have one or two more female members around. In witnessing to male people you must bring another girl member.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 03.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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